Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 11
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

Two years later and half a world away, Lizzie shook with trepidation as
curiosity drove her to finally find out how big Ethan's cock really was.
After taking in a deep breath, Lizzie crawled over and looked closely at
the tent in his shorts. She grew wet between her legs as she reached in
and pulled it out. After spending the last three years in junior high
trying to get into Ethan pants, Lizzie excitedly began stroking his piece
of hard meat.

Feeling the thrill of victory, Lizzie was overjoyed to be finally playing
her fingers upon Ethan's cock. She would realize her mistake later, but
because she had rose-colored glasses at the time, Lizzie saw Ethan's cock
as bigger and thicker than any cock she'd ever seen before. Thus amazed,
Lizzie smiled as she started to run both her hands up and down his modest
six-inch shaft.

"I've wanted your precious cock for so long," she smirked softly, almost to

Becoming `hungry' when she saw pre-cum coat the top of his cock, Lizzie bent
down and wantonly lapped up Ethan's cum. "Huummmm," Lizzie moaned, as she
thrilled to his taste. Then putting her mouth around Ethan's cock head,
Lizzie started to move up and down his shaft, excitedly taking his whole cock
in her mouth!

Ethan awoke enjoying the feeling of his cock being forcefully and frantically
licked and sucked. He kept his eyes closed hopping it was Kate. He loved it
when she surprised him like this, but she was never this good before. Just
in case it was someone else, he tried not to, but couldn't help but moan.

Remembering where he was, Ethan slowly opened his eyes. Looking down at his
cock, he saw that instead of Kate, or his mother. but to his relief, little
Lizzie McGuire was fondling his balls and sucking his dick. Not wanting to
stop her, he watched, keeping silent. That was, until Lizzie noticed his eyes
were open.

"Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie," Ethan exclaimed, his low vocal-tones denying the
pleasure he was presently experiencing. "I never knew you were suck a good
cock sucker!"

Encouraging her with his smiles, Lizzie continued to lustfully, without any
inhibitions, deep throated him. Wrapped up in the pleasure of Lizzie mouthing
his cock, Ethan soon began to cum. Voraciously Lizzie kept sucking until he
could cum no more. He found it hard to believe he had just shot a load of his
cum down the throat of this usually very shy 14-year-old girl. Ethan had
never really been interested in her before, but he knew now that had changed,
as Lizzie, like a tigress, feasted on his cock. She didn't tire out like Kate
or his mom did, Lizzie kept right on suck his cock non-stop for at least
another ten minutes, while Ethan fondled her shapely tits and squeezing her

"Lizzie, you're so hot, you should go topless all the time!" Ethan
complemented her as he massaged both her nipples. Moving his hands down,
Ethan then ran his hand across her ass, until stopping at her lovely bush.
Lizzie kept right on blowing him, as he stroked her pussy.

"Lizzie, you're a wild cat!" Ethan exclaimed. "You can suck my cock any
time!" To Lizzie's complete and utter ecstasy, he pulled off her panties.

"You've got such a hot pussy." He told her, as he humped a finger inside her
pussy. Pulling it out, he brought it up. Lizzie took it in her mouth, happily
sucked and licking off his finger.

"Do you like how you taste?" Ethan asked her.

"Hummmm!" An erotic smile accompanied her answer.

He smiled back, as they moved into a Six-Nine position. Lizzie shivered when
Ethan began to probe her vagina with his tongue. She moaned as he licked up
and down her outer lips, alternating sides, probing for her sensitive spots,
as he slowly humped her with two digits. Then with his cock sticking straight
up, Ethan remained still, as Lizzie moved up and knelt over his waist.

Looking into Ethan's eyes the entire time. Lizzie slowly lowered her pussy
toward Ethan's stiff rod, spreading her legs wide. She held his manhood with
one hand, and reached down to spread the lips of her pussy with the other.
His eyes shot wide as he felt the tip of his tip cock rub into and slide into
her narrow wet slit.

Lizzie shuddered when she felt her tight pussy lips clench the tip of Ethan's
`presumably big' cock. Her cunt lips seemed to stretch out as she wiggled
down upon on his mushroom head, hoping to lustfully and reckless impaling
herself on his cock. Omitting a loud moan sound as she arched her back,
Lizzie said, "Aahhhhhhhh! Gooooddd Dammmmm, Ethan! You're so big!"

