The Crew:
Captain Merilyn Stubbing...Lucy Lawless
Doctor Eve Bricker...Keira Knightly
The Gopher...Gabrielle Union
Bartender Emily Washington...Beyonce Knowles
Cruise Director Julie McCoy...Lindsay Lohan
Photographer Ashley Covington Evans "ACE"...Ann Hathaway

Lizzie McGuire/Will And Grace: The Lesbian Love Boat Part 2 (FF,Ff,drugs,mc)
by Hamster

The Arrival

Grace unpacked her things as soon as she got into her fantastic room on the
great cruise ship. She had hoped to maybe meet a cute guy while on the ship
but so far she had only seen female crewmen and passengers. She looked on her
bed and noticed an invitation. All the guests were required to attend the
captain's banquet. Grace shrugged and went looking for a dress to wear.

The Banquet

The banquet hall was filled with women. Some were single women, others
married, and a few had their young daughters with them. Not a lot of woman
had been invited on board. As a matter of fact All were surprised at just
how few guests there were. Looking one would see the blonde Tyler sisters
Holly and Val. They would see Hope Shanowski and her daughters Sydney and
Hayley as well as the girls' aunt Faith who was a former soap star. They
would see mother and daughter Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. There was Carrie
Heffermen and her father's walker Holly. There was Lizzie and Jo McGwire.
Deborah and Ally Barrone were there. Garce met them all and spent a good
deal of time speaking with Jo and Lizzie McGwire.

The Captain and senior crew were at a long table at one end of the banquet
hall. They were all dressed in white shirts and jackets and white skirts that
seemed to resemble naval uniforms. Captain Stubbing stood and the entire hall
went silent.

"Let me welcome you all to the Sapphic Princess. As your captain it is my
sinscerist wish that all of you have a most enjoyable time while on board
this ship. If there is anything that any of you need by all means please
let me know." The captain looked over the crowd and saw several women whose
faces she hoped would soon be buried in her cunt or in her ass. The captain
raised her glass. "To the Princess and all the women aboard her. May we all
soon be the most intimate of friends."

The rest of the women in the banquet hall shared in the toast. Little did the
women know that every drink on the ship from the bottled water to the beer to
the imported soda was laced with Sapphidrile a powerful drug that was used to
cause lesbian cravings. The drug in combination with hypnosis was going to
make things very interesting on board the ship.

Doctor's Visit

The captain had required that each and every passenger visit the doctor. It
was absolutely mandatory. Appointments were set up for a quick visit with the
woman under the pretense that they were checking for flu virus. The fact was
that Captain Stubbing just wanted to have each and every woman on board
hypnotized and turned into horny lesbian sluts. It was good doctor Bricker's
duty and pleasure.

Her first victem...err...patient was the lovely Grace Addler. The red-haired
woman entered the room and sat on the examination table as instructed by the
doctor. She shifted on the table uncomfortably.

"Is this going to be real serious and involved because I..." Grace started
before the doctor spoke up.

"Quite please. Lay there and close your eyes." Dr. Bricker said.

Grace clamped her mouth shut and laid there quietly. She was a little
intimidated by the younger woman's demeanor.

"Just relax. Let your mind drift away." Dr. Bricker said. She got a syringe
and injected the woman with a drug that helped induce a hypnotic state.

Grace yelped with surprise but Dr. Bricker pushed her back down onto the

"Shut-it. Now you are drifting, drifting away. You are becoming peaceful
and your mind is clearing." The doctor checked to make sure that Grace was
actually hypnotized. She grabbed the woman's breast and squeezed. Satisfied
after there was no reaction Dr. Bricker continued. "Now listen up. From now
on you are going to be horny as hell. You are going to lust desperately after
other women. You are going to crave pussy non-stop. You will be attracted to
every woman on this ship. When I clap my hands you will awaken feeling
refreshed and horny."


Grace blinked and lifted her head. She felt as if she had just awakened from
a very long sleep. She yawned and stretched.

"So doc are we done..." Grace stopped and stared. The doc was hot, really
hot. Grace had never been attracted to women before in a sexual way but for
some reason just the sight of Dr. Bricker was making her hot and bothered.

The doctor noticed the hungry look in Dr. Bricker's eyes and was very
pleased. Her manipulations were working well. Grace was her last patient of
the day, and Dr. Bricker was feeling pretty randy herself. Why administer
hypnotic sessions that turned women into horny lesbians if you couldn't enjoy
them yourself?

"Is something wrong miss Addler?" Dr. Bricker asked innocently.

"N-no I just feel sort of. Wow that outfit looks really good on you." Grace
said dumbly.

"Thank you." said the smiling Doctor. "You know if you like, I could give you
a more 'thorough examination'."

"Really?" Grace couldn't help but want to stay near the attractive Doctor.
"That would be really good."

"Excellent now if you will just disrobe for me." Doctor Bricker said.

"Oh uhh sure OK." Grace was actually very happy to disrobe for the doctor.

She removed her Hawaiian shirt and long white skirt so that she was standing
in a blue bikini. She removed the top first so that the Doc good a good look
at her breasts and then pulled her bikini-bottom down to her ankles. The
doctor's eyes were natural drawn to the lovely pussy she hoped to soon be
feasting on as well as the patch of neatly-trimmed red hair that decorated
the area. Doctor Bricker stared appreciatively.

"You seem to have a very healthy body." Dr. Bricker said as she reached out
and touched Grace's stomach. "Yes very nice indeed."

