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Lizzie McGuire: The Next Step 3: Give The Kid A Break
by DiGiovanni ([email protected])

Lizzie and Matt's two-day orgy, when their parents had gone to the gnome
convention, had set a whole new tone for their relationship. They had both
become more self-confident with each other, and were both more forthright
in letting the other know if they wanted to get something going. Still,
they sometimes took each other by surprise.

Matt opened the door and walked into the bathroom. "Lizzie, what time are Mom
and Dad going to be home? I'm getting hungry."

"Matt! What are you doing? ... I'm taking a shower!"

Of course Matt knew that. That's why he walked in. He opened the shower
curtain "Uh, sorry, Lizzie. Do you know when they'll be home?"

"Tonight sometime. They left money for us to order pizza. Now please close
the shower curtain."

"You mean we're here alone ‘til then?"

"Uh, yes ... Why are you grinning like that?"

"I was just thinking, I could use a shower, too," as he began undressing.

"What ...? ... Why are you taking your clothes off?"

Matt finished undressing "You don't mind, do you? After all, we are family."

"Uh, Matt ... You've got another hardon again ... You are so gross ..." From
the moment Matt had walked into the bathroom, Lizzie knew what he was up to.
But she had to act surprised or disgusted or some such thing. That was like
part of the game. She would act coy, and he would be obnoxious, and it would
be a turn on for both of them.

"Yes ... don't you just love it? Could you move over just a little bit,
please?" Matt squeezed into the shower with Lizzie.

"Uh, Matt, there's not enough room in here ..."

"Sure. There's plenty of room ... See? Would you like me to wash your back?"

"Uh, okay ... since you're in here ... Be careful of my hair. I don't want
to get it wet." Getting Lizzie's hair wet was the least of Matt's concerns.
He took his time in soaping up her beautifully tan shoulders and back, paid
particular attention to her luscious bouncy ass, and then her sexy golden
legs. Lizzie began feeling a tingle inside her as her brother's hands
carefully tended to the whole backside of her body. Then he turned her
around, facing him, so the shower could rinse her off.

"See? That wasn't so bad... Now would you do mine?"

"Okay, give me the soap." Lizzie dutifully soaped up Matt's back. As she
caressed him with her soapy hands, she couldn't help being turned on by the
smooth, slippery feel of her hands against his body.

When she seemed to be finished, Matt turned around, facing her. "Thanks,
Lizzie ... Now, I'll do your front if you'll do mine."

"I already washed my front... Matt, what are you doing? I've already washed
there..." Matt paid no attention to what Lizzie was saying. He began by
soaping up her chest, fondling and caressing her slippery breasts. Her
nipples began to stand straight out, as was Matt's cock. Lizzie and Matt
were now really feeling the effects of their mutual caressing.

"I've already washed down there, too... Matt ... Matt ..."

"You just trimmed it, didn't you, Lizzie. It looks nice."

"Uh, yes, Matt. ... Matt ... oh ... ooohhh, Matt ... what are you doing ..?'ve never done it that way before ...ooohhh ...ooohhh ... please ...
please ... oohh ...ooohhh ... Matt, why are you stopping?"

"There, your front's clean. Now would you do mine? Then we can go to your
room, where it's more comfortable, and I'll finish what I was doing."

"Okay, stand up ... Give me the soap."

"Gladly." Matt handed her the soap, and stood there enjoying every moment of
her hands caressing his body. Lizzie was definitely enjoying it, too, as she
quickly worked her way down to his crotch. As she soaped up his cock and
balls, she became more and more anxious to hurry up and finish the shower so
she could take him back to her room.

"Okay ...there're done."

"Uh, would you do my crotch a little more?"

Lizzie obediently soaped up his crotch again, gently stroking his cock for a
few more moments. "There. Now let's go."

Lizzie stepped out of the shower and began drying herself. Matt quickly
rinsed himself off and joined her. "Hurry up, Matt."

"I'm right with you, Sister dear ... I love the way your tits bounce when you
walk." With an arm around each other, they made their way to Lizzie's room.
Once there, they sat side by side on her bed, both completely naked, and both
as horny as they could be. They started with a wet, sexy kiss. Their tongues
were all over each other. Lizzie's hand went straight for Matt's cock, and
his hand went straight for her breasts.

Once they had partly satisfied this initial urge, they broke their kiss, and
looked into each other's eyes. "I love the way your tongue tastes, Lizzie.
It's always so sweet and warm and wet."

"Thanks, Matt, yours too ... now would you kiss my boobs ... please ...?"

Matt didn't hesitate. He leaned down and tantalized her now erect nipples
with his tongue, first one, then the other. Then, one at a time, he took as
much of her firm, young breasts as he could into his mouth, and french kissed
them as he had done with her mouth. Lizzie sighed with satisfaction. She
arched her back, and pressed her chest up against her brother's face.

