Note: I hadn't intended to submit this because the setup is so similar to
parts 5 and 6. But then I decided 'what the hell' and submitted it anyway,
as a continuation of part 6.

Disclaimer: I have no intention of making any money from this story or of
violating any copyright laws. This is purely an exercise in writing fiction,
satire, and parody. I don't mind if someone copies or posts this story, as
long as it is not for profit, and as long as the rating and disclaimer, in
their entirety, are contained with it.

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Lizzie McGuire: The Next Step Part 6a - Continuation
by DiGiovanni ([email protected])

It was evening and Lizzie and her dad were settling down on the couch for
another session of pleasuring each other, and themselves. Lizzie had taken
on both her dad and Mr. Dig the night before, and she was kind of looking
forward to just getting down and dirty with her dad. She was all made-up,
and was wearing one of her hot new outfits.

But just as they began snuggling together the doorbell rang. Neither of them
was expecting anyone, so Sam walked over to see who it was. When he opened
the door, there was Miranda, Lizzie's best friend. Miranda was a cute Latina
girl, a little taller than Lizzie, and a little more developed. She had long
black hair, and was wearing it in a ponytail. She had just returned from
vacation with her parents, and had a really nice deep tan. When the girls saw
each other, they both ran to meet. They hugged ans giggled and bounced up and
down for about a minute before they recovered their senses.

Once they had gotten that out of the way, Miranda began telling Lizzie all
about her vacation. Lizzie listened intently, then asked her what was in the
shopping bag. Miranda told her it was a new bikini she had bought on
vacation, and she just couldn't wait to show it to her. Sam suggested she go
in the bathroom and put it on, so they could see how it really looked. It was
a pretty small bikini, and Miranda was a little apprehensive about wearing it
right in front of Lizzie's dad. But when Lizzie joined in, urging her to put
it on, she didn't see where she had much choice.

It was a string bikini. It was pink and white, and was absolutely tiny. The
cloth was thinner than most bikinis, just a little thicker than ordinary
panties. As she put it on, Miranda could see the little bumps her nipples
made, and the noticeable bump her little patch of pubic hair made.

When she came out of the bathroom, Lizzie and her dad were sitting on the
couch, waiting for her to model it for them. She walked over in front of
them, very self-conscious about how little of her it actually covered, and
turned around a couple of times. Lizzie and her dad complimented her
repeatedly on how hot she looked in it. Miranda could almost feel Sam's eyes
focusing on her crotch. She quickly sat down on the couch next to him. Lizzie
was sitting on the other side.

Lizzie saw how her dad was looking at Miranda, and it gave her an idea. She
really appreciated the way he had shared her with Mr. Dig, and this might be
an opportunity to return the favor. She decided to see if she could get the
ball rolling. "Miranda, you know how we sometimes kiss and touch each other?"

Miranda's eyes popped wide open, "Lizzie! Your dad's right here..."

Sam spoke up, "It's okay, Miranda. It's only natural that you kids would

Lizzie continued, "What I wanted to tell you is that I've been doing that
with my dad, too."

"Wow,... You have?" This was something Miranda could relate to. She thought
Lizzie's dad was cute, and she wouldn't mind getting it on with him. But she
had always assumed he was off limits, because he was Lizzie's dad.

"Sure. It's fun....And I was hoping you'd join us."

Then it dawned on Miranda, that must be why Lizzie was dressed so sexy. She
was interested, but Lizzie's suggestion had come right out of the clear blue
sky, and she was naturally a little apprehensive. "Uh, well, I don't have
permission to be over here very long..."

Sam chimed in, "Don't worry, Miranda. I'll call your parents and I'm sure
they'll give permission for you to stay for a while."

Miranda gulped, but didn't say anything. As Sam was making the call, Lizzie
was reassuring her that there was nothing to worry about; she would be right

As Sam came back and announced that she could stay for a couple of hours,
Miranda felt even more self-conscious in her tiny string bikini. She had
wondered why Lizzie was wearing such sexy clothes just to be hanging out with
her dad. Now she knew. And it looked like she was going to be included.

"Okay... so what's next...?"

"Well, we could start by getting comfortable with Dad....Just do what I do."
With that, Lizzie got up onto the couch and knelt upright beside her dad, and
told Miranda to do the same. Miranda was reluctant, but finally, with a
little prodding from Lizzie and her dad, she followed her lead and knelt on
the other side of him.

