Lizzie McGuire (mmff, celeb)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

Gordo, Lizzie's best friend, was determined to get her the best birthday
present possible, but after trying to come up with a gift for two weeks, he
still could not think of anything. She was going to be 13 and he wanted her
birthday to be something special. Finally after hours of thinking, it came
to him. He would see if he could get Aaron Carter to sing Lizzie a song for
her birthday. Aaron Carter had just been in town a few days earlier, and
Gordo was able to get his email address from him. Gordo wrote to Aaron
immediately, asking him if he would sing a song for Lizzie.

When the teen music star, Aaron Carter, received the email, he became hard
immediately. From the moment he saw Lizzie, he knew he had to fuck her.
Aaron wrote back to Gordo, telling him that he would be back in town the
following week, which was Lizzie's birthday and that they could meet at a
hotel near by. Aaron couldn't wait, he would fuck the little girl as soon
as he could. Even though Aaron had already fucked 5 girls, he was still
very horny and couldn't wait to fuck her.

Gordo couldn't believe it, he was going to give Lizzie the best gift
possible, and hopefully, she would finally fall for him, cause he had had a
crush on her for months. He wanted to kiss her so badly, and hopefully she
would kiss him now. Gordo got so hot thinking about it that he began to
jack-off. He undid his pants, revealing his little 4 inch penis. He just
recently got hair around his dick and it grew a whole lot, but at the same
time, he still had a small dick compared to the rest of the boys in his
class. As he was jacking off, he began to dream of Lizzie naked.

Gordo told Lizzie to come with him to the hotel room, Miranda decided to
join them, so the three of them went over to the hotel to get Lizzie's gift.
Lizzie knocked on the door and was very surprised to see Aaron Carter again.
She loved his voice and couldn't believe he was going to sing to her on her
birthday. She was so happy, she gave Gordo a huge hug and then the 3 kids
sat on the bed as Aaron Carter sang happy birthday to Lizzie.

After that, Aaron told them all to stay around for a while, since he had
nothing to do that night. The 4 teens started to watch TV, when Aaron
suggested that they play truth or dare. They all agreed so the game started
with Aaron going first.

Aaron: Truth.

Lizzie: Have you ever been kissed?

Aaron: Hell, yeah.

Lizzie: Truth.

Miranda: What celeb would you most like to make out with?

Lizzie: Timberlake.

Everyone laughed at that.

Miranda: Just to make things fun, give me a dare.

Gordo: I dare you to steal the room service from someone in the hall.

Miranda went outside and returned with a hamburger. This caused the other
3 to start cracking up.

Gordo: Truth.

Aaron: Have you ever jacked off?

Gordo: (his face turned red) Umm, no.

Aaron: Challenge, every guy does it, don't tell me you don't.

Lizzie: Yeah, Gordo you know you do.

Miranda: Yeah you are lying.

Aaron: I guess that means we get to give him a truth and a dare.

Lizzie: I agree.

Miranda: Me too!

Miranda: So Gordo, how big is your dick? And lets see it.

Gordo: Um, what? Are you serious? Its average size, I guess.

Lizzie: Just show us Gordo. Come on, I want to see it.

Gordo: Only if you let us see your breasts.

Miranda: I will, if Lizzie does and Aaron shows his dick too.

Aaron: I am game.

Lizzie: I am, too.

Miranda: Wait, I want to see who is bigger Aaron or Gordo.

With that Gordo and Aaron removed their pants. They saw Aaron's first it
was huge, it had to be 7.5 inches which was huge on the 13 yr old star. Then
they saw Gordo's which was not quite 4 inches and looked even smaller next
to Aaron's.

Miranda: Gordo why is yours so small?

Lizzie: Yeah, Gordo it looks so little.

Aaron: Girls, some guys have dicks and some don't.

With that Lizzie and Miranda were laughing so hard.

Then both girls began to strip, and started to make out with Aaron. Lizzie
was kissing him, while Miranda was sucking on Aaron's huge rod. Meanwhile,
poor Gordo was sitting in the corner masterbating.

Miranda then decided to fuck Aaron. She pushed him on his back and got on
top of him, lowering herself onto his dick causing him to break her cherry.
She then began to ride Aaron for 5 minutes before he came. Once Aaron got
hard again, Lizzie jumped on and had Aaron take her virginity away. At the
same time Miranda and Gordo were involved in a "69" in the corner. The
teens continued to fuck for another hour switching partners several times.
Eventually Gordo did get to fuck Lizzie, but she was no longer a virgin and
wasn't as tight as he had hoped, thanks to Aaron.
_ _ _

Should I continue or write a new Disney show story? I could add Nick Carter
or even the members of NSYNC or other chaarcters in the show Lizzie McGuire?

I am thinking about a Zenon story as well as the Jersey, So Weird and Even
Stevens. If you have any suggestions for these stories such as characters
and other shows you want written just e-mail me at: [email protected]


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