This story is fictional, and not to be taken seriously. If your under 18
then leave now, you've been warned.

Lizzie McGuire: The Rape Of Miranda Part 2 (m+f,ncon,viol)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Miranda didn't wanna believe that the van that seemed to be following her was
the same van of the high school guys she turned in to the police for stealing
TV's. It was quite apparent though this van was following her as she walked
down another street. Miranda did what seemed to be the best idea, she started
running, and the van sped up as she did. This certainly was a bad day to be
without her tennis shoes. She was wearing black heeled open toe sandals with
a black mini shirt along with a white T-shirt that said "I like your
boyfriend" in blue on the front. Miranda started running down the street as
the van seemed to get closer, she made a quick turn on another street hoping
to lose them.

Miranda's adrenaline was pumping, and fear ran through her mind so much that
she didn't even notice she ran down a dead end street. At the end of the
street was a brick wall. Miranda in fear tried to climb it but there was
nothing to grab a hold of as the speeding van came to a stop in front of her
she realized she had no place to go. The van doors open and she immediately
recognized the men from the robbery. Miranda tried to get by them back down
the alley but they grabbed her hair.

"You ain't goin' anywhere, bitch," said Marcus the one black guy among the
four boys. "Lookie here boys I've got a little Spanish cunt who likes getting
us in trouble, where's the security guard now slut?"

All the guys laughed as Miranda struggled to get away from Marcus's grasp.
In a desperate move she racked him in the balls and took off. She only got a
little way when she was tackled by Braden a white boy. He picked her back up
kicking and screaming and carried her back to the end of the alley. Marcus
slowly recovered from her racking him enough to punch her in the face.

"Bitch!" he screamed as his fist met Miranda's nose as Rick and Braden held
her down. The other boy Mike was behind Miranda and was feeling her between
her legs.

"Damn guys this bitch was got a nice fucking coochie, its too bad were gonna
have to rip it open."

"Your damn straight we are, were gonna make the whore think twice about
sticking her nose where it don't belong!" shouted Marcus. Marcus undid his
parents and pulled out an impressive thick 8 inch cock. Miranda was forced
to the ground as Marcus positioned his cock at her mouth. "Your gonna suck
this black dick bitch, if you do a good job I might let you live, and don't
even think about biting or I'll slit your fucking throat right here, got it?"
Miranda scared out of her mind just nodded. Then Marcus shoved his cock
inside her mouth. He wasted no time in grabbing her hair and fucking the
young girls face as his friends had other plans.

Mike roughly forced his hands down Miranda's panties and he jammed 3 fingers
into her cunt, Miranda would have screamed in pain but her mouth was very
much occupied at the moment. Mike pulled out his cock and pressed it against
Miranda's panty covered ass as he was anything but tender about finger
banging Miranda. Braden and Rick pulled up Miranda's top to find that she
wasn't wearing a bra. They were both shocked and pleased to see such big
breasts on a fourteen year old girl. They both grabbed a breasts and pulled
and pinch very roughly on Miranda's nipples.

"Oh yeah, suck that dick good, ahh, yeah that's a good whore, mmm I might
have to make you my own personal Spanish whore, you suck cock like a pro you
must do it a lot ahhhhh that it!" moaned an ecstatic Marcus.

Mike could take it no longer, he grabbed the sides of Miranda's black lacey
panties and ripped them off her body. He was about to fuck her when Marcus
said, "Hey, I get the bitch's pussy first you can take her ass, whore's live
for anal sex aint that right whore?" He took his cock out of her mouth for
her to answer, but Miranda said nothing. This time Marcus hit her with a
quick backhand right in the eye. "Did you not hear the question? I said tell
my buddy Mike how much you like a cock up your slut ass!"

Miranda had a tear slid down her cheek as she said, "I like it i-i-in my

"There that wasn't so hard was it?" chuckled Marcus.

Mike stuck his cock up Miranda's tight brown eye, pushing his member which
was even longer than Marcus's at 9 inches deep into Miranda's ass. Luckily
for Miranda, he wasn't as thick but it still hurt like crazy as her ass was
violated by the high schooler. He grabbed her ass and started pumping her
ass hard as Miranda struggled not to choke to death on Marcus's black
monster. The young girl on top of that had to deal with the other two boys
pinching hard on her nipples and slapping her tits. Mike was really into
fucking Miranda's ass he shoved his whole length into her down to his balls
then pulled all the way out before slamming back into her, his balls slapping
against her young ass.