Grace felt a thrill as the doctor caressed her stomach. The doctor's hand
strayed lower and hovered over the other woman's sex. Grace whimpered
slightly as Doctor Bricker gently brushed her finger's over her pussy.

"Oooo don't stop!" pleaded Grace.

"Don't worry, I won't." The doctor said as all pretence of a medical
examination was tossed aside. Doctor Bricker grabbed Grace and kissed her
hard as she continued to pump her fingers into the red-heads pussy. She
finger fucked the squirming woman until Grace could hardly take it any more.
Grace moaned into the doctor's mouth then spasmed as she came to an orgasm.

"Did you enjoy that?" Dr. Bricker asked.

"Well then it's time for you to do something for me." said the doctor.

Doctor Bricker began to strip of her clothing and let it fall to the floor.
Soon she was only wearing silky white panties and a matching bra. She removed
her underwear and Grace could only stare with wanton lust.

"Now my little pet, get on your knees and service my pussy." said the doctor.

Quickly Grace obeyed and began to lick at the other woman's cunt like a
kitten with a saucer of milk. Although it was doctor Bricker that was doing
the purring.

The Arobics Class

Lovely red-head Grace Addler was having a rough time in the arobics class she
was taking on board the ship. For one thing she was staring into the tight
leotard-clad as of teenaged blonde Lizzie McGwire and it was incredibly
distracting. The ass was sweet and round looked so firm, Grace just wanted to
reach out and bite it. As the excersize session continued Grace become more
and more obsessed with the sweet ass that was stretching, clenching and
bouncing in front of her very eyes.

This is too damm much. I have to have a piece of that ass. Grace thought.
Grace licked her lips as she imagined running her tongue through the blonde
teenager's sopping wet slit. After watching the b girl excercize from behind
for what seemed to be an unbearably long time the arobics class began to wind
down and finally ended.

The blonde teenager made her way from the class in the direction of the
locker room. Grace immediately knew exactly what she wanted/needed to do.
Casually but very quickly she followed Lizzie into the locker room. She
turned a corner and saw the teenager stripping away her sweaty leotard
until she was dressed only in a sports bra and a set of white cotton
panties. Grace licked her lips as she ogled the teenager. She wasn't sure
how but she had to get her hands on the girl ASAP.

Lizzie felt a thrill as the woman approached. Lizzie turned around and faced

"Hi miss Addler, I know you from the Banquet." Lizzie said.

Grace stopped she kept starring at the underwear-clad girl but willed herself
to speak. "That's right you are Lizzie, right?"

"Yes. Wow Miss Addler you are like so pretty." Lizzie said as she closed in
on the woman.

Casually Grace began to disrobe as if simply getting ready to change after
her workout. She was wearing red panties and a red bra.

Now it was Lizzie who staring.

"You really think so? Do you think I have nice legs?" Grace asked as she
lifted her leg onto the bench on display for Lizzie.

Lizzie just nodded dumbly.

"They are real smooth too why don't you come here and give them a feel."
Grace said.

Lizzie rubbed the smooth leg and couldn't help but love the sensation. The
teen rubbed up the knee then the upper thigh. Her hand made it's way up to
Grace's panties before stopping short. Grace so no reason what so ever for
the girl to stop short how ever. Grace grabbed the girl's hand and put it
right on her cunt.

"It's all smooth too. I like to shave my pussy nice and smooth, do you want
to see?" Grace asked.

Lizzie nodded affirmitive. Grace stripped off her panties and Lizzie got a
good look at an adult woman's shaved pussy. As Lizzie looked on her tongue
traced her lips. Grace took notice of this sign of lust and it was like a
green light going off in her head.

"Go ahead and touch it sweetie," Grace said.

Lizzie did just that. Grace moaned loudly as the girl's fingers lightly
passed over the woman's hungry pussy.

"Mmm that feels good. Let me show you how it feels." Grace offered.

"Like ok." Lizzie said.

Grace pulled down the girl's panties then knelt down in front her. She
breathed close to Lizzie's virgin cunt and made the girl's spine shiver.
Grace's tongue darted forword and began to gently stroke the teen's pussy.
Lizzie moaned and abegan to vocalize her encouragement to Grace.

"Ohhh yes, yeas that feels so good, yes." Lizzie cried as she experienced
her first pussy eating.

Soon grace was smacking and sucking on the teen cunt like it was her last
meal before an execution. After several long minutes Grace was rewarded by
the sweet nectaur of Lizzie hot pussy.

"Get on the bench." Ordered Grace.

Lizzie quickly obeyed. The blonde lay down face up on the bench. Grace made
her way over and straddled the teen's face. Lizzie's tongue began to swirl
around in Grace's pussy almost immediately making her gasp and squeel. She
reached forword and began to play with the teenager's breasts as she rode
the girl's face to her own orgasm. Grace got off and then kissed Lizzie hard.

"That was amazing Lizzie."

"I'm glad you liked it Miss Addler."

The Big Revelation

"Good morning ladies, this is your captain," came the announcement over the
entirety of the ship. "You may have all noticed that there have been changes,
in many cases drastic, in your behavior. This is the result of a new process
of sexual awakening we put all of our passengers through. You may be worried
that your new sexual preferences are going to cause you problems in so-called
normal society but fear not for this ship will not be returning from whence
it came. Instead it will be sailing straight for the Island of Sapphos where
you will live from now on among other horny lesbian sluts."

Grace was masturbating as she listened to the announcement. She was far
from upset about the idea of living on an island of lesbian sluts. She was
actually pretty excited about it and the possibility of meeting more people
like Dr. Bricker and Lizzie McGwire.
_ _ _

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