Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 12
(Mmf, mmmf, anal, oral)
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

Lizzie awakened to kiss. As was his habit, Gordo woke up early the next
morning. Gazing at Lizzie's sleeping loveliness, he thought about the day
before, and wondered what every that had happen might mean...and what it
didn't mean? Having wanted Lizzie for years, his desires and needs called
out to him. Hr nubile young body was so adorable. He knew if he would never
get tired of staring at her.

Putting aside the embarrassment of popping his cork prematurely when Lizzie
had given him a hand job three-years ago, an avid student, Gordo had read
about sex and experimented. Beginning with tramps like Kate, he had
progressed up the line till he finally screwed Miranda. And now was the time
to put everything he'd learned to work in pleasuring Lizzie. It pleased him
that, filling almost his every wish, Lizzie had given herself to him. Similar
to how an animal marks it claim, he taken her and filled her sweet tight
pussy, butt and mouth with his sperm again and again. But in the light of
day, Gordo wondered if that would be enough to ensure that she stayed his.
Remembering how she had behaved towards Ethan, Gordo figured it might not be
enough. But optimist to the last, Gordo still took heart in the situation.
The expression, `If first you don't succeed, try, try, try.' seemed to fit.
And he hoped that, even if he had to share her for a while, Lizzie could
still be his and only his.

Gordo woke her with a kiss. Paying special attention to her needs, Lizzie
awakened as Gordo kissed and lick out her pussy. Flattening his tongue as
wide as it would go he gave her pussy a luxurious tongue bath from bottom
to top. Lizzie woke up moaning as he began to lick her outer lips,
alternating sides, he probed for her sensitive spots as he slipped a finger
inside and slowly fucked her with it. Then mounting her, Gordo screwed her
slowly and tenderly. Nurturing Lizzie's excitement, he quickened his past
until Lizzie was ready for incredibly hard, deep plunging. She felt like a
jackhammer was inside of her! Loving it, Lizzie came three times as he then
implanted more of his hot and sticky seed into her womb. Afterwards, he
resumed screwing her slowly and tenderly for about half an hour.

"Oh, Gordo," Lizzie glowed radiantly, as she spoke, "what a way to start the
day!" Knowing that she was addicted to Gordo's big dick, she would fuck him
whenever he wanted her from now on. That is, until perhaps a big dick one
came along she would later come to realize.

"I can't think of better way." Gordo agreed, a smile across his face. "But,
I'll start wearing a rubber now. We mustn't get knocked up, you know."

"Don't worry, Gordo. I'm already on the pill. Mom figured it was a good

"Bless her. I've always liked your Mom," Gordo proclaimed.

When Ethan woke up, he joined them and cock-keen as ever, Lizzie gave
head while sucking on both their cocks in turn. With Lizzie's needs still
unquenched, Ethan then did her hard up the ass. Ethan wasn't gentle like
Gordo, but she liked it hard, as Gordo, first feasted upon and then fucked
her succulent juicy pussy! Lizzie was the meat of their sandwich, having
the agony and pleasure of two cocks banging her from both directions at

After she had sucked off Ethan again and he left to go find Kate, Lizzie
said to Gordo, "I've been dreaming of doing you in the shower. We have
plenty of time. What do you say?"

"I say that I think I've created a sex monster," Gordon answered her with a
bright smile. "And I like it."

Grabbing Gordo's cock, Lizzie gave him a happy smile and led the way to the

Enraptured by the steamy water, he grasped her slippery sweet nipples and
fucked her pussy again. Taking heart in the situation, Gordo thought about
another saying, "One in the hand, is worth two in the bush.' Perhaps,
realizing what he was holding, it was more appropriate to say, `two tits
in the hands and one in her bush!' Gordo laughed. A little later, they
actually had time for a quick shower. Gordo was happily washing and licked
Lizzie down, when an amazed Larry Trudgemen almost accidentally dropped his
towel when he sleepily bumped into Lizzie and Gordo showering together.