Lizzie then leaned forward and rubbed her breasts against Ethan's face and he
keenly responded by suckling on her erected nipples. Excited to be taking a
`man's' cock for the first time, a strong adrenaline rush ripped through her
body. Lizzie rode her sweet snatch back and forth along Ethan's rod, fucking
him faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until he was two or three inches
inside of her and Lizzie's hymen block his path. Soon, the intense pain of
her cunt stretching over his cock was making her weak. But she continued to
hump as Ethan's hands slid down to cup her firm little ass.

Wanting Ethan to burst through her hymen and be the first one to fuck her
good and proper. Lizzie whispered rapidly, her tone of voice sexy and soft,
"Ethan, fuck me! I want to feel all of your big, beautiful, hard cock in
me! Take my cherry and fill my little pussy with your cum! Fuck me hard. I
want to be you're personal whore!"

But just as Lizzie was about to thrust her willing pussy down with her whole
weight, Ethan's head began to spin. As wave upon wave of pleasure coursed
through him, overwhelming him, his orgasm exploded.

"OHHHHHH! I'm CUMMING!" he moaned out

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ...!" Clenching her breasts, Ethan moaned out
in climax, while load after load shot straight into her sweet snatch as
Lizzie's pussy milked his cockhead. Overwhelmed by the sensation of his cum
flooding against the still unbreached breakwater of her hymen, Ethan passed
out. Almost immediately, his manhood deflated and popped out of her pussy,
leaving her still a virgin. While Lizzie happily tried to suck him hard
again, her hopes were quashed when Ethan rolled over soundly a sleep. Thus,
with her opportunity literally shrinking and shriveling away, Lizzie got up
and returned discouraged to Gordo's bed.

Though Lizzie had enjoyed having Ethan's cock in her and liked the feel
of his warm seed oozing out of her pussy, she finally realized that she
shouldn't let Ethan's cock distract her. After all she had been through
tonight, Lizzie felt she owed it to Gordo to let him pop her cherry.
Besides, if Ethan did happened to wake up, what harm would there be if
she had an audience when she took care of Gordo. Maybe, he'd even join
in on the fun, she thought.

Lizzie was lying naked on top of his welcoming bed when Gordo came back in.
Reaching out, she pulled his shorts down. With Gordo's cock starring her in
the face, Lizzie started jacking him off slowly with her right hand, as she
said. "Gordo, my brave Gordo, how can I thank you?" she told him. "You saved
me from who knows what. As your reward.take my body. It's the least I can do
for my hero. Fuck me with your big gun, you stud! Use my body. I want to feel
big cock cumming inside of me again and again!"

With her tongue then giving the tip of Gordo's penis the slightest of licks,
stars went off in front of his eyes. Pleased when she saw the effect of just
that little touch, Lizzie grab Gordo's ass and pulled him closer. Gordo
happily relented to her presser as she licked around the crown of his penis
and then dragged her tongue slowly down the underside until reaching his
aching balls. Still tugging at his penis with her right hand, she cupped his
balls with his left and sucked one into his mouth, flicking and playing with
it. She did that to the other one and then repeated the first.

Gordo's face glowed as he took in her speech and now didn't hesitate in
taking his reward. Lizzie began to quiver and loss control, as he took over
by licking out her succulent cunt. As he ate her out, Gordo took one pert
breast between his slick fingers and twisted, torquing the nipple until it
burned then moved to the other. But he was just getting started.

Lizzie giggled as Gordo next wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and
moved to fuck her with reckless abandon in a missionary position. Taking
both ass cheeks in his hands, Gordo spread her pussy lips open for him. Then
before he pushed into her, Gordo spoke in warning, "Lizzie, this might hurt,
but I'll try to be careful."

"Oh Gordo, I don't care if it hurts. I want you to fuck me." Lizzie wantonly
replied as he began to finally fuck the pussy he'd dreamed of for so long.

