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Lizzie McGuire: The Next Step Part 10 - Vacation (Mf,mf,inc,reluc,nc-cons)
by DiGiovanni

Lizzie couldn't believe it. She was in Tokyo! Her dad had won a four-day all expense paid trip for the family to Tokyo, and there they were. When Lizzie had gotten her passport to go to Rome last spring, they had decided to all get passports, just in case. And when Sam won the trip to Tokyo, all they had to do was pack up and leave.

They spent the first day getting checked into the hotel and looking at brochures, trying to decide where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do. Lizzie's parents, Sam and Jo, had a room, and Lizzie would be sharing an adjoining room with her little brother Matt. Needless to say, Matt was thrilled with the idea of sleeping in the same room with Lizzie.

After doing a little sightseeing, they returned to the hotel for supper and a show, then headed back to their rooms to make plans for the next day.

The day after next would be Sam's birthday, and Lizzie really wanted to give him something nice. She called her mom into her room and explained it to her, saying that she and Matt wanted to go shopping for a really nice gift for their dad. It would just be one afternoon, and they would spend the rest of the trip with their parents.

Jo was a little concerned about turning the two of them loose in a strange city, but on the other hand, she saw the kids' point too. Finally she agreed, and gave them a stack of yen so they could get him a nice gift. Lizzie and Matt were thrilled that they were being allowed to spend a few hours on their own in a strange city like Tokyo.

The next day they spent the morning together as a family. Then, after lunch, Sam and Jo were headed off to a museum, leaving Lizzie and Matt free to do their shopping.

Lizzie was wearing a crisp white shirt. It was sleeveless, and fit like it was tailor-made just for her. It was tucked in to the short red skirt that she had decided to wear with it. The skirt hung straight but wasn't overly tight, just tight enough to show off the shape of her ass, and short enough to show off her firm young thighs. She knew that they were her best physical attributes, other than her face, and she liked to show them off whenever she could. She figured since she didn't have much up front, she should at least show off what she did have. She topped her outfit off with her tan high-heel boots. She felt they made her look more sophisticated. Well, sophisticated or not, she did look incredibly hot. Meanwhile, Matt wore his usual t-shirt and jeans.

The first thing they did was hail a taxi and ask the driver to take them to a store where they could buy a nice gift for their dad. When Lizzie sat in the cab and slid over so Matt could get in, she realized just how short her skirt was. The cab driver noticed it too. As they sat in the back and talked to him, he turned around facing them, getting a pretty good view up Lizzie's skirt. At first she was rather flattered, thinking he was just admiring her legs. But the more he looked, the more embarrassed she became, realizing that he was probably able to see all the way up to her panties. Knowing that, she squirmed around, trying to keep her knees together and cover her legs as best she could. Finally he said he knew just the place. He took off and, after what seemed like a couple of miles, stopped in front of a store where he was sure they would be able to find a nice gift. He again turned around to watch as Lizzie slid across the seat to get out. As she paid him, and he smiled at her, she could feel her face flush.

Even after they had entered the store, she could feel that she was still blushing. After wandering around the store for about a half hour, looking a everything there, they decided to get him a happi coat. It was almost like a smoking jacket, with beautiful designs embroidered on it. He could occasionally wear it around the house, and it would be a really nice souvenir of their trip to Tokyo.

When they checked out, Lizzie paid for it, not bothering to count how much money she had left. She figured she had more than enough to get them back to the hotel. When they were standing in front of the store, though, looking for a cab to hail, Lizzie began counting the money she had left. To her surprise, there wasn't nearly enough for cab fare back to the hotel. Even after counting it several times, there still wasn't nearly enough.

