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Lizzie McGuire: The Next Step Part 8 - Homecoming (Mmf,inc,nc-cons)
by DiGiovanni

It had been a busy week for Lizzie and her dad. Her mom, Jo, and her little
brother, Matt, had gone to spend the week at Grandma's, leaving Lizzie and
her dad, Sam, at home to fend for themselves. Lizzie and her dad hadn't
wasted any time in seducing each other, and from then on they had had a
veritable fuckfest. They had done it in every room in the house, and had
even brought others, like Miranda and Mr. Dig, in on the action. They had
developed quite a bond.

Lizzie and her dad weren't aware of it, but Matt and Jo had also managed to
get in each other's pants, and were having their own little fuckfest at
Grandma's. They didn't have the freedom that Lizzie and her dad had, but they
managed to get their share of fucking and sucking in.

Finally it was the day that Jo and Matt were to return from Grandma's house.
Lizzie wasn't really looking forward to their return. She had become pretty
well hooked on her dad, and she didn't know if she would ever be able to have
sex with him again, or if she would just have to settle for Matt. She was
wearing the same outfit she had worn to the party a little more than a week
earlier, boots, short skirt, short-waisted sleeveless shirt without a bra,
just because she didn't want her time with her dad to end. This was a way of
dragging it out as long as possible. She had offered him a blowjob that
morning, but he had politely turned her down, saying maybe he would take her
up on it later. That made things even worse; she didn't know if he would ever
take her up on it, or if there would ever be any sex between them again.

Then the moment arrived. Matt and Jo returned home. As they met, they all
hugged each other in joy. As Matt hugged Lizzie, he slid his hand down to her
ass, letting her know that he was really glad to see her, and was ready to
start up again where they had left off. Lizzie didn't reciprocate, though.
Instead, she acted despondent and not really interested.

As the day went on, it became more and more apparent that Lizzie just wasn't
interested in Matt. The two of them began bickering just as they had before
they started their relationship with each other. Matt didn't want to bicker
with her, but Lizzie wouldn't let him stop. In fact, she was being a real
brat. Sam and Jo could see what was happening, and they weren't very pleased
about it.

Finally, as Matt was making himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and
Lizzie was sitting there pouting, Jo ordered them both to go up to Lizzie's
room, "And don't come back down until you can work out whatever's wrong, and
until you can get along like you used to! And Matt, take your sandwich with

"And close the door!" Sam added.

Lizzie stomped her way up the stairs, with Matt right behind her, watching
her perfect ass bounce from side to side. The one part of Lizzie's body that
was pretty fully developed was her ass, and that fact wasn't lost on Matt or
his dad. There was nothing he wanted more than to tear her clothes off and
have his way with her.

When they arrived at Lizzie's room, she sat on the bed, and Matt sat on the
floor with his sandwich. He didn't have the stomach to eat it, though. He
was too upset, so he just sat there holding it. They sat that way for a long
time, neither of them saying a work.

Finally Lizzie broke the silence. She knew what was bothering Matt, but
wasn't about to trade her dad for Matt, so she decided to make a halfway
offer. "Okay, I'll suck your little pecker, then we can go down and tell
Mom and Dad that everything's okay."

Matt thought about it for a minute. It wasn't anywhere near what he wanted,
but at least it was a start. "Okay, but I get to eat your pussy first."

"Okay, you can eat my pussy, and I'll suck your little pecker, then we can go
down and tell Mom and Dad that everything's okay."

Matt thought about it for a moment, "One more thing. Let me tie your wrists
to the bed."

"What?! Why do you want to tie my wrists to the bed?"

"It's just something I've always wanted to do, Lizzie... Please?...I'll never
ask to do it again."

"You promise you'll just eat my pussy, then untie me?"

"I promise, Lizzie... Please?"

"Okay. You can tie my wrists to the bed... But you'd better keep your

Since there was no rope in Lizzie's room, Matt had to tippy toe down to his
own room to find some. He brought back four pieces, telling Lizzie that he
brought four just in case they weren't long enough.