Lizzie had never known such agony and such abandon at one time. Plugging
into her tiny pussy, Gordo's dick was much bigger than Ethan's. Pushing and
throbbing, her hymen stretched ... painfully. She wanted to scream, `Stop!
Stop! STOP!' as he thrust into her. Lizzie felt like she was being tore
apart. But Lizzie found comfort in knowing that knowing it was supposed to

Gordo's dick invading her tiny cunt felt HUGE as he lifted her ass off the
bed and spilt her wide open. Starting to bleed, Lizzie moaned as she felt a
tearing sensation. Lizzie squealed as her hymen broke, but then omitted a
loud moan of pleasure as his cock penetrated deeper into her tiny cunt. Then
she froze, her eyes bugged out as Gordo impaled her even deeper. `Oh,
Jeeezzus! Oh, fuck!' flashed through her brain. It hurt like hell!' Her
"yelp" of pain was muzzled as she buried her face into his shoulder.

With one final deep thrust, her tiny virgin sex hole was torn open and
stretched her sex to a new limit. Any objections Gordo either had harbored
previously about fucking were now lost in the fabulous soft folds of Lizzie's
tight pussy, as he humped his prick in and out of her. Realizing she was
truly taking pleasure in sex intercourse, Lizzie began fucking back as hard
as Gordo was fucking her.

Gordo then pulled out and slowly thrust in again, pushing deeper with each
lunge, tearing the remnants of her cherry to shreds. After three or four
jabs he was almost buried to the hilt. Lizzie let out a shriek and a moan of
pleasure as he filled her up and molded her vaginal walls even more to his
intruding shaft. Nurturing Lizzie's excitement, Gordo quickened his past,
until Lizzie was ready for incredibly hard, deep plunging.

Gordo lifted her ass higher off the ground and pushed himself in even deeper.
Her body jerked as he hit her cervix where nothing had ever touched her
there. Her shrieks turned to grunts, then to low moans. When Gordo's tool was
all the way in he began to fondle Lizzie's slippery titties and sucked on her

As Gordo's quickened his pace of moving in and out of her fresh cleft, her
nervous system came close to overloading. Lizzie had to close her eyes and
clinch her teeth. Her cunt wall quivered around Gordo's dick as it drove
all the way in again and again, stretching her with each thrust. While he
continued to power it into her unlit, soon her cries of pain into those of
joy and unbridled lust, his dark pubic hairs mixed with her golden fleece.
Lizzie cries grew louder and louder.

"Aahhhhhhh! Aahhhhhhhhh! Aahhhhhhhhhhh! Aahhhhhhhhhhhh! Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Slick and tight, Lizzie's inner muscles clenched around Gordo's cock like an
oiled fist, clamping his dick so hard it almost hurt. Enthralled by Gordo
cock in her pussy, Lizzie kept on crying out.

"Hummmm! God, Lizzie, your pussy so tight!" Gordo groaned as he was finally
ready to fill her cunt with his seed.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Here it comes!" he shouted.

"God, I needed this." She whispered the same as before. "Keep fuck me, again,
please, please...oh god I need more. Fuck me like a slut."

Lizzie continued to groan out as the pressure of Gordo's orgasm squeezed
his molten seed past the seamless joint of her pussy's skintight O-ring
that encircled his swollen cock. With each in-stroke he pumped her full.
With each outstroke, cum squirted out of her perfect, pink pussy. As the
fresh-fucked-teen shuddered in climax again, she slammed her hips upward
like a wild thing. Feeling faint, the tiny teen screamed out in feverous
passion as she felt expelled sperm run out of her tight, aching
cock-filled body and dripped like hot wax down her smooth inner thighs
and run between her humid ass crack. Lizzie shuddered again, again, again,
and again as Gordo now began to screw her slowly and tenderly. With Gordo
just having cum, Lizzie knew she would now enjoy a long hard fuck and she

Not having concerning herself with being quiet, Lizzie wasn't surprised
when Ethan woke up. Gordo thought he had hit another sensitive spot in her
pussy, when Lizzie shivered as Ethan appeared standing naked above her. In
the dim light she could clearly see he was holding his hard cock. While
Ethan smiled, he stoking himself as his cock was aimed directly at her
mouth. Lizzie licked her lips as Ethan bent closer to Lizzie and rubbed his
penis against her cheek, along her noise, and then along her full-red lips.

