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Lizzie McGuire: Part 1 - Lizzie And Matt (bf,bff,mb,f-mast,inc,oral,voy)
by Langos949 ([email protected])

The McGuire household. The typical nuclear family: Mom, dad, daughter, and
son. For today, our journey will focus on the latter two. Lizzie, a 13-year
old blonde just beginning to embrace the products of puberty. A rather
attractive girl with styled hair, smooth, well cared for, tanned white skin,
and a really cute face. Her eyes are her selling feature. Just recently
picking up a training bra from the local department store, her breasts are
no bigger than a clenched fist. Lizzie liked to hang out with her friends
Miranda and Gordo as well as fantasize about her junior high school crush on
14-year old Ethan. Her brother, 11-year old Matt is a spirited young lad
with brown hair and a great sense of humour. Always making jokes, trying to
get out of chores, and tormenting his sister, Matt has yet to include 'girls'
into his social life. He weighs less than 90 lbs., but is in pretty good
shape from his constant playing and running around.

It was a Tuesday morning when our story begins. The children had to be on the
bus by 8:30. Lizzie to get to her Junior High and Matt to his public school.
Breakfast consisted of a bowl of cereal and some toast. Today was the first
day Lizzie was wearing her new bra. Matt was the first to make a comment.
"Nice bandaid Lizzie, are you trying to make your tits even smaller?" asked
the boy.

"Matt!" exclaimed mom.

"Better this than that peanut shell and elastic you wear when you play
soccer" retorted Lizzie.

This was not atypical and the children went their separate ways and completed
another arduous day at school. After school, Lizzie retired to her bedroom
after missing another lunch period with her teenaged crush, Ethan. Ethan was
a tall 5'11" 14-year old with a great smile and an even greater physique.

After school Lizzie dropped her bag off in her room and plopped down on her
bed. She stared up at the ceiling dreaming of Ethan. Lately she had begun to
feel a strange stirring between her legs and although she new what sex was
these feelings were completely new. Lizzie looked down at her chest and took
off her training bra. She was naked from the waist up. In front of the mirror
Lizzie stood and watched her body. She wanted bigger boobs like some of the
other girls in her grade. Lizzie was a good looking girl, she just hadn't
noticed it yet.

Outside Lizzie's room, 11-year old Matt was planning another one of his
pranks on his sister. He was setting up plastic spiders and worms outside
Lizzie's door when he took a glance inside only to see Lizzie naked from the
waist up, her hand fumbling with her small breasts. Matt thought this was
gross, but instantly became infatuated with the scene unfolding in front of
him. He'd never seen a naked girl before and was surprised to feel his penis
getting hard while Matt watched.

Lizzie dipped her hand under the waistband of her tight jeans and began to
feel around. Lately she had found that touching herself 'down there' was a
great thing to do. Lizzie was absent-minded feeling her breasts with her
left hand and her hairless mound with the other. Matt too had given his hard
dick a squeeze as he continued to kneel outside Lizzie's door.

Lizzie stripped down to her cotton panties before settling down on her bed.
Her knees were up and she was feeling around in her panties giving Matt a
great view. Matt lowered himself so Lizzie's head was out of sight. Lizzie
began to rub up and down her pussy lips slowly at first. With her eyes
closed she thought what Ethan would look like naked. Having never seen a
naked guy before she didn't really know what to think. Her fingers became
more active penetrating lightly into her virgin vagina. Sharp little came
from Lizzie as she frantically rubbed her clit back and forth. Matt noticed
her white panties had become wet. "Uh....uhhh.....UHHHHHHHH!" Lizzie shouted
out as her first real orgasm shook her developing body.

Lizzie was breathing heavy and slowed her rubbing to a stop. She smiled and
thought this new found sensation was the greatest thing to happen to her
since her crush on Ethan began. She peeled off her sopping wet panties --
Matt got a quick look at his sisters snatch -- before Lizzie got off the bed
and changed into some new clothes. When she left the room she stepped on
Matt's fake insects causing her to yell out in fright and in pain as she
wasn't wearing any socks.

"MATT!" Lizzie screamed. She picked up the rubber insects and stomped down
the hall to Matt's bedroom door. Ignoring the DO NOT ENTER sign Lizzie burst
through the door only to find Matt scrambling to pull up his boxer shorts.
She got a quick glimpse of his bare bum and maybe even saw the head of Matt's
little penis disappear beneath the fabric of his underwear. Lizzie turned
away not wanting to get caught checking out her little brother and threw the
rubber insects on Matt's floor. Lizzie left the room in shock. First, because
she thought Matt may have seen her masturbating and two, because Lizzie
became aroused at her naked brother's figure.

Matt slammed his bedroom door shut and was breathing fast from his sister
nearly catching him in the nude. Matt's dick had been hard after watching
Lizzie in her bedroom. He had returned to his own room and took of his
clothes. His three and a half inch penis was rock hard and he began to play
with it when he heard Lizzie scream his name. That's when he tried to cover
up knowing his sister was on the way.

That night, both children fell asleep touching themselves, reviewing in their
minds what each had seen earlier. Matt spent an hour in his bed totally naked
rubbing his hard cock with his hands and humping the bed. Lizzie reached two
orgasms first by thinking about Ethan and second by thinking of her naked
little brother. She became intrigued and wanted to learn more about what a
guy has in his pants. Lizzie spent quite some time contemplating whether or
not it was right to try something with her brother.

