Lizzie McGuire: Part 3 - Matt Does His Homework (bg,mb)
by Langos949 ([email protected])

The McGuire household had not been the same since Matt and Lizzie became fuck
partners. Unbeknownst to their mom and dad, the fourteen year old Lizzie and
her twelve year old brother had been satisfying their bodily urges for nearly
a year now. They continued to have their sibling squabbles and Matt continued
to play pranks on his sister.

Once of Matt's classmates was a 12 year old blonde girl named Samantha. The
two of them were the class clowns and played pranks on pretty much everyone
they could. Matt had become impressed with this girl who shared Matt's
talents for getting into trouble. Because of their blossoming friendship,
Matt decided to partner up with Samantha for their grade seven science

Matt and Samantha met up after school one afternoon at the McGuire house to
work on the project. They were doing a project with various dish detergents
and soaps to determine which was the best cleaning agent to use for various
spills and stains. It was a fairly simple project, but required a lot of
work putting together the experiments and presentation display.

The two were working on the floor of Matt's bedroom pasting some of their
experiment samples to the cardboard display. After nearly two hours of work
Samantha tried to stand up and yelped out in pain. "What's wrong?" asked the
concerned Matt.

"Oh it's just my back from working on the floor I think" replied Samantha as
she gripped her shoulder and rotated her neck.

"Here I think I fix that" offered Matt as he stood up and walked over to

Matt put his hands on Samantha's shoulders and began to lightly massage her
strained back and neck. Samantha thanked Matt and began to relax a bit.
"Wanna lie down for a bit?" asked Matt.

Samantha went over to Matt's bed and lay down on her stomach. Matt got on
the bed and continued to massage the twelve year old girl's back and neck.
Samantha had her eyes closed but quickly opened them when she felt Matt's
hands start to make their way under her yellow sweater. Matt's gentle hands
convinced Samantha to let him continue.

Matt's hands now softly massaged Samantha's soft skin. He began to get a
hard on thinking of this girl he was now massaging on his bed. Slowly Matt
had worked Samantha's shirt so that half of her back was exposed. He ran his
fingers over the strap to Samantha's training bra. He fumbled with it for a
bit and it popped open. Samantha, who was very relaxed didn't even notice
this had happened.

Matt reached down beside his bed and grabbed the baby oil bottle which they
had used as part of their science experiment. He applied some to his hands
and then her back. Matt was really getting into massaging his classmate and
Samantha was loving it as well.

Matt's hands had oiled up Samantha's back completely as he began to work his
hands lower on her back and down the sides moving closer and closer to her
preteen chest. Samantha's breathing quickened and she began to feel a
tingling down below; something that had been happening more frequently

Matt's cock was now rock hard and it was poking into Samantha's thigh with
each rocking motion of his massaging. Samantha turned her head and looked
up at Matt with a big grin on her face. She sat up and took off her top
exposing her nearly flat chest to Matt. Samantha's breasts were virtually
non-existent, nothing more than small mounds, barely a handful.

Samantha laid back down on the bed and Matt's hands rubbed all over her
upper half. He reached under her chest and began to rub her breasts. He felt
Samantha's small nipples get a little harder. Matt took off his shirt so now
both twelve year olds were naked from the waist up.

The tension in the air was thickening. Matt's cock was straining his boxer
shorts as his developing hormones began to take over. He started to rub
Samantha's legs and thighs. Samantha was wearing a plaid skirt which made
it easy for Matt to get his hands high up her legs. Matt used two hands
alternating on each leg going a little higher each time until he was
touching her moist underwear.

Samantha turned over and smiled at Matt as she spread her legs a little to
allow Matt greater access to her preteen parts. Matt had got Samantha very
hot and he could feel her quiver as his hands moved over her slit. He pulled
at her skirt and panties. Samantha lifted her bum up to allow Matt to remove
the final pieces of her clothing. Matt resumed his rubbing in between young
Samantha's legs. He felt her wetness as his fingers began to probe Samantha's
hairless cunny.

"No fair Matt! You gotta take off your clothes also!"

Matt needed to invitation and in ten seconds he had shucked off his jeans
and boxers, his four inch penis as hard as it could get. Samantha eyes over
Matt's cock having never seen one in person before. She reached out and
touched Matt's cock and gripped it in her hand. Matt closed his eyes and
moaned out in pleasure as the girl squeezed his boyhood.

Matt leaned forward so that he was lying on top of Samantha. Their immature
chests were pressed together as they tentatively kissed each others face and
lips with nothing more than little pecks. Matt continued to rub up and down
Samantha's sides and around her smooth butt. The two preteens were now
getting very hot as their hairless legs intertwined and they rolled over on
top of each other continuing to kiss.

