Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 8
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

Gordo smiled as Lizzie's cunt lips parted and he felt them envelop his cock
head. He grunted as the tip of his prick slipped between Lizzie's swollen
pussy-lips. `God, she's tight,' he thought. Gordo kissed along her neck,
below her right ear as he pushed again and this time the whole head went in
side of Lizzie for the first glorious time.

Gordo felt the warmth and her wetness like he'd never experience before. As
he felt how incredibly tight her lips clenched the end of his thick shaft,
he could smell the unmistakable musty aroma of a young girls excited pussy.

`Wow!' thought Lizzie. There was a stretchy feeling inside her pussy. It
hurt! But it felt good at the same time. It was much better than his finger,
but his size made her pussy ache. Lizzie was amazed as his cock started to
cleave into her gooey little slit. He started sliding back and forth, back
and forth, sawing just an inch into her. Then, suddenly, he slipped in
another inch. The friction was incredibly intense from the walls of her
tight soft, wet virgin pussy.

"Oh God," she groaned, "you're in me, you're in me!" She screamed as more of
her orgasmic lubricating fluid flowed out and ran down Gordo's shaft

"I can't believe it, Lizzie. We're actually fucking! I can't believe it, my
cock is actually in you!"

"God I needed you." She whispered. "Gordo, fuck me again and again, please,
please...oh god I need you."

"You can count on that, Lizzie. You're pussy's the only sheave I want for my

"Go ahead and make you're self at home," she told him.

With the head of his cock in her, Gordo bent forward and excitedly French
kissed her. With their lips locked in passion, Lizzie started rubbing her
nipples, as Gordo's cock resumed its invasion of her tiny cunt. He was
barely halfway in when Gordo felt her unavoidable barrier. He pushed a
little harder but the taut membrane of flesh refused to give. Lizzie pleaded
into his eyes, her face a mask of pleasure and pain. Gordo pushed again and
her hymen stretched ... painfully.

"Fuck me like a slut. Gordo, don't worry about hurting me. I want you to use
me! Fuck me...!" Lizzie's shouts then suddenly stop.

They both knew they were at the threshold of another wondrous adventure.
Lizzie seemed not to show the slightest bit of hesitation, that is, until
her mood suddenly changed. As apprehension and fear took the place of desire
and passion, Lizzie pulled away and said.

"Stop! Stop! STOP!" she screamed. "...Gordo, we've been friends for so long,
we shouldn't... I don't think we."

Sorrowfully, Gordo pulled back and removed his cock-head from Lizzie's glove
tight pussy. Lizzie stretched cunt-lips pulled outward, clinging to the thick
knob as it left. His prick head glistened with her pussy-juice that drip from
his tip.

"Lizzie," Gordo interrupted her. "I have always wanted us to be close. Maybe,
I should have told you sooner. But...don't worry. I'll always be your friend.
You can count on that. I guess we should head back down before we get

"Thanks, but...but Gordo, while I'm not ready go all the way."
While her voice sounded nervous, Lizzie's face actually glowed. Gordo wasn't
certain what to think or feel. "I think," she continued, "I'm ready to have
some more adventures..." As she finished speaking, her smile melted his knees
as her hands harden other parts. "So, I don't think we're finished yet? We
just have to try different channels."

Gordo laughed at her joke, as Lizzie smiled and then she resumed deep
throating his cock till he was sucked dry. Gordo groaned again and again
at the sight and feel of this lovely angel working his manhood like a

With one hand still clasped around Gordo cock, while Lizzie continued to
suck, she began to fondle herself again with the other. Soon he couldn't
stand it any longer. Without out a second thought, excited at the thought
of giving her, what he thought would be, her first pussy licking. He
grabbed her by the hips and forced Lizzie to lay on her back, interlocked
his body with hers in a joyous sixty-nine.

He then slid his hands under her skirt, caressing her small tight ass with
his fingers. His hands fondled the young girl's buttocks as his fingers
kneading the soft, smooth flesh. He kissed along her stomach, then below
it. Lizzie giggled when he slid his hands under her panties, cupping her
firm little buttocks, then squeezing them like ripe fruit. "Gordo," murmured
Lizzie as she slid forward to wrapped her legs around his face, her hands
pressed against his head. Sliding past her moist panties. Gordo fingered her
soft little slit, the pink flesh wet and slick with her young female juices.

"Oh, that feels good, " moaned Lizzie, her warm breath coming in sharp gasps.
"Eat my pussy, Gordo. Put your tongue in me!"

With her soaking wet pussy directly in his face, she used her newly found
skills in fellatio. Lizzie proceeded to work on his dick as Gordo feasted on
her succulent young pussy. Lapping furiously, he shoved his face into her
tiny cunt. Lizzie squealed in pleasure, grabbing him by the hair and forcing
him deeper between her legs. He concentrated on her swollen, erect clit, and
her hips began to buck wildly. Gordo had to hold her down to keep his tongue
on target.