In keeping with the sprit of her lustful adventure, Lizzie said unashamedly,
"Hi Larry!" Having always been nice to her, Lizzie thought of him fondly. To
put on a little show, she spread her legs and slipped a finger inside her
moist pussy. With her other hand, she reached down to massage her clitoris.
By now, Larry's erection was threatening to peek out from beneath the towel.
He was slack-jawed and practically drooling on himself having never having
seen such an erotic sight before.

With a glowing smile, Lizzie reached out to her blushing and bashful
friend and fondled his inflating penis. Thus still enraptured in her sexual
adventure, Lizzie bent forward and gave Larry a long wet kiss as she rubbed
her naked body against his. Larry was too amazed to speak when Lizzie eagerly
dropped to her knees and spit some saliva onto his cock, and then used one
hand to smear it all over his shaft. She spit two more times and now had a
nice, shiny pole to play with.

Lizzie then grabbed Larry's cock and wrapped her sweet lips around the
cockhead. Larry gasped and his knees shook slightly, when he looked down and
was as appreciative of the view as any other male would be. Lizzie went to
town, keeping her focus as she licked and slurped his cock like there was no
tomorrow while Gordo fucked her from behind. Soon, as our beautiful heroine
pleasured him with her sexy body, Larry could only scream out.

Having always liked her titties, the `Trudge' then began titty fucking her.
He eagerly filled his hands with her fine breasts as Lizzie kept both her
hands wrapped around the cock in front of her, jacking it as fast as she
could. Larry began grunting and groaning and moaning. "Come for me. All over
my face!" pleaded Lizzie.

"Aahhhhh! Aahhhhhhh! Aahhhhhhhhhh! Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

After Larry blew his own load all over Lizzie's titties and face, she had
him lay down. She smiled almost slyly at him then pressed his legs together.
Looked him straight in the eyes, Lizzie lowered herself onto his hard
seven-inch erection. After the first half was in, she bit her lip and stopped for just a moment.

Lizzie slowly let gravity pull her down. Larry closed his eyes so he could
relish the incredible sensation of her tight pussy sliding down his cock.
Soon, his cock was buried deep inside her pussy, and she slowly began to ride
him. She leaned back and put her hands on his knees, puffing out her large
chest to him. Larry eagerly went after her breasts, and sucked and licked her
nipples. She was grunting and moaning as she thrust her hips back and forth
at an ever-increasing pace. To steady herself, Lizzie grabbed Larry's head
and made him suck her firm sweet breasts.

"OOOOOOOhhhh, yes! Fuck me you stud, fuck me!" she screamed. As she took his
virginity, Gordo resumed doing her up the ass again!

Soon, Lizzie got into a rhythm with the two boys, moving her hips back and
forth slightly as they both thrust away into her. Never before had she felt
so filled up, so complete. Her pleasure centers were alive with sensations,
and another orgasm was imminent. All three of them began grunting and
groaning, as the pace of the fucking increased to an even higher level. Just
then, Ethan rejoined them. Taking his cock in her mouth, the sound of flesh
slapping together was soon overcome by the yells and cries of orgasmic bliss
from both all four teenagers.

After ten more minutes of spirited fucking, Lizzie was soon to be the
grateful recipient of three more orgasms. Larry, Ethan and Gordo's balls
began to ache for release.

"Oh shit, man, I'm ready to come!" said Gordo.

"So am I!" Larry and Ethan shouted out, almost in unison.

Lizzie screamed out, as she came again and again as both boys continued to
do her, until Larry came with a bellow, shooting a stream of cum deep inside
Lizzie's hungry vagina. He spurted and spurted and spurted hot sticky cum
inside, letting loose years of his own desire for her. The boys grunted
savagely as they emptied their balls into Lizzie's holes. The warmth
spreading throughout Lizzie's body triggered off another intense orgasm. She
moaned loudly as her body extracted the last of the cum from all of them. But
then, just as Larry was taking a turn fucking her tight little ass, they had
to get going and their erotic fun was cut short.