Matt was on his back and Samantha was now straddling Matt's waist. His dick
was sticking straight up as Samantha leaned forward and began to move closer
to his waist. She kissed Matt's cock which was now showing a small droplet
of pre cum at its tip. Samantha used her hand to fondle Matt's ping pong
sized testicles as she began to lick Matt's shaft from the base to the tip.

Her expert tounging came as a shock to Matt who didn't know Samantha would
be so good at this. She closed her lips around the head of Matt's hairless
cock and began to suck up and down his dick. Matt was in seventh heaven as
his classmate began to suck him off at a feverish pace. Samantha was an
expert cocksucker and in a matter of a minute Matt was ready to blast his
cum into her mouth.

Sensing the impending orgasm Samantha let up on Matt's cock. She took it out
of her mouth and watched as it twitched in time with Matt's increased heart
rate. The two simultaneously switched places and now Matt was parting
Samantha's smooth pussy lips getting ready to lick up and down her hairless
cunt. Matt began to eat out Samantha plunging his expert tongue in and out
of her wet box. Samantha was also shocked Matt was so good at eating her out.
She began to grind her pussy into Matt's face as the preteen face fuck
continued. Samantha began to moan out loud as orgasm was approaching her
young small frame. "Ugghhh Matt fuck me!" shouted Samantha.

The two kids were very close to orgasm so Matt literally jumped at the
opportunity to sink his cock into Samantha's hairless pussy. He jammed his
four inch dick into Samantha's box and surprisingly met no resistance. The
two children coupled and began to fuck at a furious pace. Matt and Samantha
cried out as the two mashed their midsections together. The fucking was
insane as Samantha had her legs wrapped around Matt's waist and but while
Matt thrusted in and out of her cunt; his balls swinging back and forth with
each pounding motion.

Matt's cock exploded in Samantha's pussy firing several loads of twelve year
old sperm inside of the young girl. Orgasm flooded over Samantha's body as
the two climaxed together, the sweat, cum, and pussy juice all coming
together. The two were screaming out in ecstasy as their fucking continued.
Matt stayed hard and kept fucking his target.

Twelve year old Samantha got up on all fours so that Matt was now fucking
her doggy style which was a bit challenging for both of them. They didn't
miss a beat though as the two horney kids continued their fucking. Matt
fucked Samantha's dripping box for five minutes before his second orgasm
pumped a few drops of cum into her cunt.

The two kids collapsed in each others arms as their breathing slowed. Cum
flowed out of Samantha's pussy and onto the bed. Matt's cock began to soften.
Both looked at each other holding hands and began to laugh at what had just
happened. The two preteens had spontaneously fucked each other not realizing
how big of a "sex-pert" the other was.

"Where did you learn to fuck like that?" Asked Samantha.

Matt gave a few glimpses into his extra-curricular activities in the McGuire
household including the anal pounding he took from Gordo. Samantha told Matt
that she too had been fooling around with her two brothers for the past year.

Fully expecting Matt's mom to return shortly the two cleaned each other up
and got dressed. The finished their project before parting ways. They agreed
that they absolutely must get together again. Matt fell asleep happy he had
found another person to fool around with and this time it was someone his
own age!

The following Friday Lizzie and her parents were driving up north to spend
time with her grandmother. Lizzie was planning a slumber party with some
girls from school, but had to put that on hold for the family visit. Matt
already had plans to attend a birthday party for Lenny and was supposed to
spend the night over there.

The McGuire house was empty for the weekend, but when Lenny took ill after
his party Matt could no longer stay over. With Matt's parents out of town
they agreed to let Matt stay over at Ethan's house for Saturday night. The
McGuires would return early on Sunday morning to pick him up.

Matt was so excited so be hanging with his older friend Ethan. Ethan too was
happy the little twelve year old would be spending a night in his room.
Ethan's mind reeled with thoughts of activities to come. Matt stopped by his
own house to pick up a change of clothes and his sleeping bag then headed
off to Ethan's house.

Ethan's bedroom was huge compared to his. There was a queen sized bed, a
large t.v. with Xbox, and a private bathroom with a huge tub. Matt stared at
the bed figuring out where he would probably be on top of naked with Ethan.
"Where am I gonna sleep?" Matt half-heartedly enquired.

Ethan pointed to a futon in the corner of his room then back to his bed.
"It's up to you little buddy" and with that Ethan began to gently massage
Matt's neck.

Ethan and Matt were already half hard just thinking about spending the night
together, now they were both fully erect standing in the middle of Ethan's
room. Matt was wearing blue jeans which kept his little four inch boner in
check while Ethan's baggy green sweatpants allowed his thick six inch member
to push the fabric straight out.

