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Lizzie McGuire: Part 2 - Lizzie, Matt And Gordo (bff,bf,mbf,mmbff,inc,slash)
by Langos949 ([email protected])

The summer had ended and quickly changed into fall. Matt enjoyed his twelfth
birthday and thirteen year old Lizzie made sure his birthday was something
he'd never forget. The blonde teenager and her black haired friend Miranda
had fallen in love with young Matt and decided to double-up on him after his
birthday party had finished.

Unfortunately for Matt his guy friends were nowhere near as experienced as
he was with sex and most of the party was spent playing games, eating, and a
bit of wrestling. Matt was content with that; he was, after all, still a kid.
After his earlier experience with the older and bigger Ethan, Matt had become
attracted to some of his same age friends and often wondered what they looked
like underneath their clothes. Aside from a bit of grabbing during the
wrestling matches, Matt couldn't satisfy his preteen sexual urges with his

Matt's birthday party ended around midnight with him and his friends sleeping
all in one room. There were six boys all sleeping in sleeping bags when 1
o'clock in the morning rolled around. The hall light was on and the door to
the boys' room was slightly cracked open. Matt laid in bed rubbing his chest
and balls thinking about life and such.

He saw the hall light blocked out by someone passing the door frame. Matt
looked up, his hands still on his now erect four inch penis. He squinted his
eyes and saw Lizzie and Miranda peeking through the crack in the door wearing
nothing but panties. Their thirteen year old breasts were exposed and softly
jiggled back and forth as their crouched bodies searched through the mass of
sleeping boys for their target.

Matt's cock was rock hard and the muscles in his face keeping his smile in
place were equally taught. Lizzie motioned with her finger for Matt to come.
Matt looked around at the pile of boys and assured himself that everyone was
asleep. As he slipped from his captain's bed Matt's penis pushed out the
front of his boxer shorts as he stepped around his friends and made his way
out into the hall.

Miranda and Lizzie giggled in excitement as the half-naked and erect Matt
joined the two topless thirteen year olds outside Lizzie's room. The two
girls wrapped their arms around Matt's shirtless back and guided him into
Lizzie's room. "Happy Birthday Matty!" said Lizzie and Miranda as they both
planted kisses on his face.

"We're gonna give our little stud a birthday present he will never forget,"
said Lizzie she wrapper her hand around Matt's boner. She jerked it back and
forth a few times before pulling down his boxer shorts. Matt's cock sprang
into full view as the girls looked over the naked hairless twelve year-old.

Matt smiled with excitement as the sexual tension was building in his preteen
body. The girls pulled Matt onto the bed and peeled off their panties by
lifting their legs up in the air and rolling them off their upturned asses.
Matt got glimpses of both girls' hairless pussies. They both looked moist and
ready for some play.

Matt was flat on his back as the two naked thirteen year-olds sandwiched him
and rubbed their hands all over Matt's horny body. One of Miranda's hands
caressed Matt's smooth bum and Lizzie rubbed the area just above Matt's rock
hard and pulsing cock. Matt began to whimper as the two girls rubbed him
everywhere except where he needed it the most. He tried to grab his 4-inch
penis, but the girls wouldn't let him.

Fascinated with Matt's smooth ass, Miranda moved herself to the bottom of
the bed with both hands underneath him gripping and grabbing his cute bubble
butt. Miranda's hands grabbed below Matt's ass and spread his legs apart. His
cock was jerking back and forth with each one of his increased heartbeats.
Lizzie continued her rubbing of Matt's chest and pubic mound as the two made
out at the top of the bed.

Miranda continued massaging Matt's ass as she stared at his erect penis. She
leaned forward and licked up the underside of Matt's hairless cock. A whimper
could be heard between Matt and Lizzie's lips. A little bit of pre-cum began
to bubble up at the tip of Matt's penis. Miranda licked around Matt's dick
head then plunged her mouth down the entire length of his shaft and began to
suck Matt off nice and slow. Matt couldn't keep his breath and had to break
off his kissing with Lizzie. They both looked down and saw Miranda expertly
sucking Matt's dick. It was a bit hard to see with Miranda's dark hair moving
up and down with each sucking motion.

