This story is pure fiction, not to be taken seriously. If your under 18 then
you are too young to read this. Now on to the story.

Lizzie McGuire: The Rape Of Miranda Part 1 (mff)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Lizzie and Miranda were a couple of normal 14 year old girls. They liked
fashion, they liked shopping and of course they liked boys. Miranda was a
Spanish girl with a nice face and recently had been blossoming in the chest
department. In the last year she had gone from a modest A cup to a B
(bordering on a C cup). Some people in school actually started rumors about
her getting implants, which she Lizzie and Gordo found to be hilarious.
Still Miranda was glad to know that everyone had been noticing her. After
all Lizzie was prettier than her in Miranda's mind. Lizzie had gorgeous
blonde hair and thin figure like Miranda and the prettiest face. Not to
mention the fact that Miranda thought Lizzie was the sweetest girl she knew.
Then there was Gordo, he was a cute guy and their best friend. Secretly
Lizzie and Miranda would talk about him and how big they thought his "thing"

It was late in the afternoon after school one day and Miranda was at the
mall waiting for Lizzie and Gordo. Miranda was always on time so she wasn't
surprised that they were late. She stood at the front doors at the mall
where they were supposed to meet. She glanced over to her right to find a
brown van. The van got her attention cause it was parked on the curb. She
walked over to it and to her shock she saw a bunch of guys that look to be
high school age moving out some TV's. A backdoor was open to the department
store and they were loading TV after TV. Miranda saw one of the guys stop
and look right at her. He gave her a look that scared her to say the least!

Miranda when inside the mall. She was gonna just run and hide, but she
noticed that the mall security room was right inside the front doors. She
ran in there immediately and got the security guards. The guards ran out and
stopped the teen robbers. The police was called and the teens were read
their rights. One of the boys (the same one that scared Miranda before) gave
Miranda a look that said "I won't forget this." Miranda was glad to see him
disappear from her sight into the police car. The security guards thanked
Miranda for her help, and the store was so gracious for her spoiling the
robbery she got gift certificates from the store.

After Gordo and Lizzie arrived, she told them what happened, and they all
went shopping. They had a blast spending the gift certificates in the store.
Miranda couldn't help but think back at what happened though, the way that
guy looked at her, it scared her. Lizzie reassured her there was nothing
to worry about, she also reminded her that tonight was the night she was
spending the night so they would have fun getting her mind off of the

They all went over to Lizzie's house to watch a few videos that they rented.
Lizzie's parents thought nothing of Gordo coming over as long as he left
before the girls went to bed. Certainly Gordo being a guy, he wasn't gonna
join in on the sleep over with the girls. It wasn't a problem for him to
stay over late and watch all the movies though. Lizzie's parents and Matt,
her little brother, were all in bed as the last movie ended.

"God, all those movies and I'm not even tired" said Gordo.

"Yeah. Hey, you wanna stay longer I got an idea of a game we can play." said
an eager Lizzie.

"Well, I don't want your parents mad at me Lizzie."

"Come on don't be such a wimp Gordo." said Miranda.

"Well, OK what game did you have in mind Lizzie?"

Lizzie ran to the kitchen, she unlocked the cabinet where her dad kept the
alcohol, she grabbed two 2 liters of her favorite alcohol that she steals
from her dad, purple passion, Everclear. She grabbed 3 glasses 8 oz's in
size. "Ok guys, this is the race game, it works like this, the first person
to finish their drink wins. The loser has to take off a piece of clothing,
its the winners choice."

Gordo and Miranda were both nervous and excited about this game. Ultimately
they gave in, wanting to see what happens. Lizzie filled the glasses and they
all grabbed their drinks.

"On the count of three, one, two, three!"

They all guzzled the drinks down. Gordo wasn't used to alcohol and came in
dead last. It was close between Lizzie and Miranda but Lizzie won out.

"OK Miranda, take off your....shirt."

Miranda reluctantly pulled her white t-shirt with "brat" written in pink on
the front off. In doing so she showed Lizzie and Gordo a plain white bra
holding in a nice pair of tits for a 14 year old. Lizzie told Gordo to remove
his pants, he was much more reluctant but ultimately removed them, he blushed
hoping the girls didn't notice his boner in his underwear. Unfortunately it
was quite noticeable, and they gave him a smile of approval.

