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Lizzie McGuire: The Next Step Part 7 - Matt's Excellent Trip To Grandma's
by DiGiovanni ([email protected])

It was almost time for Jo and Matt, Lizzie's mom and little brother, to
return from their visit at Grandma's house. While they had been there, some
things had not gone very well, but some things had gone extremely well.

When they arrived they found that Grandma was having some remodeling work
done, so they would both have to share the bed in the only guest room. It was
a double bed, but still it was a little uncomfortable for Jo to be sharing a
bed with Matt, whom she knew was sexually active with Lizzie.

They also found that the air conditioning system was only working half-
heartedly. It was summertime, and it was hot.

Jo, like Lizzie, was blonde, but she usually wore her hair up instead of down
like Lizzie. And she was cute. Her dark rimmed glasses seemed to make her
even cuter. She was medium height with a slim build. Her breasts weren't
huge, but they were definitely big enough, and her legs and ass and stomach
were slim and well toned. She didn't usually wear sexy clothes, probably
because she was the mother of two kids, but if she had, she would really have
been hot.

She had only brought a flimsy nighty top and panties to sleep in, so that's
what she would have to wear. The first night when Matt went to bed, Jo sat
visiting with Grandma until she was sure he was asleep. She knew he was a
sound sleeper because she had a difficult time waking him up every morning.

When she was sure Matt was asleep, she got undressed, put on her nighty top
and panties, and slid into bed. Since it was so warm, Matt only had a sheet
over him, and it was pushed down below his waist. As Jo slid into bed beside
him, she couldn't help notice his erection sticking out of the opening in his
shorts. She was surprised it was as big as it was, and leaned over to see it
a little more closely.

As she sat there, she didn't want to wake him up, but she couldn't overcome
the urge to touch it. As she brushed her finger against it, it became
noticeably harder. She very gently wrapped her fingers around it to feel how
hard it was. As she held it, Matt began moving his hips back and forth,
causing her to begin almost stroking it. She didn't know what to do. Matt was
becoming restless, and she didn't want to wake him up. If he had awakened he
would have known for sure that she had been holding his cock.

Suddenly he raised his hand to the back of her head and began pushing it
down. "Suck it, Lizzie..."

Jo was in a predicament. If he woke up he would know that she had been
playing with his cock. On the other hand, she knew that Lizzie was into
sucking him off. Maybe if she sucked it like he wanted, he would stay asleep.

She leaned down and took it into her mouth. Since she was used to sucking her
husband's adult-size cock, she could handle Matt's quite easily. She took it
all the way in to her throat, and began bobbing her head, hoping to get him
to hurry up and cum. It only took a minute before he was pumping his load of
seedlings into her warm, wet mouth.

After she had swallowed his pint-size load, she carefully lay down so as not
to wake him up. As she lay there, Matt rolled towards her and put his hand on
her breast. "Thanks,"

Jo didn't know whether he said "Thanks, Mom" or if he was just mumbling. He
certainly seemed to have been asleep the whole time, but she couldn't be
absolutely sure. With Matt's hand on her breast and the taste of his cum in
her mouth, she finally fell asleep.

The next morning Grandma left early to go meet with her morning bridge club.
Jo was in the kitchen, still wearing her flimsy nightie top, with a shorty
bathrobe over it. Matt slept in 'til almost noon. When he finally did get up,
he wandered into the kitchen, where he saw his mom standing by the counter.
He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Thanks, Mom. I really
needed that."

"What are you talking about, Matt?" Jo responded with a wry little smile on
her face. She wasn't about to 'fess up if she didn't really have to.

"You know. Last night... I really appreciate it."

Jo, still not sure whether Matt really knew or not, "What do you mean, Matt?"

Matt knew she was playing dumb, so he decided to make it a little more
obvious, "Well, you're no Lizzie, but you really did a good job."

At this point Jo knew the truth was going to come out, but she just couldn't
resist, "What do you mean I'm no Lizzie?"

