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Lizzie McGuire: The Next Step 4: The Party
by DiGiovanni ([email protected])

Lizzie McGuire was a fairly ordinary fourteen year old girl, except for two
things. I'll get to those in a minute.

She lived with her dad and mom, Sam and Jo, and her precocious little
brother, Matt. Lizzie was short, about 5' 1", and was rather shy and
reserved, not exactly what one would call spontaneous. She was just a
little bit chunky, especially in the shoulders, which made her neck look
shorter than it was. Her breasts were small, even for a fourteen year old.
But they were perky and cute, and had a lot of potential. After all,
fourteen year old girls are all about potential. Her ass and thighs were
round and smooth and firm. They were probably the best parts of her body.
Oh, and her knees; she had really cute knees.

The first thing that distinguished Lizzie from other fourteen year old
girls was her face. She was unbelievably cute. Her big hazel eyes were so
expressive they could make a guy absolutely melt. Her small, sensuous mouth
and her dimpled cheeks were about as kissable as they could be. She had a
mop of long golden blonde hair that flopped or flowed, depending on how you
look at it. In short, her face more than made up for any other shortcoming
she may have had.

The other thing that separated Lizzie from other fourteen year old girls was
that she was having a sexual relationship with her younger brother, Matt.
Matt was confident and outgoing, just the opposite of Lizzie. He was the
first boy who had ever hit on Lizzie, and it worked out very well for him.

Although Lizzie was having a sexual relationship with her brother, she was
still a virgin. Matt would have fucked her in a minute, but Lizzie was too
tentative to let it get to that. Instead, they limited their activities to
oral sex. That was fine with Matt, for now. He loved it when Lizzie would
suck his little cock for him, and he loved shooting his little load of jizz
into her mouth. And he sure didn't mind eating out her little pussy for her.
She kept her dark blonde little muff well trimmed, and it always smelled
sweet and fresh.

Lizzie and Matt had been carrying on like that since shortly after Lizzie and
the rest of her eighth grade graduating class had returned from their trip
to Rome. It had begun quite accidentally one day when they were wrestling
around. But ever since then they couldn't seem to get enough of each other.

Lizzie's parents knew that something was going on between them. One day when
they disappeared upstairs after wrestling around, Jo, Lizzie's mom, waited a
couple of minutes, then went upstairs to see what was going on. She eased
Lizzie's bedroom door open just enough to peek in. She saw Matt sitting on
Lizzie's bed, and Lizzie was kneeling in front of him giving him a blowjob.

That evening Jo told Sam, Lizzie's dad what she had seen. "Wow! Matt's a
lucky kid. ... I wouldn't mind ... I mean, you know, if I were Matt's age."

"Just be quiet, Sam. You're only getting yourself in deeper."

Now summer was almost over, and the kids in Lizzie's class had decided to
have one last party, kind of as a last get together. Gordo and Miranda,
Lizzie's best friends were both out of town, so Lizzie would be going by
herself. She was looking forward to the party. Messing around with Matt
was fun, but she wanted to see if she could get something going with
someone more her own age. And the party might be just the place. Some of
the kids had also invited a couple of boys who had just finished ninth
grade, maybe in the hope of getting some tips on high school.

As Lizzie got ready for the party, she decided she didn't want to look like
just another eighth grader. She would soon be in high school, so she wanted
to look a little older, and maybe a little sexier. She also wanted to show
off the tan she'd been working on all summer.

She picked out a sleeveless, short waisted blouse, one that would show off
her midriff. She debated whether or not to wear a bra. If she wore one, her
breasts would look a little bigger, but if she didn't, the hint of her
nipples poking against her blouse would look much sexier. She decided to go
without. She wore her short faded denim skirt, the one Matt liked so much.
She didn't know it, but her dad really liked it, too. She topped the outfit
off with her tan high heel boots.

When she had finished putting on her makeup and combing her long blonde hair,
she gave herself a once-over in the mirror. In spite of the fact that her
body wasn't really that mature, she did look incredibly hot.

She had no sooner arrived at the party then one of the older boys approached
her. He was cute. She couldn't believe how cute he was. And he was smooth.
He kept telling her how hot she was, and that she was the cutest girl at the
party. Lizzie felt very comfortable with him. She loved looking at his cute
face and listening to him tell her how hot she was.