Soon, Miss Dominatrixmeyer, screaming and yelling, led her herd of
`simpletons' to their first historical site, The Trevi Fountain.

Lizzie was truly impressed. The fountain was huge, sculptured from marble,
and so detailed that Lizzie felt she could study it for hours and still not
be able to take it all in. Miss Dominatrixmeyer had already drilled into
them the basic facts, such as the names of the architects (Pietro da Cortona
and Gian Lorenzo Bernini). And the fact that it had taken more than one
hundred years to finish and that it was done in the baroque style "If it
ain't baroque, don't fit it!" Lizzie couldn't help thinking. All the
bigger-than life figures were awe-inspiring, but the most magnificent was
Apollo, dominating the whole fountain, was a ten-foot bronze statue. Apollo's
naked stature stood clearly out. Lizzie instantly noticed that Apollo had an
incredible penis. It least a foot long, it was as big as her as arm. Now
here, Lizzie thought, was a God she could worship!

Lizzie's eyes transfixed upon, she walked up to it. After taking a quick look
around to see if anyone was watching her, Lizzie reached up and grab his
shaft. Putting out her tongue, she licked it, coming away with a metallic,
rusty taste. But still mesmerized by `Apollo', Lizzie wrapped her lips around
the head of Apollo's cock, and was surprise to discover she could actually
take the statues cock head into her mouth. When she pulled back, Gordo could
only laughed at Lizzie's silly behavior.

"Throughout history, people have come from around the world to put coins in
the Trevi Fountain," Miss Dominatrixmeyer was saying, "These people are
suckers..." she stopped when Kate interrupted her.

"Look," Lizzie heard Kate yell out, "Miss Dominatrixmeyer, look...Lizzie
McGuire sucking that statue's dick!" Loud laughter followed, all of it aimed
at Lizzie.

But after only a momentary pause, Miss Dominatrixmeyer kept right on going
with her dissertation. "...because you make your own luck in the world. It's
time to moving on." Miss Dominatrixmeyer then started to move her sheep

Trying to find an escape, Lizzie hung back and tried to look small behind
Gordo. She handed him a euro coin. "Quick, help me get rid of Kate...make a

Gordo took the coin thoughtfully. "I'm in Rome with you my sexy little love.
I'm finally getting to fuck your tight little pussy. Life is good." He handed
it back. "You make one."

There was that four-letter word, love, again. Lizzie wondered about it as she
closed her eyes, wising for adventure while squeezing the coin in her hand.
Then she tossed it into the water. Opening her eyes, she watched the coin
slowly sink to the bottom, sparkling in the sunlight.

Unsatisfied, she turned to go and bumped right into a young man who was
ogling her body as if he were very horny or seeing a ghost that is.
"Isabella?" he asked, his Italian accent making the word sound positively
poetic and sexy. They had to grab each other around the waist to keep from
being knocked down.

Lizzie stared at him. `Oh, boy, was he cute!' she thought. "Huh...?"
Strangely, he wore a silk bathrobe, tided around the middle. And, she could
see he wasn't wearing any pants.

"I am sorry," said the young man. "You look exactly like a...friend of mine."

"No stragglers!" shouted Miss Dominatrixmeyer, "Move your Asses!"

A huge mountain of a man standing near the young man tapped his watch.
"Paolo. We have to get to your photo shoot." Surprisingly, both Lizzie and
Paolo went in the same direction. Lizzie's group was headed for the gelato
store, across the street from the lingerie and adult-film store Paolo seemed
to be going to. The big man tried to steer Paolo to his photo shoot, which
was across the street, but Paolo headed straight toward Lizzie, and ended up
standing besides here and Gordo.

"I don't mean to bother you," he told them. "I am Paolo, Paolo Valisari."

Lizzie couldn't help but notice his bathrobe was now untied. It hung
loosely upon muscular shoulders. Underneath, the only he wore was a pair of
red Speedo's which were so tight they must have been painted on him.

Lizzie didn't have to use her imagination at all. Like the bronze of
Apollo, Paolo's cock was magnificent. Lizzie thought it was incredible, more
precisely, `He was huge!' Lizzie would later swear, "Light seemed to radiated
from it!"