"Well, Lizzie likes to take her time. I think she really enjoys licking it
and sucking on it. But you seemed to want to finish it as soon as you could."
That certainly brought it out in the open.

"I thought you were asleep, and I didn't want to wake you," she finally
admitted, knowing there was no turning back now.

"How in the world could a kid like me sleep when he's getting a blowjob from
the hottest mom in the world?"

Jo smiled, but didn't say anything. Matt knew he had her reeled in now, so he
continued. He drew her shorty bathrobe open, exposing her sheer little
nightie. "You've got to be the hottest mom there is. I'll bet if you let
yourself, you'd really be fun in bed... Better than Lizzie."

Jo smiled curiously, then Matt continued. He raised his hands and cupped his
mom's breasts in them. "You've got real boobs... They're like two handfuls
each," as he pressed his fingers into them and kneaded them around. He wasn't
at all sure she would let him touch her like that, but he decided to go for
it anyway.

Maybe the fact that she had sucked his cock somehow conferred on him the
right to take this sort of liberties with her. In any case, she didn't

"Y-you think so?" was all Jo could respond. Then Matt lowered his hands to
her hips and slid them up inside her nighty, all the way up to her breasts,
which he again took hold of.

"Did I really get to suck on these when I was a baby? I must have had a hard
on 24 hours a day."

"It was kinda hard to tell... But when I'd play with your little thing, it
would get bigger."

"Did you put it in your mouth? I would've loved that."

"No. I didn't want you to pee in my mouth."

"I sure wouldn't pee in it now. I'd just fill it up with cum."

Matt had lured her into the conversation just as if she were a kid Lizzie's
age. She was flattered with the way he was talking about her breasts, and the
way he was fondling them.

He slid one of his hands down and moved it around to her ass. "You've got an
ass that just won't quit, Mom."

Then he slid it around to her front and cupped it around her pussy. As he
worked his fingers against her pussy, he could feel that it had become moist.
Jo could feel it, too. Whether she liked it or not, she was becoming turned
on. "Matt. Stop. What happened was just a one-time thing..."

"But Mom, that's not fair. You know that Lizzie's home taking care of Dad. He
probably gave her a mouthful last night, and he's probably doing it again
this morning."

As Matt was speaking, Jo was picturing Lizzie at home prancing around in a
sexy little outfit in front of her dad, "Would you like me to take care of
that bulge in your pants, Dad?... I know just how to do it, and all you have
to do is sit back and enjoy it... I've done it for Matt a hundred times, and
I've even done Mr. Dig, so I know I can do you... Would you like me

Then Jo pictured Sam feeding Lizzie his hard wet cock, as she knelt in front
of him, telling her to just take her time and not to worry if she couldn't
get it all into her mouth. She pictured Lizzie licking and sucking on it for
a good twenty minutes before Sam finally held her head and shot stream after
stream of his sperm into her mouth. She pictured Lizzie working to swallow it
all down, then licking it off her lips, then licking her dad's cock clean.

As Jo's mind drifted, Matt's hand against her breast and his fingers against
her pussy felt better and better. She was really torn about what to do. She
was almost certain that Lizzie was servicing Sam while she was gone. If Sam
and Matt could share Lizzie, why couldn't they share her, too? She found
herself rubbing her pussy against Matt's fingers, really enjoying what this
cocky little kid was doing with her.

Just then the door opened. It was Grandma returning from her bridge club. As
Matt quickly withdrew his hands and Jo quickly pulled her bathrobe closed,
she said quietly "We'll talk about this later."

But, as it turned out, they didn't really have an opportunity to talk about
it later that day. There were a couple of times when Matt had come up to her
and began fondling her breasts, telling her how nice they were. She allowed
him to for a few seconds because Grandma hadn't been in the room at the time,
and, quite frankly, because she enjoyed it. But then she took his hands down
and told him they had to talk about it. The problem was there was never
really an opportunity that day for them to talk about it.

