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Lizzie McGuire: The Prices You Sometimes Have To Pay
by DCForever

"Lizzie, you around?"

"Yeah Gordo. Come on up."

Her friend walks through her bedroom door.

"So, what's up, Gordie?"

"I can confide in you, right? I mean, if I tell you something you can keep
it between us, right?"

"Sure, Gordo! Is something wrong?"

Ignoring her comment, "Even if its personal?"

"Yes, already! Will you just tell me what's on your mind already?"

"Okay, Lizzie, I trust you!"

"Glad to know you can trust me. Its crucial info for a friendship to work."

"You're a doll, Lizzie. You are a doll."

"Ah, your too sweet, Gordo. So what is so important that you had to verify
my trustworthiness?"

"It involves Miranda."

"Miranda? As in my other best friend, Miranda?"

"The one and same!"

"Okay, this sounds interesting. I'm listening."

"Well, what I'm about to tell you happened yesterday at her house."

Lizzie makes herself more comfortable on her bed; her friend joins her.

"So, you were at Miranda's yesterday. Got that much! Go on."

"Well, simply put...I saw something I shouldn't have. I saw her do it."

Expressing a look of confusion, "Saw her do what?"


"Gordo, there are a lot of 'its' in this world. Can you be more specific?"

"Fine! This isn't easy for me. Especially talking to you about it, but here
goes nothing. Yesterday, I dropped by her house to drop off something for my
mom. While I was there I figured I would peek my head into her room and show
her my latest home video."

"Okay, nothing out of the ordinary so far."

"Anyways, when I saw that her door was partially opened I stuck my head in to
say hi, but when I saw what she was doing on the bed I just froze."

"You don't mean? No, she wasn't? And you saw her!"

"Yeah. I saw her."

"And when you saw her you turned right around and left...right?"

"Far from it. I couldn't move, Lizzie. I tried my hardest, but my feet were
frozen in place. I just stood there using her door as a shield. She looked
like she was really enjoying herself. I knew guys masturbated, but never
considered the idea that girls did to."

"You're just playing right?" Shakes his head.

"I had to know. Haven't you ever heard any of the girls at school

"Yeah, about some things, sure. But don't ever recall the subject of
masturbating coming up."

"What a sheltered life you live."

"Well enough about my lack of knowledge on the subject. Do you or do you not
want me to continue?"

"Oh no! This is getting too good to stop now."

"I did something...something I'm not proud of. You're going to think I'm a
perv or possibly something worse. I...I videotaped it. It just happened.
One minute I was watching her the next I was grabbing for my video camera.
Videoing is like second nature to me. It was just a reaction. It was by
far the most beautiful sight I've ever caught on film."

"Wait a minute! Let me get this straight...not only did you stand and watch
her...but you video taped Miranda as very close and personal
friend while she was having a private her own house and room no

"I know what I did was wrong. I just needed to get it out ... to talk to
someone. I chose you hoping you would be adult about the situation. Please,
whatever you do, you can't tell Miranda. She would never speak to me again."

"Gordo, this is pushing beyond friendship...its bordering on an illegal
activity. You committed a crime."

"I know! What do you think I should do?"

"Where's the tape now?"

"Left it at home. What you want to see it?"

"Just say I'm interested. Yes, what you did was wrong. You violated
someone's privacy, but its not everyday you get a chance to see a best friend
pleasuring herself on tape."

Gordo gives her the evil eye stare.

"Fine! So sue me! I'm interested."

"Why are you interested? Haven't you ever masturbated yourself? I'm sure its
about the same for all girls."

"Hello, that's personal!"

"Well so is my tape of Miranda. The tape that is in question. The one you
want to get your hands on. So, what's your point? Personal was thrown out
the window along time ago."

"Damn it! I hate it when you're right. Yes! Are you happy now? I
masturbate. Satisfied?"

"Not really! So exactly how bad you do want to see our friend on tape?"

"What are you getting at Gordo? Don't give me that look."

"You wouldn't be asking or fidgeting the way you are if you didn't already
know the would you?"

"So what are you saying? If I want to see the tape you made of Miranda
masturbating, I have to what? What do you want me to do? Clean your room
for a month? Do your homework all year long? Be your girlfriend?"

"I like the last suggestion, but try a little harder. Your imagination is
better than that."

"You want to see me masturbate. You want me to get myself off. Am I right?"


"Almost? What do you mean by almost?"

"Yes, I want to see you masturbate, but even more...I want to video tape you

"Oh No! Video taping is out of the question."

"Your call! The way I see it...a tape for a tape ... you for Miranda ...
firend for friend. Is that too much to ask?"

"Okay, alright, you win ... a tape for a tape. When?"

"How about now? I have my video camera with me."

"Should have known. You always have your video camera with you. I guess now
is a as good a time as any. Get your camera setup while I lock the door."

As Lizzie crosses the room to secure her bedroom door, young David 'Gordo'
Gordon prepares his camera. Once the door is securely locked, the
longhaired, petite blonde makes her way back towards her bed where her friend
is waiting with camera in hand.