She could clearly see the Paolo cock was at least 12 inches long and very
wide. Lizzie eagerly took note that several large veins pushed out from his
otherwise smooth shaft. Topping that shaft was a large helmeted shape crown,
which came to rounded tip. Lizzie felt a tingle in her juicy snatch.

"I'm Lizzie Mc.Guire," Lizzie said awkwardly, feel a tingle in her juicy
snatch, her eyes fixed upon his manhood as she spoke. "And this is my

"Hey," said Gordo.

"This is my friend Sergei." Paolo turned to the huge man next to him.
"Sergei, doesn't she look like."

Before he could finish, a crowd of Italians suddenly surged toward Lizzie and

"Isabella!" they cried, smiling and waving eagerly at them. "Paolo!

"What?" Lizzie said, uttered confused. "No, I." But her words were lost in a
babble of Italian. These people obviously thought she was some body else,
some Isabella person.

Paolo seemed to think the whole thing was amusing. He watched as Italians
kissed her and tried to grope her breasts and butt. Lizzie moaned, secretly
flattered by the all these people lusting for her, as they posed for photos
as they squeezed her ass or tried to feel up her tits. Then an older woman
handed Lizzie an enormous rod-shaped plastic rod. It was colored pink, with
a rounded tip on one end, and two large round objects at the other end.
Smooth and rubbery, it seemed to fit naturally into her hand.

"Um. No. I couldn't," Lizzie protested.

"Lizzie, with all these people and reporters around, why don't we talk in
my car?" To any other questions, he pointed at large, totally black Hummer
Limousine that, despite the crowd, somehow simultaneously pulled up next to

Lizzie felt very tempted, having never been in a limo even half as nice as
this one, and she had never in a car with some one like Paolo.

"Please, we just sit and talk for a few minutes." Paolo insisted.

Gordo looked up, and suddenly it all made sense. He nudged her, and Lizzie
saw it too. It was a billboard. Whoa, Paolo was on it! Double was
Lizzie! Or, rather, someone who looked just like her, only with dark hair.
Lizzie figured out that the billboard must some short of movie aid for Paolo
and Isabella, were obviously Italian movie stars. Hold both her breasts in
her hands. Isabella was dressed in only a very small thong and bikini. But
Paolo didn't seem to be wearing anything at all. Only a large fig leaf
covered what God gave him!

"Wow, she really does look like me," Lizzie said.

"Except for the hair, you could be twins," replied Paolo, giving Lizzie a
dazzling smile. "Isabella is my.partner, and you are like her sister. Like
two pods in a pea, no." He gazed at her with lusty amazement in his eyes,
which made Lizzie's knees go weak. "Can I see you again? Maybe tomorrow?"
He moved closer. His large, hard erection felt wonderful as he rubbed it
against her.

"I don't know." Lizzie blurted out. She wondered if she'd gone mad, as she
grew damp between her legs.

"Go," the ever-loyal Gordo told her. "I'll cover for you."

"But," Lizzie said. "I can't. I'm with my school."

"BAM!" The sound of a shot from Miss Dominatrixmeyer's pistol pierced the
air. Then they heard her yell out, "Head check!" Lizzie started to movie
toward her classmates, knowing that she'd be in real trouble if Miss
Dominatrixmeyer caught her this far away from the group.

Paolo followed her, speaking quickly. "Forgive me if I embarrassed you. It
is just some people, when they come to Rome, they want to...find adventure."

Lizzie paused for a moment to make sure he wasn't making fun of her,
em-bare-ass-ment. He didn't seem to. But did he just say...adventure? Then
she shook her head. "It's okay, she said, holding up her folic symbol. "I
got some cool souvenirs." Lizzie finally realized what she holding, just
as she held it naively up, and just as she noticed Kate drawing near.

"Okay," she smiled, "let's get in."

Paolo held the door for her. As Lizzie went inside, she noticed that no one
would be able to see them because the limo's windows were tinted dark black.
Paolo sat down right next to her on a soft leather sofa.