That night Jo still hadn't decided whether to continue holding out or whether
to just give in and let Matt have his way. She again waited until she was
sure Matt was asleep before she went to bed. She took a shower and was
wearing only a towel when she finally went into the bedroom. She saw that
Matt wasn't wearing his shorts; he was completely naked, and again he had an
erection. She let the towel drop to the floor and reached under her pillow
for her nighty and panties. But they weren't there. She looked around a
little to see if she could find them, but to no avail. Finally, not wanting
to wake Matt up, she quietly lay down on the bed beside him.

She hadn't been there more than a couple of minutes, lying on her back,
trying to go to sleep without disturbing Matt, when Matt rolled onto his
side, facing her, and put his hand on her chest. His hand slowly moved up to
her breast and began to gently fondle it. Jo didn't know what to do. She
simply lay still, hoping Matt would eventually pull his hand back and
continue sleeping.

The next thing she knew, Matt's hand was working its way down her stomach to
her thigh. After caressing her thigh for a few moments, his hand slid between
her thighs, then up to her crotch. She kept her little muff very well
trimmed, so it wasn't much bigger than Lizzie's. Matt's fingers found her
clitoris and began massaging it.

Again, Jo didn't know for sure whether Matt was asleep or not, and she didn't
know what to do. She could feel herself becoming turned on. She could feel
her pussy becoming moist. But if she stopped him, he might wake up. Then she
would have to make a decision whether or not to let him continue his
foreplay. On the other hand, he was really turning her on. And as long as she
didn't wake him up, she wouldn't have to make the decision. She parted her
legs a little, almost as an acceptance of what he was doing. As she did, Matt
draped his leg across hers.

Then, slowly and deliberately, and still appearing to be asleep, Matt rolled
on top of his mom, laying his head on her breasts. His hand reached between
his legs and guided his cock toward her pussy. Jo had never had sex with
anybody but Sam since they were married, but Matt's little cock was sure
enough working its way into her pussy. In spite of all her apprehension, Jo
couldn't help but realize how good it felt, and how much of a turn on it was
to have a cocky little kid like this sticking his pecker into her. Deep down
inside, Jo knew that Matt couldn't be doing all this if he were really
asleep, but she wouldn't admit it to herself. She told herself that he simply
wouldn't have the nerve to do this if he weren't asleep.

Before Jo could change her mind, Matt's fully erect cock was already inside
her, and he was beginning to slowly thrust his hips. He had brought his hands
up to her breasts and was holding one in each hand. They were much bigger
than Lizzie's, and his fingers were pressing deeply into them. By now Jo was
so horny that she couldn't help what she was doing. Besides, she figured Sam
probably had Lizzie in the sack at that very moment, fucking her little
brains out. She wrapped her legs around Matt's, put her hands on his hips,
and began fucking him right back. Her only hope was that he wouldn't wake up.
Fortunately they were moving slowly enough that he might not wake up.

The scenario was so off-the-wall that Jo rapidly felt herself approaching
climax. It wasn't taking Matt long either. As he reached orgasm and began
pumping his little load into his mom, she too reached her climax. It wasn't a
huge one, but it was a definite climax. Then the two of them just lay there.

After a couple of minutes, Jo felt Matt move his head. She opened her eyes
and looked up to see him looking down at her with a grin on his face. Jo
didn't know what to say or what to do. She had been caught red handed!
Anything she might say would sound absolutely stupid. Finally she simply
smiled up at him, "Go to sleep, Matt."

"Thanks, Mom... And thanks again for last night, too... I didn't know you had
it in you."

Jo smiled, "I didn't know you did, either... Just go to sleep."

From that moment on there was an unspoken understanding between Matt and his
mom. Matt slid off her, but held on to her tit as he snuggled against her and
they both fell asleep.

The next morning Matt happened to wake up first. He saw his mother sleeping
naked next to him, and remembered what had happened that night. He saw her
tits for the first time in broad daylight, and couldn't keep his hands off
them, or his mouth. He kneaded them and sucked on them until the nipples were
standing straight up. Then he turned his attention to her pussy. As he
caressed and massaged it, it became moist, just as it had before.

