Lizzie McGuire: Part 4 - Four On The Floor (mbff,mbffg,inc,anal,voy)
by Langos949 ([email protected])

Twelve year old Matt had some difficulty walking around for a day or so after
his wild night with Ethan. Ethan had fucked Matt's small ass on the front
lawn, in the rain, during a power outage. Although it was the best thing Matt
had ever felt in his young life, his butt was quite sore. Every time he sat
down it hurt a little, but he was reminded of the six inch cock he managed to
fit inside his bum. He could still remember the warm cum filling up his
insides. Matt couldn't wait to do it again, but he needed time to recover

Lizzie and Miranda had been growing pubic hair for a few months now, but the
two decided to shave it off. They would always shave each other often leaving
the two fourteen year olds making out and 69-ing on the bathroom floor.
Lizzie had been fucked by her crush Ethan many times, but she was most often
screwed by her young brother Matt. Miranda too liked Matt eating her hairless
pussy. She also got with Gordo a couple times when they worked on a cooking
project together.

Surprisingly, throughout the sex-capades and orgies that took place inside
the McGuire house, the parents were completely unaware how sexually active
their kids were... especially young Matt. Because both children were now old
enough to look after themselves both Mom and Dad spent more time away from
the house and more time together (but that's another story).

Today, Lizzie and Miranda had just taken care of their shaving in the
upstairs bathroom. Having ravished each other's bodies for nearly an hour the
two girls showered, dressed, and came downstairs. Matt was sitting on the big
green couch in the living room with his arms crossed across his chest and a
pout on his face. Matt was wearing a red t-shirt and baggy blue shorts. His
hairless legs were crossed at the ankles. "Awww what's wrong now Matty?"
comforted Lizzie.

The two girls sat on each side of Matt and both kissed a side of his face.
Matt's expression did not change. He was upset that his ass was hurting so
much because he wanted to get fucked by Ethan again, but the pain would be
too much right now. Although Matt had fucked Lizzie, Miranda, and classmate
Samantha he had also been fucked himself by Ethan and Gordo. Feelings were
forming in Matt's developing brain and he was beginning to realize he liked
cock more than pussy.

In an attempt to cheer Matt up, Lizzie and Miranda began to lightly tickle
Matt's chest, legs and armpits. He couldn't help but begin to laugh as the
girls giggled and Matt squirmed. He was trying to struggle free from the
clutches of the two girls but to no avail. His shorts had come part way down
the back of his ass so his bare white butt was showing. "Ooooh look at this!"
said Miranda who began to spank Matt's ass.

"Hey you two! That ass is mine" the two girls looked up and saw Ethan
standing in the doorway to the living room.

"Aww is that why Matt is so sad? Did Ethan stick his huge cock up your tiny
ass?" asked Lizzie.

Matt blushed and was embarrassed even though the two girls had seen him get
fucked by Gordo in his bedroom a few months ago. In the bedroom it was pure
lust and Matt was wanting to try getting his asshole plunged, but with Ethan
it was different. Matt had wanted to feel Ethan's strong arms around his body
as the two became one. Matt loved the attention Ethan threw upon him.

"I'd like to see you take his monster up YOUR ass Lizzie," shot back Matt.

Ethan walked over to Matt and pinched his exposed bum. Matt began to smile
and tried to wrestle Ethan onto the love seat. Ethan overpowered Matt and
pulled him up by his ass. He planted a huge wet kiss on Matt's lips. Matt
kissed back and the two made out for about ten seconds before Miranda said,
"I dunno Lizzie, I think Ethan's got a thing for little boys".

The two boys separated. "I'll fuck anything with a hole" joked Ethan, "but
Matt is so cuuuute! I love him. I love YOU Matty!"

Matt hugged Ethan.

"Come on Lizzie, let Ethan try your ass. You said you wanted to try it" said

Lizzie was very nervous and began wavering on wanting to put Ethan's six inch
thick cock in her virgin asshole. "Ya come on Lizzie, do it!" said Matt.