"Hey, you were supposed to leave that to me!" Lizzie exclaimed.

"I know." Miranda giggled "but I just couldn't wait.

While Miranda was talking Lizzie crawled down and began to suck Matt's red
hot cock. Miranda resumed her rubbing and began to lick at Matt's hairless
balls. She licked around his sack and began to suck on his balls as Lizzie
bobbed up and down on the preteen member.

Matt was in heaven getting his balls licked by Miranda and his dick sucked
by his sister. Lizzie put her legs on each side of Matt's shoulders as Matt
instantly knew what to do. He saw Lizzie's quivering pussy in front of his
face as he dove his face in like it was a watermelon on a hot summer day. He
stuck his tongue in Lizzie's box and licked up and down her pussy lips. The
two could barely keep their composure and Miranda had to stop licking Matt's
balls to remind them that there were other people sleeping in the house.

Lizzie was so hot all day that she quickly came causing pussy juice to drip
down Matt's face. Lizzie's sucking continued as Matt felt his orgasm building
up in his balls which continued to be sucked by Miranda. Lizzie motioned
Miranda away as she sped up her cock sucking and grabbed Matt's balls feeling
the sperm building up inside. Lizzie rubbed Matt's sack and just below it as
she suck her younger brother for all she was worth. Matt's body tensed up and
his cock exploded with sperm into Lizzie's mouth. Three, four, five volleys
of 12 year-old sperm filled Lizzie's mouth as she finished sucking her
brother off.

Matt's sweaty body began to come down from its orgasmic high as Lizzie
allowed Matt's softening and cum covered member to slip from her mouth.
Matt's entire groin was wet from Miranda and Lizzie's mouths and the largest
amount of cum he had ever produced in his young life. His penis laid softly
towards one side of his body as Miranda softly kissed and licked up a few
sperm patches around his penis including some that was oozing out of his
deflated dick.

It was well past midnight and Matt was revelling in the bliss and total
relaxation he was feeling. He had just been orally assaulted by two
attractive 13 year-olds and he replayed the whole encounter in his mind.
Miranda traced her finger around Matt's penis and balls. He began to get
erect again. Lizzie looked down at Miranda and knew what she was up to.
Having already got off, Lizzie decided to leave the two of them alone so
she kissed Matt a couple of times, squeezed his now hard cock and went
to go to the guest room in the basement to sleep.

Miranda and Matt were now alone. Matt's four inch penis was fully at
attention and Miranda's naked body became alive with anticipation. Her
breasts were a good handful, about the size of a large orange. Her body,
nice and smooth had not a hint of hair on it and her hips were well-rounded.
She was fairly active and was well toned for a developing girl. Miranda's
nipples were large, but hard and her ass was incredibly perfect and smooth.

After eyeing Miranda over for a few minutes, Matt decided it was time for a
second round. Miranda was still at the foot of the bed playing with Matt's
hard cock. Matt got off the bed and guided Miranda so that she was kneeling
at the end of the bed, bent over with her chest down on the mattress.
Miranda's pink pussy lips were swollen and dripping with wetness as Matt's
birthday present was about to come to its fruition.

Matt placed his palms on Miranda's upturned ass and spread her legs open a
bit. Matt's hard member swayed back and forth as he softly rubbed Miranda's
pussy folds. He moved forward and began rubbing his cock up and down
Miranda's cunt. The soft mushy head of Matt's penis gently massaged her clit
and inner lips. After a few seconds of that, Matt guided his four inch cock
inside Miranda's hole.

It sunk right in and Matt was pressed right up against Miranda's behind.
Miranda closed her eyes as Matt began to slowly thrust in and out of her. He
pushed against her hard with each inward thrust trying to get as much of
himself inside of Miranda as he could. The pace quickened and Matt was now
fucking Miranda from behind enjoying every second. His hairless balls swung
with every motion. Matt's hands roamed Miranda's body playing close attention
to her ass and occasionally using a finger or two inside her vagina to giver
her a fuller sensation.