By now he had a very solid erection. Again he mounted his mom and began
driving his little cock into her. He didn't know whether she was really
sleeping through all this, or just pretending. Once his cock was all the way
in, he decided to wake her up, just to be sure she knew what was happening.
"Mom, wake up ...wake up."

Jo slowly opened her eyes to see him grinning down at her just like before.
But this time it wasn't after he was all done; it was just as he was getting
going. As Matt began thrusting his hips, looking down at her, she couldn't
help but smile "You little shit ..."

"And you're loving it, aren't you, Mom?"

She didn't answer. She just wrapped her legs around his, cupped his ass in
her hands, and fucked him right back. This time it was even better than the
night before. This time it was all out in the open, and they both knew that
the other was aware of what they were doing. As they both reached their
orgasms, they looked each other straight in the eye, and grinned from ear to
ear. When they finished, they lay there embracing each other, enjoying the
feel of their bodies joined together.

As they were getting dressed, Jo cautioned Matt not to give Grandma the least
little hint of what had happened, or it would be over. Matt acknowledged, and
they both headed down for breakfast.

That day Matt and his mom had a long talk, and they both learned a few
things. Matt learned that his mom and dad knew all about what he and Lizzie
were doing together, and they didn't have a problem with it. In fact, they
thought it was probably good experience for both of them. He also learned
that Lizzie had lost her virginity just before he and his mom had left for
Grandma's. With any luck, Matt would probably have something good in store
for him when he got home.

Jo learned that Lizzie had not only been sucking off Matt, but that she had
even sucked off Lanny once. "Well, after that party, I guess I'm not
surprised about anything when it comes to Lizzie. Like you said, I wouldn't
be surprised if she were at home sucking off your dad right now."

That night when Matt went to bed, Jo didn't wait for him to fall asleep
before she went up. But she did wait a couple of minutes for him to get
undressed. Then she went up "to tuck him in." When she arrived upstairs, Matt
was lying on the bed buck naked. As Jo sat down beside him, she began
fondling his genitals. She explained to him that she couldn't go to bed right
then because it would look suspicious. She explained that she had just gone
up to tuck him in. As she talked, she managed to bring his little cock up to
a full erection. She looked at it, then smiled at him "But I can take care of
this for you... Would you like me to suck it for you?"

Without waiting for an acknowledgment, she leaned down and began sucking on
it. In less than a minute she had his hard young cock happily ejaculating
into her mouth. She swallowed his little load and discreetly wiped her mouth,
then smiled at Matt, "Now go to sleep, you little pervert."

Jo went back downstairs and visited with Grandma for another hour or so
before going to bed herself. When she did go up, she was hoping Matt was
still awake. Although she hadn't openly admitted it to herself, she found
that she was really enjoying being fucked by a little kid like him. She had
never been fucked by anyone that young, even when she was young. And it
seemed like he was always ready. Even after he ejaculated, he would be ready
to go again.

When she went into the bedroom, she turned the light on to undress. As she
undressed, she couldn't tell if Matt was playing possum again or not, but she
was hoping. She didn't bother looking for her nighty; she just turned the
light out and slid into bed with him. She didn't want to be too overt in
letting him know she was interested, so she had to just lie there, waiting to
see if he would come on to her.

Even with the light turned off, the room was illuminated enough to see what
was happening. She lay there for a couple of minutes, and nothing happened.
She was disappointed, but figured that's just the way it was. Then she felt
Matt's hand slide onto her stomach. After pausing for a moment, it continued
sliding up to her breast. It began squeezing and fondling it, brushing its
fingers across her nipple, causing it to become erect. Then it moved to her
other breast and did the same thing. Then she heard Matt's voice "You've got
really nice tits, Mom."