They spent the next several minutes trying to come up with a solution about how to get back to the hotel. With her four inch heels, Lizzie certainly didn't want to try to walk that far. Her boots were made for looks, not for doing much walking. Finally, all they could think of was getting on a bus and hoping they would recognize the hotel when they came to it. After all, the taxi had stayed on the same street, so they knew it was a straight shot back to the hotel.
When a bus going in the right direction pulled up, they got on. Matt got on first. It was a little crowded in front, mostly old women and kids, so he headed toward the back, with Lizzie following behind. There were three men sitting in the very back and another man standing a little bit forward of them. Another man was sitting just forward of the rear side exit. All of them were wearing dark business suits, apparently going to or from work.

There was some room opposite the man sitting by the exit, so Matt sat down there, looking up at Lizzie and patting the seat next to him for her to sit. Lizzie was a little self-conscious about her short skirt, though, and didn't really want a strange man looking up it, especially since the taxi driver had apparently gotten such a good view, so she opted to stand. There was a pole there that she held on to for balance.

As the bus lumbered along, stopping and starting, Lizzie was constantly shifting her weight from one foot to the other, her ass shifting accordingly. The man she was standing in front of really seemed to enjoy watching her shift around like that.

After a few moments the man who had been standing near the rear of the bus made his way up until he was standing next to Lizzie. He was probably in his late twenties and wasn't bad looking. She didn't think anything of him standing next to her, though, figuring he was probably going to get off at one of the next stops. He stood about 5' 6", which seemed to be about the average size of most Japanese men. With her 4" heels, Lizzie stood about 5' 5", just the right size for him. The thought quickly passed through her mind, but she dismissed it. If the circumstances had been different, she probably would have smiled at him. But as it was, she was too worried about getting back to the hotel to be thinking about guys.

Before long she felt something brushing back and forth against the bottom of her skirt. She knew it had to be the man's hand. She didn't really want to confront him, though. She knew that Japanese culture held politeness in high regard, so she quickly glanced back toward him, then turned a little and took a small step away from him.

But a few moments later she again felt something, this time brushing against her ass. She again glanced toward him, and shuffled around a little to move away again. The touching was somewhat of a distraction because she really wanted to watch the buildings. During that time, the man she was standing in front of stood up, so now both men were standing next to her.

Lizzie tried to forget what had just happened and instead looked out the windows for familiar landmarks. But within just a few seconds she felt not one hand, but two hands, one against her ass and one against her thigh just below her skirt, raising it up a little. Again she shuffled around, trying to get away from them, but there wasn't really anyplace she could go.

She didn't want to be confrontational. After all, they were two grown men, both about thirty, and she didn't know how they would react. But as it was, they just kept touching her. They weren't looking at her, just touching her, more and more openly. And to make matters worse, the three men who had been sitting in the back of the bus got up and approached her. So now there were five strange men standing around her. At first the three just stood there, but before long they began touching her too.

Lizzie couldn't do anything but turn and shuffle back and forth, holding her skirt, trying to keep it from being pulled up, and trying to avoid so many hands touching her. She couldn't understand why nobody on the bus would help her. But nobody was even looking at her, not even the men who were touching her. They were just looking around as if she weren't even there.

She looked down at Matt. He was watching, but he wasn't about to start something with five grown men. Besides, watching Lizzie's frustration over the way they were touching her was a real turnon. The only other person on the bus who was watching was the young boy with the video camera, younger than Matt. He had been sitting with an older woman near the front of the bus, but when he saw what was happening, he moved back to get a better view, and began taping it.

Now that there were five sets of hands touching her, they weren't just focusing on her ass and hips, but were caressing her bare arms and shoulders as well as her back and stomach. There was no way she could keep up with them, and she knew it. When she would turn and move her hands to intercept them, they would just touch her somewhere else.

The next thing she knew, one of the hands was gently squeezing her breast. Her eyes and mouth popped wide open. She just couldn't believe it! But sure enough, it was happening. Then another hand squeezed her other breast. Lizzie crossed her arms over her chest to try to keep them from touching it, but it was difficult because she would repeatedly have to grab the pole to maintain her balance.

As she concentrated on trying to keep their hands off her breasts, it left the rest of her body as fair game and the men quickly began caressing her thighs and ass and pulling her skirt up. Lizzie reached down with one hand and grabbed her skirt, trying to hold it down, but she still had strange men's hands all over her, and now they were squeezing her breasts again too.

