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Lizzie McGuire: The Next Step 6: More Lolita
by DiGiovanni

It was the morning after Lizzie and her dad had consummated their
relationship. After their encounter in the shower, Lizzie put on her regular
jeans and t-shirt. Then she proceeded to fix breakfast for the two of them.

As they were eating she asked her dad if he would take her to the mall and
buy her a couple of outfits she had been looking at. She didn't bother to
tell him that her mom wouldn't buy them for her because the skirts were so
short and she felt the tops were too revealing for a 14 year old girl. She
said she wanted to wear them just for him. It would be like wrapping a
present for him to unwrap. Sam thought it was a great idea, and in no time
they were off to the mall.

Once they arrived at the mall, Lizzie took her dad to the store she had in
mind. When they got there, she explained to him that she didn't really want
him to see the outfits until she put them on for him at home. It would be
like a surprise. Sam agreed. He gave her his credit card and agreed to meet
her in a half hour.

As Sam was wandering over to the movie store, he happened to see his friend
Digby coming out. They immediately began talking, wondering why they hadn't
gotten together for the past couple of weeks. During the conversation Sam
asked Digby about his encounter with Lizzie at the party. At first Digby was
a little bit hesitant to talk about it. But when he saw that Sam was okay
with it, he acknowledged that yes, they had gotten together, and it was

Sam had known that Digby was attracted to Lizzie for quite some time and,
judging by what happened after the party, the feeling must be mutual. Sam
could understand it; if two people are attracted to each other, there's a
good chance they'll get together. After all, he and Lizzie had gotten
together. And Sam wasn't a selfish person; he didn't mind sharing.

As they talked, Sam asked Digby if he had found a good movie at the store.
Digby showed him what he had bought. It was a porn movie called "Lolita and
Her Friends." About the only thing it had in common with the Lolita movie
was that all the girls were cute teenagers and all the guys were in their
thirties and forties. Sam got an idea. He invited Digby over for dinner. He
would order pizza, and Digby could bring the movie, and they could have pizza
and beer and watch the movie. Lizzie could watch it too, if she wanted. The
wink Sam gave him made it sound too tempting to miss. And since Sam had put
him at ease about his relationship with Lizzie, he gladly accepted the
invitation and told Sam he was looking forward to it. He wouldn't be able
to stay very late, though, because he had to get up early in the morning.

By then it was time for Sam to meet Lizzie, so he headed back to the store
where he had left her. When he met her she was all ready to go, so they
headed back to the car. On the way home Sam told Lizzie that he had run
into Digby at the mall and they had had a good visit. Lizzie was a little
surprised. She figured that her mom must have told him about what happened
between them on the night of the party. But it didn't seem to bother him.
That made Lizzie feel relaxed and comfortable. She was looking forward to
putting on one of her new outfits for her dad. What Sam hadn't bothered to
tell her was that he had invited Digby over for dinner. He did stop at a
neighborhood convenience store to pick up some beer to go with the pizza,
though. And he promised Lizzie she could have some.

Lizzie knew that her dad had a lot to do that day, and wouldn't be available
to her until evening. That was fine with her. She could wait. It would give
her plenty of time to pick out just the right outfit and make herself just as
sexy looking as possible for him.

As Sam was busily trying to get everything accomplished, he found himself
running late. He knew he wouldn't be home on time, so he called Lizzie and
let her know he'd be a little late. He also called and ordered pizza to be
delivered. He figured he would be home in time to pay for it.

Lizzie had put on one of her sexy new outfits. The skirt was very short, and
the top was a spaghetti strap tank top similar to the one she had worn the
night before, but a little more revealing. Again with her high heel boots and
without a bra. She had combed her hair and put on her makeup and was wearing
a pair of hoop earrings. She was looking just about as sexy as a 14 year old
girl could look.

She heard the front door open and a voice call "Anybody home?" But it wasn't
her dad. It was Mr. Dig. It was routine for him to come in without knocking.
Lizzie froze. She had gotten herself as sexy looking as she could for her
dad. But now she was somewhat embarrassed. What would Mr. Dig think? She
quickly found out.

"My, you look hot, Lizzie! Is your dad home?"

"Uh, he called and said he'd be home in a few minutes. ...Would you like to

"Of course I'll wait. After all, I'm here for dinner and a movie." He held up
the DVD.