Mike couldn't take it anymore, he pumped faster and faster, raping Miranda's
ass for all it was worth as he felt his load building up. He looked down at
the teen girls sexy ass with his cock sliding in and out of it and he went
over the edge and came deep inside of her bowels. Miranda felt her own body
getting turned on, and she couldn't believe it, she was being raped so why
was she close to orgasm? Marcus forced his cock deep down Miranda's mouth
wanting to cum as well then he got an idea. "OK bitch I want you to suck my
balls and lick my asshole while you jerk me off." Miranda hesitated for just
a moment at such a request, but that moment was all it took as she was
punched again with a closed fist, this time by Rick.

"God is this bitch deaf or just fucking stupid?" he asked.

"Nah, you understand the order don't you, slut?"

Miranda nodded her head, "Yes sir, I understand."

"You see Rick, the bitch is learning her place, were gonna have her trained
yet." Marcus said as all the guys laughed it off.

Miranda's tongue licked Marcus's asshole as she stroked off his cock and the
other hand played with his balls. She worked hard hoping to please him, and
also to maybe give her ass a break if she did a good job. The guys watched
as Miranda acted like a whore hoping to just get out of this alive and to
hold back as many tears as she could, which was very hard at this point.
Especially after he made her go from guy to guy giving each of their assholes
a licking until he told her to stop.

When Miranda had done that long enough, he said to her, "OK, time for you to
give up that pussy." Marcus got on his back. "OK slut, time to go for a ride
on the black stallion, so come climb aboard."

Miranda crawled over to him, which was the way they preferred it, she didn't
think she could walk anyway after the ass-fucking Mike gave her. Miranda got
on top of Marcus and slid his cock inside of her. She felt her tender pussy
being stretched for all it was worth as his thickness opened her tight snatch
up. Braden took her mouth and rammed his modest 6 inch cock down her throat
he slapped her across the face just for the hell of it.

"You better suck it good, cunt!" he laughed.

Rick positioned himself behind Miranda and slid his cock up her ass Miranda
was well lubricated after Mike came in her ass, but Rick was thicker and he
hurt more and his cock was almost as long at 8 inches. Miranda now had a cock
in all three of her holes. More tears streamed down her cheeks as she felt so
cheap and used, not to mention humiliated by these boys.

Marcus lifted her ass up and down so she rode his cock, as Rick turned out to
be even rougher than Mike as he pulled and yanked on her hair while his cock
widened her ass more than Mike did. Miranda never quit trying to escape until
she decided it was useless, after a while she just cried to herself and
prayed to get out of this alive.

Mike was watching and pulling on his cock as Miranda was triple teamed by his
friends. Miranda cried as her body betrayed her and she orgasmed. All the
guys got turned on by this and they felt orgasms coming on as well. All the
guys pulled out and stroked their cocks. they order Miranda to stroke two of
them off at a time which she did.

Marcus was the first to cum," Ahh stick out that tongue I'm gonna cum all
over you face slut!"

Miranda did as ordered and her tongue and cheeks were soon covered in
Marcus's white cum. Braden and Rick came almost at the same time covering
Miranda's chest and her belly in their cum. Mike stood over Miranda and
slapped his cock on her sticky tongue and shot his load on her tongue in
her hair and even getting her in one of her eyes.

Miranda lied there, exhausted, her eye starting to show swelling, signs of
her getting a black eye. Her nose possibly broken as it had been bleeding
ever since Marcus's punch at the beginning of the rape. Her body was covered
in the four boys semen.

"Well you be a good whore and go home now, and remember when you go to court,
that ya don't recognize us as the guys who stold the TV sets, otherwise we'll
come for another visit, or maybe even gang rap that blonde bitch friend of
yours for the fun of it." said Marcus

Miranda nodded her head. The guys took a knife to her T-shirt leaving it
shredded, and leaving a humiliated Miranda to walk home in nothing but her
miniskirt without panties, and her hands covering her breasts. Miranda made
it home and luckily there was no one there to have to explain her predicament
to. She turned on the shower and sat on the shower floor in the fetal
position as all the cum was washed away from her body, she cried for over an
hour then had to decided what she was gonna do next, she wasn't easily gonna
hide her blackeye or her nose if it was in fact broken. She ultimately laid
in bed and cried herself to sleep trying to empty her mind of everything that
had just happened.


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