The next afternoon Lizzie repeated her self-exploration display, hoping that
Matt was watching outside her door. Sure enough Matt, who wanted to see more
of his sister, crouched outside Lizzie's door, his cock in hand. Lizzie
spent five minutes rubbing herself waiting for Matt to arrive. She saw some
movement out in the hall and knew he was there watching her. Like a jack
rabbit, Lizzie leapt from the bed and opened her door. Matt looked up in
total surprise, his right hand down the front of his sweatpants, his 3 1/2
inch rod tenting them out.

"What the hell are you doing out here spying on me?" Lizzie shouted.

Before Matt could come up with a snappy reply Lizzie grabbed him by both
arms and pushed him to the floor of her room. She was only wearing her
panties and Matt's penis remained hard as he could not take his eyes of his
sisters breasts.

Lizzie sat straddled across Matt's waist. "I saw you touching yourself
yesterday and I was checking to see if you were doing it again." Matt said.

"Well you got your wish" Lizzie replied.

Lizzie looked down at Matt's tented sweat pants. "Looks like you're not the
only one who wanted to watch." said Lizzie.

Lizzie stood up and helped Matt get up. "Let me see" Lizzie said boldly.

When Matt stood up Lizzie pulled down Matt's sweat pants and got Matt to step
out of them. He was wearing "smiley" boxer-shorts and his cock was straining
to get out of its cotton confines. They both looked at Matt's rod then Lizzie
tentatively touched his boner. "Wow, it's so hard."

Matt was breathing really heavy wondering what his sister was doing to his
body. He knew touching his penis felt really good, but he never new having
someone else do it could be so exciting. Lizzie put her fingers in Matt's
waistband and really slowly pulled down his boxers. She kept her eyes fixated
on Matt's mound which came together at the base of his penis. Lizzie kept
pulling and Matt's dick came into view followed by his marble sized balls.
His cock sprung back up pointing directly at Lizzie's face. "Wow. I've never
seen a boy's dick before".

"I've never seen tits before" Matt replied.

Lizzie grabbed Matt's oversized T-shirt and pulled it off him leaving Matt
completely naked. "Come here Matt", Lizzie pulled Matt onto her bed admiring
the sight of the naked boy completely under her control crawl onto the bed.
Matt's balls were hanging down and his dick was swinging back and forth as
he moved to the middle of the bed.

Matt was on his bed, his 3 and a half inch penis sticking straight up in the
air. Lizzie took off her panties and the two siblings feasted their eyes on
each others naked form. Lizzie moved closer to Matt and grabbed his hand.
She placed it on her right breast allowing Matt to squeeze her developing
tit. Matt began to squeeze. Lizzie moved her hand down her brothers chest
until she reached his penis. She gently grabbed it and started pulling on
it. Matt let out a soft moan.

Lizzie moved even closer and gave Matt a kiss on the cheek. Nothing was said
as their legs began to intertwine. Soon the two were pressed together, Matt's
one arm around his sisters back hugging her close, the other feeling her
chest. Lizzie had begun to run her fingers all over Matt's back and smooth
bum. Matt's cock took over and he began to hump his rod against Lizzie's leg.
"Slow down there Matty."

Lizzie pulled Matt on top of her and hugged her little brother. She began to
kiss Matt and the passion between the two increased. Matt was in total shock
kissing his first girl. He didn't care that it was his sister. She was hot!
Matt couldn't believe how hard and how good his cock was feeling right now.
The two kissed open mouth for a few minutes as two pair of hands felt every
part of naked skin. The brother and sister couple had let nature take over.
For Matt this was a totally new sensation, Lizzie was experiencing new
feelings as well.

Matt's hands found there way to his sister's hairless pussy. He began to
explore a little. He didn't know what to do so he just fumbled around for a
bit. Lizzie remembered some grade 8 girls at her school talking about "giving
head" and "blow jobs". She decided to give it a shot. Lizzie rolled over so
that she was on top of Matt. She kissed all over Matt's face and neck slowly
working her way down to his belly button. "That tickles!" laughed Matt.

His breathing began to pick up as Lizzie's tongue found the base of his
boyhood. Matt gasped as Lizzie began to lick up and down his erect penis.
She put his cock in her mouth and began to suck Matt slowly. Matt's mouth
opened and he stared up at the ceiling as Lizzie gave her 11 year old bro
his first blow job. Matt was moaning on the bed as Lizzie picked up the
pace. Matt looked down and saw Lizzie's head bobbing up and down on his
hairless cock. Automatically Matt's hips began to bounce on the bed striving
to get he cock as deep as possible into Lizzie's sucking mouth.

Lizzie was moving at a furious pace and Matt continued to fuck her face.
"Uhhh, UHHHH, UGGGHHHHHH!!!!" Matt shouted as his first orgasm ravished his
young body. His balls were trying to pump out sperm that wasn't there. Lizzie
felt the young boy's penis jerk and pulsate in her mouth.

Matt's humping of his 13 year old sister's face slowed and his cock popped
out of Lizzie's mouth. "Wow that was the best thing ever" Matt exclaimed.

"Lizzie... what were you doing to yourself yesterday?"