On top, Gordo opened his eyes as he finished empting his cock for the first
time into her, just as Lizzie raised her hand and wrapped it around Ethan's
naked ass. To Gordo's dismay, Lizzie began to kiss and lick all over the head
of Ethan's penis. Then suddenly, Ethan's pushed his cock into her willing
mouth. Spellbound by the wonderful joys of sex, penis mad Lizzie took Ethan
in as he then began to fuck her face. Even though Lizzie had earlier sucked
Ethan off, she still wasn't satisfied. Her lips felt good wrapped again
around the dick of her long-term crush. Thrusting faster and faster, faster
and faster ... in and and out, Lizzie felt her throat filled with
Ethan hard cock. Soon the little blonde cock-fanatic could feel Ethan's balls
slapping against her chin as he thrust down into her throat.

In the process of taking a cum deposit in her mouth, after having to pull
over for a breath, Lizzie loudly begged, "Fuck me, boys! Do me together!" She
tried to continued to cry out, until Ethan spurted and spurted and spurted
cum inside her mouth, letting loose years of her sexual frustration. Lizzie
kept right on worked his softening cock around in her mouth, playing with it
with her tongue and sucking him clean. Lizzie continued to eagerly suck and
lick Ethan, making his dick hard again, as both boys happily compiled with
her demands and continued to thrust into her.

With Lizzie's cunt sopping from his previous fucking, Gordo kept on
hammering her pussy, going slowly then very fast, and driving his spike deep.
He groaned as the sweet walls of her pussy lining wrapped around his prick.
Taking her legs, which were now almost like rubber, Gordo placed her ankles
onto his shoulders and positioned himself for the deepest penetration he
could make as she was pounded and pumped. Lizzie squealed with delight as two
cocks banged her mouth and pussy simultaneously.

Groaning and mewing, Lizzie worked her sweet snatch back and forth along
Gordo's rod, as he went faster and faster, deeper and deeper. She was fucked
her good and proper, until finally Gordo exploded load after load of his cum
straight into Lizzie's sweet snatch again. Out of breath and with Gordo's
manhood finally deflated, they switched places. Now Ethan took over Lizzie's
cum sopping pussy as Lizzie sucked on Gordo's cock to get him hard again.

The beautiful naked teenage girl shivered when Ethan got down and thrust his
tongue up her cream filled vagina, probing and tickling her pink silt that
glistened with a mixture of love juices. Flattened his tongue out, she moaned
as Ethan gave Lizzie's pussy a luxurious bath from bottom to top. Then he
slipped a finger inside and slowly fucked her with it as he munched on
Lizzie's yummy bush. Ethan then wrapped his lips around her clit, giving it
a quick little suck. Lizzie shivered when he sucked on it again as hard as he
could. She cried out and pressed his head down into her pussy. Then, folded
his tongue up, he began to fuck her clitoris with his mouth.

"Oh Ethan. Oh Gordo, I'm so close again." Lizzie shouted. "Boys, fuck me!
Fuck me hard!"

Then Lizzie smiled slyly, and, not wanting to be disappointed again, she
rolled on top of Ethan. Pressing his legs together, Lizzie looked Ethan
straight in the eyes as she lowered herself on to his hard erection. After
his first half was in her pussy, she bit her lip and stopped for just a
moment. Having the kind of tightness that men love, Ethan had to cry out,

Putting her hands on his knees, Lizzie leaned back, puffing out her large
tits to him. Ethan eagerly went after each breast, suckling and licking her
nipples, as Lizzie slowly let gravity pull her down. Ethan's cock was quickly
buried to the hilt inside her pussy. Lizzie actually seemed to glow as she
slowly began to ride him, grunting and moaning, thrusting her hips back and
forth at an ever-increasing pace.

"OOOOOO Ohhhh, Ethan! Yes! Fuck me you stud, fuck me!" Lizzie screamed.

As Ethan looked up, almost mystified by her sexual powers, he felt Lizzie's
tight pussy lips almost sucking his cock with each stroke.

"Yes Ethan! Oh yes! OH yes! OH YES!! YEEEESSSSSSSSS!!" Lizzie climaxed,
flooding Ethan's crotch with her heavenly juices, letting loose more of her
years of sexual frustration.