"I don't know. Does it hurt?"

"Look at me. I took it so so can you!" said Matt.

Lizzie continued to waiver until Matt threatened to let Ethan fuck him in
the ass and really hurt him good.

"If you don't let Ethan fuck you in the ass than I'm gonna let him do me!"

"Okay. Fine! But just go slow and if I tell you to stop you have to stop,

Ethan agreed.

Lizzie began to strip, first taking off her top. Miranda helped with the
clasps on her bra until her melon-sized boobs bounced free. They were much
bigger then when Matt and Lizzie had begun fucking over a year ago, but they
were still very firm and always gave Matt a hard on. This was no exception.

Miranda helped Lizzie pull her tight fitting jeans off her hips revealing a
plump white ass. There was no underwear to be seen. Bent over on the green
couch, Lizzie's ass was exposed. Ethan's rock hard cock was straining inside
of his blue jeans. Matt began to help Ethan undress and fondled Ethan's cock
through the denim.

After undoing Ethan's zipper, Matt reached inside Ethan's underwear and
grabbed onto the thick hard cock. He pulled it out of its confines for
everyone to see. Matt began to jerk it a little and if it weren't for the
pain in his ass he'd tell Ethan to fuck him right there. "Go get the KY
little buddy" said Ethan.

Matt and his hard cock bounded out of the living room to get the lube. Lizzie
and Ethan had become completely undressed. Miranda, still fully clothed, was
getting very hot and wet seeing Ethan's hard six inch member sticking out
form his smooth tanned body. Lizzie was on the couch with her ass in the air
like some horny dog in heat. She really needed a good fucking right now. Matt
returned to see Miranda rubbing Lizzie's cunt getting her even hotter.

Matt took the cap off the KY bottle and squirted a generous amount onto
Lizzie's backside. Matt's hard cock was poking out of the hole in his boxers
as he had rid himself of his shorts. Miranda stroked Matt's four inch
hairless cock as he worked the KY up and down Lizzie's wet crack. "Here
Matty, let's get you naked too" said Miranda who stuffed Matt's cock back
inside the boxers so she could pull them off him. Matt was standing naked
behind his sister with his dick sticking out keeping his oversized red
t-shirt from covering it.

Matt worked a finger then two inside Lizzie's ass. He met a little resistance
at first, but Miranda's expert fingers inside her pussy were keeping her mind
off the minor pain. Matt looked back at Ethan who was now sitting on the
coffee table slowly stroking his meat. "Can I go first, you know, to get her
ready?" Ethan gave one of his stupid nods letting Matt know it was okay.

Matt squirted some KY onto his left hand and coated his cock with the lube
as his right hand continued to work his sister's now loosening asshole.
Miranda continued to finger her best friend. Matt pulled his fingers out of
Lizzie's ass and moved forward. He presses his shiny slippery cock along
Lizzie's crack and moved it up and down between her pussy and asshole.

Pressing forwards, Matt began to sink his cock into Lizzie's ass. It didn't
take long before all four and a half inches were inside. Lizzie couldn't
believe she now had a cock in her ass. Miranda stared in excitement as she
pulled her hands away from Lizzie so the fucking could begin. Matt pulled
back feeling the tightness of Lizzie's ass squish his horny hot penis.
Pressing back in, Matt let his cock slowly feel the tight grip of Lizzie's
ass. Lizzie began to warm up to the feeling of Matt's little cock stabbing
her in the backside. She could feel his balls hitting her with every push.

Matt began to pick up the pace now fucking his sister's ass at a pretty good
pace. Lizzie began pumping back with each one of Matt's fucking motions. The
two kids fucked back and forth for about three minutes before Matt's cock
could take no more. He began fucking faster and faster. The squishing noises
and slapping sounds were very erotic as the little 12 year old boy fucked
Lizzie for all he was worth. He felt a hand on his shoulder as Ethan walked
up behind him. Matt felt the head of Ethan's cock on his back. "That's
enough Matt, I think she's ready!"