"That's it, Matt ... I love it when you kiss my boobs ... It makes them feel
so loved ..." Matt eased Lizzie back onto her back, so he was leaning over
her. He slid his hand down to her waiting pussy, and gently caressed it as he
alternately kissed her tits and her mouth. Lizzie was getting so horny she
couldn't stand it. She began rotating her hips, pressing her pussy up against
his fingers. She wanted him kissing her breasts and her mouth, but she also
wanted him kissing her pussy. Finally, "Okay, now do what you did in the
shower ..."

"What was that?" Matt played dumb.

"You know what ... What you did in the shower."

"Oh, you mean like this?" Matt slid off the bed and knelt between Lizzie's
legs. He began kissing and massaging her pussy.

"Ooohhh ... ooohhh ... That's it, Matt ... should I spread my legs a little
more ...?"

"Mmmm ... mmm ... You're just fine, Lizzie ... mmmmmmm ..." He began working
her clitoris with two fingers, and finger fucking her with two fingers on his
other hand, all the while, kissing and licking her pussy and thighs. Lizzie
was beside herself. She couldn't get enough of it. She began bucking and
pitching her hips harder and harder in her effort to get as much as she could
of her talented little brother against her and inside her.

"Ooohhh ... ooohhh ... use your fingers more, Matt ... ooohhh ... ooohhh ...
use your tongue more ... ooohhh ... ooohhh ... slower, Matt ... ooohhh ...
oohhh ... faster, Matt ... oohh ... oohh ...oohh ...harder, harder ... oh ...
oh ... uh .. uh .. uh uh uh uh uh!" Lizzie was losing all control, pumping
faster and faster, harder and harder, until it finally happened.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh" Her whole body shuddered as she gushed into her brother's
face. She reached down and pulled Matt's face tight against her pussy as she
jerked and twitched her way through her orgasm. It was total satisfaction.

"How was that, Lizzie?"

"Matt, that was wonderful ... How did you ever learn to do that?"

"I thought it up last night."

"Well, just for that, I'm going to give you the blowjob of your life ... Get
up here so I can get to that tasty cock of yours ... Why are you grinning
like that?"

"Lizzie, I love it when you talk dirty ... And I love it when you're about to
suck my cock."

"After what you just did for me, I'll do whatever you want. You deserve it.
All you have to do is ask." With that, Lizzie began teasing and making love
to Matt's cock.

"Do you like it when I do this ...? ... and this ...?"

"That's it, Lizzie ... maybe a little more tongue ...? ... maybe a little
deeper ...? ... ooohhh ... ooohhh ... You're doing just fine ... Matt was in
heaven, sitting back, watching his beautiful, sexy sister do everything she
could to please him. She would lick his cock up one side, then down the
other, then take it into her pretty mouth, and suck it and fondle it with her
tongue. Then bob her head up and down, sliding his slippery, wet shaft in and
out of her mouth as if it were her pussy.

Just about then, Matt happened to look up at the doorway. He thought he had
seen something move there. Sure enough, a figure was standing in the doorway

Matt blurted "Lanny?!"

Lizzie bolted back "Lanny?!!!!!! ... Matt, what's Lanny doing here?!!!!"

"Uh, I forgot, he was supposed to come over this afternoon."

Lizzie was totally embarrassed! She couldn't believe how embarrassed she was!
Matt's best friend had been standing there watching her suck Matt's cock. Not
only that, but she had been trying her best to give him the best cocksucking
she could. She was completely frustrated. What could she do? She couldn't
undo it. She knew that in the future, every time she saw him, he would know.
She didn't know what to do.

"Well, tell him to go! ... Why is he looking at me like that?"

"Er, he says he'd like to watch ..."

Lizzie couldn't believe it! He had been standing there watching them, and now
he wanted to stay there and watch her finish Matt off?

"Watch? No way! ... Tell him to leave!"

"But Lizzie, he's already seen you doing it. A little more wouldn't hurt ...
Besides you promised whatever I wanted."

Lizzie was stumped, and totally frustrated. It was true that he had been
watching them, so it wasn't as if he hadn't seen it already. And it was also
true that she had promised Matt whatever he wanted. She really didn't see
any way out. "Well ... okay ... but he'd better not say a word about this to

"He won't, Lizzie. He promises."

"Okay ... where were we?"

"My cock was in that luscious mouth of yours, and you were sucking to your
heart's content."

"Oh ... yes ... mmmm ... mmmm ..."