After they had talked for a while, he offered to get her a glass of punch,
which she gladly accepted. She had no idea that he and the other older boy
had dumped a whole bottle of vodka into the punch bowl. She innocently drank
her punch as they milled around and danced a little. The more of it she
drank, the more she liked it, and the more relaxed she felt. Soon the boy
was giving her little kisses, and she was kissing him right back. It never
occurred to her that she didn't even know his name.

Lizzie wanted to find a place where they could sit and talk, or make out,
or whatever. They saw a couch that wasn't being used, so they headed over
to it. The boy sat down first, and invited Lizzie to sit on his lap. She
sat sideways, with her feet up on the couch, so she could face him. As he
caressed her thighs he would tell her how hot she was, then he would lean
up and kiss her. It didn't take long before they were swapping saliva, and
their tongues were all over inside each other's mouth.

As they kissed, the boy began fondling Lizzie's breast. It wasn't dark in the
room, but it wasn't real light either, so Lizzie didn't see any problem with
it. Besides, she was feeling so good from the punch that she didn't really
care how light it was. It didn't take long before he slid his hand up under
her blouse and began caressing her breasts directly.

Normally Lizzie would have objected, but she felt so good and was becoming
so turned on that she simply relaxed and enjoyed it. She was a little
self-conscious about how small they were, and it made her feel really good
that this cute boy seemed to find them perfectly ample. She could feel her
nipples becoming erect as the boy gently plied them with his fingers. She
was definitely becoming more and more turned on.

When the boy asked her to slide off him onto the couch, so she would be lying
on her back with her head in his lap, she gladly obliged. As she slid down,
her skirt pretty much stayed put, and ended up around her hips. She began to
push it down, but, as the boy caressed her thighs, he would push it back up.
Lizzie was more interested in making out with him than in pushing her skirt
down, so she let him have his way. She didn't realize that a few of the kids
had begun watching her making out with him.

As the boy continued kissing Lizzie, he was gently unbuttoning her blouse.
It only had three buttons, and they were somewhat large, so it wasn't really
that difficult. Once he had it unbuttoned, he pushed it to the sides,
completely exposing her creamy-white little breasts. Lizzie instinctively
began pulling it back up, but the boy held her hand beside her head and
pushed it open again. Then he leaned down and began kissing her breasts.

Normally Lizzie would have been embarrassed to death. She would never think
of letting a boy expose her breasts like that at a party. But, thanks to the
punch and her turned-on condition, she gave in and let him have his way. A
few more kids had gathered around to watch. Although her breasts were small,
their creamy-white color contrasted nicely with her tan chest and stomach.
The boys all knew that Lizzie could be really hot if she tried, and here she
was, putting on the best show they could have asked for.

As the boy caressed Lizzie's thighs, his hand moved closer and closer to her
crotch, until it finally found it. When Lizzie felt his fingers on her pussy,
she parted her legs a little to make it more available. By now the crotch of
her panties had become noticeably wet, allowing her little muff of dark
blonde hair to become quite visible through them. Her white bikini panties
contrasted nicely with her tan thighs and stomach.

Now the boy began focusing on her pussy, gently massaging it. Lizzie was
looking forward to this. She loved it when Matt would fondle and caress it,
and feeling a big boy's hand on it was even better. She parted her legs even
farther, putting one foot on the floor, as she enjoyed letting this complete
stranger mouth her breasts and finger her pussy. It didn't occur to her that
she didn't even know the boy's name.

She found herself rocking her hips in rhythm with the boy's fingers. As he
picked up speed, so did she. Soon her hips were bucking up into the air as
the boy artfully teased her anxious little pussy. When he figured she was
ready, he pressed his fingers firmly against her. Lizzie stiffened up, then
shuddered uncontrollably as the waves of orgasm rushed through her young
body. She was so caught up in it that she didn't hear the muted applause
from the crowd of kids that had gathered.