Her body stiffened, her back arched, as she wailed, "GOOORRRRRRDDDDOOOO!!!!"
she cried as he wailed, "LIIIIZZZZZIIIIEEEEEE!"

They were both lost as orgasmic bliss washed over her body. Lizzie spasmed
over and over until she collapsed, her climax spent. His cock still in her
mouth, she gasped for breath. As cum ran from her mouth, looking up, she saw
Gordo's face was covered with her own juices. Her own juices trickled out of
her cunt and down her slim, bare thighs. Gordo sucked and licked Lizzie's
little pussy until she orgasmed again and a thick stream of honey gushing out
into his waiting mouth. After devouring her honey-like pussy juice, he licked
up the crack of her ass until reaching the base of her back.

When Gordo felt his balls ready to burst again, he cried out again as he
nailed his orgasm into her. "LIIIIZZZZZIIIIEEEEEE!" As his body shook, he
pulled out his cum spewing cock from Lizzie's mouth and shot his cum all
over her body, covering her stomach, her face and her breasts.

"That was . . . wonderful . . ." she said between breaths. "Lets do it

When Gordo got her off again, he laid side by side with her. He looked at
her body, this time not as just her friend, but as a man who has just had
his nuts blowout. He looked at her curves and her admired the beauty and
the so-called innocence of this 14-year-old girl.

"Gordo did you like that, did I make you feel good." Lizzie asked.

"Yes honey, you were so good, this wasn't your first time was it Lizzie," he

"No Gordo, Daddy told me about the birds and the bees yesterday. But, like I
said, I plan on staying a virgin. But, you know, you're very big, almost as

"What? What do you mean?" he said, cutting her off.

"Well, Daddy.Daddy and I watched a few movies together. Then he gave me a
lesson on how to pleasure men. You did seem to enjoy what he taught me," she
spoke, sounding a little hurt.

"But...he's your father. I didn't realize you're from Arkansas?"

"That's not funn..."

Gordo cut her off. "That didn't come out right. You are right, I really did
enjoy what just happen. I'm really sorry, Lizzie. I'm not a virgin either.
You're so beautiful, I guess I lost my head for a moment."

Lizzie looked at him. Hoping to continue pleasuring him, she said, "Gordo,
while I'm keeping my virginity, perhaps you might like to fuck my tight
little ass," Lizzie stated, to Gordo's absolute delight. "Besides, who have
you been doing it with?"

"Whom, have I been doing it with, you mean," Gordo corrected her.

"Then, whom fuck you?" she almost it shouted out.

"Well, Miranda does have a nice body."

"Miranda never told me that she'd did it with you!"

"It just sort of happen. We fucked all night, right before she left for
Mexico City. And then there was that girl."

"I don't want to hear about it," Lizzie, now shouting, told him. But then
immediately, she asked. "You actually fucked Miranda. Was she any good?" The
interested smiled on Lizzie face showed that her interest was sincere.

"Yes, but...Lizzie, she's not have the cocksucker you are, my sexy sweet
little virgin," as Gordo complemented her, he padded her ass and stroked her
breasts. Lizzie stroked him back in all the right places.

But Gordo was still uncertain about whether he could believe the words that
were coming out of her mouth, he was both shocked and excited. Lizzie it was
made certain that she was still been horny when she reached out and stroked,
licked and sucked his cock until it was fully hard again.

"Okay, now," Lizzie told him. "I've a special place I want you to put that
nice big cock of yours."

"I like it when you say the work cock," Gordo said.

"Damn it, will you shut-up and fuck me up the ass now. Are should I see if
Ethan is busy?"

Lizzie did want for answer, but turned around on the ground and got up on her
knees. Setting her hands on her pale young buttocks, Lizzie spreading them
for him. Uncertain whether it would fit in her. Because Gordo was much bigger
than her brother, Lizzie was getting ready for the pain of her first-time
anal sex with her best friend.

With her tight butt spread in front of him, Gordo looked at her shapely body
knowing he wouldn't have any trouble staying hard. He pressed his manhood
between her butt cheeks and started rubbing it against them. His tip pointing
up in the air, Lizzie was stimulated by Gordo's actions and started getting
wet. Then she felt the tip of the cock lowering down to her hole and took a
strong hold of the ground and bit her lip so she wouldn't scream.

She Gordo's exploring with one of his fingers the warm, wet innocence of her
vagina and spreading the moistness onto her ass and upon his cock so as to
make it easier for both of them. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her
young body to him, feeling the tender skin and soft breasts pressing against
his hands.