Lizzie was confused. Her dad hadn't told her Mr. Dig was coming for dinner.
If she'd known it, she sure wouldn't have put on such a revealing outfit. She
watched Mr. Dig walk past her, put the DVD on the counter, continue on to the
refrigerator and take out a beer as he always did. Then he offered her one.
Her dad had promised that she could have some, and apparently he had invited
Mr. Dig for dinner without bothering to tell her, so she responded "Sure. Why

As they waited for Sam to arrive, neither of them could help remembering what
had happened between them just three nights earlier. Neither of them knew
what to say. Finally Mr. Dig broke the ice. He explained to Lizzie that her
dad knew what had happened between them and he didn't seem to have a problem
with it. In fact he had invited him to come over for dinner and a movie. Just
the three of them.

That helped Lizzie relax and feel a little more comfortable about the
situation. The beer helped her relax a little, too. Before long they were
sitting on the couch together. It was beginning to seem almost like a
continuation of their last time together. Mr. Dig cautioned Lizzie not to
drink too much; she knew what had happened at the party when she drank too
much. On the other hand, he seemed perfectly willing to flirt with her and
occasionally brush his hand across her legs.

Finally Sam arrived home. It was already dark. He arrived just ahead of the
pizza man. He paid for the pizza and brought it into the house, announcing
that he was finally home. Lizzie was still confused, and was uncomfortable
with the situation. The first chance she got, she pulled her dad aside and
whispered "Dad, why did you invite Mr. Dig? I thought we were going to, you
know, do stuff together."

Sam deliberately answered out loud so Digby would hear "We are going to 'do
stuff' together, Lizzie'. But I know you like to do stuff with Digby too. I
thought it would be a real treat for you to be able to do stuff with both of
us and not have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings. You can do whatever
you want with whoever you want, and it'll be okay."

Lizzie wasn't totally convinced, but it did sound really tempting. Sam knew
she was a little apprehensive, so he gave her a hug to reassure her "Don't
worry, Lizzie. Just do whatever you want, and it'll be okay. Now how about
going over and giving Digby a hug and a kiss to show him that he's welcome."

As Lizzie approached Mr. Dig, she noticed that with her high heel boots she
was almost as tall as him. That made her feel more grown up. He smiled at her
as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He took her by the hips and pulled
her close against him. As she kissed him, he slid his hands down onto her ass
and gave it a good squeeze. She could feel his semi-erect cock pressing
against her front.

When she finished kissing him, her dad was standing right behind her. "There,
that wasn't so bad, was it? Now turn around and give me a kiss, too. We can't
let Digby have all the fun." As Lizzie turned to her dad, he too pulled her
close and slid his hands onto her ass as she kissed him. As Lizzie stood
there kissing her dad, feeling his cock pressing against her, she finally
began to get the message: even though her dad and Mr. Dig both had the hots
for her, still they were both willing to share.

Now that the ice had been broken, Lizzie felt much more comfortable. Sam and
Digby both began flirting with her, telling her how sexy she looked. They
seemed to take turns, grabbing her ass, running their hands up her legs, or
putting their arms around her from behind as an excuse to brush a hand
against her breasts. At one point Sam and Digby were standing on each side
of her, fingering her shoulder straps. She didn't think anything of it,
though; she knew they wouldn't pull them down. The next thing she knew, her
top was down around her waist, exposing her smooth, creamy little breasts to
both of them. Lizzie squealed and blushed, and quickly pulled it back up. She
was totally embarrassed finding herself suddenly bare breasted in front of
them. But her embarrassment didn't last very long with the men both telling
her how hot she looked. Soon Lizzie really began to get into it. When one of
them would take some kind of liberty with her, she would enjoy it, then look
forward to what the other would do. Soon she felt right at home carrying on
with both of them together.

Lizzie was extremely flattered with all the attention she was getting,
especially since it was coming from two adult men. Sam and Digby were
carrying on with her almost like a couple of high school kids. Lizzie
knew they were both intent on having sex with her that evening, and she
knew it would happen. She didn't know exactly how it would play out, but
she knew it was going to happen. And that was good; she didn't know of
any two guys she'd rather have sex with. She knew them both very well,
and trusted them completely.

Sam knew that Digby couldn't stay too late because he had to get up early in
the morning. He suggested they take the pizza over to the couch so they could
begin watching the movie while they ate. Lizzie sat in the middle of the
couch, with Mr. Dig on one side and her dad on the other.