"I'll show you little brother" Lizzie smiled.

She grabbed Matt's hand and placed in on the mound of her hairless cunny.
Lizzie moved Matt's hand back and forth over her developing pussy lips and
clit. Matt's fingers penetrated deeper as he got as much as he could of his
first pussy. "Oh Matt that feels so good. I'm so horney."

Matt's face was near his sister's snatch and he decided to return the favour
Lizzie had given him. He let his tongue touch her clit and labia. Lizzie felt
the touch of Matt's tongue and looked down at him. "Oh yaaa Matt, that feels
good... keep doing that."

Matt began to lick his sisters pussy. It tasted really good to him and he
was really excited over all the sex he was being introduced to. "Lick it

And with that Matt licked up and down his sister's cunt making slurping
noises as his face disappeared between her legs. Matt began to suck and push
his tongue in further into Lizzie's box. He was moving up and down, in and
out really fast and Lizzie was making sharp grunting noises as she got eaten
out for the first time. Matt's hands grabbed his sister's ass as he made a
meal out of her amazingly tasty pussy.

It was quite the sight, the 13 year old girl getting her box sucked by a
totally naked and rock hard 11 year old boy. Matt's cock was back to being
hard. Both bodies were developing sweat enjoying their new found sex
activity. "UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Lizzie screamed out as a first and second
orgasm flowed through her body.

Matt continued his licking and sucking of Lizzie's cunt and Lizzie was still
feeling horney. "Fuck me little bro."

Lizzie spread her legs out wide and slid down to the edge of the bed so she
was on her back with her knees up and her feet touching her ass. Matt's
pulsing penis bobbed in the air as he walked around to the side of the bus.
He knew what fucking was and after seeing Lizzie's hole nature simply took

Lizzie grabbed at Matt's cock and pointed it towards her waiting snatch. Matt
was incredibly horny as his penis touched the warmth of his sister's hairless
crotch. Lizzie grabbed Matt's bum and pulled him forward. Slowly, Matt's
little boner penetrated Lizzie's hole. "Owww!"

"Sorry Lizzie, am I hurting you?"

"No Matt, just go slow."

Matt pushed forward until his little balls were mushed against Lizzie's ass.
His cock was all the way in his sister as Lizzie let out a little yelp. "Ok,
Matt, fuck me."

With that, Matt began to pull his cock out of his sister and slowly plunge
it back in. Nothing ever felt as good as this Matt thought as he lost his
virginity to his no longer virgin sister. Matt was in ecstasy as his little
penis began to fuck Lizzie's vagina smoothly. It was the perfect fit. Matt's
cock was as thick as an adult's thumb and it made Lizzie feel real good as
it slid in and out.

Matt's little butt began to move faster as the feelings intensified. Matt
was really giving Lizzie a good fucking as both bodies slammed against each
other's. They were both sweating as they continued to fuck each other. Both
let out moans and screams as their climaxes approached. Lizzie pulled her
legs up higher so her brother could get deeper into her pussy. Matt was
thrusting in and out about three times a second as his dimpled butt tried to
cram as much of his prepubescent cock into his sisters smooth hole.

"Oh Matt! Oh Matttttt!!!!!!" Lizzie screamed so loud the whole neighbourhood
probably heard.

Orgasm took over Lizzie's barely teenaged form as she shook on the bed while
Matt's cock continued to fuck her. Matt was flying in and out of Lizzie's
cunt. The two smooth white hairless bodies enjoying the coupling. "Ohhhh....
Lizzieeee Fuck!!!!" Matt shouted as he reached his second orgasm of the
afternoon. His balls contracted and his body pulsed as he tried to shoot
semen. Matt collapsed on top of Lizzie. The moisture from both bodies
combined after their 15 minute fuck session.

The two lay on top of each other for a few minutes as their breathing slowed
down. They looked at each other and didn't know what to say. "You're really
good looking Lizzie."

"So are you little bro!"

And with that they kissed each other and slowly got dressed. It was time for
dinner. That night at the dinner table Lizzie and Matt were especially quiet.
They had both fucked each other and had sex for the very first time. It was a
turning point in both their lives. Matt's cock stayed hard the whole dinner
time recapping the after school events with his sister in his mind. The two
went to bed thinking of each other hoping they would both get a chance to
"get together" again.

Matt masturbated himself to orgasm for the first time and he decided he
really liked this new found pleasure. He decided to try and get off whenever
he could. Lizzie got off twice in her bed thinking of how Matt's cute little
body was pumping away at her only a few hours ago. They both had a tough time
getting to sleep.

The next day before school, Lizzie was getting ready for school. Matt walked
in on her as she was putting her top on. Usually Lizzie would have chased
Matt out of the room, but considering they had recently just fucked each
other she allowed him to enter. "Lizzie, that stuff we did yesterday was
really awesome."

"Ya, it sure was."

"Do you think we can do that again Lizzie?"

Lizzie walked over to Matt and grabbed his crotch then hugged him. "Matt,
what we did was really cool and I liked doing it a lot. I'd love to do more
stuff with you, but we gotta keep it quiet and don't tell anyone - not mom,
not dad and not your friends, ok?"

"Ok Lizzie", Matt replied as he hugged his sister.

"Matt... come here."

