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Date: 02/12/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Graphic violence, male solo sex, male/female sex, beastial sex,
strong language

Categories: Het

Pairing: Lexi Bunny/m

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Summary: A sudden urge to go see what else life has to offer her causes Lexi
to leave the Loonatics and find herself in the arms of a young and handsome

Other Notes: This story takes place after the latest episode of the LOONATICS

Dedication: Good luck on the second season of your series on the WB-TV
Network, Loonatics! -- ATK 2006

Loonatics Unleashed: Lexi's Right To Choose
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It was in the year 2772 that a metor of unknown origin has collided with the
planet Earth and transformed the entire planet and its inhabitants forever...
thus also creating the most powerful group of super-heroic beings ever to
grace the very streets of a city known as Acmetropolis, the Loonatics.

And ever since they had formed the group, Ace Bunny, Danger Duck, Rev Runner,
Slam Tasmanian, Tech E. Coyote and Lexi Bunny were all able to stand together
and face any sinister foe who has dared threaten to do terrifying harm to all
of the citizens of Acmetropolis... and defeated them successfully.

But that was before the afternoon of February 12th, which was exactly the
day that a suddenly-bored Lexi Bunny has decided to ask herself this one
particular question, "Is being a superhero all I really am? Is there nothing

But of course, it had became clear that the other Loonatics were unable to
offer Lexi any help in dealing with her latest problem, for all Ace and the
others had concertrated on training themselves for future missions and
nothing else.

That was before Ace had turned towards the door of the super-team's training
room and gazed upon a confused Lexi standing right where she was with the
look of confusion on his face just before he had walked over to his own
teammate and ask, "Are you feeling okay, Lexi? Is there something wrong?"

And after she had looked up and noticed that it was a concerned Ace who has
placed his gentle hand on her shoulder, a saddened Lexi has taken a deep
breath and answered, "I'll be okay, Ace. It's just that I had suddenly
realized that I don't feel like being one of the members of this team anymore
and I must find out what else the world has to offer me."

But just as Ace was about to say something, one of their fellow team members,
Danger Duck has charged himself towards Slam Tasmanian in order to tackle him
down, only to have Slam duck out of the way of Danger's charge, grab him by
the leg and toss him across the room like he was nothing more than just an
overgrown rag doll.

And after he had hit the wall and dropped down to the floor, a woozy Danger
has slowly gotten himself back up to his webbed feet, placed his feathered
hand on his head and said, "Had enough yet, Tough Guy?"

But after Danger had plopped back down to the floor and Slam was letting a
hearty doze of gleeful laughter for his victory, the only thing that poor
Lexi had done was take a deep breath, lower her head and say, "Don't you
see, Ace? This is exactly what has happened to us and I'm just unable to
take it anymore. I'll be in my room packing my stuff. I hope you guys have
a good life."

Just then, after she had left the training room, gone into her private
quarters and started packing all of her personal stuff, the door has opened
and allowed a concerned Tech E. Coyote to walk into the room and ask, "Are
you sure that you really want to do this, Lexi?I mean, I really do realize
that you have the right to choose, but do you really want to quit the team
because of it?"

And after she had closed her eyes and let out a sigh, Lexi had turned her
head towards her good friend Tech and answered, "Look, Tech. I really do
understand what you're trying to say, but it's just that I feel that I
should be more than just a superhero and I'm unable to find that out by
staying here. But I'm really going to miss all of you guys... including
you, Tech."

And then, after they had given each other a big hug and she had said
'goodbye' to Tech, Lexi has picked up her bag full of personal stuff and
walked out of Loonatics Headquarters in order to start searching for what
else the entire outside has to offer her.

Just then, after she had walked about a few blocks away from Loonatics HQ
and stepped into a local diner for something to eat, Lexi has sat herself
down on one of the stooles and picked up a menu to look for something to
order, only to have a male voice say to her, "Excuse me for asking you
this, Ma'am. But would it be okay to order something for you to eat? I
really don't mind sharing."

And after she had turned towards the source of the voice and noticed that
it was the voice of a young and handsome brown-haired hunk with a smile on
his face, a curious Lexi has let out a smile of her own and said, "Well
then, I hereby accept your generous offer. By the way, may I ask what your
name is? I'm just curious."

And then, after he had placed his gentle hand on top of Lexi's, the smiling
young hunk has leaned himself towards her and answered, "My name is Kevin
Schlatter and if I may be so bold as to say so, you're the most beautiful
creature on this very planet Earth."

And after she had closed her eyes and lowered her head with a small smile on
her face, a very flattered Lexi has taken a deep breath and said, "Why thank
you, Kevin. It was nice of you to say so. By the way, if you're wondering who
I am, my name is Lexi Bunny."

"I know who are and I also know that you're one of the Loonatics. You and
your buddies are the greatest bunch of superheroes ever to grace the very
streets of Acmetropolis," an impressed Kevin has said to Lexi just before
he had gently placed his hand on her shoulder. "So, may I ask what are you
doing here by yourself?"