As they all sat there munching on their pizza and watching the movie, it
didn't take long for the movie to become quite graphic. A cute young blonde
girl, who appeared to be about Lizzie's age, was seductively taking her
clothes off while a man twice her age was slowly stroking his cock, getting
it ready for her. When she finished undressing, she knelt in front of him
and playfully sucked him off, allowing him to shoot his load into her mouth.
When he finished she opened her mouth and showed it to him, then closed her
mouth and swallowed it down. Lizzie was a little bit embarrassed when she
first saw it, but comments like "Lizzie's cuter than she is" and "I'll bet
Lizzie'd be even better than that" soon put her at ease. But the movie wasn't
all about sucking. It also showed a number of young girls being fucked by
older guys with big cocks.

It became very clear to Lizzie why Mr. Dig had brought this particular
movie; she was really beginning to become turned on. She could feel her
pussy twitching and becoming moist. She knew that her dad and Mr. Dig must
both have erections. How could they not?

When they finished eating, the three of them sat there watching the movie.
The men each had a hand on Lizzie's legs, gently caressing them. Digby
leaned over towards Lizzie and breathed in deeply. "Have you noticed how
good Lizzie's hair smells? Go ahead, smell it."

Sam leaned over and smelled Lizzie's hair, then gave her a kiss on the cheek.
"You're right, Digby, and her cheeks are so smooth. Give her a kiss and see."

Digby leaned over and kissed Lizzie on the cheek, then turned her face toward
him and kissed her on the mouth. "You're right, Sam, and her lips are so
soft. Go ahead and kiss her on the mouth."

Sam turned Lizzie's face toward him and kissed her on the mouth, pushing his
tongue inside. Lizzie responded by kissing him back, swirling her tongue
around his. When they broke the kiss, Sam took her by the shoulders, turned
her, and eased her down onto his lap. At the same time, Digby lifted her legs
up onto his lap, so she was lying on her back across their laps.

Sam continued kissing Lizzie, sliding his hand up under her tank top to
fondle and caress her breasts, causing her young nipples to stand up even
more than they already were. At the same time, Digby was caressing her legs,
pushing her skirt up around her hips, working his fingers closer and closer
to her crotch. Lizzie was finding it harder and harder to control herself.
Then she felt Mr. Dig's fingers against her crotch. They began gently rubbing
her pussy. Lizzie couldn't believe how turned on she was becoming. It had
just been three days earlier when two high school boys had worked together
to turn her on, and now she had two adult men doing the same thing to her.
Soon she couldn't stand it any more. She pulled her tank top up to her neck,
exposing her fourteen year tits, and pulled her dad's head down to them.

As Sam began kissing and sucking Lizzie's breasts, she pulled her skirt up
around her waist, then lifted her ass and pushed her panties down to her
thighs. Mr. Dig took the hint and slid them the rest of the way off. Lizzie
opened her golden tanned legs wide, hooking one of them over the backrest.
Her little swatch of half grown hair was already soaking wet. Mr. Dig lifted
her ass up a little, leaned down, and gave her twitching pussy a big wet lick
Lizzie let out a loud moan. This was exactly what she needed. She took her
leg off the backrest and hooked it around Mr. Dig's shoulders, then raised
her hips as high as she could.

He buried his mouth against her pussy and began working it with his tongue
and lips. His tongue would go deep inside, then come back and massage her
clitoris. Lizzie was quickly bucking and undulating, rubbing her pussy
against Mr. Dig's face. She was moaning and whimpering in anticipation of
climaxing against his face and his tongue. She had gotten so horny flirting
and watching the movie that it didn't take any time at all before she was
writhing and shuddering in climax.

When she finished she lay still for several minutes, just enjoying the two
men caressing her. Then she sat up between them. "That was Quite a show,

"Uh, I know, Dad ...I was really horny. You guys made me so horny I couldn't
help it..."

"We're pretty horny too, Lizzie. Maybe you could help us out,." said Sam.

Digby chimed in "Maybe you could start by getting up and doing a little strip
tease for us, like the little blonde girl in the movie."

Lizzie was apprehensive. Doing stuff on the couch was one thing, but standing
up and putting on a show for them would be embarrassing. As apprehensive as
she was, though, the men wouldn't take "no" for an answer. They kept coaxing
and coaxing until she finally agreed to do it.