Matt's cock had tented out the front of his green shorts. Lizzie got on her
knees after closing the door and unzipped Matt's fly. His cock popped out
covered in his boxer shorts. Lizzie quickly pulled both down and engulfed
Matt's 3 and a half incher. No time to joke around, Lizzie sucked Matt's
cock fast and furiously. It took about three minutes when Matt's legs
buckled and his cock began to jerk in Lizzie's mouth.

"There you go little bro... that should get you through the day!"

"Oh yaaa!" Matt regained his composure and headed off to school. His dick
drying off in his shorts.

Lizzie and Matt went through their respective days at school thinking about
the sex and touching and licking and everything they had done together. Their
minds wandered on what more they could to together.

After school Lizzie returned home to find Matt laying in her bed with the
sheets pulled over him. Lizzie saw his body underneath the sheets and she
decided to play along. Lizzie took off all her clothes and slowly crept
towards the bed. Lifting the sheet at the foot of the bed Lizzie climbed in
and slid her naked body over Matt's, which was also naked, until she reached
his head. She kissed Matt on the lips and straddled his waist so that his
rock hard penis was rubbing against her thighs.

"Hey Matty... you're a horny little kid aren't you?"

Matt reached forward and used both hands to squeeze Lizzie's tits. They began
to kiss and Lizzie lay on top of her brother squishing his penis between the
two bodies. After a few minutes of kissing and rubbing Lizzie reached between
her brother's legs and grabbed his red cock. She sat up and guided his penis
into her sopping wet box. It slid right in and both moaned with pleasure.
Lizzie began to slide up and down her brother's shaft. Matt was getting a
ride from his sister who picked up the pace on his cock. Matt grabbed Lizzie
around the waist and started to pound her upwards with each downward thrust
of Lizzie's vagina. They two were bucking back and forth fucking each other
like pro's. "Oh Matt this feels SOOO goooo!" as she continued her bouncing.

Matt's penis had been sliding in and out of Lizzie's cunt for five minutes
when he starting fucking as fast as he could. "Lizzieee!!!!!!" Matt shouted
as he felt his orgasm ravish his young hairless penis.

Lizzie too began to scream as their fucking had reached its climax. Lizzie's
pussy juice trickled down Matt's pole and over his balls. Their pace slowed
until Matt's slick penis slid out of Lizzie's hole and lay softly on his
belly - still half hard. They were both out of breath.

"Oh Lizzie this is the best thing I've ever done. We gotta do this forever!"

"You're right about that Matt!"

A noise came from downstairs. "Hello???" It was their mom.

The children separated from each other's naked satisfied body and scampered
to put on their clothes.

Over the next couple of days, Lizzie and Matt had managed to get together
and fuck nine times. They were insatiable and fooled around every chance they
got. Usually there was a quickie before school and two or three fuck sessions
after school before mom and dad got home. One morning when both parents were
gone, Matt and Lizzie coupled in the shower and fucked each other hard while
cleaning themselves. Matt's little boner was getting a workout every day and
Lizzie's vagina was welcoming Matt's rod with ease.

Brother and sister had become sex experts. Their fucking and playing with
one another was based purely on lust. The new found feelings both bodies were
experiencing were no longer new so both sought out new ways to pleasure each
other. One night, Lizzie got up and walked into Matt's room. He was asleep.
Lizzie gently crawled under the covers to find Matt sleeping in the nude and
his hairless penis laying softly on his egg-shaped balls. She began to lick
around Matt's crotch, paying careful attention to his nuts. Almost
immediately Matt squirmed around and his dick began to harden. Lizzie began
licking up and down Matt's shaft. Matt moaned and opened his eyes to see his
sister giving his dick a bath. He began to fuck her mouth, but before he
could cum Lizzie pulled off and grabbed Matt by the hand.

Lizzie lead Matt into the back yard. She got on her back, spread her legs
open wide, and pulled Matt's naked, hard body on top of hers. Matt needed
no invitation and immediately slipped his 3 1/2 incher into his sisters
quivering pussy. Matt got right to work and started fucking his sister hard.
Their bodies glowed in the moonlight as the two fucked and fucked on the
grass. It was a new experience for the two, fucking in their own back yard.
Matt's balls began to tighten and he was getting that amazing feeling. He
pulled out of Lizzie's box and started jacking his little cock. "Ohhhhh
OHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH!" Matt muffled out.

All of a sudden Matt's prepubescent cock shot two or three thin streams of
cum on Lizzie's stomach. Matt had just shot off for the first time and he
was extremely proud. Lizzie had learned from her friend Miranda what cum was
and hugged her brother close as they both came down from their orgasms.
Lizzie ran her hands over Matt's smooth bare bum as the two lay in each
other's arms under the moonlight. Matt's penis was soft now and he decided
he'd better go back to bed as their fifteen minute fuck session took a lot
out of him. Lizzie wiped Matt's cum of her stomach and even tasted a bit of
it. She thought it was so cute that her little brother could cum and she
wanted to be able to suck it out of his cock herself, but that would have to
wait until next time.

The next day at school, Lizzie confessed to her best friend Miranda that her
and Matt had been fucking each other silly for the past two weeks. By her
count they had fucked at least a dozen times only missing out on the weekends
when their parents were around or they had other activities to do. Miranda
was taken by surprise at this revelation, but after Lizzie described how
great it felt Miranda did not object... besides... Miranda always thought
Matt was cute, even if he was two years younger.

