This story is fictional not to be taken seriously. If your under 18 then
your too young to read this. A special thanks to afantasy and matty inwc for
giving me the ideas on this story. Hopefully its turns out good.

Lizzie McGuire: Uninvited Company (Mf,ff,ncon,ir)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Lizzie McGuire was a very pretty 14 year old girl she had blonde hair a
nice slender figure and breasts that were just starting to develop. Lizzie
had her own fashion sense like any 14 year old girl did. Her pesky little
brother's name was Matt, he was always bugging her like any 11 year old would
bug his big sister. Her best friends were Miranda and Gordo. Miranda was a
pretty Spanish girl who had recently had a growth spurt in her chest. This
had made Lizzie a tad bit jealous, after all she didn't want Miranda and her
arch enemy a pretty girl named Kate, to get all the boys.

On this particular day Lizzie was stuck watching her brother because her mom
and dad had a special all day memorabilia show to go to. This meant going to
the movies with Gordo and Miranda was out. So she called up Gordo and asked
for him and Miranda to just come over and keep her company. "Sure thing, we
can see a movie anytime Lizzie, we'll be over in a few minutes."

Matt had just emptied the cupboards of sugary snacks and was running around
the house screaming. Lizzie tried to watch TV but to her shock Matt went up
behind her and pulled on her bra, snapping it on her back. "Owww, you little
creep, get back here."

She chased him up and down the stairs until the doorbell rang. She let him
run loose as she answered the door. It was Miranda and Gordo. "Oh thank God
you two are here, my brother is driving me crazy."

"Gee, sounds like fun, Lizzie," giggled Miranda.

"Come on guys I need help!"

"Just kidding Lizzie, that's what were here for."

Minutes later Matt had come off his sugar high, and surprisingly to Miranda
and Gordo he fell asleep. Lizzie wasn't too surprised though, mom and dad had
let him stay up real late the night before.

"Well, baby-sitting him isn't as hard as I thought," smiled Lizzie.

"So what you guys wanna do watch a video?"

"Nah we always do that, Lizzie," said Miranda.

Gordo saw a $100 bill on the floor, "Woah, look what I found."

"Hey, that's in my house I should get that," insisted Lizzie.

"I've got an idea lets play a game and someone could win it."

"What kind of game?" asked Miranda.

"How bout playing truth or dare, you two up for that?" asked Gordo.

Miranda and Lizzie shrugged their shoulders. "Why not," they both said.

So they all went up to Lizzie's room and sat down.

"Ok first of all we decided who goes first and second and third."

They all decide to flip coins Lizzie was first, followed by Gordo then
Miranda. Lizzie thought it over, "Miranda, truth or dare?"

"ummm... truth."

"Ok, what is your bra size Miranda?"

Miranda couldn't help but blush a little, even her best friend had noticed
her chest growth. "Well, I'm a 32c now."

This really got Gordo's attention, he knew she had blossomed but he didn't
know his 14 year old friend was a C cup. It was Gordo's turn now. "Miranda,
truth or dare?"

Miranda knew the rules she couldn't do two truths in a row. "OK, Gordo...

"OK, Miranda you have to lift your shirt up and show us your bra for 5

Miranda gave Gordo a glare. "Why not, were talking about 100 dollars," She
replied. Miranda lifted up her shirt exposing to Lizzie and Gordo her
cleavage, contained in a plain white bra. Lizzie was jealous of those
breasts, while Gordo had to hold back the drool at the sight of the cute
latina girl's knockers.

Five seconds later her breasts were covered again by her black top. Miranda
finally had her turn, and she was eager to get back at her friends since
they picked on her in the first round. "Ok Lizzie truth or dare?"

"Dare," said Lizzie, she even surprised herself by her confidence.

Miranda was expecting her to say truth, so she thought for a minute. "Ok,
Lizzie you have to strip down to your bra and panties and run once around the
house outside."

Lizzie was shocked by the request, but looking down at the $100 on the floor
in front of them she decide to do it.

Lizzie pulled down her white pants, she was suddenly very embarrassed since
this was one of those rare days that she wore a thong, it was white and
lacey. Next came her red top, Lizzie was in a lacey bra that matched her
thong. Both Miranda and Gordo eyed her young sexy body. "God I'd love to
fuck Lizzie, look at that thong parting those sexy ass cheeks of hers mmmmm,"
thought Gordo. Even Miranda had to admit herself that Lizzie had a sexy
butt. Not that she was a lesbian or even bi for that matter.