It was time for round two and once again Gordo was beat, it was apparent he
hadn't drank before. This time in a close race Miranda beat out Lizzie.

"OK Lizzie your pants, take them off Gordo take off your shirt."

Lizzie sighed, this would be the time she was wearing a short baby t-shirt
meaning that her bottom half couldn't be easily covered. Her pants came off
to reveal to her friends lacey red panties. Gordo took off his shirt
revealing his chest (Brad Pitt he wasn't).

The next round Gordo was getting the hand of it, maybe he had an advantage
weighing more than the girls and having a higher tolerance since they were
both getting a little buzzed. Either way he was glad to have won finally.
"OK Lizzie, you take off your panties, and Miranda take off your bra."

They might have said no completely sober, but they had lost a little bit of
tension and were already close to being intoxicated, so they agreed to his
request. Miranda now sat there topless her huge breasts displayed for both
of them. Gordo was very impressed. Miranda had huge dark brown breasts with
dark brown nipples.

Even Lizzie couldn't help but stare at Miranda's big breasts and maybe it
was the alcohol, but Lizzie couldn't help but stare and wonder what it would
be like to touch them. Lizzie showed Miranda and Gordo that she was a natural
blonde by her little patch of hair above her young pussy. This was a dream
come true for Gordo seeing his friends like this. Lord knows he dreamed of
them naked before.

The next round was won by Miranda she jumped up in the air, but then turned
beet red remembering she was topless and gave her friends a show with her
naked breasts bouncing up and down. She decided to give Lizzie a break, "Keep
your shirt on Lizzie just take off your bra."

Lizzie unhooked her bra and pulled it off through her shirt leaving her in
a pink t-shirt. Her excitement wasn't hidden though, as her perky little
nipples were poking through. Miranda looked at Gordo and smiled, "You know
what to do."

Gordo was embarrassed, but figured he should follow the games rules. He
pulled off his underwear to show that he had a major hardon. Miranda and
Lizzie both smiled at the sight of Gordo's 7 inch member at attention.

"Gee Gordo, did we do that?" giggled (under the influence of alcohol) Lizzie.

"OK, I guess I lost." said Gordo.

"Wait play the next round with us, if we lose we have to both get naked."
insisted Miranda.

"Yeah but what if I lose?" wondered Gordo.

"Well, then you have to do something sexual to one of us, hee hee," giggled

Gordo realized he had the perfect situation, two girls almost naked, and
practically drunk off their asses. "OK lets do it," decided Gordo. Luckily,
with his determination, he won this round. He looked at both of the girls
like they were pieces of meat.

"OK, get that shirt off, Lizzie, and lets see those panties disappear,
Miranda!" smiled a confident Gordo.

Lizzie pulled off her shirt to show off her modest A cup breasts with pointed
nipples. Miranda slid down her panties display a small dark Forrest of black
pubic hair, but not enough to cover her young pussy lips.

"OK like you said, if I win you two have to perform something sexual."

The two drunk girls looked at each other, "Did we say that?" Gordo knew they
were too out of it to argue, or remember what they said a few minutes ago for
that matter.

"OK Gordo what do we have to do?"

"I wanna touch your tits Miranda."

"Sure, Gordo."

Miranda walked over to him and sat on his lap her pussy rubbing against his
hard cock. Gordo grabbed a tit in his hands and sucked hard on it. Miranda
moaned as she felt his hardness rubbing her extremely horny pussy, and his
mouth sucking and biting on her dark brown nipples.

"Oh Gordo yeah, that feels good!" Miranda couldn't take it anymore she
grabbed his cock and slid it inside of her. "Oh God yeah mmmmm that's it

This shocked Gordo, but he wasn't gonna complain. He thrust up into her as
she rode his cock. Lizzie fingered her little box faster and faster watching
her two best friends fuck like crazy. Gordo grabbed Miranda's ass and really
leaned back and fucked the latina girl hard, as he licked her big boobs
bouncing in his face.