"Do you mind if Sergei, joins us?'

Nodding her head, Lizzie thought Paolo meant Sergei would perhaps keep an eye
on the crowd, but no, he got into the car. Sergei sat down right across from
them, just as Lizzie put the dildo down besides him, she became even more
embarrassed when she realized that it appeared to exactly the same size as
Paolo cock!

"Sorry," Lizzie said, started the conversation. Like usual, she put her foot
in her mouth. "I don't usually play with such things."

Facing her, Paolo put an arm around her waist, and with the other he rubbed
his fingers across the dildo. "Do you play with the real thing then?"

Blushing, Lizzie looked down. When her eyes settled, she couldn't help from
noticing that Paolo Speedo's was obviously way too small now. His suit was
stretched way out by his erection and Lizzie could see right down inside!

Lizzie smiled, imaging what it would be like to hold his throbbing erection
in hands. As her eyes made themselves comfortable, she examined Paolo's
engorged cock. Her gaze followed his large tanned shaft, yes it was tanned,
from its dark-curly hair covered base up five or six inches, to where the
Speedo's slightly blocked her view of the remain half foot. Below his shaft,
surrounded by more dark curls, were two large round balls in a crinkly skin
sack. Paolo noted her gaze of course. Her eyes almost bulged out when Paolo
pulled his suit down.

"Oh my God." Lizzie gasped at the massive shaft of teenaged cock that
appeared before her eyes. He had the largest cock she could have ever
imagined on a man, maybe a donkey. He was just as impressive as Apollo
had been. And she was certain he would taste better.

"Do you like, no?" he asked.

"Yes," Lizzie blurted out. "You're a God!" Feeling a tingling between her
legs at the sight of his big cock. He really was very attractively built she
thought as she reached out and stroked her hand over his strong chest.

"Yes, you should worship me than."

Even though she only had to go a few inches, Lizzie practically threw herself
down homage to her new god. Because she didn't have very much time,
Lizzie had something a kin to rape on her mind as she dropped to her knees
and started quickly pumping him with both hands, reverently up and down,
wondering how big she could make it get.

Lizzie actually whistled a wolf call, when she discovered her hands weren't
big enough to wrap all the way around Paolo's thick shaft! Lizzie liked the
silky smooth feel of his shaft as she started lustfully stroking him up and
down, trying to caress every inch of his cock and balls. Using both her
hands, she jacked his cock as fast as she could. As Lizzie was grunting and
groaning, her tongue painted his luscious round canvas. She moved her tongue
lighting fast, shocking Paolo's system into give up his pre-cum seed! When
it soon appeared, Lizzie lapped it up with her tongue. Then she licked all
around the bulging head and ran her tongue down his impressive length again,
then back up to the tip. Then after licking her own lips, Lizzie attempted
to engulf Paolo's cock in one swoop.

The struggle of her lips to be parted by his cock head caused her pause for
a moment. Then her hands resumed their pumping motion and she pushed as much
of the prick into her mouth as she could, hungrily sucking away in a sexual

Sergei, whom was eagerly watching the goings on, moved next to Lizzie and
started masturbating right in front of her. Lizzie got a start when Paolo
took her left hand and put it on Sergei's cock.

Paolo then said, "Sergei likes you too. Help him to feel good, no."
Complying, Lizzie started also jacking Sergei off, as...she began the main

Lizzie began by first kissing Paolo's tip. Originally she planned on going
ever-slowly and lovingly, kiss him all over. But Lizzie's passions over ruled
this and she immediately wrapped her mouth around his cock and pushed her
lips down, sucking and stroking like there was no tomorrow! But he was so big
it was hard to fit into her mouth more than four or five inches. It was such
a tight fit in her mouth that Lizzie could fell Paolo's cock throb every time
his heart took a beat.