She got up and walked over in front of the TV. She looked at the men and
began undulating, mimicking the little blonde girl in the movie. It was
embarrassing; she didn't know whether she looked sexy or just looked stupid.
As she slowly stripped for them, Mr. Dig pulled out his cock and began
stroking it as they watched Lizzie perform. Soon Lizzie was completely naked
except for her boots and earrings. She slowly turned completely around for
the men, struck a brief pose, then, covering herself with her hands, walked
back toward the couch as the men applauded her little show.

As she passed in front of Mr. Dig, he leaned forward and stopped her. He took
her wrists and moved her hands down to her sides. Sliding his hands up and
down her thighs he looked up at her cute little tits, then up at her cute
little face, "That was really hot, Lizzie. You've got more talent than you

"Uh, thanks, Mr. Dig.... It was embarrassing....I felt kinda dumb..." As
she spoke, she couldn't help looking at Mr. Dig's big meaty cock, standing
straight up for her. "But I guess you guys liked it..."

"We sure did, Lizzie." Mr. Dig saw that as she stood there, her eyes were
fixated on his cock. "Would you like to kiss it?"

"You mean ....?"

"Sure, Lizzie. Kneel down here and give it a nice big kiss. You know, like
the other night."

Lizzie smiled and gave her dad a quick glance. So much for trying to convince
him that she was completely naive about blowjobs. She looked back at Mr. Dig,
"Uh, okay, Mr. Dig."

She knelt in front of Mr. Dig, resting her hands on his knees, and looked at
his big throbbing cock. It almost seemed to be looking back at her, its large
dark purple head shining with precum. She carefully leaned down and gave it a
kiss. Then she looked up at him, his precum glistening on her lips, "Is this
what you meant, Mr. Dig?"

She licked it off her lips, then leaned back down and began kissing and
licking it, still resting her hands on his knees. Mr. Dig stretched out his
legs, leaned back, and put his hands behind his head. "It sure is, Lizzie. I
hope you saved enough room for dessert."

Lizzie smiled, "I did, Mr. Dig."

As Lizzie continued licking his cock from every conceivable angle, Mr. Dig
mused "You know, there's nothing I enjoy more than watching a really cute
young girl working on a mouthful of cock, trying to coax out a load of cum.
Especially you, Lizzie... You're so good at it."

Then he turned to Sam. "I've got to hand it to you, Sam. For only being
fourteen, you've really got her trained well."

Sam smiled, "I think she likes you, Digby."

After a few minutes of kissing and licking, Lizzie took the big purple head
into her mouth. As she swirled her tongue against it she began bobbing her
head. It was only then that she began using her hand to stroke it. Within a
couple of minutes Mr. Dig was shooting stream after stream of thick sticky
semen into her mouth. Lizzie did a good job of holding it all in her mouth
while she finished milking out the last few drops. Then she raised her head
and opened her mouth to show it to Mr. Dig.

When she realized that she had just sucked Mr. Dig off right in front of her
dad, she began giggling. She quickly closed her mouth and frantically tried
to swallow it as fast as she could, but it was already seeping between her
lips. She did manage to get it all down except for a couple little streams of
cum that ran down onto her chin. She quickly wiped them off and licked it off
her hand.

"See that, Sam? I like how she cleans up after herself."

When Lizzie was satisfied that she was finished with Mr. Dig, she got up,
stepped over to her dad, and knelt in front of him, resting her hands on his
knees as she had done with Mr. Dig. He had pulled his cock out while she was
sucking Digby's. Now his adult-size cock was standing straight up for her.
Lizzie looked at it, then looked up at her dad, "Would you like me to suck
yours too?" She didn't wait for an answer. She leaned down and began licking
off the precum.

Sam smiled, "I guess you already know what precum is." Lizzie grinned as she
continued kissing and licking her dad's throbbing cock.

"You're right, Digby. Lizzie really does have a talent for sucking cock. I
can't decide whether I want to spray it down her cute little throat or spray
it all over her innocent little face."

As Lizzie took the head of her dad's cock into her mouth and began bobbing
her head, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began pumping it.
Sam caressed her hair, keeping it out of her face. He enjoyed watching her
earrings swing back and forth as she bobbed her head.

After a few minutes of enjoying Lizzie's bobbing and pumping, Sam felt
himself getting close to ejaculation. He slid his hand around to the back of
Lizzie's head and grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair. He began slowly
pulling her head back until she could no longer reach his cock with her
mouth. "Dad,...I can't reach it."