Lizzie knew she had no chance of stopping them from what they were doing, and as a result her resistance was becoming less and less emphatic. Actually, she could have stopped them if she had had more self-confidence. But she didn't. She was too tentative; it was just her nature. The man behind her reached around and cupped both her breasts in his hands, gently squeezing them and working them around. Lizzie tried to push his hands away, but it was no use. She couldn't stop him. She knew she had to let him do it if she was to have any chance at all of trying to hold her skirt down. But already, to make matters worse, the other men had her skirt up around her hips, and she felt a hand slide up between her thighs, all the way up to her crotch. She gulped and let out a little squeal, but it didn't do any good. The hand in her crotch pressed against her little pussy and began gently rubbing it.

Lizzie had never had more than two men at a time touching her before. But now there were five: ten hands in all, touching and squeezing and intruding into her most private areas. She held her knees together and again tried to push the front of her skirt down, but it was no use. The man behind her let go of her breasts and slid his hands down, taking hold of her little red skirt, and pulling it all the way up to her waist, holding on to it to hold her still. The bottom edge of her white shirt was ruffling out from under her waistband and her little white cotton bikini panties were now in full view. Meanwhile, other hands were all over her ass and thighs, rubbing and caressing them.

She could feel herself being turned on by what was being done to her. She couldn't help it. She knew her pussy was becoming wet and her nipples were standing out. Then things got even worse. She could feel her panties being pulled down. She tried to reach down and grab them, but by then they were halfway down her thighs, then down to her knees, and down around her ankles. She felt her feet being lifted, one at a time, and her panties taken off and put on the seat.

With her skirt up around her waist, she was now naked from her waist to her boot tops, her honey colored little muff glistening with moisture. The two men in front of her paused to admire it. One of them said something in Japanese, and the other one chuckled, then ran his hand up between her thighs and began fingering her naked little pussy. He would rub his index finger back and forth against her clitoris, then slide his middle finger in and out of her slit.

Matt couldn't believe how much of a turnon it was to watch his big sister being molested like this. He figured she couldn't have objected too much, though, because she was allowing it to happen. Sure, she was offering some resistance. That was only to be expected. But she wasn't screaming or anything. She wasn't even telling them to stop.

With all the attention being focused on her crotch, Lizzie suddenly noticed that a man had pulled the front of her shirt out of her skirt and began unbuttoning it. Before she knew it, he had it unbuttoned and spread wide open, exposing her lacy little bra. She was no longer wearing a training bra. She had graduated to a AA cup. But that had been some time ago, and she had grown since then.
Although her breasts still weren't very big, the AA cups were having a difficult time containing them, causing them to bulge out around the sides. The men seemed to enjoy squeezing them, making them bulge out even more.

Lizzie's resistance had subsided from what it had been in the beginning, but it wasn't gone. She was still putting up token resistance trying to cover her chest with her arms. So the man behind her took hold of her wrists and held her hands back beside her shoulders to keep them out of the way. He said something in Japanese, then paused a few seconds and let them go. Lizzie didn't know what he said, so she again crossed them over her chest. He again grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands back beside her shoulders and said the same thing in Japanese, this time more forcefully. Lizzie wasn't sure, but she thought he was telling her to keep her hands there, out of the way. She somehow knew the men didn't intend to hurt her, as long as she did as she was told. She didn't want to irritate him, so when he released her wrists again, she kept her hands back beside her shoulders as she had been told, giving the men full access to her.
The next thing Lizzie knew, her bra was being unhooked and pushed up above her breasts. She could feel her face flush red as her smooth little tits bounced free, creamy white with little pink nipples standing straight out. The men happily began squeezing her tits and teasing her nipples, getting them to stand up even more.