Sweat was beading off Matt's head as he fucked Miranda back and forth at the
end of the bed. Having just got off Matt could fuck like this for several
minutes much to the satisfaction of Miranda's developing pussy. He plunged
in and out of her, the two making grunts and noises trying to be as quiet as
possible. Matt was almost there and he bit his lip and fucked Miranda for
all he was worth. Miranda's body was bouncing off the bed as Matt literally
pistoned himself in and out, in and out!

The two kids were hot and sweaty as Matt gave a couple more hard fucks before
spraying his sperm inside of Miranda's pulsing cunny. He continued to fuck
back and forth as he deposited several shots of thin cum inside of her.
Miranda came too shuddering as the twelve year old boy fucked her so
incredibly hard. Matt's fucking slowed down as his penis begin to soften. He
pulled out of Miranda to see his cum covered cock half hard and very red. He
was spent and collapsed on Miranda's sweaty back.

Miranda kissed Matt on the lips and called him a good boy. Her box just got
a good fucking from the preteen and she was satisfied. Cum and pussy juice
was dripping out of her cunt and down her legs. The two didn't even bother
to clean up they just slept the next few hours away entangled with each
other, the stickiness and smells of sex filled the air.

At 6 o'clock in the morning Lizzie walked into her room to see Miranda and
Matt in each others arms partially covered from the bedspread. She snapped a
picture from the digital camera slash web-cam on her desk then woke the two
up. No words were exchanged as Matt put on his boxers and slumbered back into
his room. His friends were still asleep on the floor and semi-conscious Matt
quickly fell back into a deep blissful sleep.

Two months into the school year Lizzie celebrated her fourteenth birthday.
The grade eight girl hadn't grown much since school began, but she was as
beautiful as ever. Her breasts were a good handful and her body still had
much of its youthful thickness to it; very much a young girl slowly
blossoming into a woman.

Matt had to pay his sister back for the amazing birthday gift he had
received many weeks ago. He remembered the tree house fun he had with Ethan
and wondered if he could somehow get himself, Ethan, and Lizzie together on
her birthday. Turns out it wasn't all that hard to get Ethan to agree,
rather, ever since Matt and Ethan fooled around in the tree house Ethan was
a bit confused and more than a bit sexually frustrated.

Lizzie's birthday fell on a Saturday. Matt woke up early that morning to
give his sister a morning hug and kiss as she slept without any clothes on
in her bed. Lizzie tried to get Matt to mess around, but Matt's reply was
for her to wait until this evening. Mom and dad had their little party with
hot dogs and balloons and presents. Lizzie was grateful for all this and
even more grateful that her parents had planned an evening out as Lizzie had
asked to go out with her friends to the movies that night and promised to
take along little Matt.

After the parents had left for the city around 3 o'clock Matt's little
pecker was in the mood for some action. Lizzie was equally horny as her cunny
moistened with the thought of Matt's birthday present. "Oh Lizzie, I've got
your birthday present!" Matt called out seductively.

Lizzie rushed up the stairs to find Matt standing in his recently cleaned
room. He was wearing nothing but baby blue boxers with his four-inch rod
sticking out of the fly hole. His mattress had been taken off it's box
spring and placed on the floor in the middle of the room. There were no
sheets on it. Matt had a bottle of baby oil in his hand and was about to
pour some into his hand. Lizzie shouted "oh no you don't" as she lunged at
him and tackled his nearly naked form onto the mattress.

Lizzie leaned over Matt's face, "That's for me to do" as she French kissed
her 12 year-old brother for a few seconds. She was straddling Matt's waist
as she straightened up and pulled her sweater off revealing her bra covered
tits. Matt's cock was still rock hard poking through his boxers as Lizzie's
movements to get undressed caused her body to shift and rub up against
Matt's penis. She removed her bra letting her boobs open for Matt's hands to
grab and massage for a few minutes.