Again the boy began kissing Lizzie's mouth and fondling her breasts. By now
the alcohol had taken over so much that all Lizzie could think about was more
sex. As she sucked the boy's tongue into her mouth and relished the way he
was groping her breasts, she felt the unmistakable feel of a tongue licking
the inside of her thigh. She knew the feel well; Matt had done it to her a
hundred times. But she was confused. Someone else must have approached and
begun licking her thigh. She couldn't see because the boy who was kissing
her was in the way. Maybe it was the other older boy; he was really cute too.
The tongue was moving closer and closer to her crotch, and she wouldn't mind
at all letting that boy eat her pussy.

She felt her panties being pulled down. That made sense; if he was going to
eat her pussy, he had to take her panties off. She put her knees together and
let him slide her panties down, then lifted her feet out, one at a time. Then
she spread her legs again, with one foot on the couch and one on the floor.
Her ass was just barely on the edge of the couch. The boy, whom she was
picturing sitting on the floor licking her thighs, quickly knelt upright. He
undid his pants and dropped them, allowing his hard cock to spring out. The
head was wet with precum, and as he knelt between Lizzie's legs, he continued
"licking" her thighs with his wet cock.

When it arrived at her waiting pussy, he gently nuzzled it between her lips.
This was what Lizzie had been waiting for; she thought he was sitting on the
floor and that was his tongue nuzzling her pussy. She wanted him to stick it
in, but he was just gently nuzzling it between her lips. She lifted her foot
and put it behind his ass, thinking it was his shoulders. With her boots on,
she couldn't tell the difference. It felt like his shoulders to her.

Suddenly she pulled him towards her, wanting to cram his face against her
pussy. But it wasn't his face; it was his cock she crammed. It plunged
through her virgin membrane and embedded itself halfway inside her pussy.
Lizzie let out a shriek. It hurt! The boy stayed still to let her recover
from the penetration. Now Lizzie was really confused. She didn't understand
what was happening. She knew it couldn't be a tongue. And it didn't feel
like fingers. It felt exactly the way she thought a cock would feel. But
she didn't understand how.

In any case, she knew that she was no longer a virgin. She didn't know for
sure whether she was being fucked or not. But she didn't want to be fucked.
She hadn't agreed to be fucked. She just wanted to be eaten. With all these
thoughts running through her mind, her first impulse was to wiggle and try
to get away from the boy's cock. She began squirming and whimpering in
protest, trying to free herself, but she couldn't get free from it. The boy
was holding her hips and was keeping his cock buried halfway inside her.
The boy who was kissing her was holding her in place, keeping her from
sliding off the couch. He urged her to "Just relax... enjoy it." When it
became apparent to Lizzie that her efforts were to no avail, she stopped
struggling and began to accept her fate. It was only then that it began to
become apparent to her that the longer it was inside her, the better it
felt. Maybe her fate wasn't so bad after all. Before very long, it began
feeling really good. If a cock felt this good inside her, she didn't know
why she hadn't let Matt fuck her a long time ago.

Once Lizzie stopped struggling, and began accepting the fact that she was
going to get fucked, whether she liked it or not, the boy began gently
rocking his hips, sliding his cock in a little, then backing it out a
little, but working it in a little bit farther each time. Lizzie was beside
herself with consternation. She hadn't given this boy permission to fuck
her, but he was doing it anyway, in spite of her efforts to get away. But
it felt really good, and now she wasn't sure she wanted him to stop. Before
long she found herself rocking her hips in unison with the boy's, wanting
to work his cock in farther and farther. She was no longer a virgin. There
was nothing to lose. Since she didn't have any choice in the matter, she
was at least going to make her first fuck a memorable one.

The boy held Lizzie's hips as he pumped his cock deeper and deeper into her
pussy. When Lizzie felt his hands on her hips and felt his hips bumping her
thighs, it took away any remaining doubt that she was indeed being fucked.
She responded by thrusting her hips harder and harder. They were putting on
quite a show for the kids. There wasn't a boy at the party who didn't envy
those two boys, one kissing and groping her, and the other fucking her little
brains out. They especially envied Tudgman. Yes, Larry Tudgman, the class
geek, the science nerd. He was the one who had stepped up to the plate, and
now he was hitting a home run.

When Lizzie had gone out with him a year earlier, she wouldn't even let him
cop a feel. He decided then that if he ever got the chance, he would fuck her
little brains out. And that's exactly what he was doing.

