Looney Tunes: I Dream Of Lola (MF,toon,creampie)
by Stephen Mills

I'd dreamt of Lola always. How beautiful she was. Her soft skin, deep blue
eyes, and her statuesque physique. Everything about her was perfect. The only
problem was, she was a toon...fuck. It would never, could never happen. Not
ever. Not in this day and age.

I had always fantasized about fucking a toon. I had fucked animals before,
never women. I prefered animals more for some reason, I found them more of
a turn on, they were sexier, and they never said 'no'! Ever since seeing
'Space Jam', I realized Lola Bunny was the one for me, and how lucky Bugs
was. She was without a doubt the most gorgeous cartoon character ever. If
only she were real. Ah, well, that'll never happen. At least, that's what I
thought until one day...

It started like any other day, I woke up, jerked off to the Discovery
Channel, (I have many tapes of it), then got up and went downstairs. I had
awoken early today because on that morning's Looney Tunes, they had
introduced Lola into her first episode. Unzipping my pants, I sat down, and
turned on the T.V. Flicking channels, I landed on Lola. Man, she was hot,
wearing a short, white, tight top, and short, thigh exposing shorts. Stroking
myself with one hand, with the other, I reached for the remote, and as I
touched it, it suddenly got very hot, and then I noticed it had begun to
vibrate, before a bolt of electricity shot from the T.V. to the remote, I
closed my eyes. Silence. Then, as I unshielded them, I could not believe what
I saw. There, lying in front of me, face down on the floor, was my goddess;
Lola Bunny!

Rubbing my eyes to make sure, I looked again, it was definitely her! How the
fuck did this happen? How in the name of fucking Christ did she get here?
Another question: Who the fuck cares?! Now I could do with her whatever I
wanted. Regaining consciousness, she sat up.

"Whoah, like, where am I?" Her voice was gorgeous.

"Um, you're in my home, Miss Bunny. I don't know how you got here." I studied
her figure carefully, so many thoughts and emotions running through my head.

"Oh, well, I need to get back to Bugs." She sounded lost.

"Oh, OK, well, you can go back, I'll find a way." I slyly grinned at her.
"Listen, Miss Bunny, Lola. I've always...well, always admired you. You know
what I mean?" She started to blush. "I mean, I always wished, we could, you
know, be together."

Without missing a beat, she walked over to me, "So what is it you have that
Bugs doesn't?"

I smiled at her, "A lust for you; the desire to make you feel like Bugs never
could, and...a cock bigger than his."

"What makes you think your cock is bigger than his? And what makes you think
you can fuck me better than he can?"

I didn't say anything; I simply draped my arms over her shoulders, and leaned
in to her. Her scent was heavenly; not perfume, just bestial sweat and odor.
Passionately kissing her, I stuck my tongue deep in her mouth, all round it,
the walls, the roof, tasting her as much as I could. She abruptly stopped me.

"Let's go upstairs," she said, never had anything sounded better.

In the bedroom, she slowly began to disrobe, and, I noticing her every
curvature. Her body was flawless, her brown, furry skin, long limbs, feet.
Her back towards me, I gazed attentively at her spherical, large, yet still
sexy ass, just above it her cute bushy tail. Turning toward me, I felt my
cock almost explode. Her flat stomach led ay below to her hairless, tiny
snatch. Above, her round, tumultuous breasts rested like mounds on her chest.
Two pointy nipples radiating from them. I walked over to her.

"Touch me, please," she said.

I did so, first, her hips, then up to her breasts, gently massaging them, "Is
that OK hun?" She nodded in pleasure. I then put one hand below in front and
one behind. Running a finger from the bottom to the top of her snatch slowly
and methodically, almost slipping inside, but making sure I didn't. At the
same time, with the other hand, I was grasping harshly her ass cheeks. Then,
somewhat to her surprise I think, I put two fingers inside her posterior, a
pleasured moan assured me I was being successful, after examining inside her
ass with my fingers, I pulled them out. They were warm. Bringing both hands
up to my mouth, I licked fingers of each hand; tasting inside her body.

Bending down, I stroked her legs, long, smooth, slender. Then, craving more
stimulation, I slowly ran my tongue down each leg, savoring this part of her
body, if I couldn't fuck her legs, then at least I could experience them.
Then, down to her luscious feet. On my knees, I kissed them, then, feeling
very horny, began to violently suck her toes, all three on each foot. Sensing
my desire, she lifted her left foot up off the ground, and placed it on my
face. I began to hungrily lick and slurp over the sole of her foot, trying to
get as much of it in my mouth as possible. "Your feet are very beautiful," I
told her, and she giggled. It seemed to go on forever, licking her feet, and
I wanted it to, but, after about 10 minutes, she told me to stop.

