Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 10
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

We return to the perils of our heroine. On the rooftop of the Rome hotel and
her hands having been tied, Lizzie is warming to the advances of several

Suddenly, only a few feet from where Lizzie is being `ravished' there was a
blinding flash. "BAM!!" Immediately followed by a loud "clinking" sound, as
if a bottle had struck bone.

Some one shouted, "Wait, don't shoot! We're Italians, we surrender, that's
what we do!"

Frozen in fear, Lizzie's senses were assaulted by the rapid succession of ear
splitting gunfire. BAM!! BAM!! BAM!! BAM!! BAM!! BAM!! Momentary, Lizzie was
too stunned to perceive anything beyond the thunderous reports, which echoed
back and forth across the rooftops, as she drew close to fainting.

Then as if she was in a dream, or a very bad movie, Lizzie thought she heard
Miss. Dominatrixmeyer shout out, "Those punks made my day!"

Lizzie then thought she heard. "You poor excuse for man, why did you let
yourself be assaulted by those bastards?" Miss Dominatrixmeyer said,
referring to the lifeless figures lying prone on the roof. All of which,
had very large holes in their heads.

"I...don't know." Gordo tried to answer.

"Never mind," Miss Dominatrixmeyer said. "At least you fought them. Perhaps
you're not the complete sack of shit I'd thought you were?"

"Thank you," was all Gordo could say to her complement of sorts. While he
was glad that he'd been able to knock out two guys using the Vodka bottle.
There'd been way too many of them. He could never of saved Lizzie from
seven attackers all by himself. He pondered, "Man...If Miss Dominatrixmeyer
hadn't come along when she did..." His train of thought was interrupted when
their rescuer spoke again.

"For showing a spark of manhood, you will lick my pussy now," she said in
deep husky voice.

"OHHH, YES MISTRESS!" Gordo exclaimed. The sound of a zipper and heavy
breathing and moaning followed.

A few minutes later, Miss Dominatrixmeyer said. "Both you `lost-boys' get
back to your rooms. I'll take care of the mess. We can't except children to
do it, can we?"

"Lizzie," Gordo voice surprised her, "are you okay?" She felt him pull the
hood from her face and untie her hands.

"I am now," Lizzie answered, beginning to realize she hadn't been dreaming.

"Thank you," Gordo whispered again to Miss Dominatrixmeyer. Still feeling
close to faint, Lizzie could only gawk in continued misbelieve, as Gordo
hoisted Lizzie into his arms and cared her down the stairs. As she left the
roof, there was the crackly of a radio, followed by Miss Dominatrixmeyer's
voice again.

"Gigolo! Come to the roof right now. There's a little mess up here that
needs to be dispose of." As soon she finished explaining the situation, Miss
Dominatrixmeyer resumed barking orders. "I said right now! Police...we don't
need anyone wearing any stinking badges, you miserable excuse for a pigmy!"
The shrill of Miss Dominatrix's voice fell behind as Gordo took Lizzie to the
relative of safety of his warm bed.

Lizzie knew how she should reward him as Gordo laid her wonderfully naked
fourteen-year-old body upon his bed. When Gordo left her for a few minutes
to make sure Miss Dominatrixmeyer wouldn't need anything else, Lizzie
thought about what had happened between them. While she hadn't put of a
fight, she was very impressed with Gordo's manly defense of her honor, so
to speak any way. Lizzie felt very grateful and.very horny. But her mind
drifted from rewarding Gordo when our cock-starved heroine looked over
and... yes, saw that Ethan, Gordo's roommate was in the other bed.

Lizzie had always thought Ethan was a real babe, with a great body and so
damn cute! Sleeping on his back uncovered, she saw Ethan was he wearing only
boxer shorts. He must have being dreaming, because she could she his erection
pushing his shorts up like a tasty totem pole!