"Awwww but I didn't cum yet!" cried Matt as he pulled his twitching member
from Lizzie's no longer virgin ass.

"That's okay Matty, you can do me!" smiled Miranda as she pulled off
everything below her waist in one motion. Matt smiled as he saw Miranda's
hairless wet pussy as she leaned back on the couch still wearing her shirt
and bra but with her legs spread wide open for Matt to see. He fell on top
of Miranda as the two began kissing each other. The boy and girl were still
clothed from the waist up as their sexes rubbed up against each other. Hands
were everywhere... Matt was gripping Miranda's tits as Miranda stroked and
rubbed Matt's baby smooth butt.

It was only a matter of time before Ethan had his six-inch fat cock shoved
up Lizzie's tight ass and Matt has his four incher inside the little
Cuban/Mexican/Spanish/Whatever? girl's ass. With both girls facing the couch
the two boys fucked the girls' asses with ferocious felicity. In truth, Matt
wanted nothing more than for Ethan to be plugging his ass, but in the mean
time this would have to do.

Ethan looked over at Matt who was fucking Miranda's asshole hard. Ethan
closed his eyes as he continued to pound Lizzie and imagined that is was the
young, hairless, smooth, preteen ass of Matt's that he was fucking. Within a
few moments he spunked up into Lizzie's quivering asshole. Lizzie screamed
out as Ethan's sperm coated her inner lining well. Matt was soon to follow
with quick and sudden stabs at Miranda's dirt road. Thin but copious amounts
of twelve year old sperm filled Miranda's rear end.

The two boys collapsed on top of their fuckees as the girls caught their
breath from being fucked in the ass for the first time. It was magical for
all four parties involved as the boys pulled there semi-hard cocks from the
assholes of the two girls. Sperm slowly dripped out of each well-fucked hole.

As everyone's breathing returned to normal the doorbell rang. Scrambling to
get their clothes, Lizzie was the first to be decent enough to answer the
door. It was Matt's classmate Samantha. She had come over to visit Matt. Matt
smiled as he greeted Samantha and invited her in. He remembered the time they
messed around on his bed while doing a school project and ended up fucking
each other silly. Matt blushed as everyone made kissing noises after Samantha
came inside the house.

"Let's leave these immature `teenagers' alone" said Matt as he took
Samantha's hand and guided her upstairs.

"Who's that?" asked Ethan.

"Someone from Matt's class" replied Lizzie.

"Do you think Matt's `doing' her?" asked Miranda.

"Only one way to find out" after waiting about ten minutes, Ethan, Lizzie,
and Miranda tip toed up the stairs making their way to Matt's bedroom door.

Cracking the door open a bit the three teens looked inside and saw Matt
straddling Samantha's chest face fucking her as she sucked him off. Both
twelve year olds were completely naked and Samantha's legs were spread wide
open giving the three a perfect view of her pink hairless pussy. "Holy Shit!"
cried out Ethan as Miranda quickly clasped her hand across his mouth.

The two twelve year olds were making slurping and moaning noises. Ethan's
cock was rock hard again as he saw his little buddy's balls swinging back
and forth with each thrust into Samantha's sucking mouth. Ethan looked over
at Lizzie who was peeling off all of her clothes. Naked Lizzie crawled on
all fours to the foot of Matt's bed while Ethan and Miranda watched from

Lizzie looked up and saw the two kids in total sexual ecstasy as she crept
in between the parted legs of young Samantha. Lizzie plunged her face into
the hairless box of the young girl causing Samantha to stop sucking Matt's
cock and jerk with fright. Matt, with his wet cock on Samantha's nose said
"aww don't worry it's just my sister. Just relax" as he guided his nearly
five inch cock back into her mouth.

Lizzie began to lick and suck at Samantha's wet warm pussy. Samantha was
bouncing on the bed as Lizzie ate her out. She could barely keep Matt's cock
in her mouth. "OH fuck this is too hot!" Said Ethan as his rock hard cock
was going to burst in his pants.