"That's it, Lizzie ... you're doing just fine ... It's even more of a turn
on doing it in front of an audience." Matt had a good point. Not only was he
getting the blowjob of his life from his very hot older sister, but he knew
that Lanny was watching the whole thing. Subconsciously, it was a turnon for
Lizzie, too. The longer it went on, the more relaxed she became, and she
found that she was actually putting on a show for Lanny, showing him how
sexy she could be.

"Lanny says you look like you're really good at it."

"Mmmm ... mmmmm ..." Lizzie couldn't talk with her mouth full. She just
acknowledged as best she could.

"Yes, Lanny. She's using her tongue at the same time."

"Yes, Lanny. She swallows, too."

"Yes, Lizzie. A little faster ... Oh, that's it, Lizzie ... oh ... oh ...
oh ... uh ... uh ... I'm gonna cum, Lizzie ... I'm cumming ... I'm
cumming ... I'm cummmmmmmmming ...
Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh ..."

"Mmmffff ... mmmfff ... ggggg ... gggg ... ggg ... ggg ..." Lizzie felt
Matt's warm, sticky semen gush into her mouth. She had done this enough times
by now, so she wasn't totally surprised when it happened, and she managed to
swallow it down with hardly a sputter.

She knew she had done a good job. She looked up at Matt with a smile and
asked, "There, how was that?"

"That was super, Lizzie! I couldn't have asked for any better."

Lizzie was pleased with herself. She smiled a broad smile. She had done a
really good job, and had put on a really good show for Lanny. This was a
performance she could be proud of. Then, suddenly she noticed what Lanny
was doing. "Matt! Why is Lanny taking his clothes off?!"

Matt replied timidly, "He was wondering if you would do him, too ..."


"He says you're absolutely beautiful, and he'd really appreciate it if you
would do him, too. Pleeeeeeaaaaaase? Remember, anything I want ...?

Lizzie didn't know what to say. She was flattered by the request, but
somewhat surprised, too. But the more she thought about it, she knew she
really shouldn't be surprised. After all, this horny little kid had just
watched her suck off her brother; wouldn't it make sense that he would
want her to do him, too? Especially after she had gone through the effort
of putting on a really good show for him. "Oh ... okay ... But this is
the only time. And he'd better not say a word about it to anyone."

"He promises, Lizzie ...That's it, Lanny ... she'll take you right over
here ..."

"Sit down, Lanny ... Let me kneel between your legs ... Man, you sure are
ready, aren't you?" Lanny's cock was standing straight out in anticipation
of Lizzie's soft, sweet mouth. But before Lizzie could kneel, Lanny took
her hand and motioned for her to sit down beside him.

"Just a minute, Lizzie. He says he'd like to kiss you and feel you up a
little first, just to get more in the mood." Lizzie looked at Matt with a
half-smile, then looked at Lanny. When she saw his pleading eyes, she
couldn't refuse. She sat down beside him, and turned to him. Lanny put his
arm around her and pulled her to him. He cupped her breast with his other
hand, and gently squeezed it. Then he leaned forward and kissed her on the
mouth. His tongue pushed its way in. Lizzie didn't resist. It was a definite
turn on, sitting there naked in front of these two boys, just finishing with
one, and starting in with the other. Her tongue met his, and she passionately
kissed him, sitting there naked together, letting him feel her up. It was a
real turn on, being kissed and fondled by someone different, someone she
never expected it from.

"He'd like you to stroke his cock a little while you're kissing... That's
it." Lizzie reached for Lanny's cock. She ran her fingers lightly all over
it, then down to his balls. She cupped them in her hand and gently fondled
them for a few moments. Then she returned her hand to his waiting cock. She
slowly and carefully wrapped her fingers around it and began to gently pump

"He says you're a really good kisser ..."

"He says he really likes sucking your boobs ..." Lizzie was certainly
enjoying it, too. This black kid whom she hardly even knew, to whom she had
hardly ever spoken, who was just one of Matt's friends, was now taking every
liberty with her he could think of, gorging himself on her delicious body.
He was touching and feeling and licking and squeezing and kissing every part
of her he had ever lusted for. Lizzie was loving every second of it, too. She
held on to his stiff brown cock in anticipation of her upcoming opportunity
to suck it off for him.

"He says he'd like you to suck him off now, if it's okay with you." Lizzie
readily got up, came around in front of Lanny, smiled at him, and knelt
between his legs. Lanny smiled and leaned back on his elbows with
satisfaction as he watched this blonde goddess prepare to make love to his
oh-so-ready rock-hard cock.

Lizzie smiled at him again as she took it in her hand and directed it toward
her mouth. She was much more relaxed now than she had been when she first saw
him standing in the doorway watching. She felt she had gotten to know him
much better during the last few minutes, and felt much more at ease with him
now. She licked it and teased it so lovingly and so expertly that Lanny had
difficulty believing he could ever have been so fortunate as to end up in
this situation.