Since neither Lizzie nor Tudgman had ever fucked before, it wasn't going to
take very long for either of them. Lizzie thought she was fucking the other
cute older boy, and Tudgman was living out his year-long fantasy. Neither of
them had any idea it would feel this good.

Within a few seconds Tudgman could feel himself beginning to cum. He didn't
know whether Lizzie was ready or not, but he couldn't stop it now. He buried
his cock into her as far as he could, and pumped out his hot, sticky load.
But Lizzie wasn't ready yet. She let out a whimper as she felt Tudgman blow
his load inside her. For her very first fuck, it could have been really good,
but instead it turned out to be pretty disappointing.

Tudgman waited a few seconds, then he carefully withdrew his cock. He quickly
pulled his pants up and disappeared back into the crowd, giving a few high
fives along the way. The kids all figured the show was over, so they began to
disperse and carry on with their partying.

Lizzie was so horny she couldn't see straight. She sat up on the couch and
put her hand in the boy's crotch. She had felt his erection against the back
of her head the whole time she had been lying there. As she fondled him
through his pants, she looked up at him, "Will you do me?"

"Sure, Lizzie. I've been wondering when you were going to ask." The boy
smiled as he began undoing his pants. When he pushed them down to his knees,
his cock sprung out almost fully erect.

"How about a little head, first... I'll bet you really give good head... And
let's get this top off so I can see you better." He slid her top down off her
shoulders, and Lizzie took it the rest of the way off. As he looked her over,
she smiled at him, then leaned down and took his cock into her mouth. With
her tongue she mixed her saliva with his precum, and coated his cock with
them. Then she began bobbing her head, bringing him up to full erection.

When she had gotten him fully erect, she climbed up onto the couch and
straddled him. Her pussy was still a little bit tender, so she carefully
eased herself down onto his waiting cock. Once she had worked it completely
inside her, she sat there, put her hands back on his legs, and leaned back
on them. Then she smiled at him as she began rotating her hips. All the boy
had to do was sit there and enjoy this drunk little cutie servicing his cock
for him. Soon Lizzie began thrusting harder and harder, her mop of golden
hair bouncing in time with every thrust.

Just then the other older boy quickly approached them. "Hey, Dude. It's
almost ten o'clock. We gotta get to that other party."

"Just a minute, Man. I'm busy."

The boy half sat on the armrest of the couch. He brushed Lizzie's hair back
from her face. "She's a cute little thing. What's her name?"

"It's Lizzie."

"Hi, Lizzie. Is she any good? She was sure getting it on with that other

"She's okay. I think that was her first time."

"How old is she? 12? 13?"

"What?! I'm 14!" Lizzie protested.

The boy leaned down and began fondling Lizzie's breasts. "She's got nice
little titties for a 13 year old."

"I'm 14!" Lizzie protested again. "I'll be in the ninth grade!"

"She's not only cute, but spunky. I'll bet she sucks cock like a little
champ. I wouldn't mind letting her suck my cock for me."

"Yeah, she's pretty good... I would have let her finish me off, but she
wanted to fuck instead."

Lizzie scowled. She was becoming really irritated with the way the two boys
were talking about her as if she weren't even there. But she also found that
the more angry she got, the more turned-on she got.

"Can you hurry up and finish him off, Lizzie? We gotta go."

He again brushed her hair back from her face. "Maybe she likes doing two guys
at once, like before. How about it, Lizzie? Would you like to suck my cock
while you're fucking him?"

Lizzie scowled at him again.

"Or would you like to kiss me and let me play with your tits?" He held
Lizzie's face with both hands and kissed her on the mouth, pushing his tongue

Lizzie couldn't believe he had the nerve and the arrogance to do that. But
she found it even more unbelievable that she was kissing him right back,
sucking his tongue in even deeper. As they kissed, the boy fondled Lizzie's
tits with one hand, and her round, smooth ass with the other. That was
exactly what Lizzie needed. She began squirming, driving the boy's cock in
as far as she could. Just as she began to climax, she felt the boy's hot
sperm shoot into her. She writhed and moaned as the two boys brought her to

"Good girl, Lizzie. I'd stay here and take you up on that blow job, but we
gotta go."

"What?! I didn't offer that!" Then it dawned on her that he had just said
that to get a rise out of her.