Lizzie ran to the door, looking out she realized it was the middle of the day
and there was no way she wasn't gonna be seen. So Lizzie decided she might as
well get it over with. She burst out the front door in her bra and panties. A
couple neighbors stopped and stared at the half nude teenage girl. Sprinting
around the house, Lizzie was breathing heavy as she reached the front door
again. Some high school boys saw her and hollered and whistled.

"Wooooo, hey blondie run over this way!"

"Hey girl let me see that thong, that thong, thong, thong, thong, thong,"
sang a black guy.

Lizzie's face turned bright red as she ran back inside. She immediately got
her clothes back on once she was back inside.

"OK, Lizzie its your turn now," said Gordo.

"Good Miranda, truth or dare?"

Miranda wished she could use a dare now but she knew she couldn't since she
used a truth already. She also knew that Lizzie would be getting her back.
Reluctantly she said softly, "dare."

"OK, Miranda you have to take off your shirt your skirt AND your bra and run
to the end of the street and back, plus your hands have to be at your side,
no covering up."

Miranda was stunned by Lizzie's request, though she expected something like
it considering the embarrassment she had put Lizzie through. She was ready to
lose the game now, but the more she thought about the more she talked herself
into it. "Hmm I don't live on this street, and I don't know of any guys that
go to junior high with us on this street," she thought.

Miranda stood up and tossed her shirt aside, she slid her skirt down her sexy
light brown legs. Her panties were light blue with lace on the waistband.
After that she glared at Lizzie, Lizzie's eyes showed no sympathy and Miranda
unhooked her bra, tossing it at Lizzie. Gordo and Lizzie were stunned at the
size of Miranda's big tits with dark areola's and pointed nipples. Miranda
took off like a shot out the door to the end of the street.

A few people here and there saw her and stood and glared at amazement. She
reached the end of the street in a time that would have made many Olympic
woman sprinters envious. She took off back to the house, she felt eyes all
over her as she ran and her big breasts bounced as she did. This game wasn't
fun anymore it was embarrassing. Lizzie looked out the window and giggled as
Miranda's tits bounced up and down as she ran. She did kind of feel bad
though after all Miranda was her friend, but she also expected Miranda to
say no to the dare.

Miranda ran back to the house try ing to hide the embarrassment on her face
as her boobs bounced all over the place. "If these things were any bigger
I'd get hit in the face with them." She thought. Miranda got back inside
and grabbed her clothes snapping her bra back on immediately. Then getting
everything else back on.

"OK my turn, Miranda truth or dare," said Gordo.

"Dare, it can't be as bad as what Lizzie had me do!"

Gordo saw that Miranda was a little mad at Lizzie, which he didn't want after
all they were all friends. "OK I want you two to kiss and make up, and I mean
literally tongues and all, French kiss for 5 minutes."

They both thought it over, considering the last few dares this seemed tame.
The two leaned in, Miranda put her hands on Lizzie's hips while Lizzie put
her arms around Miranda's neck, they started kissing each other softly. Then
as their mouths opened their tongues touched, and Lizzie and Miranda started
a very hot French kiss. Gordo seeing this unzipped his fly and started
stroking his 6 inch cock in his pants. He had wet dreams about seeing Miranda
and Lizzie doing this and now it was happening in front of him. Hands began
wandering and Lizzie brushed her fingertips on Miranda's bountiful breasts as
Miranda went slowly lower down Lizzie hips to fondle her friends tight ass.

Gordo was in voyeur heaven, he thought he was gonna wake up from this, but
it wasn't a dream it was really happening. He tugged harder and harder on
his cock, he felt an orgasm was real close. Then suddenly the two broke their
kiss and Gordo quickly pushed his manhood back inside so they wouldn't catch

"It's been five minutes right?" Lizzie asked.

"Ohh, um yeah, just about," said an embarrassed Gordo wondering if either of
them got a glimpse.

"OK, Lizzie, truth or dare," asked Miranda.

"Dare, of course," said Lizzie.

"OK, Lizzie, you have to pull your pants AND your panties down and let Gordo
slap you hard on your bare ass!"

Lizzie's eyes grew big, but not wanting to lose the game she stood up and
dropped her white pants. Then she bent over in front of Gordo. Lizzie slid
down her white thong panties, exposing her very sexy little butt to Gordo.
Gordo revved back and slapped hard on Lizzie's right butt cheek causing
Lizzie to jump and shriek, "Owwww!" After that an embarrassed Lizzie pulled
up her pants. She was glad that it was her turn to get Miranda back.

"Miranda, truth or dare?"

Miranda thought it over before confidently saying, "Dare."

Lizzie smiled and said, "Take off your top and your bra and..."