Matt was on his back fondling his sister's breasts as Lizzie reached for the
baby oil and squirted some onto his immature chest. She put Matt's arms at
his side as she softly worked the oil into Matt's skin covering every inch
of his chest, neck, and stomach. Lizzie covered Matt's arms so that the
entire front of his upper body was oiled and shining in the afternoon

Lizzie got Matt to stand up and grabbed his cock giving it a few strokes. She
put an ample amount of oil on Matt's penis as she began masturbating the well
lubed member; the oil covering much of the front of Matt's boxers. "Let's get
you out of these Matty" Lizzie said as she pulled Matt's boxers down.

She continued to apply oil to Matt's body now working on his hips and thighs.
Lizzie spent several minutes working oil into his smooth white ass cheeks as
well as his hanging balls every now and then giving long full strokes of his
penis which was now bubbling up a bit of pre-cum. After finishing off the
legs Matt was completely lubed up and ready for sex. Lizzie took the rest of
her clothes off and the two children stared at each other's naked hot bodies
for a few seconds.

Lizzie pulled Matt in close to her and the two began to make out. Matt's cock
rubbed smoothly between Lizzie's legs as her breasts rubbed up against Matt's
oiled and warm chest. She guided the boy down onto the bed and pulled him on
top of her. The two continued to kiss, Lizzie's body getting more oiled with
every movement Matt's body made on top of her.

Lizzie grabbed and rubbed Matt's ass as Matt began to hump up and down
rubbing his slippery cock between Lizzie's legs. The two were on fire as the
kissing and grabbing picked up it's pace. Lizzie had to break the kiss and
catch her breath long enough to order young Matt to "Fuck me now! and HARD

The two kids separated as Matt's red hard cock glistened with the oil and
the sunlight. It was pointing straight out and a bit upwards as Matt had to
bend it down a bit so it would get into Lizzie's pussy. With her oiled legs
spread nice and wide Matt plunged his cock into her pink box. Lizzie screamed
out in delight having no fear of anyone hearing. Matt quickly began to slam
himself in and out of his sister's pussy.

The warmth from the afternoon sun combined with the kids' coupling made the
room very hot. The two began to sweat as Matt's fucking took on a furious
and fast pace. His balls swung back in forth with each thrust of his preteen
cock. Lizzie bounced up and down on the mattress as Matt fucked her for
everything he was worth. Lizzie was screaming and Matt was beginning to
climax as his load shot out and into Lizzie's box. The oil and semen mixed
together creating a very slippery and sloppy minute of fucking as Lizzie's
wetness combined to leave a lot of fluid on the mattress.

The doorbell rang and Matt got up to answer it. He put on his oil covered
boxers then some shorts. Lizzie stayed on her back, legs wide open, cum, oil,
and juices flowing out of her cunt. Matt was a little Adonis with his tight
shorts and his well oiled body. He left the room and went downstairs. Lizzie
looked around and saw the mess the two kids had made on the mattress. "It's
gonna be tough to clean this up" Lizzie thought to herself.

A few minutes later she heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. She left
the room and saw a naked Ethan carrying Matt up the stairs. Matt's chest was
pressed against Ethan's and his legs wrapped around Ethan's back. The two
were kissing furiously as they slowly made it up the stairs. Lizzie noticed
Ethan's thick six-inch cock straining upwards and softly rubbing up and down
Matt's ass crack with each step he took. "Lizzie, your bro is really hot"
Ethan said between kisses.

He took a look at Lizzie's oil covered body with cum dripping out of her
crack. "Holy shit, so are you!" Ethan exclaimed.

Once he got to the top of the stairs he put Matt down. The two boys were rock
hard as Lizzie tentatively walked towards Ethan and gave him a hug and kiss.
"Ya Matt's my little stud, but I really need a big dick" she said grabbing
Ethan's hot hard cock.

"Don't worry Matty, your cock will be big in a few years" comforted Ethan.

The trio made their way back into Matt's bedroom. Ethan immediately notices
the smell and mess. "What have you two been doing all day?" Ethan asked

"The same thing we are about to do to you" Lizzie offered.

They guided Ethan to the mattress and began to apply oil all over his body.
Lizzie concentrated on his legs, cock and balls, while Matt worked on Ethan's
muscular chest, abs, and arms. After Ethan was oiled up Lizzie crawled on top
of him and two began making out and sliding up and down on each other's
bodies. Matt watched the two older kids make out as he pulled up and down on
his hard dick.