Now the ball was in Jo's court. Matt was obviously not asleep, and he was
openly coming on to her. She had to decide whether to openly welcome his
advances or continue to act like she disapproved, even though she was going

She found that she couldn't really acknowledge him as an equal, but she could
make some concessions. "Thanks, Matt. I'm glad you like them.... Is there
anything else you like?"

"Yeah... I like your pussy... And I like your ass... And I like your legs.
You've got the hottest legs of any mom I know." With that he slid his hand
down to her pussy and began fondling it. His disrespectful little fingers
probing and fondling her pussy were turning Jo on even more than she was

"And I like your face." He leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. Not
waiting for her to part her lips, he pushed his tongue between them and into
her mouth. It was the first time they had ever kissed like that. She could
still taste the toothpaste on his tongue. She sucked it into her mouth and
lavished it with her saliva, much the way she had done with his cock earlier.
Then she pushed her tongue into his mouth, practically filling it up.

As they broke their kiss, Matt rolled up on top of his mom. She parted her
legs to make room for his, and he immediately began stuffing his little cock
into her moist adult pussy. She was hoping for a little more foreplay, but it
didn't look like it was going to happen. As Matt began thrusting, Jo began
thrusting back. It didn't seem like any time at all before Matt was cumming,
spewing his little seed into her pussy. Then he collapsed on top of her. As
he began to withdraw his little pecker, Jo grabbed his ass and held him in

"Not so fast, Matt... We're not finished yet." Matt stopped moving, and
looked at her with a puzzled look on his face. Jo had decided to make him do
it all over again.

"I like it when your big strong cock is in my pussy" she said in a very sexy
voice as she began caressing his ass.

"I've been waiting all evening to have sex with you" as she ran her hands all
over his unsuspecting young body.

"I love sucking your cock, but most of all I love it when you're fucking
me... And I love it when you kiss my tits... Go ahead, show me how well you
kiss them." She pushed them together for him.

As Matt obediently kissed her tits for her, he could feel his cock becoming
hard again. Jo felt it, too. It was working.

"I can feel your big bad cock getting hard again... I love it when I can make
your cock get hard... And I love feeling our naked bodies together... you're
so strong for your age."

Matt was beginning to get the message: slow down and enjoy it. He began
caressing his mom all over.

"Ooooh, more... I love it when you caress my ass and my thighs... I love it
when you force yourself on me... I can't get enough of you..."

Matt found himself beginning to thrust his hips again, and Jo began thrusting
hers, too. As they both continued to caress each other all over, and Jo
continued to tell him how much she loved being fucked by him, they gradually
began to pick up the pace. Since Matt had just cum a few minutes earlier, he
found that he was much more able to control himself. He was fucking her just
like a big kid would.

"That's it, Matt... Now you're giving me what all girls want... I love it
when you slam your big hard cock into me like that... And I love it when you
maul my tits like that... Go ahead, take it all into your mouth... I love it
when you suck them like that..."

Soon Jo had him fucking her like a pro, slamming his cock in as hard as he
could, and she loved every moment of it. She could feel herself getting close
to a real orgasm, if only he could keep going a little longer. Meanwhile,
Matt felt like he was in complete control. He felt like he could cum as soon
as he wanted or last as long as he wanted. He decided to make it last as long
as it took in order to make his mom have a real climax.

Jo was surprised that it was working out so well. And talking dirty and
begging seemed to turn her on as much as it turned Matt on. "That's it,
Matt... Fuck me like I'm your own little bitch... I need it... And I want
it... I belong to you..."

It didn't take much longer before Jo was bucking and writhing, moaning and
whimpering, as she reached her long awaited climax. She clung tightly to Matt
as she felt her climax surge through her body.

Matt knew it was time. He held his mom's hips as he rammed his cock in as far
as he could, shooting his sperm into his new-found bitch. Then they both

As they lay there in each other's arms, Jo thought about all that had
happened. So much for not being able to bring herself to treat Matt as an
equal. She had groveled for him, and she was glad she did. She knew that in
the future she wouldn't be able to act disapprovingly if he wanted to have
sex with her, or even if he wanted to take liberties like feeling her up in
the kitchen. And she was sure those things would come up time and time again.