"Lizzie help!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Matt from downstairs.

They knew something was wrong Matt never screamed in terror like that before.
Suddenly two masked men wearing all black appeared in the room, one of them
was white the other guy was black. Gordo tried rushing one of them and was
punched square in the face. The girls tried to run out the door but they had
no chance. The black man grabbed Lizzie and threw her against the wall,
causing her mouth to bleed from the impact. Miranda was thrown onto the bed
so hard she practically did a backward somersault as her legs hit the bed's
headboard hard.

"OK you bitches, we came here to rob you but that little punk downstairs
tried to stop us, even tried to call the police on us, so now were gonna make
you all pay for his ignorance!"

They both put an unconscious Gordo in the closet. The white man jumped on the
bed with Miranda, before she could react and was instantly on top of her. He
held her down and ripped her T-shirt off her body. "Damn little girl, those
are some big titties!"

He grabbed her bra and yanked her cups off exposing her huge breasts. Miranda
pounded on his back with her fists as he felt up her melons. Then he pulled
out a knife and held it to her throat. "Are you gonna be a nice little
Spanish whore, or do I cut your pretty face up?"

Miranda spoke softly unable to hid the fear in her voice, "I'll be good."

He fondled her chest pinching hard on her nipples then biting on each one.
His hand lifted her skirt and she felt the cold steel of the knife blade
going up her thigh. Miranda was so scared she was sure she was gonna pee her
panties as the knife got ever closer to her panty covered cunt. He then went
to the sides of her panties and ripped her panties off with the knife. He
pulled out his thick 8 inch cock from his pants and placed it at Miranda's
dark forrest of pubic hair. Miranda tensed up her body knowing she was about
to lose her virginity to this rapist.

His knife pressed against her neck, "Lets not forget that you said you would
be good!"

Miranda nodded, and he pushed his cock inside her, it was a tight fit but her
kissing with Lizzie earlier got her very wet so it could have been worse. He
held her down as he began pumping into the 14 year old. Miranda had tears
going down her cheeks as her cherry was taken by the masked man. He started
thrusting hard into her, the bed creaking as he showed her no mercy fucking
her like a madman. Miranda never imagined losing her virginity like this on
Lizzie's bed by a man who's face she didn't even see. Luckily her tightness
had become to much and he ended up coming, shooting his load deep in her
formerly virgin pussy.

The black man pushed his body up against Lizzie's. She tried to struggle but
he was too strong. "Better be nice blondie or I'm gonna be rough, which is
OK. That's how I like it, but I'm betting you don't ho, am I right?" Lizzie
just nodded as he squeezed her A cup breasts. He pulled her shirt off her and
said, "Lets have a little romance cunt, unhook your bra for your black daddy
and show me your little titties!"

Lizzie reached back and unhooked her bra exposing her small breasts with
little pink buds, she couldn't believe how hard they were, how could she be
turned on considering what was about to happen to her. He smothered her
breasts in his big hands pulling hard on her perky nipples causing her to
writhe in pain.

He had her remove her pants next leaving her in just the thong. He forced her
on her knees. Then pulled his cock out of his pants, Lizzie was speechless
seeing his 12 inch black cock in front of her. "OK bitch, start suckin."
Lizzie hesitated a moment, which was rewarded by a backhand across her face.
She looked back up at him and he said, "I aint repeating that order again ho,
you can obey, or you can get roughed up, your choice!"

Lizzie wasn't about to let herself be hit again she could already feel the
pain in her eye she was surely gonna have a blackeye. Lizzie went to work
opening her mouth wide and sucking on his shaft. Her young mouth swallowed
inch after inch as he started to pump his cock forward into her.

Lizzie had 8 inches of black cock in her mouth as her hair was pulled on and
she tried not to gag or even pass out do to the lack of oxygen she wasn't
getting. For several minutes she gave the black robber head, as her breasts
were squeezed hard, and nipples pulled on so hard Lizzie thought they would
be ripped off her chest. She finally got all of him in her mouth gagging as
his head reached the back of her tonsils.

"OK, that's enough of that on your knees white slut."

Lizzie didn't dare hesitate this time not wanting her sore eye hit again, or
much worse to have matching black eyes. Once on her knees he slid her thong
off, positioning himself behind her he pressed his black dick against
Lizzie's pussy entrance. It didn't matter that Lizzie's pussy was a little
wet it seemed that this black man wouldn't fit in her. He kept pushing and
pushing until at last her vice like pussy let him inside. He only needed a
few thrusts before Lizzie's hymen was torn apart inside of her.