As her pussy continued to spasm on his cock, Ethan closed his eyes, and
again began pounding furiously into her pussy. Soon, his balls gave up what
Lizzie's pussy so desperately wanted. He came with a bellow, shooting a
stream of cum deep inside Lizzie's still hungry vagina. While this was going
on and noticing that her sweet asshole just begging to be touched, Gordo
rubbed her clit from underneath to lubed his fingers. Then he brought his
index finger up to her asshole and circled it.

"Oh Gordo... I like what you're doing?" Lizzie exclaimed as she moved her
hand down to stroke Ethan's balls as he continued to hump into her clit.

"Just trying to please you more, my sweet... trust me, you'll love it." Gordo
assured her as he eased his index finger into her anus, pushing through her
rectum and then finger fucking her ass. "Feel that sweetie. feel Ethan's cock
in your pussy and my finger fucking your tight ass," Gordo teased her. Ethan
could feel Gordo push against cock with his finger through the thin membrane
separating Lizzie's pussy and ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh OHHHH Ethan. Oh God,'re goanna make me cum again. Yes.
Ohhh boys... make me cum. fuck me... fuck my ass ... fuck my pussy." Lizzie
moaned out, again and again!"

Feeling both lust and agony and knowing how to quench both, without a word,
Gordo pulled his big thick dick out of Lizzie's mouth...and eased. JUST the
head of his dick.eased it into her asshole. THAT"S when.with just his cock
head in her butt hole, he started pumping his cum. so much cum that some
squeezed out of her butt hole as he held his dick-head inside. Restraining
the temptation, the instinct, to bury his cock deep, he held back and just
pumped his cum into her butt. As Gordo suckled her breasts, Lizzie felt it...
felt it through her butt hole. Ethan was also aroused, as he felt Gordo hot
flood of sperm spilling from her ass and covered his dick and balls.

On impulse, Ethan reached over and grasped Gordo at the base of his shaft.
Fondling his balls he stroked Gordo's cock, helping to finish his orgasm.
With Gordo busy suckling on Lizzies nipples at the time, Gordo thought she
was stroking him, until.envious of Gordo's larger size, Ethan bent down and
pulled Gordo's hard, thick eight-inch dick out of Lizzie's ass and started
stroking it with both hands. He continued to work rapidly as he got on his
knees. Licking his lips, Ethan engulfed Gordo's cock in one fell-swoop, and
deep throated him completely!

Gordo realized at once was happening, but Lizzie kept his mouth clenched to
her breasts as she whispered into his ear, "Gordo, please let Ethan suck your
cock. I want to watch."

Gordo reluctantly did as instructed, as Ethan used his incredibly wet tongue
expertly, running along the underside of Gordo's cock. Then with his nose was
pressed into Gordo's balls, Ethan flexed his throat muscles, sending shivers
up and done his body. Ethan held him there for a few moments in his throat,
his eyes closed, moving side to side. He took a deep breath as he withdrew
and immediately began to suck Gordo's dick in earnest. Up and down. Up and
down, Ethan lips flew upon Gordo's cock.

Lizzie locked eyes with Gordo again, and gave him a bedroom-look that would
soon bring him down to his knees. She had moaned when Ethan pushed his mouth
all the way down Gordo's cock in without gagging at all.

"YES...yes Ethan. Keep sucking Gordo's dick!" Lizzie pleaded.

Gordo's thick cock pushed past Ethan's tonsils again and again. He pushed
fast then...slowly, before slipping it out and then, Ethan took him even
deeper! Then with Ethan's lips tightly stretched around his dick, Gordo
pleaded. "Oh enough.enough. I can't stand it. I don't a want a guy to suck
my dick."

"Can't you see, Ethan wants so bad to taste your sweet cum," Lizzie command.
"It's only fair, you guys love to watch two girls fucking. I want the same
pleasure. Remember, you promised me adventure!"

Lizzie licked her lips and watched intently as Ethan continued to go to town
on Gordo's dick. She began to moan louder and louder, working herself into a
frenzy. Lizzie then slipped a second finger inside her moist pussy, beside
Ethan's thrusting cock. Reaching down with her other hand, she massaged her
clitoris, as Ethan grunted and groaned and moaned.