Lizzie swung herself around and the two got into a 69. Lizzie was working
Ethan's large thick member as Ethan's tongue snaked it's way in and out of
Lizzie's vagina paying careful attention to her clit. The made like this for
several minutes and the two were close to cumming. Lizzie pulled off Ethan
and told him it was time to fuck her.

Lizzie straddled Ethan's waist and guided his cock to her twitching vaginal
opening. She slowly lowered herself down letting Ethan's cock fill her pussy
up. Lately all she had was Matt's cock so the bigger penis gave her a much
different sensation. She began to ride up and down on Ethan's cock as the two
began to fuck. Ethan began pumping back and pretty soon the two fourteen
year olds were bouncing up and down. The sound from the oil squishing between
their bodies was quite arousing.

Matt was off to the side watching the two fuck like pro's as Lizzie let the
head of Ethan's cock poke out of her hole before slamming down hard each
time. Ethan looked over at Matt's hot body and motioned him to bring his dick
to his face. He got Matt to straddle his neck and Ethan began to suck Matt's
cock. There was a taste of pre-cum on the tip of Matt's penis which pleased

The fucking continued as Ethan sucked hard on Matt's cock. He fondled the
young boy's balls and began to rub his ass. Ethan found Matt's asshole and
began to get it oiled up. He rubbed around Matt's anus then slipped a finger
inside. Matt was incredibly horny now never having anything up his ass as he
began to fuck Ethan's mouth even faster.

Ethan's finger plunged in and out of Matt's behind keeping in time with each
thrust into Lizzie's moist box. Ethan added a second finger and really began
to finger fuck twelve year-old Matt. The room was filled with moans and
sexual squishing noises. Matt was the first to cum as he could take Ethan's
prodding no more. His asshole tightened and he fired a few shots of cum into
Ethan's mouth.

Matt got off Ethan's face and watched his sister and Ethan finish their
fucking. Ethan was really slamming into Lizzie's cunt now and his sister
looked semi-conscious with each fuck she took. Lizzie leaned forward and put
her hands on Ethan's chest so she could really move fast and fuck Ethan even
better. Ethan's cum covered tongue and lips let out a loud grunt as he shot
several thick volleys of cum into Lizzie's pussy. Lizzie screamed out in
orgasm as the two came together.

The room was now a disaster as Lizzie and Ethan came down from their orgasms.
The room smelled of warm oil and sex. The mattress was covered in oil, sweat,
cum, and juices. There was a cum stain near the top of the mattress where
excess sperm had dribbled out of Matt's cock. The three caught their breath.
It was nearing five-thirty and the three were hungry. Lizzie went to the
shower and Ethan and Matt left the room as their clothes were piled up
downstairs near the front door.

As the two boys walked down the stairs Matt asked Ethan why the fingers up
his ass felt so good. Ethan explained about a guys prostate and how it adds a
lot of fun to sex when it's manipulated. Ethan also told Matt that a guy's
dick up the ass fit perfectly and rubbed against the magic spot much like a
girl's clit and vagina. Matt wondered to himself if he could fit Ethan's cock
in his ass. He'd like to try it sometime.

The two were covered in oil and needed to get cleaned up. Being a little
sexually exhausted the two decided not to join Lizzie in the shower, but
simply to hose down in the back yard. The back yard was very secluded and no
one could look in as the two naked boys walked outside. Their penises were
soft and swung back and forth as Ethan reached for the hose.

Ethan hosed Matt down with the very cold water. Matt yelped in shock as Ethan
began to rub and wash Matt's hairless body of it's baby oil coating. His
little dick shrunk to keep warm. Matt returned the favour washing Ethan with
the very cold water. The two boys had major cases of shrink-a-dink and softly
massaged each other's peckers back to normal as they dried off. Ethan put his
clothes back on, Matt had left his by the front door.

Matt went inside and picked up his boxers and shorts when all of a sudden
the front door opened. Naked Matt panicked and ran into the living room. He
dove under the living room couch with his clothes still in hand. It was
Miranda and Gordo, they had come to get every one for the movie. Ethan walked
towards them from the kitchen still drying his long blonde hair. "Hey guys!"
Ethan smiled.