Then Lizzie leaned down and kissed her dad on the mouth. It wasn't a real
sexy kiss, just a kiss. When she finished the kiss, she invited Miranda to do
the same.

Miranda leaned down and gingerly gave him a kiss. She discovered it felt
pretty good. When she finished, Lizzie complimented her, and suggested she
try it again, with a little more feeling. Then she demonstrated. As she
kissed her dad, she made it obvious that her mouth was open, and she was
pushing her tongue into his mouth. Sam had his arms around the girls' hips,
and as Lizzie kissed him, he ran his hand up and down her thigh, then gently
squeezed her ass.

As Lizzie finished the kiss, Sam turned to Miranda. He slid his hand up her
thigh and pulled her close. As she kissed him, he gently sucked her tongue
into his mouth and lavished it with his saliva. He ran his hand up and down
her thigh as they kissed, making her feel a little more comfortable. When
they finished the kiss, Lizzie suggested they try it again, then again and
again. Soon it was like Sam and Miranda were having their own little make-out
session, and she was becoming quite comfortable with the situation. She was
also becoming quite turned on.

After several minutes of kissing her, Sam suggested Miranda lift her leg over
his lap, so she was straddling him, "Lizzie likes to do it that way." He
guided her, helping her keep her balance as she straddled his lap. Then the
two continued kissing, and Sam continued caressing her thighs and now her
ass, too, occasionally running his hands up and down her sides.

As Lizzie watched, she began caressing Miranda's shoulder and back with one
hand, and her stomach with the other. As she caressed her back, she gently
untied Miranda's bikini string, then slid her hand up and untied the neck
string too. As Sam began kissing Miranda's neck and chest, the bikini top
slid lower and lower until it fell off, exposing her creamy white young
breasts right in front of Sam's face.

Suddenly Miranda realized what had happened. Her eyes popped wide open,
"Lizzie! What are you doing?" But before she could utter another word, Sam
had one of her breasts engulfed in his mouth and was gently working over her
nipple with his tongue. Miranda found herself unable to speak. All she could
do was moan her approval. It was now pretty obvious to all three of them that
Miranda was really turned on. She arched her back and pressed her breast
against Sam's mouth.

As Sam continued kissing and sucking on Miranda's firm young breasts, Lizzie
leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. Miranda eagerly returned her kiss,
exchanging tongues and saliva with her best friend. Sam knew what Lizzie was
doing, setting Miranda up for him, and he really appreciated it. He slid his
hand between Lizzie's legs and began massaging her pussy.

Then, as Lizzie and her dad took turns kissing Miranda's tits and mouth, Sam
slid his hand between Miranda's legs and up to her pussy. But Lizzie's hand
was already there. They each untied the strings of the bikini bottom,
allowing it to fall away, then took turns with her pussy, as they were doing
with her tits and mouth.

Miranda was beside herself. She had never been in this situation before, and
she was becoming so turned on she couldn't stand it. Soon she was bucking and
squirming, humping Sam's fingers all the way to a shuddering climax. As it
overcame her, she let out a whimper, and held on to Sam as tight as she
could. Then, still pressing against him, she relaxed.

Sam was still massaging Lizzie's pussy, though. And Lizzie, too, was almost
ready to climax. She began kissing her dad and humping her pussy harder and
harder against his fingers. As Sam expertly teased her young pussy through
her wet panties, she, too, reached her orgasm. It wasn't as big as Miranda's,
but it was definitely worth the effort.

As the girls sat down on each side of him, Sam wrapped his arms around them.
Lizzie knew what her dad wanted, so she slid her hand over to his crotch and
began fondling his cock through his pants. Miranda took the cue, and she,
too, began fondling him. Before long, Lizzie undid his zipper and began
working to pull his cock out. Since it was almost fully erect, it was quite
a struggle for her, but she finally got it out so they could play with it.

Sam let them play with it for a little while, then, since Miranda was already
naked and Lizzie was still fully dressed, he suggested that Lizzie get up and
do a little strip tease for them "like you did for Digby and me last night."

"Your dad AND Mr. Dig?!... At the same time?"

"Uh, ...It just, you know, worked out that way..."

"Boy, you've come a long way since I've been gone....Are you still a virgin?"


"I'm proud of you, Lizzie. You're growing up. Now let's see that strip tease
your dad was talking about."

Wanting to keep Miranda involved, Sam turned to her "Digby says you give a
pretty good blowjob, Miranda. How about a little sample while Lizzie's taking
her clothes off, then both you girls can finish me off together."