After school Lizzie invited Miranda over to her house. Lately, as soon as
Lizzie got home she would find Matt and the two would shed their clothes and
screw like only horny teens and preteens can. Lizzie walked up the stairs
with Miranda. Matt opened his bedroom door wearing nothing but tented out
boxers. Fully expecting his sister to be alone, Matt and his raging hard on
were shocked to see Miranda. He quickly retreated to his room and shut the
door. Both girls giggled as they went into Lizzie's room closing the door
behind them. Matt was kind of pissed off. He wanted to get his little dick
wet and have a chance to shoot off inside his sister. Matt stroked his
little dick and paced around his room. He looked at himself in the mirror
and was so proud of his dick and his fucking abilities. What other boy in
the sixth grade could boast about the amount of sexual experience he had
gained recently.

Matt's dick would not cool off so he decided to go to the bathroom and take
care of things himself. On his way to the bathroom he heard giggling coming
from Lizzie's room. Matt wondered if they were talking about him. He peeked
through the keyhole and was surprised to see Lizzie grabbing Miranda's
orange sized boobs through her shirt. Miranda's hand was rubbing tentatively
over Lizzie's denim covered crotch. Matt nearly fell over banging his head
on the door. Lizzie and Miranda squeaked and quickly pulled their hands away
from each other.

Lizzie stomped towards the door only to find Matt with one hand in his boxer
shorts and the other rubbing his sore head. Lizzie would normally shout at
Matt, but this time she played older sister. "awwww poor Matty... are you
okay? she asked.

Lizzie grabbed Matt's hand from his boxers and helped him up. "Come here
little Matty... let me make your head feel better".

She sat on the bed and put Matt in her lap hugging his head. Matt's penis was
half hard. Lizzie put one hand in Matt's lap and softly stroked his semi-hard
on through the cotton. Matt became hard in a matter of seconds. He looked up
at Lizzie then at Miranda who was standing in front of the two. "Come on
Matty, let's get these off you."

Lizzie stood Matt up and pulled his boxers down off his waist and had him
step out of them. Matt stood sadly in the middle of the room, his hard cock
sticking upwards from his soft body. Miranda walked around Matt in a circle
looking over every inch of the eleven year old's body. Lizzie began
undressing. "Come on Miranda, let's make Matty feel better."

The two girls took off their tops and training bras. Next came their pants,
panties and socks. All three kids were naked. Lizzie pulled Matt onto the bed
so that he was facing her. Miranda lay down beside Matt, her boobs pressing
into his back. Lizzie and Miranda made a Matt sandwich; his cock was sticking
into Lizzie's stomach. Miranda wrapped her arm around Matt and began rubbing
his smooth chest drawing him closer to her body. Lizzie gripped Matt's soft
buns and started to rub them. Matt began to smile getting all sorts of
attention from these two great looking girls. They really looked after him,
rubbing him every where. A few kisses here and there. Miranda had Matt's cock
in her hand and started to jack him off. The three children began to moan as
fingers began to touch and prod everywhere. Other than the hair on their
heads there was no hair on any of the three kids' bodies. They joined
together like pro's.

Lizzie grabbed Matt and pulled him on top of her so that his bum was in her
lap and his hard dick was pointing up. Miranda climbed on top of the two and
began kissing Matt on the mouth. Slowly Miranda worked her way down Matt's
body kissing all the way. His body was so smooth and smelled pretty good for
a boy. Miranda found Matt's jerking cock. He had been hard for half an hour
now and needed release. For the first time in her life, Miranda placed his
cock between her lips. She could see Lizzie's slit below Matt's balls. She
used her free hand to rub both. Miranda's black hair partially covered her
sucking of Matt's cock. Her pink glossy lips parted naturally as she sucked
Matt off. Matt strained to watch this girl lick his penis. He began to bounce
up and down on Lizzie. Miranda picked up the pace as she felt Matt's dick and
balls tense up. "Oh Miranda, that feels so GOOOOOOOOOOD! Ughhhhhhhh!"

A load of hot preteen boy sperm shot out of Matt's cock hitting the back of
Miranda's throat. She was really into getting Matt off and continued to suck
him keeping his little load in her mouth.

She eventually swallowed and decided she liked the taste of Matt's come.
"Heyyy that's not fair, you got to taste his cum before I did." Lizzie got
out from underneath Matt and began sucking on his shrinking cock. She began
to rub his chest, balls, and ass to get him hard again within a minute. Matt
took about five minutes before his preteen body had enough and began shooting
a small deposit of sperm in Lizzie's mouth. She tasted it and swallowed. Matt
was exhausted and was half asleep on the bed.

Miranda was lying down on the bed. Lizzie straddled her face and Miranda
began eating her best friend out. Matt watched as the two thirteen year olds
made sex noises. Even though he was tired, Matt wanted to taste Miranda's
vagina. He got between her legs and began licking up and down her slit. His
tongue wormed its way in and Miranda began to jerk and moan on the bed. Pussy
juices covered Matt's face as he really got into the job of licking Miranda.
He looked up and saw his sister bouncing up and down on Miranda; her face
covered in wetness. Matt felt like he was eating a warm watermelon as he
licked Miranda for all it was worth.