"What now?"

"Just lay back on the bed and act natural. So what you normally do. Act as
if me and the camera aren't here."

"That's going to be tough."

"Whoever said filmmaking was easy? Just lie back and do your thing while I
do mine."

"Easy for you to say."

Lizzie begins to unbutton her jeans as the camera lens zooms in on her every
movement. She exposes a brief glimpse of the floral patterned panties she's
wearing as she pushes her fingers beneath the material; searching out her
womanhood for the camera.

"Oh no, Lizzie! That won't do. Miranda was naked from the waist down and
had one side of her shirt pushed up exposing a breast."

"David Gordon! You never said anything about her being naked."

"You never asked. So do you want the tape or not?"

"More than ever, but nude? I don't know if I'm ready to make that step or
not. I don't want things to change between us. Our friendship is very
special to me."

"I understand. Just look at it like this. After we share this moment
together...our friendship will be ever more special."

"Alright! Lets just get this over with before I change my mind and mom gets

"Fine by me. I'm ready when you are."

Lizzie stands up from the edge of the bed and proceeds to push down her
tight, denim jeans. As she steps out of them, Gordo pans the camera down her
smooth, tan legs and back up again. He pulls his head from behind the camera
as he takes in the beauty of his half naked friend. He could pull his eyes
away from the front of her panties. He patiently waits for what lies behind
the material.

Lizzie notices the intense staring and is shocked when she realizes
undressing in front of Gordo is turning her on. She proceeds to place her
fingers on the inside of her cotton panties; grasping their waistband and
pushing the material down her legs.

The camera follows the movement of the material as Lizzie takes her precious
time removing the garment. The camera slowly zooms out as the discarded
clothing encompasses the view screen. Continuing to zoom out and starting
back towards the origin of the fallen material, Gordo sucks in his breath as
the view screen quickly fills with a close-up of light fuzzy hair.

Gordo pulls back on his camera shot and awaits the arrival of Lizzie's
finger. She lowers a single digit towards her innocence. Gordo smiles as he
witnesses her first touch. Her long, cylindrical finger caressed the top of
her slit and slowly moved over the smooth contours making her way towards her

The blonde let her embarrassment fade as she turned her full attention to the
nearby viewing camera lens. She could easily see that her exhibition was
having an effect on her friend. His trousers were now pointing upwards as
beads of perspiration built up on his forehead.

Both teens were feeling the tension in the air as time progressed. Gordo
watches as Lizzie continually slides her finger over her lower lips. She
starts moving her hips in rhythm with her touches. Slowly the momentum
builds as her fingers part her pussy lips and forges ahead. One hip
movement after another, her intruding digits disappear more and more into
her inner depths. Slight moans began exiting through her luscious lips as
she pulls on her once hidden bud. Twisting and pinching it causes more
screams and vocals never heard before. She shakes in anticipation; an
inner explosion just laying in wait. Harder and harder she now forces
three fingers deep inside herself.

Gordo impatiently waits behind the camera making sure not to miss a single
moment. He continually checks his cameras status verifying its still in
its recording mode. The teenager wasn’t about to let anything stop him
from possessing the very tape that would keep him up for many nights to
come. Gordo's eyes leave the camera only to watch the scene before him
unfold through clear, obstructed vision.

Lizzie's head moves from side-to-side as her moment of bliss quickly
approaches. Her fingers still move in and out creating and building friction
among her own flesh. Her nubbin-like clit is easily seen by the two teens.

"How does it feel, Lizzie? Your fans want to know."

"Oh, oh, ohhh...won-der-ful, Gordo. Ahhhmmm, oh, ohh."

"So, will you be coming soon?"

"Ah, ah, ah...oh yes! Sooner than later!"

"Not to interrupt you or anything, but do you think it would feel any
different with a guy's vigorous finger or yet another girl's technique?"

"Only one way to find out, Gordie. Ohhh...I'mmm close...closer."

Without hesitation, Gordo pushes her fingers out of the way replacing them
with his. He viciously attacks her now moist pussy, quickly moving his
fingers faster and faster along the inside of her pussy lips. The attack is
brief and in time to contribute to her continuing glorification.

Lizzie watches in amazement as her long time friend bring her other hand down
and across her lips resulting in a loud, hard smack. She immediately arches
her back as the orgasmic pressure is too much for her body to handle. Her
fluids shoot out soaking her fingers and her friend's face and hands. As
Lizzie comes down from her orgasmic release she realizes Gordo's fingers are
still rubbing her raw.

Gordo continues his assault on his friend even through her moment of erotic
bliss. From his position, by the bed, he assumes he may have been blocking
the camera from capturing the moment. He wasn't about to make the same
mistake again. Keeping pressure and speed on her pussy, he maneuvers his body
away from the camera, as he feels another orgasm building within the girl.

