Do not read if you are not of legal age in your region, country, or maturity
level. This Is pure Fiction People, This did Not happen in real life or on
the show. This is not a true representation of the characters so don't read
for reality. These Characters do not belong to me, and I'm just borrowing

Lone Ranger: Printing Press (MF,F-mast,bmail,cons,oral,anal)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Emily Landry was alone in the locked newspaper office waiting for the
printing press to finish printing tomorrow's edition. She often spent late
hours in the shop, finalizing the print and layout before putting the paper
to bed and letting the automated printing start.

Emily loved the paper her father had given her, even though it was a poor
substitute for his continual absence in her life. She didn't mind though,
the printing press kept her company, figuratively, and also physically.

As she stood near the vibrating machine, Emily once again felt the need
welling up inside her. Walking over to the rumbling machine she straddled
the large wooden board attached, She herself had attached this smooth
varnished board and nobody else in the city knew how a printing press
worked, so her secret was safe. She lowered her twitching crotch onto the
board and felt the vibrations through her undergarments.

As the vibrations began to masturbate her, Emily moaned in pleasure and began
moving her hands up and down her body slowly. She slowly unbuttoned her inky
T-shirt and tossed it to the side on a small unused table, she than stood up
and stripped off all her cloths save for her tight corset which pushed her
breasts up making them look perfect when next to the pink lace.

Emily once again straddled the board and let the vibrations flow through her.
Her hair was in long waves of blonde curls that flowed down her shoulders,
she wore a visor to keep the hair from getting in the ink and in her eyes
while she worked. She pulled the visor off and let her hair fall freely as
she stood there masturbating.

Her breasts heaving and her pussy wetting, Emily continued to moan as the
machine worked it's vibrations to the very depths of her loins. Her ink
smudged face was twisted into an expression of pleasure as she neared her

"What a headline," a voice shook her out of her stupor. Emily eyes shot open
to discover Luke standing there, the door open and the young cowboy looking
her naked body over with undisguised lust. Emily frantically grabbed for her
clothes trying to cover up her naked body much to Luke's delight.

"Rich Hotel Owners Daughter, Common Slut" Luke smiled "Think it would sell
many newspapers?"

"Luke what are you.....How did....." Emily stuttered.

"The door wasn't locked, you really should remember to lock it if your going
to get naked." Luke responded.

"Your not going to tell anyone......right?" Emily asked, terrified as to what
her father might say.

"That Depends" said Luke spying an opportunity and seizing it.

"On What?" Emily asked.

"On whether the towns biggest slut is willing to display some other talents."
Luke said shutting the door and locking it up tight. He pulled the drapes
shut and turned back to the half naked blonde.

Emily liked what she was hearing and dropped her cloths on the table. "So
what does this slut need to do?" she asked seductively. "Maybe give your
cock a good sucking."

Luke had never thought about having his cock sucked by a woman before, but as
she removed her silky lace corset and exposed to him her large and bountiful
breasts, he wanted nothing more.

Emily walked over to Luke, almost standing on her tiptoes she moved her body
up so that she could have access to his lips. She began kissing him deeply,
moving her tongue into his mouth as he does the same for her. There bodies
mingled and merged as their hands explored their clothed bodies.

Emily slowly sank to her knees in front of her new found toy. She looked
upwards at his smiling face waiting for his pleasuring to begin. She
unbuttoned his leather pants and using her gentle hands, pulled his large
cock out of it's confinement.

Breathing deeply at the sight of his huge meat, Emily gently licked the head
of his cock. As her wet tongue gently massaged his prick, Luke began to moan
in pleasure, he had never felt anything like this before, she was incredible,
her wet lips making contact with his sensitive skin as she gently sucked on
the head of his cock.

Suddenly Emily deep throated him in one magnificent gulp, Luke groaned as the
wet sensation covered his entire cock in her sweet mouth. Emily gagged on the
cock but was determined to help him get off and began to move her head up and
down the shaft as her tongue moved back and forth in her mouth licking his
cock. Pulling off of him and leaving a trail of saliva from her mouth to the
cock, she licked her lips and smiled suggestively.

She stood up and beckoned with a finger for Luke to follow, she walked back
to a counter and leaned back on it. Smiling and getting the message Luke
walks over and embraced her body, pressing his hard member into her abdomen
as she prepared for her first fuck.

His cock was at the entrance to her pussy, and she knew that soon she would
no longer be a virgin. With one quick strong thrust he plunged his cock into
her depths. As her hymen tore and her virginity was lost Emily let out a
scream of pain that quickly became a scream of pleasure as his cock slipped
into the inner recesses of her body.

"Are you all right?" Luke asked showing his first real concern for Emily. She
was touched that even though he was playing the tough cowboy who wanted to
"Fuck the Slut," that he still was gentle at heart.