Lizzie lay down on her back with a pillow under her head and stretched her
arms toward the bedposts. "You'd better not go back on your word, Matt."

Matt carefully tied her wrists to the bedposts, then sat on the bed next to
her legs. He pushed her skirt up to her waist. Lizzie raised her hips to help
him, and so he could slide her panties down. As he slid them down to her
ankles, she lifted her feet out, one at a time. Then he positioned himself
between her legs and began licking the insides of her thighs.

Lizzie lay there, looking at the ceiling. She didn't know if Matt would be
able to bring her to climax or not. If he couldn't, she would just fake it so
she could get the whole thing over with.

As Matt was licking her thighs and nudging his nose against her well-trimmed
little pussy, he was also tying each of the other two ropes around her
ankles. She couldn't feel it because of her boots. And he was being very
careful not to let her know what he was doing.

Once he had the ropes tied, "Just a second, Lizzie." He slid down off the
foot of the bed. He quickly tied one of the ropes to the bed leg, then took
the other one and began tying it to the other bed leg.

Lizzie began wondering what he was doing down there, so she looked down
toward the foot of the bed. She tried to move her leg, but discovered that
she couldn't. She quickly tried to move her other leg. But Matt was far
enough along that he was able to hold the rope in place until he could finish
tying it.

"What are you doing?! You said my arms, not my legs!... Untie my legs!"

Matt could see that she was really pissed. And he knew she would be. But
he was in control now. He sat down on the bed beside her and carefully
unbuttoned her shirt, then pushed it wide open, uncovering her smooth young
breasts. "I like it when you don't wear a bra, Lizzie... It makes your tits
so much more available."

"Matt, you don't need to play with my boobs to eat my pussy!... What are you
doing?!" Lizzie was really pissed. She couldn't believe she had let herself
be tied to the bed like that. She didn't know what Matt might have in mind,
but she didn't want any part of it.

Matt quietly stood up and began undressing. He couldn't believe how hot his
sister looked, tied spread-eagle on the bed, struggling against the ropes,
her tits and pussy right out in plain view.

Lizzie was livid. She wanted desperately to get loose, but she couldn't. And
she knew that if she hollered too loud, her parents would hear. She didn't
really want them coming up and seeing her like that.

When Matt finished undressing, he picked up his sandwich and walked over to
the bed. He took the sandwich apart and put one slice of bread on Lizzie's
nightstand. He kept the other one as he lay down next to Lizzie.

"What are you doing, Matt?!... Don't you dare!... Matt!"

Matt flopped his piece of bread down on Lizzie's chest, with the peanut
butter and jelly side down. He squished it around on one breast, then slid it
over to her other one and squished it around some more. Then he put it on the
nightstand with the other one.

"Matt, when I get loose, I'm gonna kill you!" As Lizzie struggled and
complained at him, Matt leaned down and began kissing and licking the peanut
butter and jelly off her tits. In no time he had her nipples standing up,
betraying Lizzie's enjoyment in spite of her struggling and complaining. At
the same time, Matt was caressing her thighs and fondling her pussy. It was
becoming more and more moist. He was turning Lizzie on, whether she liked it
or not.

When Matt decided he had Lizzie's tits licked off clean enough, he reached
for the other piece of bread on the nightstand. When Lizzie saw what he was
going to do with it, "No, Matt!... Don't you dare!"

But her words fell on deaf ears. Matt flopped it down on her face, smearing
it from one cheek to the other, across her nose and mouth. Then he began
licking it off her face. Lizzie struggled and tried to turn her face away
from him, but Matt continued licking. When he would lick across her lips, he
would kiss her in the process. Sometimes Lizzie half-kissed him back. She
really wanted to, but she didn't want to let him know it.

In due time, Matt finally had her face pretty well cleaned off. He then
decided to climb up and sit on her chest, straddling it. "Matt, No!... You
said you wouldn't cum on my face... You promised!"