That's when Sam's cock exploded. The first stream of cum strung from her
forehead to her cheek. The second one covered her nose. And the third one
went from her mouth to her chin. Then he pushed his cock back into her mouth
so she could finish sucking out the rest. Lizzie sucked and milked out all
she could. Then she began trying to wipe what she could off her face and
licking it off her fingers.

Sam helped her wipe some of it off, then suggested that she probably ought
to wash her face. While she was at it, she could put on the other new outfit
she had bought, and model it for them. Lizzie agreed. She picked up her
clothes and headed upstairs. Once she had washed her face, she combed her
hair and redid her makeup. Then she put on her other new outfit. It really
wasn't much different from the first one, except for the color. She didn't
bother to put panties on; if things worked out, she wouldn't really need
them anyway.

Lizzie had only finished about two thirds of her beer, so she wasn't drunk by
any means. She had become perfectly comfortable cavorting with her dad and
Mr. Dig without the need for any more beer. When she checked herself out in
the mirror, she saw a very hot young girl who was definitely ready for more.

When she returned, her dad and Mr. Dig were still on the couch watching the
movie. Sam had put his cock away, but Digby still had his out. It was as if
the two of them had already decided what would happen next. Lizzie walked
over in front of the TV and began modeling her new outfit. She struck a
number of poses, then stood there with her hands on her hips and asked if
they had seen enough. Mr. Dig noted that she hadn't shown them her panties.
He wanted to see her panties.

Lizzie lowered her head and put her hands on her thighs. Then, grinning,
she raised her eyes toward him and slowly raised her skirt up to her waist,
exposing her little muff to him. Then, holding her skirt up, she walked
slowly toward him. When she stood in front of him his cock was almost fully
erect. He began stroking it with one hand while he slid his other hand
between her thighs, and up to her moist little pussy. With his hand in her
crotch, he gently pulled her closer and began fingering her pussy.

"Your pussy's all wet again, Lizzie."

"Uh, I know...It's been wet ever since you, you know....licked it..."

"Would you like to climb up here and let this big ol' cock take care of it
for you?"

"Uh, yeah..." Lizzie smiled.

She didn't need to be told what to do next. Putting her hands on Mr. Dig's
shoulders for balance, she stepped up onto the couch, straddling his legs.
He pushed her skirt up to her waist and held her by the hips to guide her
down onto his cock. Half standing and half squatting, she began moving her
hips, lowering her pussy toward the head of his big glistening cock. She
reached down with one hand to hold it and guide it into position. When she
felt it positioned between the lips of her pussy she began slowly lowering
herself onto it. Neither of them could believe how good it felt stuffing
his man-sized cock into her fourteen-year-old pussy.

Once it was mostly in, Lizzie leaned forward and began kissing him as she
began rocking her hips. Mr. Dig slid his hands up her thighs and cupped them
around her smooth young ass. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth as he
began rocking his hips in unison with hers. They continued like that for
several minutes, immersed in the pure pleasure of servicing each other's most
intimate parts.

Then Lizzie began rocking a little faster, and so did Mr. Dig. Soon she was
bouncing up and down, her long blonde hair rising and falling with every
thrust. She began moaning and sighing as she felt her climax approaching. Mr.
Dig began grunting as he felt his ejaculation becoming imminent. Suddenly
they both stiffened up. Lizzie was suddenly filled with the feel of Mr. Dig's
sperm flowing forcefully into her. She pressed down on him as hard as she
could, welcoming every precious drop. She shuddered as the electricity of her
climax penetrated her whole body.

Then she collapsed on top of him. She remained like that for a couple of
minutes before raising up, allowing his flaccid cock to slide out, then
rolling off him. As she sat between the two men, the movie was almost over,
so the three of them sat there and watched the rest of it. Then it was time
for Mr. Dig to leave.

The three of them walked to the front door together, where Lizzie wrapped her
arms around Mr. Dig's neck, gave him a goodnight kiss, and thanked him for
coming over and spending the evening with them. Mr. Dig thanked Lizzie and
her dad for their generous hospitality and apologized to Sam for monopolizing
Lizzie for so much of the time. Lizzie wrapped her arms around her dad and
assured Mr. Dig that there was no need to apologize to her dad. "Dad's gonna
have me all to himself for the rest of the night."


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