Lizzie had wanted to suck his cock for so long. She loved to watch him
workout in little gym shorts and Lizzie had tired many times to steel a peak
of his body. Because Kate had claimed him as hers, Lizzie had always come up
disappointed, often to Lizzie's complete embarrassment. But Lizzie warmly
remembered the day, three years ago, when she'd hid in boy's shower room

With an intense inquisitive curiosity about boys, Lizzie peeked through the
closets wire-mess window. It being a taboo for her to be there, of course
made watching several dozen towel-snapping boys take of their clothes even
more exciting. While a few just stripped down to just their jock straps,
Lizzie got an eye full as most showered naked in front of her. She thought
it was cool when several boys played grab-ass or.played with themselves as
they washed their private parts. But while some of them had nice bodies, it
was surprising to her that so many boys had such very little peckers.

It became very interesting when her friend Gordo came in and removed his
clothes. While Gordo's shoulders weren't very wide yet and his muscles were
under developed, she still curiously watched as he stripped down to only his
jock strap. When he reached in and scratched his balls, Lizzie bit her lip
when she thought she saw what had to be his cock bounce around inside. "It
might be fun to take care of that itch," Lizzie thought. Her mind was full
of her memories of the week before when Gordo came over to help with her
human physiology homework.

It was while trying to memorize the reproductive organs that Lizzie realized
that she couldn't keep her eyes from the bulge in Gordo's pants. It seemed to
have been growing as she sat next to him. Lizzie just couldn't help herself.
Tried of reading, she was ready for some hands on learning!

"Lizzie." Gordo said, "You're not paying attention."

"Sorry, Lizzie said, trying to hide up her embarrassment. "It's just, that...
this is such a hard subject." Blushing, Lizzie could believe she just said

"Well, come.on, we got a test tomorrow." Lizzie seemed to detect a little
awkwardness in his voice too. "You've got to study male reproductive system
if you're going to pass tomorrow."

Noticing that the bulge in Gordo's pants seemed to be wiggling and rising
even higher, she blurted out. "I am." as her eyes burned to examine Gordo's

"My, my, what do we have here?" Lizzie wondered aloud as she reached out and

The effect on Gordo was electric. He sat mystified as Lizzie squeezed his
hard adolescent erection through the fabric of his shorts. Wrapping her
fingers and rubbing up and down, one of her fingers pulled up his shorts
and felt along insides his leg. When her probing finger brushed against
Gordo's smooth hard penis, Lizzie felt a delicious tremor run through her
body. It ran right down to her waist, making her pussy feel as if it were
on fire. She wrapped her fingers around as Gordo looked on in dismay and
seemed about to cry out. And then, as young twelve-year old Lizzie stroked
him up and down, he did!

"Aahhhhh! Hummmm! Aahhhhhhh! Aahhhhhhhh!"

Enraptured by what she was doing to him, Gordo remained silent, as Lizzie
kept right on giving him head. Then bending forward, she brushed her lips
softly against his. Caught up in the moment, Lizzie let go of Gordo and
pulled her shirt up and over her head. She almost laughed, when she
remembered how anxious she'd been to wear her first bra, and now she was
even more eager to take it off for Gordo. His eyes were the size of golf
balls as she reached behind her back and her satin and lace bra fell from
her shoulders. Gordo eyes seemed to burn in what almost seemed horror,
when Lizzie reveling to him her hard pink nipples on the small soft mounds
of her preteen chest. Thus with her desire hotly enflamed, she pulled Gordo
mouth to her breast with her free hand. But just as he began enjoyably
suckling upon her sweet titties, Lizzie's fingers started to feel something
warm and sticky, as a few drops of slippery ooze seemed to bobbling up
through his shorts from the top of this hard penis. Gordo's cries turned to
from moans to exhilaration!

"Hummmmmmm! Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Inside his shorts, suddenly Gordo's erection seemed to melt in her hands. A
look of utter and complete embarrassment flashed across his face as flood of
hot-white-sticky liquid ran down out from under where Lizzie had pulled his
shorts up and down his left leg. Immediately, Gordo jumped up and ran to the
bathroom, leaving Lizzie flabbergasted and worried that she'd hurt him.
Immediately, Gordo went home with out saying a word.