Ethan grabbed the back of Miranda's spandex pants and yanked them down
while at the same time hoisting his cock out of his boxers. Miranda too was
dripping wet watching the threesome unfold on Matt's bed. With Miranda on
all fours, horny Ethan shoved his thick cock into Miranda's cunt from behind.
Still partially clothed Ethan began pounding at Miranda's box and Miranda
matched each one of his thrusts by plunging back on his dick. Miranda was
getting rug burn on her knees as Ethan fucked her fast and hard.

The activity on the bed was reaching a climax as Matt began to feel his balls
tense up. Samantha's box was quivering as Lizzie expertly sucked the young
clit. Matt looked back at the doorway to see Ethan plugging away at Miranda
and Miranda's head bouncing from shoulder to shoulder getting fucked so so

Matt could take no more and his cock erupted. At the same time Samantha's
orgasm ravished her body. She couldn't keep Matt's cock in her mouth as cum
from Matt's penis spurted all over her face. Matt jerked his cock getting
the rest of the sperm out over Samantha's face and in her mouth. Samantha
was screaming out as her juices covered Lizzie's mouth.

Seeing Matt spray his cum on Samantha's face and watching Lizzie's pussy
lips as she ate out Samantha turned Ethan into an animal as he roughly
grabbed onto Miranda's hips and literally slammed into her as hard as he
could. Miranda screamed out as the fucking was giving her never before felt
sensations in her young cunt. Ethan let his load rip into Miranda's box and
she could feel it coat her inside as her pussy lips clenched onto Ethan's

Matt licked his own cum off of Samantha's face as everyone came down from
their highs. The room smelled of sex as fluids flowed down onto the mattress
and onto the carpet outside Matt's door. Everyone had an orgasm except
Lizzie. Knowing this, the perpetually hard Matt offered to take care of his
sister. Samantha felt a little embarrassed as Matt mounted Lizzie with her
legs wide open on the bed. Miranda motioned for Samantha to join her and
Ethan on the floor as the three began softly fondling each other while
watching Matt begin fucking his sister.

Lizzie was already sopping wet from having her ass fucked earlier by Ethan
and by eating out Samantha's smooth sweet cunt. Matt lay on top of his sister
and sunk his cock into her pussy. It felt nice and warm for Matt as for the
first time he went slow and enjoyed the soft warm feelings washing over his
preteen prick. Hot Lizzie was squirming with lust as Matt's sweaty chest
rubbed her tits. He slowly moved back and forth inside her body as the two
grabbed, hugged, and kissed throughout the love making. This wasn't pure sex
anymore, this was passionate.

The three on the floor were watching intently. Ethan was fingering Samantha's
tight box while Miranda fondled Ethan's heavy cock and balls. Samantha slowly
rubbed Miranda's developing chest. On the bed Lizzie had wrapped her legs
around Matt's waist as he fucked her and began to pick up the pace. It looked
so hot seeing Matt's hard member appear then disappear into Lizzie's hairless
box. His balls moved around and his butt dimpled with each forward thrust.

Lizzie and Matt were panting and moaning as Lizzie fucked back with Matt's
motions. Having blown his load twice already Matt lasted for ten minutes and
Lizzie loved every moment of it. Finally she could take no more and told Matt
to fuck her hard. Matt was up to the task and began fucking Lizzie's pink
pussy in earnest. No matter how many times this kid fucked Matt was always
horny and enthusiastic. He plunged in and out as fast as he could trying to
please his sister and satisfy the urges coming from his cock. Matt shot off
three or four small spurts of cum into Lizzie's oven as Lizzie screamed out
with total pleasure. The two sweaty children lay in each others arms, Matt's
cock half-hard, still inside Lizzie.

Matt's room had been the host to yet another orgy and the five kids 12 to
15 years old had satisfied their bodies. The parents never caught on to what
was going on or, at least, never said anything. They did mention on several
occasions that Matt's room smelled `funky' but that was from all the cum and
sex, not from a dirty little boy.



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