Soon, Lizzie's universe had almost totally shrunk down to both Paolo and
Sergei's cocks, as she licked, sucked, gripped, tugged and played. The only
thing she wanted more than to play pleasurably with their huge cocks, was
to taste their cum and then be fucked by both of them. While Lizzie
enthusiastically sucked Paolo cock, Sergei pulled her shirt over her head
and tossed it to the floor, revealing a pretty lacy silk bra.

"We wouldn't want your shirt to get all messy, now would I?" Paolo joked.

Lizzie watched blissfully as Sergei removed her bar, revealing her firm young
breasts. To Lizzie delight, both Sergei and Paolo really liked them and
fondled and suckled on each of her breasts in turn. Lizzie especially liked
how Sergei nibbled his teeth on her nipples. Then putting a hand up her
dress, Sergei pulled her panties down, and began tickling and stroking her
pussy. As he continued to suck on her breasts, he inserted a finger into her
and worked it into her.

This was all going on as Lizzie tried to press her noise into Paolo's crotch.
Lizzie flexed her throat muscles, hopping to send wonderful shivers up and
done his body. But he was too damn big to deep throat more than is tip, not
yet any way. She kept at it though, trying to push more in her throat, but
couldn't. Then keeping her eyes fixed on his cock, she pulled off, took a
deep breath and immediately began to suck his dick in earnest. Running her
lips up and down. Up and down, campaigning to bring Paolo down to his knees.

Then as Sergei began to finger fuck Lizzie with two fingers, Paolo took
forceful hold of her head. Pushing down much harder than Lizzie was used to,
he manhandled about half a foot of his cock into her mouth. He didn't seem to
mind the fact that she gagged and her lips were very painfully stretched, as
he repeated forced his cock in. Paolo seemed to enjoy using her mouth like a

Sergei then moved in front of her and opened up Lizzie's legs. After he
brought his cock up to her pussy lips, he pushed. Swept up in the moment,
Lizzie's pussy blissfully welcomed his big ten-incher. Sensitively, but
masterfully, Sergei took hold of her ass and in one far swoop, forced his
whole cockhead in.

Wanting to drive her crazy with desire for more, Sergei slowly worked his
big cock in and out of her. He desired to make Lizzie to cum first, before
filling her up with his hot steamy cum. Soon Sergei was repeatedly pounded
into Lizzie fourteen-year old love hole, his cockhead squeezed tight by her
small vagina, again, again, again, and again. until Lizzie moaned out.

"Aahhh! Aahhhh! Aahhhhh! Aahhhhhh! Aahhhhhhhh! Aahhhhhhhhh!"

Lizzie moaned till her clenching, orgasmic pussy exploded in climax...after

"Oh, Ahhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhh! OH, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Immediately, Sergei responded with his own orgasm, as he buried himself to
the hilt in one glorious thrust as Lizzie let out a soft mewing sound. Her
tight velvet sheath hungrily milked away as he exploded into Lizzie and
inundated her lusty silt with his cum as Lizzie wonderful spasms finished
him off.

Knowing how to please a lady, Sergei continued to hump her, going slowly
now, running his tip across her clitoris before pressing back in each time.
Enflaming lust in young Lizzie, he screwed her deeply and slowly, getting
her ready for what was to yet to come.

Up above in her mouth, Lizzie's forceful, reckless sucking and stroking paid
off. Paolo's massive cock began to throb in her mouth. The suddenly the
floodgates opened as he, grunting and groaning, hosed out what seemed like
buckets of cum! The hot, white liquid filled her mouth and she took a big
swallow but it was filling her mouth faster than she could swallow it. With
a big shit-eaten grin, Paolo pulled out of her mouth and blasted globs of
his seed all over her face and bouncing titties, completely messing up her
hair and make-up. When he finished cumming, without asking, he bent down and
titty fucked her, squeezing her breasts so hard, it hurt!

When Paolo finished, he pinched her nipples, as he told her, "You are very
good cock sucker, no. Now my little American girl suck off Sergei, while I,
your god, now fuck your hot little pussy!"

