Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 9
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

Half a world away, more trouble was brewing.

Matt sat at his computer, studying a news web site about Rome. Melina, his
friend, partner in crime, and tormentor leaned over his shoulder. "I don't
know what catastrophe's going to happen in Rome," Matt said, "but with
Lizzie there, something will."

"What precisely are going to do with that information?" Melina asked. "Just
give it away like you did with the graduation video?"

Matt thought he was crafty, devious, and conniving. But compared to Melina,
he was a rank amateur. "Hey, she was really freaked out by that," he said,

Melina didn't return the grim. "And what do you have to show for it, you

Matt shrugged. It was a good point. "The pride of a job well done."

In a furious display of angry, Melina smacked him. But then, while still
showing disapproving scowl, she put her hand on his crouch and began fondling
him. "Try buying a Lap Dance with pride of a job well done." Then Melina
smacked him again.

"Matt, Matt, Matt, you incompetent pip squeak, we've been over this before.
Cash up front. Good Morning No cash. Jerry Springer...
entertainment. Cash." Melina then seemed to morph seductively as she unzipped
his pants and started to slowly jacking him off.

As Matt realized the truth of Melina's words, as her head was rapidly bobbing
up and down, Mrs. McGuire poked her head through the doorway, and asked.
"Melina, are you staying for supper...?"

Surprised to see her son's cute little girl friend's lips were wrapped
around his cock, Jo was interrupted when Matt started screaming rapidly out.
"Aahhhhhhhh! Oh God, Melina! Thank you! Thank you! You rock!"

As her son's cum shot into Melina's mouth, Jo watched the little girl's
throat worked to take it all in. Mrs. McGuire was impressed by who rapidly
she went, as the backpressure of her son's orgasm forced cum to run back
down his shaft!

Bouncing up from sucking Matt's cock, Melina answered Jo's question, "I'd
love to, Mrs. McGuire." Melina's voice was as sweet as sugar and her smile
completely innocent. "We'll need extra energy to work on our.home work for
our Sex Education class."

"Oh!" Mrs. McGuire said in delight. "In that case, I'll make brownies."
Gazing down, Jo noticed how pretty Melina's smile had become. She'd known
Melina for years, watching her blossom into to a.surprisingly attractive
girl. The fact that she had a little cum on her face, made her even sexier.

"That sounds just wonderful Mrs. McGuire! But." There was now a look of
apprehensively on Melina face as she tried to thank Mrs. McGuire, but
couldn't go on.

"What honey?" Jo asked.

"Oh, Mrs. McGuire, we've got our final examination on oral sex tomorrow, but
I just can't get the hang of it." As Melina spoke, she bent forward a bit and
her loose shirt hung down. Marveling at Melina's small breasts were perfectly
shaped, rounded and pointy, with hard pink nipples, and hoped she'd be lucky
enough to find out if she was into girls. Jo could only imagine what it would
be like to ravish the lovely young girl's body.

"Oh, I see." Jo reached down and checked the length and hardness of her son's
cock, causing him to groan. Showing a frown, Jo said to both of them, "Since
this for school. Here," Jo started stroking Matt's cock, "I'll give you a few
pointers." Jo said to Melina with a lusty smile

"Thanks, Mrs. McGuire,' Melina said. "I'd really appreciate the help."

"Sure, I think my son would love us both sucking his dick at the same time!"

"I sure will, thanks Mom!" Matt happily answered as he laid back and folded
his arms behind his head. Waiting for them to start.

"Mrs. McGuire, you're so nice. Maybe I should tell you this, but I find you
incredibly sexy."

"Really, I've noticed you too." Jo told her, letting her secret slip.

"Then that explains why you're looking at my body," said Melina, causing them
both to laugh.

"Come here", Jo told her. She pulled the young twelve-year-old girl to her
and planted her lips on hers. The kiss was urgent and there was a lot tongue
action involved. Then taking her in her arms, Jo reached for Melina's top and
lifted if off and over her head. The older women liked the feel of her long
gorgeously blonde hair as he removed her shirt. Removing her bra, she really
loved the feel of Melina's sweet nipples in her mouth.

For her part, Melina dove for Jo's chest and feverishly removed her top.
Melina took her time as she sucked on each of Jo's breasts, running both her
hands on Jo's body. Then she unfastened her jeans and belt, pulling them off
easy. "Mmmmm" was all Jo could say as Melina pleaded "Mrs. McGuire, please...
please let me taste, please let me taste pussy for the first time!"

Not waiting for answer, Melina slowly brought his kisses to Jo's waist and
then whiffed in her sweet perfumed smell. "Mmmm, Mrs. McGuire, you smell so
fresh and wet. Can I have a little taste?" Melina gently asked.

Jo screamed "YES, please taste me, don't tease me anymore, eat me... fuck me
with your tongue... suck my pussy!" Then as Melina lifted Jo's legs to her
chest and her wet red pussy lips opened for Melina's tongue. She took a long
slow lick all the way from the bottom of her cunt up over the hood covering
her hardening clit. "Oh God honey! Oh God please.please," was all Jo could
say as the pre-teenage girl started pushing her fiery tongue into Mrs.
McGuire slippery slit. Her cunt lips squeezed Melina's tongue as it was
pushed as deep as it could reach.