Miranda took her mouth off Lizzie's box and screamed out in orgasm as her
pussy twitched on Matt's licking tongue. Lizzie planted her box back down on
her face and Miranda licked and sucked Lizzie hard. Lizzie screamed out as
Miranda's tongue had worked its magic.

The three children were exhausted from their sexual efforts and rested on the
bed a few minutes. Miranda really had a thing for Matt's smooth little body
and cuddled with him as their breathing returned to normal. A few minutes
later they got up, dressed, and went their own ways.

The next day after school Matt was a little more careful with jumping out of
his room ready to boink his sister. He sat in is room doing homework. No
longer was he desperate for sex, but it was something fun to do after school
and it sure felt good. The usual time for Lizzie to arrive home passed. Matt
heard a knock at the door. It was Miranda.

"Hey Miranda" Matt smiled.

"Hey Matt. Lizzie got detention so she's gonna be a bit late. Are your
parents home?" Miranda asked.

Matt replied no and smiled as Miranda stepped inside the house and eyed his
11 year old body. "Wanna fool around like yesterday before Lizzie gets back?"
asked Miranda.

Matt said yes. They went to the living room and sat on the couch. "You're a
little stud Matt, you know that?"

Matt blushed as the two began to hug and kiss on the couch. "You're really
good looking too Miranda". Miranda helped Matt take her top off. Matt removed
his and the two lay with each other's naked chests in their arms. Matt
grabbed Miranda's developing breasts and they kissed and rubbed each other.
The 13 year old girl and 11 year old boy made out for about five minutes
before Miranda got off the couch and removed her tight fitting jeans. She was
not wearing any underwear as her and Lizzie got to fooling around after gym
class during the day.

Matt's poll was pressing his jeans out. Miranda kissed down Matt's smooth
chest and rubbed his hardening nipples a bit. His breathing was heavy. She
got to the zipper on Matt's pants and began undoing it. His rock hard member
slid out from the fly. "Lift your bum up Matt."

Matt lifted up and Lizzie pulled Matt's pants and underwear off of him. Both
kids were now naked as Miranda crawled back on top of Matt resuming their
make out session. Their hot bodies pressed and squirmed against each other's
as they kissed and grabbed every part of their bodies.

Suddenly they heard a noise. Someone was coming in the front door. The two
hot children quickly gathered up their clothes and stormed up the stairs into
Lizzie's walk in closet. They shut the door and held each others naked body
for a few minutes. When they couldn't hear any noise they both decided to
resume their make out session on the carpet in the closet. There wasn't all
that much room. "Matt, fuck me quick before Lizzie gets home."

They tried getting into position, but there wasn't enough room for either to
lie completely flat on the ground. Finally they found a position to fuck in.
Miranda was on her knees with her ass in the air. Matt crawled in behind
Miranda, his cock swaying back and forth as he moved into position. Matt
inserted his cock into Miranda's vagina from behind. It hurt her briefly at
first, but the great feelings of sex and having this cute preteen sticking
her with his penis made Miranda feel much more excited.

Matt began to slide his cock in and out of Miranda's box. His three and a
half inch penis fit her hole perfectly as the couple began to moan. Matt's
balls were swinging back and forth with each thrust into his hairless target.
He began to fuck her hard as Miranda pressed her ass backwards with each of
Matt's forward thrusts. The two children fucked hard and there wasn't much
air in the closet so after five minutes of fucking they were both sweating.

They both felt a cold breeze come over them and they both opened their eyes
to see Lizzie standing there with her hands on her hips watching the two
fuck. Miranda and Matt both looked up at Lizzie and just continued their
fucking motion. "Ughhhhh UGHHHHHH" Matt let out as he was close to reaching
his orgasm.

Miranda and Matt were fucking furiously and they both let out screams of joy
as Matt's cock pumped four shots of preteen sperm into Miranda's climaxing
vagina. Their fucking pace slowed down and Matt rolled off Miranda's back.
Sperm trickled down Miranda's leg.

"Fucking sweet!" They heard another guys voice in the room. Lizzie stepped
away and they saw Ethan sitting on Lizzie's bed. Miranda and Matt gathered
their clothes and modestly got dressed.

Ethan was Lizzie's middle school crush. A fourteen year old heart throb,
Ethan stood nearly 5 foot 7 with flowing blonde hair and a cute smile. His
muscles were fairly developed for a boy his age. Although not incredibly
bright, he was the target of Lizzie's affections for years. "Good show little
dude" Ethan said to Matt as he offered his hand up for a high five.

Matt blushed and high fived Ethan. Lizzie just looked at Miranda and laughed.
"No wonder you didn't want to wait around for me at detention."

Matt wandered off to his room and Miranda said she had to get home and would
see Lizzie tomorrow morning. "Watching your little brother screw Miranda was
so hot!" said Ethan.

"Ya I've turned him into a regular porn star haven't I?"

"You're fucking him too?" Asked Ethan with a sly grin on his face.

"Who do you think taught him? But I'd much rather have a bigger dick in me,"
said Lizzie as she moved closer to Ethan cupping his hardening package
through his jeans.

Ethan tensed up, "Whoa!", he was caught off guard. Good girl Lizzie had
become a sex addict and couldn't get enough of it.