And after she had taken a deep breath, Lexi had looked at her newfound
friend and answered, "Well... you see, Kevin. I had suddenly started having
a feeling that there really should be more in the world for me than just
being a superhero. So, I had decided to quit the Loonatics and go see what
else life has to offer me."

"Well, Lexi. If you were to ask me, I do believe that you had discovered one
of life's other little offers right here," an understanding Kevin has said to
Lexi just before the waitress has appeared before the duo to take their lunch
orders. "Tell you what, Lexi. After we finish our lunch, why don't we go over
to my place and I'll let you spend the night there? Okay?"

And after she had given that idea some thought and said 'okay' to the young
and handsome hunk, the two newfound friends had eaten their entire lunch,
paid their bills and walked out of the diner and all the way towards Kevin's
apartment building, where they had stepped inside an elevator and rode it up
to the floor where his apartment happens to be on.

And then, after they had stepped out of the elevator and Kevin has unlocked
the apartment door, the duo has walked into his place of residence, where a
surprised Lexi had looked at the wonderfully-furnished living room with
wide-eyes and said, "Whoa! This place of yours looks great, Kevin. I really
do mean that."

"I'm glad to hear you say that, Lexi," a pleased Kevin has said to Lexi after
he had closed the door behind him and Lexi. "Say, Lexi. Why don't you put
your suitcase inside the guest room and go take a nice warm shower, while I
try to figure out what we should have for supper tonight? Okay?"

And after she had realized that she might really be in need of a shower, Lexi
has nodded her head in agreement to that idea, placed her suitcase inside the
guest room and went into the bathroom, where she had stripped off her entire
uniform, turned on the water and stepped into the shower.

And while the water was casscading down on her and she had started rubbing
soap all over her furry-and-yet-nude body, a curious Kevin has walked into
the bathroom to see if Lexi was in need of some fresh towels or anything,
only to have him look inside the shower and notice what a fantastic body
she has on her.

That has caused Kevin to take all of his clothes off and start stroking his
stiff cock just before he had placed his bare-ass naked body inside the same
shower and placed his gentle hands on an unsuspecting Lexi's arms, which --
in turn -- has caused her to turn quickly around and say to Kevin, "Look,
Kevin. I really didn't mean to give you the wrong idea about me. It's just
that I'm really not...!"

But just as she was about to say another word, Kevin has placed the tips of
his fingers on Lexi's lips and said, "No, Lexi. You don't have to be afraid
nor say anything. It's going to be okay. All you need to do now is just
relax... and enjoy it."

And with that, both Kevin and Lexi had kissed each other ever so passionately
on the lips just before he had started licking all over her body -- all the
way down to her hot, wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts and she had
placed her hands on his bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's
it! Do it, Kevin! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after they had placed themselves down on the shower floor and
Kevin has allowed Lexi to start sucking on his stone hard dick, she had
suddenly realized that she was experiencing something that she has been
unable to experience with any one of her fellow Loonatics before, for she
was experiencing pure and untamed erotica... and enjoying every minute of

Just then, after they had finally finished their shower together, stepped
out of the bathroom and into the master bedroom and placed themselves on the
bed, Kevin has placed his stiff cock inside Lexi's asshole and used each of
his hands to carress both her tits and snatch, causing a sexually-energized
Lexi to place her hands on Kevin's bare arms and yell at the top of her

And then, after they had started moving themselves harder and faster and
their lovemaking has made its final trek towards the Loonatics Headquarters,
the two newfound lovers had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell
asleep with their arms in a lover's embrace.

That was before Lexi had woken-up from her little nap about an hour later,
slowly gotten herself out of bed, got a pad and pencil and wrote a note that
has said, "Kevin -- I really do want to thank you for letting me come over to
your place to spend the night, but I had decided to go back to the Loonatics,
because... well, I know that this might sound more like something out of THE
TWILIGHT ZONE, but after I had woken-up and looked around your room, I had
suddenly realized that all I had really wanted was to have someone make me
feel like a woman by making love to me... and I really do want to thank you
for that. I also hope that you take really good care of yourself and have a
good life. -- Love, Lexi. "

And after she had folded up the note and placed it on the pillow next to
Kevin, a small-smiling Lexi has given him a small kiss on the cheek, gotten
her entire uniform back on and her suitcase out of the guest room and left
the apartment to go back to her friends back at Loonatics HQ.

Just then, after she had arrived back at the super-team's base of operations,
Lexi was surprised to see all of her friends standing in front of her with a
look of guilt on each of their faces just before Ace had walked up to her,
placed his gentle hands on her shoulders and said, "Eh, look, Lexi. We had
talked this whole thing through and we're all glad that you're back, because
we had decided to give trying to understand you one more try... that is, if
you'll let us."

And after she had realized how heartfelt Ace's little speech was, a smiling
Lexi had wrapped her arms around her teammate and said, "You better believe
that I'll let you guys give it another try, because all of you are just about
the greatest friends I ever have on this very planet Earth."



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