They were both starting to get very horney, but quickly cooled off when
Ethan's mother called them down for supper. Matt and Ethan chowed down on
some homemade macaroni and cheese. During the meal Matt rubbed his foot up
and down Ethan's leg and the two exchanged gropes throughout the entire
dinner. When they were asked to help clear the table the two hesitated long
enough for their hardons to subside.

Matt and Ethan spent the next few hours playing Xbox and wrestling around.
They sat on the floor at the foot of Ethan's bed resting their backs on the
end of the mattress. They watched some cheesy B movie about a guy who ends
up shrinking his kids with an invention. Ethan had his right arm around
Matt's torso hugging him close and softly moving his fingers up and down
Matt's hairless arms. Matt felt very warm, safe, and comfortable in the
older boy's arms.

Halfway through the movie the power went out in the neighbourhood. It was
about 9:30 at night when this happened so the whole house was pitch black.
Matt got a bit scared when Ethan left him to go find a flashlight. When
Ethan returned to the bedroom Matt wrapped his hands around Ethan and held
him tight. Even though he was twelve years old and had the sexual experience
of a thirty year old, Matt was very much still a little boy.

Ethan comforted Matt as he pulled him onto the bed and sat him down on his
lap. Ethan hugged Matt and rubbed his hands all over the smooth warm body.
He worked his way up Matt's shirt front and moved his hands all over the
developing chest. Matt could feel Ethan's hard on growing in his pants as
Ethan lifted Matt's oversized t-shirt off his small frame.

Matt continued to enjoy Ethan's hands rubbing all over his bare torso. Ethan
moved his hands down to Matt's waist and tugged at the button and fly to his
blue jeans. Slowly Ethan unzipped Matt's pants and could feel the warmth
coming from the boy's package. Ethan reached inside and felt Matt's rock
hard penis straining against his boxer shorts. Matt was slowly sliding down
Ethan's chest as he hopped himself back onto Ethan's lap causing his jeans
to slide partway down his legs. Ethan helped to get the pants the rest of
the way off.

Matt, now only in his boxers and socks, was completely aroused and ready for
some fun. Ethan's hands were fondling Matt's four inch penis through the
fabric of his boxers. Matt spread his legs out to allow Ethan to rub all
over his inner thighs and lower abdomen. Ethan slipped his hands down the
sides of Matt's boxers and slowly pulled them down to his ankles. Matt kicked
the boxers off somewhere in the dark room. Ethan resumed his rubbing and
fondling of Matt's balls as he began to moan with pleasure. A hand would
occasionally grip Matt's bare bubble butt giving it a gentle squeeze. Matt
was very into this pitch black activity and his breathing began to quicken.

Matt stood up and faced Ethan so that his hard cock was sticking straight
forwards. Of course Ethan couldn't see anything, but quickly found Matt's
dick and began to stroke it up and down. Matt began to undress Ethan until
he was just in his boxers. Matt reached forward and touched Ethan's hard
six inch member through the boxer shorts. He snaked his other hand up into
Ethan's boxers to hold and squeeze his heavy balls. The two boys were very
hot and ready to explode, but Ethan broke the silence and told Matt to give
it a rest for a second.

Ethan told Matt to stand up on the bed and get on his back. Matt agreed, but
before he hopped onto Ethan's back he received three or four hard sucks from
Ethan. Matt nearly blew his load, but held off. He jumped on Ethan's back
and was piggy-backed out of the room. Ethan felt Matt's hard and wet cocklet
press into his back as he bounced the twelve year old up and down causing
Matt's dick to rub up and down. "Ohh shit!" Matt screamed out as his cock
exploded semen all over Ethan's back. Ethan could feel the slimy stickiness
drip down the crack of his ass.

Ethan laid Matt back down on the bed and pulled himself up close to Matt's
face and the two began to kiss each other lightly on the lips. The two ran
their hands over each other. Ethan was still rock hard, but Matt was still
recovering. Ethan whispered into Matt's ear, "Hey do you wanna let me try
and fuck you?".

A smile washed across Matt's face as he instantly had a flashback to the wild
orgy when Gordo fucked him in the ass. He was dying to have another cock in
his preteen hole even if Ethan's was an inch longer than Gordo's and much
thicker. Matt's cock was now rock hard again. Ethan told Matt to get back on
him which he did as Ethan piggy backed the twelve year old throughout the
electricity absent house.

Their collective hearts jumped when they heard Ethan's mom. "Ethan, Matt? Is
that you?"

"Yeah mom, we're just going outside to check out the stars now that we can
see them."

Naked Matt and nearly naked Ethan narrowly escaped the mother's eye as they
slipped out the back door; hard cocks leading the way.

It was now raining outside, but the hot muggy weather made the rain feel so
good on their bodies. They couldn't see anything in the back yard as Matt
slid off of Ethan's back. "Phew that was close" exclaimed Matt.