Back in the Boys shower a week later, Lizzie pondered about what had
happened, Gordo's jock strap suddenly seemed to disappear. She grew wet
between her legs.

Lizzie was more than pleasantly surprised when she noticed the thick hose
of Gordo's flaccid penis swinging between his legs. It was a nice hose too.
While he had only a small amount of dark public hair, Gordo's cock was
actually very nice, the biggest she'd seen that day. Because last week had
happened so fast, she hadn't even got a peek. It was just too bad Gordo
didn't have an erection now. Lizzie hopped that maybe Gordo would play with
himself or something so she could see how big he would get. If she could
just some how get his attention, maybe she could help. But before she could
think of anything that would give her away to the other boys, Gordo went to
the shower.

Lizzie gaze was intense as she watched him first wet his body down and then
rub soap all over his body. When he filled his hand with his own balls and
penis, Lizzie wished it were her own hand to doing the washing. Having heard
storied, she wondered what it would be like to put it in her mouth. But still
afraid of being discovered, to her vast disappointment, she stayed hidden.

Afterwards, when all the boys had left, Lizzie slipped her index finger
inside her pussy and slowly rubbed her clit. Her thoughts centered upon
fantasizes.fantasizes of taking showers with Ethan, with Gordo and with
several other boys she'd seen that day. Perhaps, even all of them at the
same time. But Lizzie's orgasmic-bubble popped when the object of her
greatest desires walked into shower wearing only a towel around his firm
butt! To her disappointment, Ethan turned around. But her eyes grew wide
again when his towel drop.

Ethan's cute bare-cheeks seemed to glow, until she noticed that he wasn't
alone. To Lizzie's absolute and unqualified shock, her best friend Kate
Sanders came in and joined him, and Kate was completely naked! Back then,
Kate big tits hadn't bloomed yet, but Lizzie thought she was very pretty
and...extremely sexy. Lizzie kept right on masturbating as she watched
Kate rubbed her hands all over Ethan's body and then began to stroke his
cock. But with his back still towards her, Lizzie's view was blocked.
While Ethan wasn't very smart, Lizzie figure he must have a very large
cock by the way Kate's mouth was stretched out when she gave him a
blowjob! Then right in front of Lizzie, Kate bent over and got on all
fours as another boy joined them.

With his back to her, Lizzie wasn't sure whom the new person was as Kate
began to whimpered as Ethan's rubbed his cockhead against her anus. It
yielded as he flexed his buttocks and shot his hips forward, driving
himself deep into her Hershey highway. The mystery person stood in front,
kissing and fondling Kate's body. When the other boy brought is cock to
Kate mouth, to her shock, she saw it was Gordo! So, while Kate sucked
Gordo's cock, Ethan grabbed hold of her long pretty blonde hair. Kate
grunted and moaned as Ethan pulled her head back, writhing her buttocks
erotically in Ethan's crotch as he sodomized her.

In a few minutes, they switched and places. As Kate sucked on Ethan's cock
as Gordo pumped her with long deep strokes, fucking her glove tight pussy
with lots of lustful stamina. Kate screamed in joy as intense orgasms
consumed her and she humped her beautiful ass back to meet Gordo's hungry
loins. Gordo hands moving down to squeeze her small pointed breasts as he
fucked her young beautiful body, deeply and thoroughly for about ten minutes.

As Lizzie watched and heard them go down on Kate, it became appealing to
join in. Actually, it became very appealing! Soon Lizzie wasn't able to
resist and she began to pulled off own her clothes. But then to Lizzie's
great disappointment, before she could join them, they all left and Lizzie
found herself masturbating alone in the shower again.

Thinking back, while Lizzie had actually enjoyed the experience, she'd been
way too embarrassed to even talk to Kate about it. Lizzie never got another
chance try a double team with her, because Kate soon went off to summer camp
and their friendship came to an end.


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