Gordo's tip pressed hard against the tight hole between Lizzie's buttocks.
She wanted to scream, yell, make a noise of some kind, any kind! Then he
pushed the lubricated tip into her rectum. Both let out a silent sigh as
the rest started sinking into her ass. Slowly moving back and forth, he
started screwing her, making her grimace and pulled him hard to herself.
Lizzie was enjoying the incredible pressure in her arse as he reached out
and began inserting two fingers into her wet, tight pussy.

"Oh God," she groaned, "you're in me, you're in me!"

"Yeah, in more ways than one!"

He pulled back out and then fucked her with a powerful thrust. After Gordo
pulled back out again, he resumed fucking her with more and more hard
thrusts. Moaning every time he pushed his cock fully into her, he slowly
pulled back and quickly thrust back inside her wet anus, taking Lizzie
from pleasure to pain each time.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Gordo groaned. "You've got a nice tight ass."

Gordo pushed into her again, but this time, somewhere else. "Aahhhhhhhh!"
Lizzie let a seemingly unending moan when she felt his helmet shaped cock
head pushed between her pussy lips again. With his cock not going any
farther then her virginity again, Gordo tried to work his tip around inside
of her. But Lizzie tight pussy held him like a vise. But cumming in a flood,
Lizzie juices ran down his shaft and covered his balls.

"Gordo," Lizzie said his name in a timid plea for him to stop.

"Don't worry. Just getting lubed up again.'re ass is so tight!"

"Fuck me... fuck my tight... Ohhhh...fuck my tight ass!" Lizzie moaned as
Gordo reenter her butt, increasing the speed of his thrusts into her. His
fingers were covered with her juices, as his balls slapped against her
pussy, making more and more noise as he bang her butt. The walls of her
anus pushed against his vigorous shaft, as Lizzie's panting was got more
intense with every push. His hard cock rubbing forcefully against the
sides of her hole on its way deeper into her, brining Lizzie extreme
sensations of lust and pain at the same time.

"OOOHHH! OHH FUCK! I'M COMING! MMMMHHH!!!" Lizzie squealed as a large
gush of his fluid escaped her past his hand, making wet sounds as his dick
continued penetrating her ass. On he went, not wanting to stop until the
finish. Gordo's pounding changed to rocking and therefore making Lizzie
feel her insides widen even more painfully, but soon the pain changed to
total, uninhibited pleasure.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh God! Oh Lizzie! That's it baby!" He groaned, as Gordo
thought he was about to give Lizzie the first load of hot sperm to enter her
body, beside her mouth that is.

Gordo slid both his hands to Lizzie's tits, enjoying her incredible, soft
and warm big nipples, hardening with every push he gave to her buttocks.
Manhandling her slippery breasts, as his thrusting began faster and faster
and Lizzie felt his balls slapped against her pussy with each thrust. Lizzie
really pleased him when she begged, "Fuck me, Gordo. Fuck me faster!"

It was only a matter of time before Gordo felt his balls swell and his shaft
completely harden as he stretched her ass out.

"I'm going to cum. Do you want it in your ass, or.some where else?"

"Oh God! I'm cumming again, too!" Lizzie shouted.

Lizzie's pussy began to squirt again all over the three fingers that were
thrusting into her. Gordo didn't wait for her answer, but pulled his dick
out and started pumping it. "Open your mouth Lizzie!" She quickly turned
herself around to take his orgasm in her mouth. Gordo started groaning just
as Lizzie felt the head of his hard cock pressed down, going deep inside
her throat. He tensed up as his load of warm semen flooded her insides.

Lizzie continued socking Gordo's cock as Gordo ate her out again, pressing
their bodies hard against each the other. Lizzie closed her eyes tightly,
as a thin sheen of sweat gleamed on their lustrous flesh. They didn't
notice other hasty hearts or heavy breathing, as the rooftop became a blur.

"This is quite a site to behold," one voice said in the dark.

"Cool!" came in unison from other voices upon the stairs, their owners
watching in awe.

"Keep the cameras going," the first voice ordered.

Suddenly, the adorable blonde suddenly felt a hood pulled tightly over her
eyes. Lizzie felt many hands grab her, as several tongues began licking her
pussy and her ass. Then Gordo's cock was pulled from her mouth. But almost
immediately, first one than two dicks took its place. At the same time,
someone's cock plunged into her ass. Several mouths began sucking on her
breasts. Lizzie felt her nipples being bitten and pinched, as others licked
and sucked all over body. But distracted by alcohol and the lustful thrill
of adventure, instead of resisting, Lizzie surrendered herself to the new
adventure of these strangers having their way with her. The idea of being
gang banged suddenly interested her very much! Lizzie grew wetter between
her legs.


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