"Don't worry, Lizzie. I won't... I just want you to take it into your sweet
little mouth and suck on it for a minute.... When you're mad like this is
when I really want to stick it in your mouth."

Lizzie was not only mad, but frustrated. She really didn't want to give him
the satisfaction of sucking on it under these circumstances. Yes, she had
agreed to give him a blowjob, but not like this. Not with him completely
having the upper hand. But she didn't have any choice. The longer she
refused, the longer he would sit on her, taunting her. So, grudgingly, she
opened her mouth and took it in. "A little more tongue, please... That's it,
Lizzie. Show me how much you love it."

When Matt was satisfied that Lizzie had sucked it enough, he withdrew it,
then began wiping her face with it. Her cheeks glistened with his precum
mixed with her own saliva. Lizzie was sputtering and stammering, but there
was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

By now the foreplay had given Matt quite an erection. He slid down on top of
Lizzie, his knees between her legs, and his face above her chest. He raised
his ass and began probing with his cock, trying to locate her pussy. When he
found it, he quickly slid the head of his cock between its lips.

"Matt! What are you doing?!... I didn't say you could do that!... Matt! Stop
it!... You don't have permission!" Again Lizzie knew that she didn't want her
parents to hear her hollering. After all, just how dumb would a girl have to
be to allow herself to be tied to a bed and not expect to be fucked?

Matt simply smiled at Lizzie and began rocking his hips, pushing his cock in
deeper and deeper. Before long it was all the way in. Lizzie was a little
surprised; it felt bigger than she had expected it to. And Matt seemed to be
more in control than she would have expected.

Actually, Matt's self confidence had risen quite a bit as a result of his
carrying on with his mom. Now he felt like he was in complete control. He
didn't have to worry about premature ejaculation. He could just take his
time and fuck Lizzie until she was ready to admit she really wanted it. He
began thrusting, gently at first, then slowly building up.

As Lizzie lay there, unable to do anything about the fact that she was being
fucked, her mind drifted back to the evening when she had done both Mr. Dig
and her dad. She hadn't had any problem sharing herself with both of them. It
had worked out very well, and everyone was happy. So why was she being such a
bitch with Matt? She began to realize that it wasn't fair. It wasn't fair to
her, and it wasn't fair to Matt. It wasn't Matt's fault that he was young, or
that Lizzie had gotten hung up on her dad. She and Matt had formed a unique
bond, first time experiences for both of them, and now she was just trashing
it. The more she thought about it, the worse she felt about the way she'd
been behaving.

As she lay there thinking about these things, she unconsciously began rocking
her hips in rhythm with her little brother. Before long, she was thrusting
just like he was. It began to sink in on her that he wasn't just humping her,
trying to get himself off as soon as he could. He was taking his time, trying
to get her up to where she could climax too. And he was doing a pretty good
job of it. It surprised her that he was being so mature in the way he was
doing it. She began consciously responding to him, fucking him back like she
wanted it. Then it all came together for her. She looked up at Matt just as
he was glancing at her. She saw genuine affection in his eyes.

"Matt... I'm sorry... I'm sorry for the way I behaved, and the way I treated

Matt looked down at her in disbelief. He liked what he was hearing; he just
wasn't sure he was hearing it right. So Lizzie clarified "It's okay, Matt...
Fuck me all you want... you deserve it." Then she added with a smile "...and
I want it."

She leaned up to kiss him. Matt stretched forward and kissed her on the lips.
He could barely reach her mouth while he was plugged into her pussy. When
they finished kissing, a big smile came across his face. His old Lizzie was
back. He felt like he was on top of the world. This change in Lizzie's
attitude gave him even more confidence.

"Matt, I'm surprised at how good you are. How did you learn..."

"We can talk about it later," Matt interrupted "Right now let's just fuck."

And they did. It wasn't long before Matt had Lizzie moaning and whimpering in
climax as he shot his precious load deep inside her. Then they both lay there

After a few minutes, Lizzie broke the silence "You can untie me now, Matt...
I'm not going anywhere."