Swept up in the moment, Lizzie nodded, smiled wickedly and then. "Oh, God,"
Lizzie squealed. "Paolo, you're my God! Paolo, my big Italian stud, take me
to Olympus!"

Spellbound by passion and already lubricated by Sergei's, Lizzie struggled
lustfully to take on Paolo's huge twelve-incher. Her father's, Gordo and even
Sergei's big cocks hadn't prepared her for the intense pain Paolo's huge rod
inflected as he began to ram it into her with out mercy. She gasped as Paolo
let loose with a pelvic thrust that hammered his cock past Lizzie's pussy
lips, stretching them to another new limit. Lizzie tried her best to arch her
back for more support as she started to groan and scream in both pain and

Paolo screwed her quickly, humping as fast as he could go, again and again,
without showing any of the tenderness Lizzie wanted and needed. She threw her
head from side to side as more of his engorged cock penetrated. She wanted to
scream as he stretched her tight cervix. Lizzie could feel Paolo's engorged
head invading the entirety of her vagina, as wave after wave of agony and
pleasure shot through her entire body.

On and on he humped, Lizzie gasped, her breath coming in gasps as she pressed
her down again and again into limo floor. Another orgasm ripped through her
like fire and suddenly Paolo froze, buried as deep as she was able to take
him without splitting her open, his twelve inches of huge throbbing cock in
her body started to spurt. Lizzie screamed out as hot jets of cum burned into
her, filling her. The back pressure of Paolo's semen pushing it past even the
tight seamless fit of his gigantic cock within her, streaming past and
squirting out of her little cunt. Unable to talk, Lizzie laid panting, unable
to move with Paolo's weight on top of her, his cock still pulsating, as more
and more cum leaking from her, draining down her legs and forming a pool on
the floor.

Lizzie's pussy was like the sheave that Paolo harmed his sword into. It hurt
so much that Lizzie hoped she hadn't been torn open inside. Relief only came
when Paolo's cock began to deflate after his climax had emptying his balls of
his hot humid seed. Like pulling a cork, his still huge member made a loud
sucking pop when he pulled out from her cunt and hot stick semen flowed out.
But despite all the pain, Lizzie knew that she was addicted to Paolo's huge
dick and that she would fuck him whenever and whenever he wanted her from now

As Paolo had been pressed out her pussy, Sergei drove his own cock again and
again to Lizzie warm welcoming mouth. As she deep throated him, Lizzie sucked
so hard, that Sergei's balls seemed almost blue when she finally finished
sucking his cock!

When both men finished draining their balls for the second time into Lizzie,
Sergei turned to Paolo. As he rubbed his sore nuts, he said, "Paolo, we must
go." Then he turned to Lizzie and said, "Thank you Lizzie, you are just what
we are looking."

"You," Paolo cut him off, "you are what we say.a sex goddess!"

"Thank," she told them both. As she frantically pulled her shirt back on and
straighten it. "I've got to be going, too." Lizzie wouldn't notice until
later that she left a few items behind, namely her bra and, more importantly,
her panties.

Cum could be clearly seen hanging from her chin and hair. Sergei must have
noticed and gave her a handkerchief, then hugged her goodbye. As they
embraced, Lizzie gave his cock, a few, quick strokes with her hand. But then
wanting more, she bent down, gave his cock a few quick licks and then sucked
on Sergei's knob for a few seconds. Not as big as Paolo, Lizzie then
enjoyably took him all the way down and deep throated him for a few more

"That was nice, thank you," Sergei told her.

"Thanks, Sergei," Lizzie told him, as she gave him a hug, "for everything."

"Lizzie?" Paolo said, as Lizzie opened the door and street noises reentered
the vehicle.

"Yes?" she replied.

"You're so beautiful," Paolo said, "I will meet you at Trevi Fountain
tomorrow morning at nine. Yes?"

Even though her pussy really ached from the pounding he'd given her, Lizzie
nodded her head yes.just as Miss Dominatrixmeyer shouted in the distance,
"Gordo! McGuire! Did you not hear me say HEAD CHECK?" Aimed in the air, the
loud report of her pistol followed immediately, BAM!!