He told the two that he was going upstairs to check up on Lizzie. Miranda
and Gordo went into the living room. Miranda noticed wet smudges on the
hardwood floors and small footprints. She looked under the couch and saw
naked Matt blushing and half-smiling back. "Gordo, help me with this"
Miranda asked as the two each grabbed one of Matt's legs and pulled him out
from under the couch.

"Owwww! My dick!" Matt shouted as his soft cock was dragged across the floor.
He got out from under the couch on his own accord feeling really embarrassed
about his nakedness, not so much in front of Miranda, but being naked for
Gordo to see.

Gordo was thirteen turning fourteen with curly black hair and a somewhat
skinny frame. He was not athletic but was very smart. Ever since he was
circumcised almost a year ago he had been extremely horny and constantly
played with his cut dick. He had played with Matt a few times in the back
yard making movies and doing weird science experiments, but now he saw young
Matt in a new light as Gordo's cock began to harden.

"What do you have to say for yourself young man?" Miranda jokingly asked.

Matt's face was red and he didn't say anything as Ethan and Lizzie walked
into the room. Every one was dressed and then there was Matt, standing as
naked as the day he was born in the middle of the room. Ethan and Lizzie
acknowledged Miranda and Gordo. "Looks like we should punish him for not
being ready for the movie" said Ethan.

Ethan sat down on the couch and pulled naked Matt across his lap. He began
to playfully spank Matt's bare white ass as the other three looked on. "We're
gonna be late for the movie" Gordo expertly calculated.

"Geeze Gordo you're such a nerd, there are much better things to do than
watch some stupid movie" Ethan said.

"Look, little Matt's getting a woody" said Miranda as she saw Matt's four
inch pecker point straight to the ground between Ethan's legs.

"Are you ever NOT horny?" asked Lizzie.

Matt looked up and shook his head no and smiled. Lizzie walked over to her
perpetually erect brother and began milking his hard penis. Gordo was shocked
to see his best friend Lizzie groping her little brother. "Oh Gordo, don't
look so surprised" said Miranda as she pointed to the large bulge in his

Gordo blushed in embarrassment as he was, in fact, getting aroused at the
sight of the attractive Lizzie masturbating the hairless preteen boy. As
Lizzie jerked her little brother off Ethan began to probe Matt's little boy
hole. He managed a finger inside the kid's ass then a second as he began to
finger fuck Matt in time with Lizzie's hand strokes.

"Come on guys, let's go upstairs" said Lizzie.

"We're gonna be late" complained Gordo.

"Dude, do you wanna finally get that hard dick of yours wet for once or
what?" teased Ethan.

Gordo was getting horny and the bulge in his pants was painfully obvious. He
was just a little shy getting hard in front of everybody, but when Ethan
stood up with a hard on in his pants Gordo calmed down a little and decided
this could be a lot of fun.

Miranda, Lizzie, Gordo, Ethan, and naked Matt began their accent towards
Matt's bedroom. Matt blocked the door to his room, his cock still pointing
out hard and jerking with each of his heartbeats. "I have one rule in my
room and that is no one is allowed in with clothes on".

"No problem with that little dude" exclaimed Ethan as he quickly shed his
clothes and entered the room.

Miranda and Lizzie looked at each other and giggled as the two undressed.
Their naked bodies looked so good to Gordo as they disappeared into the

"Well Gordo?" asked Matt, "are you ready for a good time?"

Gordo looked a little nervous, but Matt grabbed at Gordo's bulge and begun
to undress the thirteen year old. Gordo smiled back and decided to throw all
caution to the wind and get buck naked and wild.

Gordo's naked body was quite white and his cock was rock hard. It was about
five inches long and a little thinner than Ethan's cock. He had a black patch
of hair above his cock, but his large balls were still hairless. Gordo
entered the room and saw Lizzie and Miranda making out naked on the cum
stained mattress and Ethan sitting up against the wall applying oil to his
six inch cock and rest of his body.