Lizzie rolled off the boy, and he quickly pulled his pants up. He gave her a
quick kiss, and they were gone.

As Lizzie sat on the couch looking for her clothes, half drunk, freshly
fucked, and almost naked, she felt someone sit down beside her. Then she
heard a familiar voice. "Was that boy right?"

"Mr. Dig. What are you doing here?"

His real name was Digby, but all the kids called him Mr. Dig. He was Lizzie's
favorite substitute teacher. He was a black man in his late twenties. He was
somewhat short, but very athletic. Lizzie thought he was cute; that was
partly why he was her favorite substitute teacher. In fact, there were a
couple of times when Lizzie had fantasized about him. In class there were a
few times when she had caught him looking up her skirt, so she would spread
her legs a little farther apart to give him a better view of her panties. A
couple of times she had actually seen a bulge form in his pants. He had
become good friends with Lizzie's dad, and had been over to her house a
number of times. She always made sure she wore a short skirt when he was

"By the way, I like your outfit." He put one hand around Lizzie's shoulder
and began fondling her breasts with the other. "You've got nice little tits,
Lizzie... not too firm and not too mushy. I've often wondered what they were

"Isn't that what they call ‘inappropriate touching'?" Lizzie quipped with a
little smile on her face.

"Sure is, Lizzie... Feels good, doesn't it?" Lizzie couldn't deny how good it
felt. She had never had her tits fondled by a grownup before. Well, except
for the doctor, but he was just "checking for breast cancer." He had also
spent a lot of time fingering her pussy, but he was just "checking things

She was flattered that Mr. Dig liked her breasts so much, so she held still
for him to continue fondling them. "Uh, thanks, Mr. Dig. But what are you
doing here, you know, besides playing with my boobs?"

"Isn't that a good enough reason to be here? But really, I just stopped in to
see how everything was going at the party. Now I'm on my way to the police
station to report the alcohol. You know, civic duty and all. They'll probably
round all you kids up and take you down to the station."

"But Mr. Dig, I haven't had anything but punch."

"That's where the alcohol is, Lizzie. But I'm sure you can explain that to
the police."

"But Mr. Dig, I'm innocent."

"I'm sure the police will take that into account."

"But Mr. Dig, I don't want to go to the police station.... Isn't there any
way I can change your mind?"

"That all depends, Lizzie. Was the boy right? Do you really suck cock like a
little champ?"

"But Mr. Dig. I can't.... You're my teacher."

"Not any more, Lizzie. Besides, that didn't stop some of the other girls. And
some of them got some pretty good grades for their efforts. In fact, that's
how Miranda got her "B." ... So how about it, Lizzie? Feel like giving me a
little head? Then I'll help you get dressed and sober you up and take you

Lizzie smiled and got down on her knees in front of him. By the time she got
in position, Mr. Dig's cock was out and was pointing directly at her, the
head of it glistening with precum. Lizzie smiled up at him, then wrapped her
fingers around it as far as she could. She had never seen a black adult cock
before, except on the internet.

She leaned down and tentatively kissed the head, then began gently licking
off the precum. When she had gotten a little more comfortable with it, she
took the head into her mouth. She couldn't get it any farther in; it was too
big. She licked it and sucked on it as she began pumping it with her hand.

Mr. Dig smiled down at her. "I really appreciate this, Lizzie. You know, I
wouldn't really have gone to the police."

"I knew it all along, Mr. Dig.... But if you wanted me to do this, all you
had to do was ask...." Then she grinned "Now be quiet; I can't talk with my
mouth full."

Lizzie had no idea how much cum to expect; she had never sucked off a cock
this big before. But she was going to give it her best shot. Before long she
was pumping it frantically, and bobbing her head, pushing it as far as she
could into her mouth. She must have been doing it right because it didn't
take long. She felt a gush of hot semen hit the back of her throat. As she
began to gag on it, she felt a second and third. They really made her gag.
Coughing and choking, she managed to swallow it all down though. Then she
milked out every last drop and licked his cock clean for him.

"Thanks, Lizzie. I've been wanting to do that for a long time. And I like it
when a girl cleans up after herself. The boy was right: you do suck cock like
a little champ... Now let's get you dressed, and I'll take you out for some

"Thanks, Mr. Dig.... I'm glad you liked it... I kinda liked it, too... But
remember, next time all you have to do is ask."