"Cum for me," Lizzie pleaded. "Gordo. Please, cum all over Ethan!"

Ethan started using both of his hands to jack Gordo into his mouth. He went
as fast as he could, causing Gordo to begin his own grunting and groaning.
Moments later, the floodgates opened and mouthfuls of cum stormed into
Ethan's mouth. But just then, Lizzie pulled Ethan's head back just as
Gordo's cum hosed out all over his face. Lizzie came closer to admiring
Gordo's handiwork that dripped from all over Ethan's face and mouth.

"Ethan, don't you dare swallow!" Lizzie shouted out. Ethan didn't, as he
tried to keep it all inside his mouth so he could savor it. Still, some of it
slipped out and trickled down his chin, on to his thighs. Gordo continued to
spurted four or five times into his eager mouth. Lizzie got close, brushed
down some of Ethan's sticky hair and began licking and sucking. When Gordo
was finally done, Lizzie French kissed Ethan, playing Gordo's cum around with
her tongue. She used her index finger to gather up the quintessence of lust
from his face, scooping some off Ethan's and pushed into his mouth.

As Ethan resumed sucking on Gordo, he started playing with his own shiny
pole. Lizzie she could see the frustration in his eyes.

"Gordo," Lizzie whispered into her ear again. "Ethan wants you to return the

"What?" Gordo said. "Lizzie, I can't. You've wanted him all these years. Why
don't you do it...again?"

"Gordo," Lizzie said his name pleadingly and lustfully. "I want to see you
suck his cock! Come on Gordo. Do it for me, please!" To help encourage him,
Lizzie reached down and resumed jacking Gordo's cock off into Ethan mouth.

"Sorry, I'm just not a picky eater." Gordo told her.

"Oh God, please taste it. PLEASE!" Lizzie pleaded.

While realizing that he'd enjoyed the blowjob that Ethan and Lizzie were
giving him, that didn't change anything. He shook his head forcefully,
showing that he still, definitely didn't want to suck Ethan's cock.

Lizzie's mind was racing almost as fast as her heart. As she pleaded this
time, Lizzie took hold of Gordo head, and pushed him down. Instantaneously,
Ethan pulled his cock out of Lizzie pussy as he continued to jack himself
off. Lizzie then asked in her most sensual, yet child like voice, Lizzie
asked, "Please, Gordo. Do it for me. Gordo, you did promise me adventures."

Ethan knelt in front of Gordo face as Lizzie began to French kiss him. He
could feel Ethan's hot pecker against his mouth. It grew as the tip of
Lizzie's tongue traced over Ethan's scrotum and balls. Ethan was almost
fully hard again as Lizzie's tongue slid wet around the outside edge of
Ethan's cock head. Then pushing her tongue into Gordo's mouth and Ethan's
cock followed. Uncertain as to yet what to do, Gordo let Ethan's cock slide
all the way back to his throat.

Gordo attempted a "No" but instead said "Oooh" as he started to suck a
little. But encourage by Lizzie, as resistance fell. Soon his "No's" turned
to, "Aahhhhh" and "Mmm's".

While all this was going on Lizzie was stroking Ethan with her fingers,
slowly driving him further and further in Gordo's mouth. When Gordo's "Mmm's"
where becoming more regular, Ethan felt him start to suck faster and harder,
as he placed his left hand on Gordo's right buttock. Gordo sucked even harder
and began to use his hands to thrust him forcefully into his mouth. Soon,
Gordo could feel Ethan's balls go tight and the head of his cock swell inside
his mouth, he knew Ethan was about to cum.

"Aah, Aah-God-I'm-Coming," Ethan shouted as he came. His buttocks went tight,
his hips twitched and exploded into the back of his throat. Still encourage
by Lizzie, Gordo carried on sucking and swallowing slowly, empty him and make
sure he got it all.

Then Lizzie started to kiss up Gordo's stomach to his nipples. She sucked and
nibble on his left nipple then moved across to the right, her right hand very
gently stroking his still hard cock. With her little kisses she moved up to
his neck and started to nibble, as she did she pressed her pussy up against
him and started to grind against his penis. "Oh God, my God, You're so hot"
she whispered.