"Oh Mrs. McGuire, your pussy is incredibly sweet, so hot and wet, and oh so
tight... I got to have more, I can't stop now, hold onto your legs!" Melina
exclaimed as she started fucking Jo with her tongue, using it like a cock,
pausing only at times to suck her clit as it began hardening and coming out
of it's hood. She couldn't hold back. Soon, Jo's pussy was flowing as her
juices ran down over her little puckered asshole. As Melina couldn't resist
and teasingly licked her asshole and teasing it, Matt got into the act by
suckling on his mother's big breasts. He continued to rub her breasts with
his right hand, as he spread her knees farther apart with his left hand and
began inching his fingers between her legs, very slowly creeping up her left
leg. She began breathing erratic now, and spread her legs as far apart as she
could, want them to touch her. Needing them to touch her where she enjoyed
it the most. "OH GODDDDDD!" Jo could only scream as Melina tongue fucked her
pussy as Matt's index finger pushed into her.

"Cum for me Mrs. McGuire... cum for me... please cum on my tongue," Melina
seemed to begged as she pushed her tongue in so deep that her nose pushed
against Jo's clit. On the other end of the sixty-nine, Jo had already begun
her own journey to paradise. Pulling up her skirt, Jo dutifully put her hands
on Melina's butt cheeks. She brought them closer to her so that she could get
a comfortable position to give Melina the cunt licking she so rightfully
deserved. She loved the way Melina ooooh'd and aaaah'd as she made her way
down her navel and to her waist.

"Oh my god!!" Jo moaned out as she looked down and saw Melina was wearing a
string thong, her young folds of skin exposed through the thin fabric. Jo
eagerly pulled the thong to the side revealed her hairless baby soft pussy.
Realizing Melina's pussy was as perfect as her own young titties, Jo dove
in, kissing along her thighs. The young preteen girl wiggled with ecstasy as
Jo tongue pleasured her.

"I'm cumming...Oh god I'm cumming too." Both girls screamed out as they came
all over each other's faces. Their pulsing pussies squeezing tongues buried
deep inside of hot wet pussy. Then as Jo's orgasm subsided, she said,
"Melina, it's not as if you need it, but I think we'd better get back to your
home work."

"So, Matt, would you like your mother to suck your prick?" Mrs. McGuire asked
her son in a husky voice.

"OHHH YES MOM!!" Matt exclaimed, his lust shinning from his eyes.

Jo then gently grasped her son's surprisingly big cock, thrilling to the
silky feel of his shaft. She breathed his manly odor in deeply before she
parted her lips and her tongue snaked out to wrap around the head. Jo pulled
back for a moment to watch the head now coated with her saliva glistening in
the light. As she watched, pre-come began to seep out of the hole at the tip
of its head. As she leaned forward and his cock pressed softly against her
lips, Melina got down between Mrs. McGuire's legs and kissed her pussy.

Jo then parted her lips, letting the head slide barely inside, her tongue
flicked over the end, tasting the pre-cum that dripped out. She felt his
hands on the back of her head, and heard the gasp that escaped from his
lips. Matt pulled her toward him, pushing into her mouth. Her head came
forward, engulfing more of his throbbing manhood. Then slowly, she pulled
back, and played with the slit in the head of his prick with her tongue,
as Melina licked up at her.

She looked up at him again, running her tongue over the sensitive underside
of his cock, her bedroom eyes smoldering with lust. His hips started pumping,
feeding his cock to her parted lips that begged for more. They both knew that
he couldn't hold back. It was like trying to stop a flood. He stiffened,
muscles tense, his scrotum tightening, and then the eruption rocketed out of
him. Spurt after spurt of cum filled her mouth. She choked, and then
swallowed, some trickled from the corners of her mouth. She swallowed again.
Matt watched his mother's head bobbing as she went down on him, his hand
gently stroking her hair, while Melina pressed her tongue into Jo snatch.

Jo looked up at him as she marveled at how much cum Matt had just ejaculated
and was still rock hard. As she sucked out the last drop of his tasty semen
she watched his unwavering gaze fixed on her every movement.

"God Mom, that was incredible," he told her.

As soon as she recovered her breathe, Jo looked from Matt to Melina.
"Okay, now you take Matt in your mouth, and I`ll suck on his balls." A big
shit-eating smile grew across Matt's face as his Mother instructed Melina in
the age-old art of pleasuring. An hour later, with her son's cum dripping
from her face, Jo got up smiling and left the room, closing the door behind

Melina immediately grabbed Matt's balls and squeezed.very hard. "I've said
it before," she told Matt. "You're weak! Weak! Now, don't do anything without
asking me first our I'll put your nuts in a blender!"

"Yes, my worship!" Matt looked at Melina in awe. "You rock!"

"That's why you're my slave."

Melina showed an evil smile, as she gave Matt's cock a lick. The she told
him. "Now, fuck me with that little wiener of yours. But keep your trap shut.
I need to think about how to use your mother in my plan. And do it right this
time you insignificant worm!"


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