When Matt had finished untying her, she rolled toward him, draped her arm and
leg across him, and lay there, her face next to his.

"So, Lizzie. Did you get into Dad's pants while I was gone?"

"Well, more like he got into mine..."

"Yeah? At your invitation?"

"Uh, well... I guess I was wearing something kinda sexy... but in no time at
all he had me half undressed, and his fingers in my pussy."

"How was it?"

"Uh, pretty good... He really knows what he's doing... Then I had to give him
a blowjob."

"Had to, or wanted to?"

"Well, maybe both..."

"I'll bet he loved that... Cute little Lizzie sucking him off."

"Yeah... I pretended I didn't know what I was doing... I think that gave him
an even bigger thrill... I think guys his age really like getting sucked off
by younger girls."

"Wow. I bet he really filled your mouth up."

"Yeah... I kept as much as I could in my mouth and showed it to him before I
swallowed it. He liked that... But that night I went to his room and climbed
into bed with him...That's when things really got going... My pussy never
felt as worn out as it did after that... So what about you? I guess it was a
long time to go without any."

"Well, not exactly without any... Mom kinda knows what she's doing, too..."

"What?! You... and Mom?!"

"Yeah... She's really hot... She loves it when I suck on her tits, and she
likes to beg."

"MOM begged YOU?!"

"Yeah... I think she did it just to make me feel good... you know, more like
a stud. Anyway, it sure worked.... and she taught me how to slow down and
make it last a lot longer."

"So you actually fucked her?"

"Yeah... plus she gave me a bunch of blowjobs... She's really good at that."

"So I've done you and Dad. And you've done me and Mom. It looks like there's
no more secrets to keep."

"I hadn't thought of it that way, but I guess you're right."

As they lay there talking, Lizzie had been fondling Matt's cock. Naturally,
looking into Lizzie's face and feeling her playing with his cock was having
an effect on Matt. "Matt, I think your little guy's waking back up." Lizzie
gave it a little squeeze. "Sooo... would you like your blowjob now?"

"Really?" Matt perked up. "Even after I fucked you ‘without permission'?" he

"Oh, I don't blame you for that.... I was really being a little brat...
and I probably deserved it. Besides, it woke me up. Anyway, I offered you a
blowjob, and I want to make good on it... Besides, I think you deserve it."
She sat up and took her top off. "Is there any particular way you'd like it?"

Matt stroked his chin as he thought for a moment. "You know, there is
something I'd like even better than a blowjob."

"Well, okay... whatever you'd like..... What?"

"Well, since I didn't get to pop your cherry, I'd sure like to be the first
one to fuck you in the ass.... unless I'm too late for that too."

Lizzie smiled "You wanna fuck my ass...?"

"Yeah... I've been wanting to do that for a long time... I'll bet it's as
tight as they come."

Lizzie thought about it for a moment, and the more she thought about it, the
more reasonable it sounded. She remembered the time a few days earlier when
Miranda had fingered her ass while she was fucking her dad. It had really
felt sexual, and was a big turn on for her. And Matt's cock was small enough
that it shouldn't hurt that much.

"Okay... I've never done it, though.... How do you want me...?" as she pulled
her skirt up to her waist.

"How about on all fours?.... That's the way I've always fantasized about
it.... Get on your hands and knees, with your ass up in the air where it
belongs." Matt smiled.

"You little pervert..." Lizzie smiled back as she got on her hands and knees
for him.

Her head was over the edge of the bed, so Matt got off the bed and stood in
front of her. "You can suck it a little to get it ready, though..."

Lizzie looked up at him and smiled "Yeah, it probably will go in easier if I
get it wet first..." Then she took it into her mouth and proceeded to do what
she did so well, licking and sucking it up to a good, hard erection.

When Matt figured she had sucked it enough, he climbed back onto the bed and
moved around behind her, kneeling between her legs. "It's a little too high,
Lizzie... spread your knees a little more."