He drove his black monster into the helpless Lizzie, gripping her hips tight
as her tender pussy was forced to widen accommodating his black rod. He
fucked Lizzie doggystyle and forced her to say "fuck me." Lizzie obeyed
without hesitation. "Damn bitch your tight!" Lizzie had to admit after the
initial pain was over she was loving the way it felt having his 12 inch rod
inside her. She started voluntarily saying "fuck me" feeling so hot she
couldn't help herself. He had her say "I love black cock, I love only black
cock." As her pussy was torn open blood dripping out of her onto his black
schlong. Lizzie couldn't help herself she was coming she moaned and screamed
as her body released an orgasm that was more powerful than any fingering she
ever gave herself. She felt her muscles tighten around his thick prick as
her orgasm left her breathless.

He pulled out of her and stood in front of her. He jerked his cock off inches
from her face and in no time he was ready to cum. "OK bitch open wide here it

Lizzie opened her mouth and took this thick cum all over her eyes and mouth
some even landing in Lizzie's beautiful hair. Looking over he saw his fellow
robber with Miranda with a knife to her throat watching the action. "Damn
these were some hot bitches man!" he yelled. He noticed Gordo's hand held
camcorder on the floor. "OK ho's its time to make a little lesbo flick, you
be good little whores and we'll leave after you get each other off."

Miranda wasn't thrilled at this idea, she admittingly enjoyed kissing Lizzie
earlier but this was sex with another girl. Lizzie didn't wanna do it either,
but, knowing a backhand to her face was the other choice. She immediately got
into place as the black robber held the camera. Miranda reluctantly crawled
over to Lizzie they kissed softly, as their young naked bodies merged
together. This was really a welcome relief to their rough rape of moments
ago. The two teen girl's took turns sucking each others sore breasts. Miranda
softly sucked Lizzie's breasts as she caressed her friends firm ass. Lizzie
lost herself in the moment as Miranda mad her feel she was somewhere else
other than a peep show for her two rapists.

Lizzie gave Miranda a big sensuous kiss as her hands softly rubbed on
Miranda's heaving breasts. Miranda stroked Lizzie's firm ass cheeks in
circles as they played tongue war in each others mouths. "I want you,
to lick me down there Lizzie," said Miranda.

Lizzie caressed Miranda's cheek and said, "Lets both do it to each other."

The two got in a classic lesbian 69 position with Miranda on the bottom.
Lizzie gently slide her tongue inside of Miranda's dark slit. She ran her
tongue slowly up and down it feeling her best friend and new lover moan
softly. Miranda gently opened up Lizzie's pussy lips and continued to
squeeze Lizzie's (perfect in her mind) ass.

Lizzie stuck her tongue inside Miranda deeper tasting a mixture of Miranda's
juices and the rapists cum. Miranda decided she wanted to try something else,
she spread Lizzie's ass cheeks open and started flicking her tongue at
Lizzie's asshole as she slid two fingers in Lizzie's cunt.

"Oh Miranda, oh yes I love that baby ahhhhh!" Lizzie started pushing her
tongue as far as she could into Miranda's cunt, tongue fucking her like
crazy. Lizzie started riding on Miranda's fingers, her pussy was so hot she
didn't care how slutty she looked or sounded, she didn't even care if they
were being watched by the two robbers. All she could do was enjoy the sexual
high she was on as she moaned, "Oh, Miranda, oh God, oh yes, lick my ass, oh
it feels so fucking good, oh yesss, Miranda."

Miranda was getting hot too, hearing her best friend talk and feeling her
tongue inside of her Miranda couldn't hold back as she released her sweet
girl cum all over Lizzie's tongue. "Oh Lizzie oh Liz... oh I'm gonna ohhh
Lizzie I'm going to explode ohhhhhhhhhh."

Lizzie lapped up Miranda's juices like an ice cream cone, licking her dry as
she felt her own orgasm on the way. Miranda shoved a third finger into Lizzie
causing her to moan loud as her ass was bathed in Miranda's saliva. Lizzie
finally released a huge orgasm practically drowning Miranda with her sweet
pussy cream. Miranda licked it all up savoring the taste as Lizzie collapsed
exhausted on top of Miranda. The two turned around and kissed softly.

They turned to see what their rapists had planned for them next, but to their
surprise, they were gone. "Where did they go?" asked Lizzie.

"I don't know, I'm just glad they're gone, are you OK Lizzie?"

"Yes, I'm fine, just a little sore."

The two sat there talking and caressing each other. They knew they would
never be the same after this after their rape. Plus things would never be the
same between them. Especially since they had found each other in a way they
never imagined, and all this because of some uninvited company.

The End


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