Together they found Lizzie's blouse and panties. She didn't put her panties
back on because they were so wet. Instead she used them to wipe off her
pussy, then rolled them up and stuffed them under the couch. The next step
was driving to a coffee shop.

Having coffee in the evening with an adult made Lizzie feel really grown up,
even though her coffee was half sugar and cream. They each had a couple of
cups of coffee, and when Lizzie seemed to be sobered up again, Mr. Dig
figured it was time to take her home.

On the way to Lizzie's house, neither of them could seem to keep their
hands off each other. Lizzie had her hand in Mr. Dig's crotch, squeezing
and fondling his cock through his pants, and he had his hand inside Lizzie's
blouse, squeezing and fondling her breasts. When they arrived in Lizzie's
driveway, they found that they couldn't stop kissing and groping each other.
Mr. Dig had his finger in Lizzie's pussy, and Lizzie was trying her best to
undo his pants so she could pull his cock out. When she finally got them
open and pulled it out, she looked up at him. "Mr. Dig,.. Is it okay if I...
you know..."

"You want to suck it again? Why sure, Lizzie. You don't have to ask

"No ...I mean, you know,...get on top..."

"Ooooo ...You want to fuck?"

"Uh ...yea... if it's okay."

"Why sure Lizzie, if you think it'll fit."

"Uh, I think so, Mr. Dig. ... I wanna try."

Mr. Dig helped Lizzie climb up and straddle him. The car was rather small and
didn't have a lot of headroom, so it was somewhat awkward. But Lizzie managed
to get into position and gradually work Mr. Dig's cock into her tight little
pussy. She knew it was going to be a really tight fit, but it felt every bit
as good as she thought it would. Once her pussy became more accustomed to it,
she began gently rocking back and forth. Mr. Dig cupped her smooth little ass
in his hands as they began kissing and fucking. It was a nice slow fuck. They
took their time and savored the feel of each other in slow motion.

After a few minutes Lizzie began to rock a little faster as Mr. Dig began
thrusting his hips. But it still wasn't really very fast.

Mr. Dig broke the kiss and asked Lizzie if she was enjoying herself. When she
smiled and said "Yes," he told her that of all his students she was the one
he most wanted to fuck. That made Lizzie feel really good. She kissed him
again, pushing her tongue all the way into his mouth, then sucking his tongue
all the way into hers.

She began feeling a sense of urgency in his thrusting, and she began feeling
a sense of urgency of her own. Within a few seconds she felt his hot cum
gushing into her. She pressed herself against him as hard as she could and
began shuddering in orgasm. Together they consummated what was a very
enjoyable friendly fuck.

Jo, Lizzie's mom had stayed up that night to make sure Lizzie got home okay
and to find out how the party was. The next morning she was sitting at the
breakfast table with Sam. When she told him that Lizzie was no longer a
virgin, he responded "Wow. Who's the lucky guy?"

"She said she didn't know one of them, and she couldn't see who the other
was. Oh, and she apparently did your friend Digby right out in the driveway."

"Wow. Three of them? And Digby was one? I'll have to ask him how it was. It
looks like out little girl is really growing up."

"I've already called the doctor's office to get her checked out and get her
on birth control. It's a good thing this happened now instead of tomorrow.
I'd already be gone."

"It's a good idea getting her checked out and getting her on birth control.
Wow, she's really growing up."

"I don't understand her lately, Sam. Before you know it, she's probably going
to be trying to get in your pants." Sam grinned internally, but didn't say a
word. He just kept eating his oatmeal.

Then Jo mused "Although, maybe that wouldn't be so bad after all. At least
then we'd know where she was and what she was doing."

Sam almost choked on his oatmeal; he couldn't believe his ears. "You mean you
wouldn't mind?"

"Well, as long as you kept it reasonable, I guess I couldn't complain too
much. After all, you're both good looking, and I can see where you might be
attracted to each other."

Just then Matt came strolling into the kitchen. "Mom, do we really have to
stay at Grandma's for a whole week? That's a long time."

The next day, Matt and his mom were off to spend a week at Grandma's house.


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