Matt walked in behind Gordo and gave his ass a smack. He closed the door.
"Gordo, come over here!" commanded Lizzie as the two girls separated on the
bed to allow Gordo to slip in between them.

Once he was on the mattress Gordo was in heaven as his two best friends
began rubbing all over his body. They were pressed nice and tight against
him and Gordo could feel Lizzie's tits rubbing on his back. Miranda's
breasts were up against Gordo's chest. She guided Gordo's hand onto her
breast and the two began to kiss.

It doesn't take long for instincts to kick in and before long Gordo was
kissing Miranda and fondling her boobs. Lizzie and Miranda shared Gordo and
traded kisses as the three explored more of each others bodies.

Ethan motioned Matt to come sit in his lap and like a little puppy Matt
bounded over to the erect Ethan and sat in his well oiled lap. Ethan's shiny
cock was pressed up against Matt's back as Ethan played with the boy's balls
and cock. Ethan kissed Matt all over his neck and began rocking himself up
and down Matt's back giving his lubed cock some much needed satisfaction.

After a few minutes Ethan whispered something into Matt's ear. Matt leaned
forward and Ethan began to work two oiled fingers into his ass. He began to
finger fuck Matt making squishing noises as Matt began to moan. Ethan pulled
his fingers out of Matt's ass and positioned his large cock at the small
entrance to Matt's hole. The head of Ethan's cock was leaking cum and
desperately wanted into Matt's body, but his sphincter wouldn't loosen. "Hey
Gordo, you gotta small dick. Come over here and open Matt's ass up for me!"
shouted Ethan.

Gordo looked at Matt who was looking very sexy and very horny. Gordo's cock
had been masturbated by the two girls for several minutes and he was very
horny. "Don't worry Gordo, we don't care about gay or lesbian stuff."

Gordo smiled and got up from the warmth of the two girls who quickly wrapped
their legs around each other and continued to make out on the bed rubbing
each others pussies and breasts.

Matt's ass was all oily and pointing up in the air. Gordo knelt behind Matt
and asked him if he was sure he wanted this. Horny Matt who was desperate
for something to be put in his ass just told Gordo to shut up and fuck him.
Gordo had thought about guys a couple of times but never dreamed he would be
with such a hot and horny twelve year old boy.

Gordo positioned his five-inch penis up against Matt's hole. Matt really
wanted a cock in his ass and he tried to suppress the pain as Gordo slowly
worked his dick up inside. When it was halfway in Matt told Gordo to stop
for a few minutes. Ethan began to stroke Matt's cock and now Matt was ready
for more of Gordo's cock. Lizzie and Miranda were now sitting cross-legged
on the mattress watching the boy getting fucked for the first time.

Gordo pressed forward and had the entire length of his cock up inside Matt's
butt. His balls rested softly against Matt's. Gordo could not believe the
feeling in his cock^ so tight and warm was Matt's ass that he was about to
cum right away. Matt was breathing heavy, but it felt really good to finally
be able to get another guys cock in his ass.

Matt told Gordo to begin fucking him. Gordo slowly pulled out then pushed
back in again. Total ecstasy flooded Matt's body as Gordo's cock filled his
ass and rubbed up against his immature prostate gland. The fucking began to
pick up pace and Matt was moaning in pleasure with his eyes closed. Ethan
continued to jerk Matt off. He had never imagined sex with boys could feel
so great.

Gordo was really slamming into Matt's ass. The two were ass virgins no
longer as Gordo's fucking was making noises with each inward thrust. His
balls slammed against Matt's as the two kids continued grunting and swearing.
Matt's cock burst with cum through Ethan's masturbating hands. The cum
sprayed onto the floor, but Matt did not tire. "Keep going Gordo!" shouted
Matt whose cock stayed hard.

"ugghhh I'm gonna cum Matt!" shouted Gordo who fucked Matt furiously, his
cock disappearing then reappearing into Matt's tight butt hole. Gordo made
one last forward thrust before his hairless balls erupted firing a huge
amount of cum filling Matt's young ass right up. Matt felt the warm liquid
in his ass as another orgasm ravished his body. Ethan could feel Matt's cock
try to cum again and only a little dribbled out.