That made sense to Miranda. After all, she figured that was probably why
Lizzie had pulled his cock out. As Lizzie got up and began stripping, Miranda
lowered her head and began licking off Sam's precum. With a handful of
Miranda's tit, and her young mouth affectionately kissing and licking his
cock, Sam sat there watching Lizzie do her best to look sexy as she took her
clothes off for him. He knew she was embarrassed, and for that he appreciated
it even more.

When Lizzie finished taking her clothes off, except for her boots, she walked
back over to her dad and Miranda. With a big smile Sam complimented her "That
was really hot, Lizzie. You don't know how much you turn me on....Now how
about the two of you getting down on your knees here and showing me how well
you can suck cock together."

As the two girls knelt in front of him, they would take turns. While one
would lick the shaft of his cock, the other would kiss and suck the head. To
Sam it was a beautiful sight: two cute teenage girls using their mouths to
try and coax out a load of his cum.

Miranda had more experience than Lizzie with larger cocks. She was able to
take it all the way to the back of her mouth, whereas Lizzie couldn't get
much more than the head in. The girls each had a hand wrapped around the
shaft, as far around as they could reach, and were pumping it steadily as
they kissed and sucked on it. As Sam got closer to ejaculation, the girls
sensed it and began to quickened their pace.

Sam told them that he wanted to cum in both their mouths together. He wanted
both of them sucking on the head when he came. Obediently, the girls began
both sucking on it together. This resulted in the girls kissing each other as
they sucked on his cock, both trying to make sure that some of his cum would
shoot into their mouth.

Finally the moment came. Gush after gush of the hot sticky fluid shot not
only into their mouths, but all over their lips and cheeks. They giggled as
they tried to control where it went and as they tried to catch every last
drop of it.

When it was over, the girls had each swallowed a mouthful, but they each
still had it running down their cheeks. Immediately Sam told them not to wipe
it off. They stopped and looked at him with a puzzled look. Then he went on
to say he wanted them to wipe it off on each other's pussy. They looked at
each other and smiled. He wanted them to put on a girl-on-girl show for him.

Miranda grabbed Lizzie by the shoulders and pulled her down onto her back.
Her face headed for Lizzie's already wet pussy. She held Lizzie's hips and
buried her face into Lizzie's crotch, wiping it against her thighs and pussy.
Meanwhile Lizzie wrapped her arms around Miranda's hips and pulled Miranda's
crotch down to her face. She buried her face in it, wiping her mouth against
Miranda's thighs and pussy.

They rolled around like that for a minute or two, then things became serious.
They were really becoming turned on with the other's mouth against their
pussy. When they thought about what they were doing, they stopped rolling,
and lay there on their side. They began caressing each other's ass while they
began seriously licking each other's pussy. Soon they were writhing and
squirming, thinking only about exploding in orgasm against the other's mouth.

Miranda began using her fingers as well as her mouth on Lizzie's pussy. This
really set Lizzie off. She began whimpering and shaking. She began using her
fingers on Miranda's pussy, and that brought about a similar reaction on
Miranda's part. It only took a short time before they were both shuddering in
climax. They held each other tight, wallowing in the pure pleasure they were
giving each other. Even when it was over, they stayed there for several
minutes, feeling the other's thighs against their cheeks, and feeling the
wetness of the other's pussy against their lips.

Finally they called it quits and got up. As they sat on the couch, Lizzie
smiled at her dad, "Is that what you wanted to see?"

"That was even better than I expected. You girls really know how to please
each other. You're pretty good at pleasing me, too." He wrapped his arms
around them, cupping a tit in each hand.

His cock was still out and was becoming pretty erect again, so the girls each
took hold of it and began gently fondling it.

As Sam fondled the girls' tits, he turned to Miranda, "You've got nice
titties, Miranda. They're bigger than I thought they'd be."

"Uh, thanks, Mr. McGuire.... You've got a nice...cock. It's bigger than I
thought it would be."

"You've still got a while before you have to leave. How would you like to
climb up on it? I think that's what Lizzie had in mind when she started
talking about kissing and touching. In fact, I think I can give you both a
ride, one after the other."

That was what Miranda wanted when Lizzie first pulled it out. "Well, I do
have time, Mr. McGuire..." A grin came across her face, "It's kinda what I
was hoping for... Would it be okay, Lizzie?"

"Of course it's okay. What are best friends for? ... Besides, I know Dad's
got enough left for me."