"She makes me very scared," Paolo said.

Still standing next to the car. "Join the club," Gordo said, nodding as he
noticed that both Paolo and Sergei pants were pulled down and their dicks
glistened with sex juices.

Paolo grabbed Lizzie's hand, and told her, "Ci vediamo."

"What does that mean?" Lizzie inquired, as she finished buttoning up her

"We will see each other," Paolo replied.

Paolo then kissed Lizzie, pressing his tongue deeply into her mouth. As they
French kissed, Paolo pulled up her skirt and firmly squeezed both her fine
and VERY naked ass cheeks to Lizzie's delight, but later horror. She didn't
realize that her skirt had moved high enough up her thighs that bystanders
could clearly see her finely trimmed juicy blonde snatch in all it's sexy,
cum filled glory.

With the limo door open, several members of the Italian paparazzi cameramen
caught the moment. Flash! Flash! Flash!

* * *

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Earth, on Matt's computer screen, the
Rome news page flashed these headlines:

Isabella Wows Crowds!

Girls Gone Wild Film crew found dead in river Tiber. Their
bodies shot full of large caliber bullet holes!

Gun welding American terrorizes crowds at Trevi Fountain!

Matt continued to read, until he stared at several pictures in confusion.
"Whoa! He cried, "That girl looks freakishly like my sister!" Through the
wonders of the Internet, the photographs of Lizzie and Paolo had been posted
in cyberspace within hours of its being taken.

Melina angrily smacked Matt on the back of the head. "Zoom! Zoom!" she

Matt obeyed. The first picture he chick on got bigger and bigger until it
fixed on the very large dildo in her hand.

"Another freakish coincidence!" Matt said. "She has the same necklace as my

Melina scowled at him. "Why do we even pretend you're in charge?" She knocked
Matt out of the chair and kicked him in the stomach. Then she sat down and
started tapping away at the keyboard. "Let's see what this says. `Isabella
goes blond! Italian movie duo Paolo and Isabella wowed the crowd outside a
gelato shop near the Trevi Fountain." Then she then enlarged a second
picture. Presently, Melina saw that, with her skirt pulled up and legs spread
apart, `Isabella' showed off more than just her new blonde hair color. Do you
know what this means?" Melina asked.

Matt put two and two together as he picked himself up off the floor. "They
must think Lizzie's this Italian porno famous actress!" he said. "If I show
this to my mom, Lizzie will bet so busted!"

Annoyed, Melina smacked him again. Then she leaned back in her chair. "You
know something?" she said. "You just don't see the big picture."

"Well, that's as big as my screen will go," Matt answered back.

Melina sighed. "If you show this to our mother, it's worth nothing." She
picked up a leather file case labeled LIZZIE BLACKMAIL to remind Matt of the
precious loot inside: Polaroid photos, DVD's, videotapes, and a weird stuff
pig...all official documentation of embare-ass-ing moments throughout
Lizzie's life. "But if you show this to the Italian tabloids," Melina went
on, "we will be rolling in cash, my simple minded slave."

A light of realization dawned in Matt's eyes. "Interesting," he said. "What
do you mean, we?"

Melina nodded. "Yeah.just like we both know that Miranda didn't really go to
Mexico City, don't.we?" She smile wickedly, then padded his groin. "Sixty
percent to me and forty to you, for giving me the idea. If you don't like it,
hum...I'll attach your nipples to a car battery.just like we did to Melina
this morning. Perhaps some where else..."

Despite the fearful vividly-memories of Melina's screams showing in his
eyes, Matt was able to smile. "Listen, Melina," he told her, "by this time
tomorrow, you're not going to be able to come over to my house and bat me
around anymore, because I'll be eating real pizza in Rome, Italy, Europe!"

Switching tactics, Melina patted his dick tenderly. "I'll miss you," she
cooed. Afterwards, as Melina allowed Matt to fuck her little jailbait pussy,
she knew she'd be going along. But first, she figured Mr. McGuire had to get
into her panties.


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