"I'm fine," she responded reassuring him.

He began to push into her tight cunt again, she screamed again this time in
absolute pleasure as his cock hit just the right spot in her pussy. The
pleasure was so incredible that she couldn't help but scream wanting him to
do it again, and again, and again and again......

Not wanting to alarm any people passing by, Emily grabbed her discarded ink
covered T-shirt and balled it up in her fist. As Luke plunged his cock in
again she shoved the cloth into her mouth cutting off the pleasure filled
screams coming from her throat.

She could taste the ink in her mouth as his cock drove into her pussy over
and over again. Luke pleasured himself without any care or regard for Emily
who was loving every minute of her first sexual act with another human being.

The two gyrating bodies continued to push against one another as the
counter they were doing it on creaked as the wood fought to hold up to their
passions. Luke and Emily were both in heaven, neither one had ever dreamed
that sex could be this enjoyable, both had thought it was similar to
masturbation, but it wasn't nearly close enough.

Luke felt himself ready to explode so he pulled out, hopeing not to
impregnate the blonde, after all he didn't need that kind of trouble. His
cock began to shoot his load all over her midriff and he moved his cock up
so that it was shooting all over her breasts. She used her hands to catch
and clean up his cum and bring it to her mouth, were she licked her fingers
clean of his cum.

After cumming, Luke moved down to her beautiful neck. He began peppering her
honey sweet skin with little kisses as he made his way down to her beautiful
twin globes. Luke had never seen breasts bared before, he had seen women's
undergarments sure, in catalogues and stores, but never any of the equipment
that went in them. He began to gently suck on her nipples getting them rock
hard and erect, as Emily twitched in pleasure beneath him.

He than used his teeth and bit down on her right nipple, Emily sucked in a
breath and bit down on her lower lip as the pain blossomed in her breast. It
was incredible and she wanted more. She bent over to lick and suck on his
neck as he moved to her left breast. Moving in circles he approached her
nipple, and then bit down hard on the erected nub. As the pain his her again
Emily bit down on some of Luke's skin, the pain for Luke was as much a turn
on as it was for Emily and the two were both breathing heavily.

Moving down her thin body Luke approached her wet and juicy pussy. Reaching
out tentatively with his tongue he gave her sex organs a little lick. As the
pleasure built up inside her Emily groaned, prompting Luke to continue his
oral ministrations.

Luke continued to lick and suck on her folds and her exposed clit bringing
waves of pleasure over Emily's body. She began to pant heavily as Luke's
tongue continued it's incredible sensations. Luke's tongue was driving her
wild and she could feel an orgasm building, she exploded, cumming all over
his face as he finished his oral pleasuring of her.

Luke gently turned Emily over so that she was laying on her stomach, her
tight perky ass high in the air. Exhausted from cumming she barely realized
what he was doing. Luke gently spread her asscheeks with his hand and Emily
finally realized what was gong on, she quickly placed her hands over her
anal entrance.

"What are you doing?" Emily asked nervously.

"Whatever I want bitch" was Luke's reply, making Emily shiver with excitement
at being degraded. She was reluctant for him to do anything but she was in
his power and so moved her hands away from her but and placed them under her
stomach were they couldn't interfere.

Luke moved his cock to the entrance of her anal passage and prepared to push
in. Emily once again gagged herself with the T-shirt as she squeezed her eyes
tightly shut. With all his strength Luke shoved his cock into her anus. Emily
Screamed in pain and a secret pleasure a Luke continued to push in and out,
ravishing her third hole.

Luke came, shooting his second load of the night deep into her bowels. She
could feel his warm sperm in her anal passage and this gave her pleasure so
that she orgasemed again. Luke pulled out of her body and lay next to her on
the hard counter recovering. He stood up and looked at her naked body as she
slowly got to her feet. She then saw that his cock was still hard and ready
to go again.

"Come on slut," Luke said cruelly to Emily, "You can do better, I'll fuck
your ass again if you don't make me cum soon."

Emily accepted the verbal humiliation with a smile and walked back to were
Luke stood waiting. Falling once again to her knees, the naked blonde moved
her mouth over his shaft and deep throated him. Her deep red lips continued
to stroke his cock up and down, wetting his shaft with her saliva and
sparking more and more pleasure in his body.

He couldn't last long and very soon he shot his cum into her mouth. Emily
kept her lips around his cock head and took all his man seed in her mouth.
Swirling it around and savoring the man taste, Emily than swallowed the
whole load in several large gulps. Licking her lips of what was left of the
cum she looked at Luke suggestively.

Luke slowly got dressed as Emily lay back on her desk recovering. When he
was finished he walked to the door. Tipping his hat he left the store without
saying a word. He sure was better than that machine! Thought Emily happily.

The End


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