Ethan relaxed and realized what was about to happen. The two began to make
out on the bed. Ethan's hand up Lizzie shirt and Lizzie fumbling with Ethan's
straining pant zipper. She managed to get his cock out of his pants and to
Lizzie it was huge. Nearly double Matt's length at six inches and double the
thickness. Ethan also had some public hair above his shaft. Lizzie stroked
Ethan's cock as his hands found his way down Lizzie's pants and they jacked
each other.

Lizzie wasn't quite sure how to handle such a big dick, but she must've been
doing a good job because Ethan was moaning between kisses and precum was
coming out of his circumsized tip. Lizzie played with Ethan's walnut sized
balls for a bit. They were huge and hot!

Just as Ethan was trying to take Lizzie's shirt off they both heard a car
door slam. It was Lizzie's father. "Shit" said Ethan as he stuffed his rock
hard 6-incher back into his pants and Lizzie regained her composure.

"Matt! Come help me put on the roof to your tree fort. Oh hello Ethan, hi
Lizzie" Dad said as Ethan and Lizzie sat in the living room.

"Ethan maybe you could help Matt and I put the finishing touches on his tree

"Sure thing Mr. McGuire".

Matt, Ethan, and Dad all worked hard over the next hour putting the roof on
Matt's rather impressive tree fort. There was a ladder and rope with a little
balcony surrounding a pretty big covered room. There were two open window
cuts and Matt had already stashed some comic books up there.

After Dad left to help his wife prepare dinner Matt and Ethan stayed up in
the fort. All that was on Ethan's mind was the image of little Matt plunging
his cock from behind into Miranda's wet cunt. "Matt you were hot up there
fucking Miranda like that. How long you been screwing Lizzie?"

Matt blushed, "About three weeks, I walked in on her naked once and I got all
excited, next thing I knew she was sucking my wiener and getting me to stick
it in her."

"You're one lucky little man!"

Matt could see Ethan's cock was rock hard and felt kinda sorry for Ethan
because he knew both Lizzie and Ethan liked each other, but he had fucked
Lizzie more than the two had kissed each other.

"Man I gotta jack off. Your dad came home just as Lizzie and me were getting
to it!" said Ethan.

"I know I was watching!" laughed Matt.

"Well then I guess you've already seen this" said Ethan as he unzipped his
fly and whipped out his hard penis.

Matt looked out his window an determined that there was no way anyone could
see into the fort way up here.

Matt took off his pants. He hadn't bothered to put his boxers on after
screwing Miranda. Ethan followed suit and the two boys were both naked from
the waist down with rock hard cocks sticking up from their groins. Matt asked
if he could touch Ethan's cock.

Ethan said yes if only he could touch Matt's dick. The two laid down on the
wood floor and explored each other's penises. Ethan couldn't believe how
hard Matt's dick was and Matt was impressed with Ethan's size and patch of
hairs. The two began to jack each other off. Matt fondled Ethan's balls as
Matt's butt was getting rubbed by Ethan's free hand. The two began to rock
back and forth on the floor loving every second of their explorations.

Fascinated with Matt's dick, Ethan moved closer and licked his tongue up
Matt's shaft. Matt stopped jacking Ethan and wanted to see what his cock
tasted like. Matt crawled on top of Ethan and positioned his dick over
Ethan's face. Ethan licked at Matt's little balls then took his whole shaft
into his mouth and began sucking. He couldn't believe how good it felt on
his young cock to have another guy suck him. He decided if Ethan was cool
with sucking dick then so would he. Matt licked around Ethan's tip which
was dripping precum. He couldn't fit all of Ethan's monster in his mouth
but managed to get half of it in and jack the rest with his hand.

The two boys sucked each other for five minutes. Ethan's hands rubbed Matt's
incredibly smooth ass as he tried to get his new buddy off. The two moaned
in passion as they both got their first tastes of another boys' dick. Ethan
rolled his tongue all over Matt's shaft and balls sucking him really hard.
Matt was coming close and a few sucks later he shot four streams of hot
preteen spunk into Ethan's sucking mouth. Ethan swallowed the 11 year old's
sperm down then shot his own thick and creamy load into Matt's young throat.
Matt tried to swallow it all but it was too much. He sneezed some sperm out
his nose and had cum all over his little face. After sucking Ethan to
completion he pulled off and laughed his cum covered head off. Ethan laughed
too as he looked at the mess on Matt's face.

The two cleaned each other off and headed down the ladder to the ground.
Ethan stayed for dinner and he decided he really loved the little Matt,
maybe even more so than he did Lizzie.

After dinner Ethan offered to help Matt with one final touch on his tree
fort. Back up they went; it was now dark out. "Come here little buddy" Ethan
said as he took Matt into his strong arms and hugged him tight.

Matt hugged back loving the attention he was receiving for this older,
stronger boy. Ethan was a bit shy but he bent down and kissed Matt on the
cheek. Matt blushed and hugged Ethan again; he was very happy. The two boys
had boners pushing out their pants. A light clicked on and quickly the pair
separated. Lizzie was in her bedroom and they could both see in. They
watched her undress. Lizzie was right close to the window and the boys could
see everything.

"You're sister is pretty hot Matt! Not as hot as you of course!"