Miranda climbed up onto the couch, straddling Lizzie's dad, "It's awful big,
Mr. McGuire... be careful... please." She carefully lowered herself down onto
Sam's waiting cock. As she lowered herself, Sam smiled and casually played
with her tits with one hand, and Lizzie's with the other, waiting for her to
get into position. Once she got into position, she looked relieved that it
really did fit.

Sam looked up at her, "Hi, Miranda. I've been wanting to fuck you for a long
time. Now let's see if you're as good as I think you are." Miranda smiled
sheepishly "Yeah, me too..." as she began to rock back and forth.

Sam turned to Lizzie, "Lizzie, why don't you kneel up here like before, and
keep us company?" Lizzie got up on the couch and knelt upright beside him, as
she had done before. She leaned down and kissed him on the mouth, then began
kissing and caressing Miranda. Soon they were taking turns kissing Miranda's
tits and mouth, just as they had done before.

Miranda began rocking faster. She had one arm around Lizzie, and the other
around Sam's neck. As she fucked Lizzie's dad, she would first kiss him, then
kiss Lizzie, then Lizzie and her dad would both be sucking on Miranda's tits.
At the same time, Lizzie had her hand in Miranda's crotch, massaging her

Soon Miranda was again losing control. She was overwhelmed by both Lizzie and
her dad working on her at the same time. She began rocking faster and faster,
bucking and twitching, moaning and whimpering. Then, all of a sudden she
stiffened up and began shuddering uncontrollably. It was by far the best
orgasm she had ever had. She sat there motionless for several minutes,
recovering from the experience she had just been put through.

When she finally did recover enough to climb off of Lizzie's dad, she had to
be very careful; his cock was still fully erect and rock hard. Wincing and
whimpering, she did finally manage to unskewer herself from that man-size
cock. She slid down onto the couch and snuggled next to Lizzie's dad.

"That was a really good fuck, Miranda. You're a hot little bitch, every bit
as good as I thought you'd be."

"Uh, thanks, Mr. McGuire.... I've never had an orgasm like that before...I
love your cock.. It's so... you know... fuckable..."

Then Sam turned to Lizzie, "Ready, Lizzie? I can't wait to pump a load into
that little blonde pussy of yours. The only thing better than filling your
mouth is filling your cute little pussy."

Lizzie got up and straddled her dad, then began to lower herself down onto
his cock. Miranda's pussy juice, along with her own, made it not too
difficult for her to slide all the way down onto her dad's shaft. As she
settled into position, she leaned forward and whispered into her dad's ear,
"Thanks for doing Miranda."

He whispered back "Thank you for setting it up like that. The pleasure was
all mine." With that, he kissed her on the mouth and began caressing her all
over as she began rocking back and forth on his cock.

Miranda realized that Lizzie helping out at the same time that she was
fucking Lizzie's dad had made all the difference in the world in bringing her
to such a good orgasm, so she decided to do the same. Besides, she still
wanted to make out with each of them a little more.

She knelt up beside Sam, as Lizzie had done, and kissed him on the mouth,
pushing her tongue in as far as she could. At the same time, she reached down
behind Lizzie's ass and cupped his balls in her hand, gently fondling them.
When they finished kissing, Sam began kissing Lizzie's tits again, and
Miranda began kissing Lizzie on the mouth. As she did, she began gently
tracing her finger around the opening of Lizzie's anus. Then she slipped her
finger inside and began gently thrusting it in and out.

Lizzie had never experienced anything like that before, especially while she
was being fucked, and it was driving her wild. She grunted and moaned as she
began violently bouncing on her dad's cock and her best friend's finger.
After a few moments Sam saw that she was almost ready, and he was, too.
Within a few seconds they were both exploding in orgasm. Lizzie couldn't
believe how much effect Miranda playing with her asshole had had on her. It
was the first time she realized that her ass was indeed a sexual organ.

As the three of them sat there, casually fondling each other, mentally
reliving the pure enjoyment of fucking each other, and Lizzie wondering how
much else there was that she didn't know about her ass as a sex organ,
Miranda suddenly realized that she had better get home before her parents
came looking for her.

She quickly gathered up her bikini and put her clothes back on. Lizzie and
her dad both saw her to the door. Lizzie didn't bother to get dressed again,
though. There really wasn't any point. At the door, Miranda gave Lizzie and
her dad each a good sloppy kiss and suggested maybe they could do it again
some time, then said goodnight. While Miranda was walking home, still reeling
from the experience, Lizzie was leading her dad by his cock back to the


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