"Oh shit that was good!" said Gordo as he pulled his cock out of Matt's ass.
The girls giggled on the bed. Ethan lined up behind Matt and began to press
his rock hard cock against Matt's cum filled asshole, but Matt was physically
exhausted and was flat out cold on the floor.

Ethan smiled at little Matt who had just been fucked hard by Gordo and had
his fifth cum of the say. "Hey Ethan! You want some ass? Then come and get
it!" shouted Lizzie as she got up on all fours and presented her ass to him.

Ethan, who would have stuck his dick in a jar of peanut butter if it meant
blowing his load, bounded over to the wet Lizzie and guided his cock to her
waiting hole. He rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks. Miranda squirmed
her way under Lizzie's body and began to play with her pussy.

Only four months ago, Lizzie was worrying about getting her training bra,
now she had been fucking her brother, fooling around with Ethan and Miranda,
and was about to have Ethan fuck her in the ass. Lizzie was incredibly horny
and had wondered what it would be like to get fucked in the ass. She had
talked it over with Miranda and both agreed it would be neat to try.

Ethan massaged Lizzie asshole with his cock, but he was very excited having
watched Gordo fuck Matt in his tight ass. Ethan pressed his cock forward and
shoved the head of his six inch cock past her ring. Lizzie's grunt of pain
was quickly replaced with moans of pleasure as Miranda worked her cunt with
her tongue and fingers.

Lizzie's ass managed to accommodate Ethan's hot hard member to the hilt as
his balls hit Mirnada's tongue as it plunged in and out of Lizzie's brown
eye. Ethan began to slowly fuck Miranda's no longer virgin ass. His white
muscular body rippled with each pumping motion he made into her behind. Ethan
was working up a sweat and the pace of his fucking quickened. Lizzie was
thoroughly enjoying the anal pounding she was receiving from her junior high
crush. Ethan couldn't believe how tight her ass was.

Ethan's tanned body was fucking Lizzie's ass quite quickly now as Lizzie
was moaning. Miranda continued fingering and licking her best friend while
getting a good show of Ethan's cock and balls moving back and forth. Lizzie
occasionally licked at Miranda's box, but the incredibly good sensations she
was feeling in her ass captured most of her attention.

Ethan's hands pressed on Lizzie's back as he fucked her as fast as he could.
The fucking made noises and the moans of pleasure filled the sex-scented
room. Over in the corned Gordo had the sleeping Matt wrapped up in his arms
as he rubbed the smooth boy between their intertwined legs. Gordo was hugging
young Matt and keeping him very close.

The fucking of Lizzie's ass was reaching it's climax as Ethan let out a
couple of moans before his penis shot several streams of cum into Lizzie's
ass. Lizzie screamed out as her pussy came and showered Miranda's face with
warm wetness. The two fourteen year-olds had their breathing return to
normal as Ethan removed his dick from Lizzie's back side. A bunch of cum
poured out of Lizzie's ass and onto the mattress below.

With Gordo and Matt cuddled up in each others arms in the corner, Ethan
having just blown his load into Lizzie's ass, and Lizzie cumming all over
Miranda's face, the five had tuckered themselves out and had fucked around
until 9 o'clock. Miranda was the only one awake was a little frustrated that
she didn't get fucked, but was content with the way the evening orgy went.

The room, however, needed a lot of cleaning. Aside from the erotic smell of
young teenager sex, which wasn't bad, just very overpowering, the room had
cum stains in several spots on the floor and the mattress was just soaked
with cum and sweat and the girls' wetness. Matt probably wouldn't mind
though, he now had a scratch `n sniff bed.

The five naked kids lay close to one another talking for an hour before
cleaning themselves and the room up. The pile of clothes outside of the room
was a good indication that something fun had just happened. Gordo was elated.
He just had sex for the first time and had loved fucking Matt's little ass
which was a little sore from the ass fucking. Plus, he was now in love with
twelve year-old Matt. Ethan was also in love with little Matt and really
wanted to get his cock in his ass, but would have to wait for another day.


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