Lizzie can't believe the position she's gotten herself into. What started
out as an innocent talk has progressed to much more. Her body is tiring;
feeling the energy drain from her body. But somehow she explodes again, this
time coating Gordo's face and her own stomach. She lays still as she waits
for its ending. Now only feeling the delicate touch of her friend's tongue
as it latches onto every droplet of fluid left covering her love tunnel.

* * *

The next day, Lizzie sees Miranda and decides that she needs to inform
Miranda about the tape. It was the right thing to do.

"So, Miranda, what have you been doing with yourself the last day or so?
Anything interesting? You know I'm your best friend and we've never kept
secrets in the past. So if you have something to get off your chest, I'm
here for you."

"Haven't done much. I am sorry, Lizzie. I know I should have called, but
I never thought to. There was an emergency in the family. Why do you ask?
Did we have something scheduled? We did, didn't we? I'm sorry."

"No, oh no, nothing like that. I just thought you might have something kind
of private to tell m ... hold up a minute. Did you just say that you haven't
been home the last couple days? None at all?" Lizzie's mind started working
overtime praying that she had misunderstood the girl.

"No, Lizzie. I can honestly say I haven't been home in...what's today...
never at least five days. You are starting to turn pale. Are you
okay? Did something happen while I was gone?"

Ignoring her friend, "He lied to me ... that backstabbing son of a bitch.
How could he?"

Interrupting Lizzie, "He who? Who are you talking about? What did he do?"

Still not hearing a word out of the Latina's mouth, "That weasel. Oh he is
so dead when I get my hands on him. Him. You. The tape. Me. Naked. The
camera. Us. Damn him." Lizzie's words came out staggered.

"Okay Lizzie, you've officially have weirded me out. Please tell me. What
are you talking about? What does you being naked have to do with a him, me,
us, and a camera?"

Realizing the ignorance of her way, "I'm sorry, Miranda. I have to go. I
think I'm going to throw up."

"Doesn't sound like you are fine, but if you want to be left alone...I
understand. Bye then!"

* * *

"Who may I ask are you?"

"David Gordon. My friends call me Gordo. You seem like a pretty cool
butler. You can call me Gordo. Kate...I mean Ms. Sanders is expecting me."

"Ah yes, Mr. Gordon. I've heard your name mentioned in a quite a few
conversations lately. Please come in." The butler leads the teenager in to
the dining room. "Won't you have a seat while I get Ms. Sanders."

The Sanders' butler ascended the stairwell and stepped through the open
doorway leading into Kate's bedroom.

"Sorry to bother you, Ms. Sanders, but you have a guest down stairs waiting
for you in the dining room. A Mr. Gordon."

"Please tell him to come on up."

"Yes ma'am."

Returning to the dining room, "She will see you now, young sir. Her room is
up the stairs and its the first door on the left. You can't miss her pink
infested room. Will there be anything else, sir?"

"No, sir. You've been kind enough."

Gordo hops up from his seated position and bounds up the stairs, halting at
the edge of the teenage girl's bedroom door. Now he knew what the butler had
meant by 'pink infestation.' He cleared his throat to alert the girl of his

Looking up from her Teen People magazine, "About time, Gordo! What took you
so long?"

"Hey, what can I say...I don't work good under pressure."

"I guess being a little late isn't too bad. So did you bring it? The tape
that is."

Smiling from ear to ear. "Yeah, I brought it, but I've been thinking. There
has been a slight change in plans."

Cutting her eyes at the teenage boy, "What do you mean by slight change? You
did make the agreed upon tape of Lizzie...right?"

"Oh, I made the tape. Things got a little out of hand and went further than
I or you thought."

"How much further?"

"Enough for me to raise the stakes in our little arrangement. Trust me, the
tape is worth it. Lizzie...naked...seduction...mind blowing orgasms...all
for your viewing pleasure; if the payoff is right."

"Wonderful! So what the problem?"

Turning and locking the girl's door, "Lets just say the stakes just went up."

"So, what now? I already agreed on letting you tape me. What else do you
want for it? I'll do whatever it takes ... even if I have to tap off my
dad's credit card limit. No price is too much. Especially for a tape of
the girl of my dreams masturbating in the flesh."

"Okay, so payoff is limitless then. Fine by me. Here's the deal then...
accept it or keep fantasizing. It's obvious you want the tape. Can't say
I've ever seen you drool before. It's the same deal as before, but with an
extra bonus. You let me videotape you, arrange someway for me to videotape
all your fellow cheerleaders, and agree to be my bitch for life."

"Your bitch?"

"Yep, you heard correctly. My Bitch...For Life!"

"That's little more of a bonus than I willing to give you. I'm nobody's
bitch! How could you have ever thought a girl would go for that deal?"

"How if I pad the offer in your favor then?"

"Doesn't hurt to listen."

"You agree to my terms and I guarantee that you will have a countless number
of chances to breath the sweet bitter aroma of Lizzie McGuire's sex."

"Guaranteed?" The teenager nods his head in response as tears start to drop
for her eyes. "I can't believe I'm g..." Stopping in mid-sentence. "I
agree!" The girl thought, "Anything for my Lizzie."

The End


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