Lizzie was thoroughly embarrassed. Holding her hands up beside her shoulders like that, it was like she was being forced to show off her tits to these men and to invite the men to play with them, which they gladly did. And all the while she was being caressed and finger fucked by the others. And behind the men Lizzie could see the young boy with the video camera grinning as he got it all down on tape.

The man in front of her to the right was the first one who had begun molesting her. He stepped back for a moment to take a good look at her. Lizzie watched him as his eyes traveled from her knees, up her thighs, to her little golden brown muff, then up her stomach to her round little tits, almost giggling as they bounced around with the attention they were getting, then up to her young and unsure, but very cute, face. When their eyes made contact he smiled at her. Lizzie couldn't help but smile back. When Matt saw that, he knew that Lizzie couldn't be too upset about what was being done to her.

Then the man stepped forward, leaned down, and took her tit into his mouth, sucking on it as he slapped his tongue back and forth against her nipple. Lizzie held her bra up out of the way for him and moaned as she pushed her chest toward his face. He slid his hand down her stomach to her crotch. And as the other hand continued to finger fuck her, he began rubbing her clitoris, lightly at first, then faster and faster.

Lizzie was going crazy. Standing there half naked in the middle of a group of total strangers and letting them touch her and fondle her and tease her was making her so horny she couldn't stand it. Her hips began bucking, trying to get in rhythm with his finger, faster and faster, then harder and harder. Suddenly she stiffened up and began shuddering in climax. She had never been molested like this before, and it felt sooooo good to just wallow in the pleasure of letting these men violate her like that.

When she had finished, the men gave her a few moments to recover. As she did, they all pulled their cocks out. They were all pretty erect already, but the men stroked them a little, just to get them up even more. When they figured Lizzie was recovered enough, they started in on her again, touching and squeezing and groping all over her body.

The man who had been sucking on her tit raised his face up and looked her in the eye. Then he leaned forward and gently kissed her. Lizzie didn't know whether she should kiss him back or not. Then he kissed her again, this time running his tongue across her lips. His hand was still in her crotch and his finger was again rubbing her clitoris. It was quite large now, and soaking wet. Lizzie knew she was probably in for another climax.

Then the other men began brushing their cocks against her thighs, leaving trails of precum on her golden tan skin. Lizzie could see what they were doing and she could feel the wetness, and it turned her on even more. The next time the man kissed her, she kissed him back, opening her mouth and pushing her tongue into his. She didn't hold back, and before long their mouths were filled with each other's tongues and saliva. It didn't take long before Lizzie was writhing and bucking her way through another well-deserved climax. She never would have believed she could do something like this on a public bus, one that was carrying old women and little children, and with a young boy videotaping her, but the men had gotten her so turned on that she just couldn't help it.

The other men had seen how she kissed the man back, and they wanted a little, too. The man farther to her right slid his hand up and took hold of her jaw. Holding her mouth open, he turned her toward him and kissed her, pushing his tongue all the way into her mouth. She didn't resist. She was still rather disoriented, trying to recover from her climax, and it was all a blur. Then he passed her to one of the others. All five men took their turns turning her to them and cramming their tongues into her mouth, groping and fondling her as they did. And Lizzie let them all do it.

Even after she had recovered she was still somewhat weak in the knees, and with the man behind her pushing down on her shoulders, she soon found herself kneeling on the floor, with five cocks looking at her. Two of the men took her hands and wrapped her fingers around their cocks, then began moving her hands back and forth so she was pumping them. She didn't know exactly what they had in mind, but she knew that whatever it was, she was going to be the pivot girl.
She felt her head being turned a little to the right, toward the man whom she had kissed, and who had gotten her off. He pressed the head of his cock against her lips and smiled down at her. Lizzie knew what he wanted, but she couldn't do it. She couldn't suck his cock right there in front of all those people. It would be just too embarrassing, especially being videotaped.

He wasn't going to let her off, though. He reached down and took her nose between his thumb and forefinger, cutting off her air. Lizzie knew she couldn't hold off very long. She tried to move her head away, but the man behind her was holding it firmly in place. As she began running out of breath, she began thinking that maybe it wouldn't be so bad. After all, he had given her two really good climaxes, and she probably owed it to him to do something to reciprocate. Finally, almost out of air, she opened her mouth for him.