Lizzie did as she was told. She couldn't help think how much of a change it
was for Matt to be giving her instructions about sex. But she was looking
forward to it as much as he was, so she did whatever she could to accommodate

As Matt looked down at his hot big sister kneeling there on all fours, her
smooth firm fourteen year old ass just waiting for his cock, he was more
turned on than ever. He stuck his finger in his mouth, getting it good and
wet, then began tracing it around Lizzie's hole, then gently sticking it
in. As Lizzie's muscles relaxed he stuck it in farther and farther, then
began gently thrusting it a little. "How does it feel, Lizzie?"

"It feels good, Matt.... Just... please be gentle..." She held perfectly
still for him, enjoying it as much as he did.

Then Matt slowly slid his finger out and positioned his cock against her
hole. He began nudging it in, a little bit at a time. He could hear Lizzie
moan as he got it halfway in. He held her hips as he began gently but
forcefully thrusting it in deeper and deeper. Soon he had it all the way in,
and Lizzie was sighing and moaning more and more. Then he stopped to assess
the situation and relish just what was happening.

He was actually fucking Lizzie's perfect ass, and she was on her hands and
knees holding it up there for him. He smiled as he reached down and grabbed
a couple handfuls of tit. He squeezed them and worked them around a little
before getting down to the business of actually fucking her ass. Lizzie was
patient, and waited for him to finish playing with her tits. She appreciated
the pause so her ass could become a little more accustomed to his cock being
in it.

Then he returned his hands to her hips and began slowly thrusting his cock in
and out of that luscious ass of Lizzie's. It was nice and tight, and his cock
could feel every little ripple it encountered as it slid back and forth. The
best part was the fact that he had just cum a few minutes earlier, so he
could probably last as long as he wanted.

As he began picking up the pace, he grabbed a handful of Lizzie's long blonde
hair with one hand and gave her a good slap on the ass with the other. That
got a reaction from Lizzie "Take it easy, Matt!... You're not riding a

"Sorry, Lizzie... I got carried away.... I just can't believe how hot and
slutty you are."

Just then the door cracked open. Their dad, Sam, had decided to look in and
see if they had made any progress in resolving their differences. He stuck
his head inside the door, and when he saw Matt fucking Lizzie doggy style, he
knew they must be back to their old selves. Instead of leaving them, though,
he walked into the room. "Hi... Looks like you guys are working things out
after all... Mom went to get groceries, and when I heard voices up here, I
decided to take a look."

Lizzie was totally embarrassed for him to see her like that. Matt was
somewhat embarrassed, but not enough to stop what he was doing, if his dad
would let him keep doing it. And, sure enough, Sam came through. "Don't stop
on my account.... Mom and I knew that if you two worked things out, you'd
probably be doing something like this." Then he looked down at Lizzie with a
smile "I didn't know you took it in the ass, though, Lizzie."

"This is my first time... he said he wanted to....." Lizzie said meekly,
trying to gain some sense of composure while being fucked in the ass.

Matt chimed in "We know that you guys know that we've been having sex, so we
thought it was okay..."

"Oh, it is, Matt... And I can't blame you for fucking her in the ass....
She's got just about the nicest teenage ass I've ever seen." He leaned over
and gave her ass a little slap. "Girls like it when guys slap their ass." So
Matt gave her ass another slap.

"Ow, Matt! He didn't mean SLAP slap."

"Sorry, Lizzie... I guess I got carried away again.."

Now that Sam had looked in and seen what they were doing, Lizzie expected
him to leave and let them have their privacy. Instead, Sam leaned over and
fondled her tit, as he made his way toward her head. "Dad, what are you
doing?... You're not going to stay here and watch, are you...?" Lizzie asked
with a certain amount of trepidation.

Sam didn't answer, but continued on around until he was standing in front of
her. Then he unzipped his pants and began pulling his cock out. "Dad, what
are you doing?!" Lizzie asked incredulously.

"Well, Lizzie... You look so hot kneeling there on all fours, half naked,
with your little brother fucking your ass, I thought I'd take you up on the
blowjob you offered this morning... You're already in the right position."