But for the rest of the time they were at Grandma's, she had her own little
stud. And she was going to make good use of him. She enjoyed sucking his
little cock just as much as Lizzie did, but what she enjoyed most was when he
would climb on and give her a really good fucking.

Since Matt and his mom had gotten on the same page, their week-long stay at
Grandma's seemed to fly by. In no time at all it was the day before they were
scheduled to return home. Matt had really been good; he had been considerate,
never obnoxious. He had been the ideal kid to have an affair with. So Jo
decided to offer him whatever he wanted.

Matt didn't have to think about it long. "I wanna tit-fuck you, and cum on
your face, especially on your glasses. Then I wanna wipe my cock all over
your face, and I want you to tell me how much you love it."

It seemed that Matt saw his mom's glasses as something of an authority
symbol. And if he could cum on them, and wipe his cock around on her face, it
would be like sitting on top of the world. And having her tell him how much
she liked it would be like frosting on the cake.

Jo was a little surprised at Matt's request, but, since she had offered, she
agreed to do it and to make it as pleasurable for him as she could.

That night Jo went to bed the same time as Matt so she could "rest up for the
trip home." Once they were in the bedroom, Matt didn't waste any time in
taking his clothes off. He was really looking forward to this. Jo, on the
other hand, waited until Matt was naked. Then she did a slow strip-tease for

When she finished, she lay down on the bed, flat on her back, her glasses
still on, looking at Matt's cock. "Hey, Matt. Why don't you climb up here on
top of me and lay that big cock of yours between my tits. I want you to tit-
fuck me, and then spray your cum all over my face."

Matt couldn't believe it was really happening. As he climbed up and straddled
his mom, he leaned forward a little and positioned his cock between her ample
breasts. She leaned up and kissed its head, then took it into her mouth and
covered it with saliva. Then she pushed her breasts together against it. She
lay her head back down, looking Matt in the eye and smiling, "I love the
taste of your cock, Matt... and I love the taste of your cum... I can't wait
for you to spray it on my face... I hope some of it goes in my mouth so I can
swallow it."

Matt couldn't believe how well his mom was playing along. It was like the
ultimate fantasy come true. He began rocking, sliding his cock back and forth
between her tits. "Mom, this is exactly what I wanted."

"I'm glad you like it too, Matt... I love sucking your cock, and I love it
when you fuck me, but right now all I want is a face full of your cum. I want
that big hard cock of yours to shoot out as much as it can... then I'll suck
the rest of it out."

Matt couldn't argue with that. He began thrusting harder and harder as his
mom looked into his eyes, her open mouth smiling up at him. "That's it, me how much cum you've got... I want my face covered in it."

Before Matt knew it, cum was streaming out of his cock. He had never produced
that much before. The first stream shot right into his mom's nose. The second
shot across her glasses. And the third went from her cheek to her mouth. "Oh,
Matt. I didn't know you had so much... That big cock of yours gets better all
the time... If you lean forward a little I'll suck out the rest... Then I'd
like you to wipe it all over my face... I love the taste of it, and the feel
of it on my face."

Matt leaned farther forward and began wiping his mom's face with his cock.
When he would brush it past her mouth she would kiss it or take it in and
suck it a little more, all the time telling Matt how great he was.

When they were both satisfied that they had had enough, Matt rolled off so
his mom could go to the bathroom and wash her face and glasses.

When she came back, she lay down beside him. She snuggled against him and
wrapped her fingers around his limp little cock. "How was that, Matt... Is
that what you had in mind?"

"Thanks, Mom... That was perfect... It just couldn't have been any better."

"Would you like to go again?" as she gave his cock a little squeeze.

"I don't think so, Mom... I don't think I've got anything left."

"I'm glad I pleased you... I liked it too... I can see why Lizzie likes
sucking on your cock so much; I like it too... Good night."

"G'night, Mom... And thanks again."


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