Rapidly, Lizzie asked several questions. "Yes Gordo, you like it though don't
you? You like it when I suck your cock. I bet you like it making Ethan cum in
my mouth didn't you?" Gordo was only to whisper back "No, No."

Not listening, she said, "That's why his going to fuck you Gordo, fuck you
ass with his big hard cock, and make you cum and cum again" She whispered
back. With that she started to grind against him even harder, sliding back
down between his legs.

First Gordo felt Ethan the tip of his cock touch the opening of ass cunt as
Ethan's hand reaching around to massaging Gordo's cock. At the same time,
Lizzie started to kiss Gordo's face and slide her pussy up and down across
his cock. Then she moved her left hand up to play with his balls as her right
hand pushed Gordo's very hard cock into her. Underneath them, at the same
time, Ethan slowly slid into him. Filled with the excitement of the moment,
Lizzie went tight on Gordo, arched forward and cried out, asked for him fuck
her. Her right hand went round his hip and firmly gripped his ass, pulling
Gordo towards her in time with hard deep thrusts, slapping against his balls.

"Oh yes, harder, harder" Lizzie cried as Ethan pushed himself his cock hard
into Gordo tight ass. "Fuck him, FUCK HIM!" she cried. "You like that don't
you Gordo, you like Ethan fucking you, going deeper each time, tell me when
your going to cum Gordo, I want us all to cum together," she whispered into
his left ear.

Ethan started to thrust inside Gordo inpatiently. He was going hard at it
thrusting and grinding. After what seemed to be about ten minutes Gordo felt
Ethan's cock head swell and with one very hard thrust shoot his hot cum deep
inside him. "Yes, YES, Aahhhhhhhh" he cried and relaxed.

Soon Gordo shouted out, "Aah, Aah, Aah yes fuck me, harder, I'm going to cum,
I'm-going-to-CUM, Yessss" and that's when Lizzie really started to slam very
hard upon Gordo.

When Ethan exploded and shot his cum deep into Gordo's ass, Lizzie felt
Gordo's hot sticky cum shoot into her. Her own pussy muscles gripped tight
around his cock she joined them in orgasm. Ethan then gently pulled out of
Gordo, as Lizzie gave them both long open mouthed kiss with their tongues
lashing at each other while at the same time. Immediately afterwards Ethan
passed out, but not letting that stop her, again, using cat-like flicks of
her tongue, Lizzie bent to Ethan's cock and licked him off, enjoying every
bit as she slurped it down.

Looking down at Ethan, Lizzie asked Gordo. "He's not very big, is he?" When
Lizzie asked the last question, she finally realized that Ethan was all she
cracked him up to be. She final saw that he wasn't half the man that good
old Gordo was.

"Maybe not," With a little smirk, Lizzie answered her own question. "Maybe

Gordo smiled at her as he spoke. "Maybe.but no one's as beautiful as you are,
my sexy little love."

"It's too bad he past-out, I was hoping to see somebody else get it up the
his cute little ass!" As she put her index finger up his ass, Lizzie laughed
at her own joked. Gordo didn't.

"You've got a long wait ahead of you, I plan on keeping that cherry to my
dying day."

"You don't have to be so GRAVE about it," she joked again. This time, they
both chuckled.

Afterwards, Lizzie licked up whatever cum that had been left on and around
both Gordo's and Ethan's now flaccid cocks. When Lizzie swallowed up the last
of it, still enjoying every bit, she was finally worn out, and collapsed into
a heap with Gordo and Ethan. Gordo gave Lizzie's pussy a sweet good night
kiss as Lizzie fell a sleep with his cock in her mouth. Lizzie sighed as she
sucked on his limp dick that even in its present state dwarfed Ethan's when
it was erect. As her dreams began, in the back of her mind she thought about
how Gordo had called her, his sexy little love and that could go with it.

Exhausted, Lizzie was both mentally and stretched to a new limit. Never in
all her years had Lizzie cum so hard, never so much, and never with so much
excitement and satisfaction. Awash in orgasmic bliss, thus ended our heroines
first night in the Eternal City.


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