Lizzie felt totally humiliated, being fucked in the ass by her little brother
while her dad was asking her for a blowjob. On the other hand, she certainly
didn't want to do anything that might jeopardize the sexual relationship
she'd been having with her dad. If she turned him down, he might not ask
again, and it might be the end of a very good thing. She smiled up at him
"Sure, Dad.... I don't know how well I can do it like this, though..."

"Oh, it's okay, Lizzie... I'll help you out... All you need to do is suck on
it and twirl your tongue around on it, like you usually do... I'll do the
rest." He took his cock in his hand and put the head against her cheek. But
when she tried to take it into her mouth, it was already against her other
cheek. He made her chase it a few times like that, leaving little streaks of
precum on her face, making her work for it a little before feeding it to her.

Once Lizzie got it into her mouth and began sucking on it, Sam began stroking
the shaft with his hand. It was going to be sort of a combination blowjob -
masturbation, with Lizzie's mouth as the receptacle. Lizzie sucked and
slurped on it, doing the best job she could for her dad.

"Sounds like she's really gobbling it down, Dad..."

"Yeah... I think she really likes sucking cock... but I guess you already
knew that."

Lizzie was having a hard time focusing. She had never been fucked in both
ends at the same time before, and it was difficult trying to please her dad
while at the same time trying to thrust with Matt. But the experience was
really turning her on. The humiliation, combined with the double penetration,
made her want more and more.

Neither Sam nor Matt was really anxious to hurry up and cum. It was like a
bonding experience for them, both being serviced at the same time by their
favorite fourteen year old girl. "So, did you enjoy your stay at Grandma's?"

"Yeah... Mom's cool.... She taught me a lot..."

"I'm glad.... Sex education is important, you know.... Lizzie and I taught
each other a lot too..."

"What did you learn from Lizzie, Dad?"

"Well, I learned that she's always horny... And I learned that she really
likes to be seduced.... And..." on and on.

After several minutes of listening to them chit chat, Lizzie made a loud
noise with her throat, as if to say "Hey!... I'm still here, you know..."

"I think Lizzie's trying to tell us something... Let me know when you're
ready to cum, Son, and we'll do it together."

"I...I think I'm about ready, Dad... in just a few seconds..."

Sam began jerking his cock more quickly, keeping just the head of it in
Lizzie's mouth so she would be able to feel the full effect of his
ejaculation before swallowing it down. Then, just as Matt tensed up and
began spewing his cum into Lizzie's ass, Sam unleashed his own load into
her mouth. Lizzie was overcome by the feeling of cum being pumped into
both ends of her. The thought of two guys cumming in her at the same time,
along with all the physical stimulation, definitely carried Lizzie over
the edge.

She wanted to back up and ram Matt's cock even deeper into her ass, and at
the same time she wanted to push forward and gobble her dad's cock in as far
as it would go. But she couldn't do both at the same time, so she writhed in
climax, jerking back and forth in spasms, shuddering violently as her climax
overtook her young body.

When it was over, she collapsed on the bed, her dad's cum dripping from her
mouth and Matt's cum dripping from her ass hole. Sam sat down beside her,
caressing her, and Matt lay on the other side of her, caressing her too. As
she lay there, she realized that she could have it both ways, both her dad
and her brother, and that made her feel really good. She leaned over and
kissed Matt and gave him a hug. Then she sat up and kissed her dad and gave
him a hug. "Thanks, guys... I really liked that..."

"You're welcome, Lizzie... I always like to see families work things out...
And Matt, I hope you saved a little for Mom.... She told me what a little
stud you've become."

"Yeah... Maybe we could double team her, like we did Lizzie... She'd probably
really like that... She can be pretty slutty, you know..."

"Yeah, I think it runs in the family," Sam agreed.

"If you do, invite me in too," Lizzie insisted. "I wanna see that... I can't
picture Mom doing all that stuff..."

"Oh, you'll be invited, Lizzie... You'll be right in the middle of it... and
when Mom finishes with us, she'll probably do you, too."


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