He let go of her nose as he pushed the head of his cock into her warm, wet young mouth. Then he smiled down at her and said something in Japanese. She didn't understand the words but she knew what he was telling her to do. She found herself wrapping her lips around it and caressing the head with her tongue, tasting his precum and wondering if his cum would taste like sushi. It was certainly embarrassing and humiliating, having to suck a stranger off in a public bus like that, but it wasn't the end of the world. She decided to go ahead and do what he wanted, and then it would be over.

But just as she was getting into it, looking up at him as she licked and sucked his cock, her head was pulled back a little and turned toward the man who was in front of her to the left. And her hand was taken by the next man and wrapped around his cock.

Lizzie didn't feel any connection with this man, and she certainly didn't want to suck his cock. But, when she wouldn't open her mouth, he did the same as the first man, and held her nose. She knew that it was a losing battle and that she would have to suck it sooner or later, so she gave in and opened her mouth for him. The man smiled broadly as he fed her his cock and began lightly thrusting it in and out. He turned to the first man and gave him a thumbs up.

Just as Lizzie was getting comfortable with him, her head was again pulled back a little and turned back toward the first man. She didn't know what was going on, but she figured that little diversion to the second man was probably to let her know that she was going to have to suck them all off. At first she wouldn't open her mouth for him. But after he wiped his cock against her lips a few times and threatened to hold her nose again, she finally did.

Once she began sucking him again, she knew it wasn't going to be very long before he came. He was already thrusting pretty excitedly. When she looked up at him, he said in a calm but firm voice "No spit out."

Lizzie gulped. Actually, it didn't change anything, though. Lizzie didn't know you had a choice. She always swallowed, figuring it was just the way it worked: you coax it out, then you swallow it. Between her dad and brother and Mr. Dig, she had probably swallowed more than a cup of cum already in her life. She began bobbing her head, knowing that it wouldn't take long. And sure enough, it didn't. He must have been really saving it up for her. She felt stream after stream hit the back of her mouth. She began swallowing, trying not to gag. But swallowing was difficult with a mouth full of cock. She managed to do it, though. As he coaxed out the last drops, she got it all swallowed down, then looked up at him and opened her mouth to show him. He smiled and said something in Japanese, then patted the top of her head.

Lizzie's head was then turned to the man whom she had started on earlier. He began thrusting right away. Lizzie knew it wouldn't take him long, either, and she began bobbing her head to help him along. He began thrusting harder and harder, and Lizzie did her best to bring him along, looking up at him and sucking as hard as she could. All of a sudden he did what Lizzie hadn't anticipated: he took hold of her hair and pulled her all the way onto his cock, ramming it all the way into her throat. Then he came. Gush after gush went right down her throat. Lizzie began choking and gagging and trying to pull away, but he wouldn't let her, not until he had emptied himself in her. Then he finally let her go.

As Lizzie knelt there coughing and trying to catch her breath, she could hear the other men voicing their disapproval about what this man had done. It more or less satisfied her that the others wouldn't treat her that way.

When the next man stepped up, she was still a little leery, though, so she was somewhat tentative at first. But when she saw that he was being quite gentle with her, she gave him a really nice blowjob. And then the fourth man.

Now there was only one man left, but he wasn't coming around in front of her. Instead a couple of the men motioned for Matt to come over, asking him if he wanted one. They didn't know that Matt and Lizzie had been doing it for quite some time, and they thought it would really be something to watch a young American boy get sucked off by his cute big sister.

Matt wasted no time in getting up and pulling his cock out. He and Lizzie had just done it in the hotel room the night before, but he had never had a blowjob from her right out in public, and with an audience. He loved the idea that people would be watching as she sucked him off this time. He was lucky he hadn't cum in his pants from just watching the men take turns with her. The men were a little surprised when Lizzie smiled up at Matt and took his cock into her mouth as if it was no big deal. Sitting on her heels, she wrapped her hands around his ass and began bobbing her head, as Matt grinned at the boy with the video camera and gave him a thumbs up.