Again Matt blushed. He told Ethan how he and Lizzie had 'stumbled' across
each other and how they got to becoming sex partners. Ethan was really hot
with the stories Matt was telling. He especially liked the one where Lizzie
and Matt fucked in the back of their parents' van as it sat parked in the

"Hey Matt! I've got an idea. Go upstairs and get it on with your sister. I
really wanna see you and her in action!"

Not wanting to let his older buddy down Matt accepted and with one last hug
left Ethan and walked back into the house. Both Mom and Dad were sitting in
the living room watching t.v.. "Where's Ethan?" inquired mom.

"He went home," Matt replied as he walked up the stairs to his sisters room.

Matt knocked on Lizzie's bedroom door. She opened it up to see her little
brother with a sly grin on his face and a rock hard cock in his pants.

"We can't do it now, Mom and Dad are here!" exclaimed Lizzie.

"Awwww come on, if were quick and quiet they won't find out."

Lizzie, having missed out on some serious action with Ethan today was hot and
ready for some sex, even if it was with her little brother instead of muscle
hunk Ethan. Lizzie was wearing her pajama bottoms with a t-shirt. She looked
pretty hot to Matt who began taking off his pants.

Outside, Ethan sat in Matt's tree house with his pants around his ankles
slowly jacking his six inch cock watching the events unfold in Lizzie's room.
Matt walked by the window in just his t-shirt with a 3 and a half inch cock
pointing straight out from his body. Lizzie entered the frame of the window
with just her pants on. She reached out and fondled Matt's balls as Matt
moved closer and cupped Lizzie's breasts with both hands. The two kids felt
each other up for a few minutes before Lizzie lifted Matt's t-shirt above his
head. She got on her knees and took Matt's boner into her mouth. With her
hair pulled back, 13 year old Lizzie McGuire began bobbing her head back and
forth on Matt's swollen penis. Ethan was getting quite the show.

Lizzie sucked on Matt's hairless cock for two minutes before she felt the
familiar tensing of Matt's balls and cock. She quickly stopped sucking and
dropped her pants. "Fuck me like you fucked Miranda, Matty," and with that
Lizzie's bare ass was presented in the air to her little brother.

Matt needed no more invitation and quickly sunk his raging hard on into his
sisters hairless warm cunny. From behind, Matt fucked and fucked his sister
hard. He balls were swinging back and forth with each thrust. Ethan began
jacking himself faster and faster as he watched 11 year old Matt fuck his
sister doggy-style like a porn star. Matt's eyes closed as he pumped and
pumped finally shooting his boy sperm into Lizzie's twitching snatch.

Lizzie felt Matt's warm fluid fill her box. Oh this felt so good for her.
Ethan in the tree house let loose several volleys of his thick cum. Most of
it splattered on the wall of the tree house. He'd leave it there to show
Matt later. The light turned off in Lizzie's room and the show was over.
Matt waved to him from the window. Ethan went home.

Before the night was over, Lizzie pulled Matt onto the bed and the two got
into a 69. Lizzie sucked Matt's semi-hard cock clean of her juices and his
cum as Matt licked Lizzie's stretched hole that had just received his cum.

After cleaning each other up the two tired youths retired to their respective
beds. Every one was satisfied tonight and they all had a nice long sleep.

Over the weeks to come the novelty of fucking his sister every chance he
could get wore off. Matt began to have better control of his sexual urges as
he neared his twelfth birthday. Him and Ethan had managed to get together two
or three times to fool around and suck each other off. On occasion Matt and
Lizzie would get very horney and screw each other like rabbits, but instead
of the three to four times a day the two children would make love to each
other it was now down to three to four times a week. It was still purely
lust-based as the two would still get into the occasional squabble.

During this time, Ethan had finally stuck his cock in Lizzie's cunt. He was
very nervous and shot off almost immediately. Lizzie preferred her little
brother. Even though his cock was half the size of Ethan's Matt had gotten
to know Lizzie's body and what she liked. Plus it was a lot easier for
Lizzie to be alone with Matt than it was with Ethan.

Miranda, Lizzie, and Matt also had an all night session on a Friday night
when Matt snuck outside to the tent in the back yard where the girls were
sleeping. They had planned this and Miranda was especially excited as she
hadn't had a dick in her since Matt fucked her in the closet several weeks
ago. The three spent from 10pm to 5am naked and exploring each other's hot
young bodies. Matt shot his cum five times and had two more dry orgasms
after that. The two girls worked him over all night long wanting this cute
little stud's cock to keep pumping sperm down their throats and vaginas. The
tent smelled of preteen and teenaged sex. There was cum stains all over and
the girl's wetness had left several spots on the sleeping bags. It was like
an oven in there. Sex all night long had left the kids hot, sweaty, smelly,
and tired out.

The next morning all three slept in way past their usual time and had to
fight to use the shower to get clean from their all-night orgy. For the next
couple of days Matt and Lizzie were content just to keep to themselves. They
had been having a lot of sex lately they felt Mom and Dad were getting a
little suspicious. Mom and Dad had been wondering why Matt and Lizzie were
always together, but their fears subsided when Matt got in an argument with
Lizzie over dinner and the two had to be separated. Lizzie and Matt took a
little break from each other and this would only increase the sexual tension
between the two.


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