The two boys gripped each other and resumed their kissing. "Hey no fair! You
still got these on!" said Matt as he began to peel off Ethan's boxers. A wet
spot had formed at the front of Ethan's shorts in anticipation of the ass

Ethan pulled away and ran around the back yard. Matt chased after him having
no clue where Ethan was. For a minute or so Matt felt around the yard trying
to find Ethan. Matt called out for him, but got no response. He now felt a
little scared as his naked body moved to the front yard. Just then Ethan
grabbed out at Matt and made a loud noise. Matt screamed out like a little

Ethan began to laugh. Matt not thinking this was too funny began to pound his
fists on Ethan's bare chest. The rain was coming down hard as Matt managed to
tackled the older boy to the ground. The two began to wrestle on the wet
grass and Ethan's boxers slid halfway down his thigh causing his six inch
cock to rub up against Matt. The boxers were now completely off as the two
totally naked boys wrestled and rubbed cocks against various parts of each
other's body.

Ethan had pinned Matt down on his stomach. "Are you ready for my cock?"
teased Ethan as he released his grip on the wet boy.

Ethan got up on all fours and presented his young ass into the air. "Are
YOU ready for my ASS?" retorted Matt. Ethan felt Matt's smooth and wet butt
cheeks as he ran his fingers up and down Matt's crack occasionally letting
his fingers slip down the sides of his hairless balls. Ethan began to
masturbate his cock with his other hand as he started to work Matt's asshole
open with a finger.

After Ethan had managed to finger fuck Matt's twelve year old ass with three
fingers he decided it was time for the fucking. The rain poured down onto
Matt who was thoroughly aroused having sex in the pitch black lawn on
Ethan's front hard. Luckily there were many trees obscuring the view of any
passer by with a flashlight or car lights.

Matt felt the head of Ethan's cock brush up against his hole as Ethan began
to press his dick inside. Matt resisted at first but the cock eventually
slid inside his hole. Ethan let Matt's ass adjust for a few minutes before
pushing a little more forward. Matt grunted as he now had three of Ethan's
six thick inched inside his bum. Matt began to breath like a woman giving
birth as he pushed backwards until he felt the wet hairs of Ethan's cock
press against his ass. Ethan's full six inched were now completely inside
the twelve year olds rear. Sensing that Matt was ready Ethan began to pull

A shrill of pleasure circulated throughout Matt's body as the six inch cock
of junior high stud Ethan began to slide in the young boys rectum. The rain
kept Matt's asshole from burning as Ethan began to slowly fuck back and
forth. Matt was taking the cock like a pro as his own boner pointed downwards
as hard as it had ever been in his life. Ethan's hands were firmly on Matt's
waist as he began to push and pull Matt up and down his cock. Ethan was
enjoying fucking the tight ass of his preteen friend.

The two were now fucking hard in the rain on the front lawn. Both were making
noises that were muffled by the sound of the falling rain. Ethan was really
slamming into Matt's ass as his balls would slap against Matt's with each
thrust. They were fucking faster and faster as Matt's prostate was massaged
by Ethan's cock. The two were close to cumming as Ethan ran his hands all
over the soaking wet boy beneath him. Fucking doggy style on the lawn Ethan
felt on the world as he noticed a mother and her daughter walking across the
road. He looked down at his target and saw his cock disappear into Matt's ass
as the fucking continued. He reached under and began to jack Matt off. Matt
cried out as Ethan's touch was all that was needed to cause the sperm to fly
out of the kid's balls. It was quickly washed away by the rain onto the lawn
as Ethan pumped as fast as his could into Matt's ass.

Ethan screamed out as his balls and cock exploded thick shots of cum into the
tight ass on the lawn. Ethan continued to fuck and pound young Matt's butt
until all of the sperm had been drained from his balls. Matt was physically
exhausted as Ethan let his cock slip from the tightness of Matt's now
severely fucked asshole. Matt rolled over on the ground and Ethan lay down on
top of Matt as the two made out coming down from their orgasmic highs.

"Oh fuck Ethan that was the best thing I ever felt!"

"Me too little buddy! You're so cool!"

The rain had subsided a little and the boys were now feeling a little cool.
They went inside the house completely drenched. The lights came on as both
were in the laundry room. They bolted up the stairs, but not before Ethan's
mom caught the two naked boys. "What are you two up to?" She enquired.

"Nothing mom, we were just soaked so we put our clothes in the laundry."

Ethan's mom looked into the washer and only found a pair of Ethan's boxers.
She didn't think anything more of it.

Matt put on his boxers and Ethan put on some dry clothes as Matt announced
that he was beat and was going to go to sleep. He drifted off on the futon
that he was supposed to sleep on. His last thought of the day was how his
asshole hurt a little from the anal assault he received from his best older


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