It didn't take more than thirty seconds. Matt hollered "Yeah.....!" as he pumped his preteen jism into his big sister's mouth, loving every moment of it. When he finished, Lizzie opened her mouth and showed it to him, then swallowed it down. And the all men gave them a little round of applause.

As Matt sat back down, there was only the fifth man left. He stood in front of Lizzie and let her take his cock in her mouth. But after a few seconds of enjoying her sucking on it, he pulled it out. He motioned for her to stand up, so she did. He was the shortest of the five men. With her boots on, Lizzie was about the same height as him. Looking her straight in the eye, he smiled at her and fondled her creamy little tits for a few seconds, saying something in Japanese. Then he pulled her bra back down into place and indicated for her to hook it and button her shirt.

Lizzie was a little puzzled, but she did as she was told, hooking her bra and buttoning her shirt. She tucked it back into her skirt, then stood there in front of him, almost like new, except for being pantyless. He smiled at her, then took her little red skirt and pulled it all the way back up past her waist. Again the bottom of her shirt ruffled out from under her waistband. And again she was naked from her waist to her boot tops. Then he turned her toward the seat and bent her over at the waist, pushing her shoulders down until her face was almost down to the seat. She put her hands and forearms on the seat to brace herself and try to keep her balance. Her round smooth ass was now the highest part of her body, and it looked absolutely delicious. The man gave it a smack as he positioned himself behind her.

Lizzie had a pretty good idea what was coming next: she was going to be fucked. And that was just fine with her. After all she had been through, she could use a good fuck. And she didn't even care about the boy with the video camera any more. She just hoped it would be her pussy and not her ass. The only one who had ever fucked her in the ass was Matt, and she didn't know if she was ready for a grownup cock. She parted her feet a little to give him more access, and locked her knees straight so she would be high enough for him.

Then she felt the head of his cock tracing around her ass and inner thighs. Then she felt it probing against her pussy lips. "Yes" she thought. And she was right: he plunged the head into her wet little cunt. She was glad the one with the biggest cock had decided to fuck her instead of making her suck him off. As he began thrusting it all the way into her she sighed and moaned her approval.
As the man held her by the hips and began thrusting harder and harder, his pelvis slapping her ass with every stroke, Lizzie braced herself and tried to thrust back as best she could. It was a very enjoyable fuck for both of them, wet and sloppy and hard. Lizzie could feel herself on the verge of climax as the man's thrusting became more and more anxious. They both exploded at the same time. The man held Lizzie's hips tight and rammed his cock in as far as it would go. Lizzie could almost feel it in her throat, as she clamped her pussy around it in total climax.

Once the man had made his deposit, he caressed her thighs and ass as he slid his cock out. Lizzie dropped to her knees, utterly overcome by her climax. A minute or two later, Lizzie got up and sat on the seat. The men had all gotten off the bus. The boy with the camera was gone too. As she took her panties and wiped off the cum that was running down her thighs, it occurred to her that they must be miles past the hotel, and she had no idea where they were.

Then she looked up at Matt. He was sitting there with a fistful of money, and a huge grin on his face. Apparently the men had appreciated Lizzie being such a good sport, and chipped in to give her a really nice tip. It was plenty of money to get off the bus and take a cab back to the hotel, no matter where they were. Of course, for a long time Matt would kid Lizzie about being a really high price hooker. And Lizzie would come back with a smile "I'm worth it." And of course Matt would agree.

Compared to that afternoon, the rest of the trip was relatively uneventful, so I won't go into the details. They saw the sights and they celebrated Sam's birthday. That evening Jo and Matt were kind enough to leave the room for a while so Lizzie could give her dad a little more "personal" gift. He was wearing nothing but his new happi coat.

All in all, it turned out to be a very memorable trip for the whole McGuire family.


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