Miranda as it turned out wasn't a virgin but Gordo's cock's thickness made
her feel like a virgin again. Miranda held nothing back and was soon cumming,
her girl cream dripping down Gordo's balls. Gordo still hadn't cum, so he
pulled out of Gordo and said, "OK Lizzie, why don't ya give me some of that
pussy girl!"

Lizzie was ready for this, she crawled over to Gordo and positioned herself
behind him in the doggystyle position. Gordo started squeezing Lizzie's ass
cheeks admiring her cute little pussy and asshole as he spread her cheeks
wide. Then he slid into her. Her pussy was wet but felt like a vice on his
cock, it was quite apparent that Lizzie was a virgin. Gordo slowly slid inch
after inch into her tight tight box. Lizzie moaned and screamed as all of
Gordo went inside her, her cherry was soon popped and Lizzie started pushing
her ass back to meet Gordo thrusts. Miranda got in front of Lizzie, and
Lizzie was shocked to see Miranda start feeling up Lizzie's chest. Lizzie
looked down at the way her friends tits jiggled, and decided she wanted to
feel them. She reached out and grabbed both of Miranda's breasts, squeezing
her nipples between her fingers.

"Ohh Lizzie that's it."

Lizzie hardly noticed Miranda's pleasure though as Gordo was fucking her hard
and deep from behind and she was cheering him on. "That's it Gordo stick that
big dick inside me, you fucking stud, ohhh God yess more give me fucking

Gordo was glad to comply as he rared back and slammed his cock inside of
Lizzie. Lizzie was quick to orgasm as the pleasure of his cock, along with
Miranda pinching her tits was too much.

Gordo wasn't done with good girl Lizzie yet though. Seeing his cock covered
with Lizzie's girl cum he decided it would be a good lubricate. He was
mesmerized by Lizzie tight little asshole, so with a hard push the head of
his cock was pushed up Lizzie's tight puckered hole. Lizzie bit down a bit
hard on Miranda's nipple as her ass was unexpectedly penetrated, causing
Miranda to jump.

"Ow Lizzie, you bitch." Miranda said as she slapped Lizzie's on the face.
Then Miranda saw what was happening Lizzie was getting fucked in the ass.
Seeing this really got Miranda hot. "You like that Lizzie, not such a good
girl now are ya?" Teased Miranda.

Gordo slapped Lizzie hard on the ass as he fucked her syincter deep. "Oh fuck
Lizzie ohh your ass is so tight ohhh yeah I'm gonna cum ohh fuck, I'm gonna
cum up your ass Lizzie!" Gordo shot his hot cum deep in Lizzie's bowels the
feeling brought Lizzie to yet another orgasm.

"Oh Gordo, oh God, damn it! I'm fucking cumming again ahhhhhhh God yes!"

Normally they would all be shocked to here Lizzie swear, but in this case
they were much to intoxicated to give it a thought as Lizzie collapsed with
Gordo on top of her exhausted from their fucking.

Miranda woke up the next morning to the sight of Lizzie's parents. "Miranda
you better go home, we have to have a talk with our daughter!"

Miranda had gotten up in the night and gotten dressed, but she saw that
Lizzie and Gordo were still naked on top of each other. Lizzie was in trouble
to put it mildly. So Miranda left the house and waited to call Lizzie and
Gordo later in the day. She wasn't able to get a hold of Gordo, but finally
got a hold of Lizzie.

Lizzie was practically in tears, "My Mom said I could talk to you once to
tell you I'm grounded and that I can't talk to you again for 3 months."

"Oh Lizzie, that's horrible, maybe they'll lighten up on your grounding if
your good though."

"I doubt it," cried Lizzie. "My own parents called me a whore Miranda."
Lizzie started crying again.

"Well, I gotta get off the phone I'll talk to you later bye." Miranda felt
bad for Lizzie, after all Lizzie was a good girl at heart she just got
carried away one time.

Miranda saw she still had some gift certificates left so she went to the mall
by herself. On her way she noticed a brown van, one that looked familiar to
her for some reason, plus it seemed to be following her.

"Oh my God it couldn't be them could it?"

to be continued...


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