"He says you're even better than he thought you'd be."

"He was wondering if you could take it in a little deeper ..."

"He says that's perfect ..."

"He was wondering if you're going to swallow for him, too ..."

Lizzie thought for a moment. "Okay, I'll swallow for him, too ..."

"He says he's waited for this a long, long time."

Lizzie was taking her time, teasing and sucking and gently pumping his cock
into her loving mouth. She wanted to finish this little session up as a
really good experience for Lanny. She was doing a better job than she
realized, though.

"He says faster ... he's getting ready to cum ..."

"Mmm ... mmm ... mmm ... mmm ... mmm ..."

"He says he can't wait to fill your mouth with a his load."

"Mm ... mm ... mm ... mm ... mm ... mm ... mm ..."

"Okay, he says he's cumming, Lizzie ... Here it is ..."

"Mm ... m ... m ... m ... mmmfff ... mmfff ... ggg ... ggg ... g ...
g ... gggggggggg ..." It took Lizzie by surprise. It was quite a bit more
than she had expected. The first shot went partly down her throat, causing
her to gag a little. She drew back a little, so only the head was in her
mouth. Then she could handle every stream he shot. She held on like that
until he finished cumming, and began to relax. Then, with her mouth still
full of semen, Lizzie carefully withdrew Lanny's cock She intended to open
her mouth just a little and show it to him, but instead she began to laugh,
and it began running down her chin. She quickly closed her mouth and
swallowed it down in one gulp.

"There, how was that?" as she smiled and wiped her chin with the back of her

"He says it was super, Lizzie. He was especially impressed by the way you
swallowed the whole thing."

"Uh, thanks, Lanny. I even impressed myself with that. That was a big load."

"He says there was so much because you're such a babe, and you did such a
good job. He wanted to fill your mouth as much as he could."

"He sure did that! There, are you two boys happy now?"

"There's just one more thing ..."

"Matt, what are you doing ...? ... Why are you holding my wrists ...? ...Why
are you pushing me back? ... What's Lanny doing ...?" Matt grabbed Lizzie's
wrists, and quickly pinned her on the bed, holding her down with his weight,
while Lanny pushed her legs apart far enough so he could squeeze himself
between them.

"You don't mind if I make out with you while Lanny feasts on your hot little
pussy, do you, Lizzie? He says he wants to repay you for doing him so well."
Lizzie wasn't really adverse to the idea; it's just that it came as a
surprise. She didn't say anything. She just lay there looking up at Matt,
waiting to see what would happen. He leaned down and began kissing her. She
kissed him back as she felt Lanny's hands begin exploring her thighs and her
ass. Matt first kissed her mouth, then her cheeks, then her neck, then her
breasts, kissing and licking and sucking on them while Lanny kissed and
licked her thighs, working his way closer and closer to her sweet smelling
pussy. Lizzie was still turned on from making out and being felt up by Lanny
a few minutes earlier, but with both the boys working on her at the same
time, she was really getting turned on. She began raising her hips, wanting
Lanny to hurry up and put his mouth against her pussy. Whenever Matt would
kiss and lick her face, she would turn toward him with her mouth open, trying
to capture his tongue. Sometimes Matt would let her capture it, and he would
bury it deep in her mouth. And sometimes he would tease her by moving back
down to her breasts.

Meanwhile, Lanny's mouth finally arrived and met her anxiously waiting pussy.
He had never eaten out a girl's pussy before. He had never even seen one up
close like this, but he was going to give it his best shot. He buried his
nose in her cute blonde bush, and pressed his open mouth against her pussy,
working his tongue and lips in whatever way produced a reaction.

Between them, the two boys were practically sending Lizzie through the roof.
She was going crazy trying to get more and more of everything the boys had to

Once Lanny's mouth had begun manipulating her pussy, though, it didn't take
very long. She mewed and whimpered as she began rocking her hips faster and
faster. She wrapped her legs around the back of his neck, and pulled his
mouth tight against her pussy. She could feel his tongue inside her, and his
lips against her clitoris, pushing and sliding and licking. At the same time,
Matt was focusing on kissing her mouth, pushing his tongue deep inside. With
Matt's tongue in her mouth, and Lanny's in her pussy, Lizzie had no choice:
she exploded in orgasm. She shuddered and trembled as it rippled through her
young body. She jerked and twitched all over as the orgasm overcame her.
Then, except for an occasional twitch, she lay still.

Lanny crawled up beside her, and the three of them lay there together, pretty
much exhausted. They lay there for several minutes without saying a word.
Lizzie finally broke the silence, "Lanny, would you like to stay for pizza?"


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