Walking to the bed, she lay down on it, as I eagerly undid my pants. Standing
over her, my eyes once again quickly inspected her body. Seconds later, I was
lying naked on top of her body. My cock struggling to get inside her, after a
while, I managed to get in, her warm insides felt heavenly. Gently moving up
and down, my cock went deeper, and further up her. Neither of us spoke, we
just looked deeply into each others eyes, arms round each others necks. My
state became almost hypnotic as my movements gradually became faster. Laying
my face down on her chest, she used her hands to guide my mouth to her
breasts. Burying my head in them, I ran my tongue in her cleavage, massaging
breasts with my hands. Then, after a minute or so, I jabbed my tongue on her
nipples, hard, erect, and pink. Biting at them, as Lola let out moans of
pleasure verging on pain, I then took each breast in turn, placing it in my
mouth as much as possible, literally sucking on each of them. Hard, long and
slowly, all the while continuing fucking her cunt. My breast-sucking seemed
endless, I managed to keep myself from coming for almost twenty minutes,
before in a fit of extreme ecstasy, I came inside of her, her eyes closed,
her lips bit together. I got off her, and told her to turn over; she did so
gladly, anticipating what would happen next.

Usually after such a session I would never have the energy to continue, but,
being this was Lola, I had to. Keeping my cock hard, and regaining my breath,
I kneeled over, onto her back, and stuck my cock into her bunny ass. At first
it was a little rough, but afterwards I managed to slide it in no problem, no
lubricant needed. Dissatisfied, I pushed in harder, Lola nearing an orgasm. I
went deeper and deeper, trying to reach her rectum. Finding it, I began to
pump hard, much more so than before, fucking her bunny ass; I shafted her
long and hard.

"Get on all fours you bunny whore!" I commanded her, and she, kinkily,
obeyed, and got up from lying. It turned me on much more than her lying down
while I did it. "Look at me," I told her. She turned her head round, and
looked directly at me. Thrusting more and more into her, I wanted to get in
as far as possible.

"Hurt me," she asked.

This turned me on a lot. I didn't want to hurt my beautiful flower, but if
she wanted it. I began on this command to really harshly fuck her ass. Hard,
HARD, HARD! She screamed in agony; I could tell she preferred it in the ass,
so kept from coming as long as possible, her screams signified extreme pain
and anguish, yet also a sick kind of enjoyment. Stopping just as I came in
her ass, and just before, from the look of her asshole, I had almost made her
bleed. Having come in her, I dove in with my tongue, and sucked out all the

Pulling out of her, I spoke, "You know this is how much I love you, Lola." I
said, sincerely.

"Yes, I do. I understand." She replied.

Then she asked to suck my cock. I told her it would be a pleasure. She
kneeled down on the bed, and began pleasuring me. It was the best, well, only
head I had ever had, and it felt so amazing. It was like I was being fucked,
but I didn't have to do anything, or I was jerking myself off, without
actually doing it. Her tongue lapped at my cock end and I had to hold back.
Then she moved to my balls, already swollen and large. She delicately tongued
them, and then put the whole of my cock in her mouth, slowly moving up and
down my shaft. Deep throating me, she seemed to be unable to get enough. As
she stopped, just before I came, she looked up at me, sternly, and then went
back down on me, I almost immediately exploded in her mouth, she looked up
once again, semen around her mouth. She wiped it with a finger, then licked
it off, kinkily.

"My turn to give you oral pleasure," I said.

She lay down on the bed, face down, and I used one finger to rub her clit,
and at the same time rammed my wet tongue up her ass, the cool feeling to her
was evident. My tongue went further up her anus. Tasting some of the blood
from before, I penetrated deeper, up to her rectum and beyond her ring. While
still stimulating her clitoris with my left hand, two fingers inside it.
Spreading her ass cheeks as wide as possible, I pulled my tongue out, kissed
each cheek, then licked them both like peaches. Putting my tongue back inside
her asshole, (which now was wide and gaping open), I was able to almost put
my face in, my nose touching her crack. I realized I was beginning to flop,
and so began rubbing my cock again. Her clit was now very wet, as was her
cunt, which I saw she was violently rubbing. "You horny little rabbit," I
told her.

My tongue explored the crevices of her ass. My fingers digging deep into her
cheeks, almost breaking the flesh. I could tell she enjoyed it; not many
guys have a liking for ass when it comes to oral sex, but I do. Her ass was
without a doubt her best feature. I imagined lying face down on it for days
on end, I could do, too, but I knew this couldn't last forever. My tongue's
saliva made her rectum sore as it mixed with the encrusted blood. One final
thrust of my tongue later, and it was over.

Flipping her over, I receded to the end of the bed; started on her cunt.

"I want my cunt to stream with cum," she told me.

I didn't want to disappoint her. Before starting, I took a moment to breathe
in her cuntly scent. Deep breaths. Animalistic and attractive. After widening
her legs, my face buried in her cunt, as far as possible, my moans muffled by
my eating her out so much. My tongue was able to get in easy, her already
slack from my ramming her cunt before, and there was no hair to get in the
way. My tongue was starting to get a bit dry, and so I took a break, then
began again. She came at least 6 times during my dining on her cunt, and had
at least 4 orgasms. Using my fingers, I spread her cunt lips, and looked
inside, at her vagina walls, red, and wet. Then, my fingers still holding her
open put my tongue in again, lapping like a dog at her cunt walls, almost
reaching her ovaries. My face was very wet now, moist and slippery. Her hand
reached out, and pushed my head deeper into her cunt, my tongue ravenous for
her juices. The juices began to get everywhere, her fingers, (which she
licked hungrily), even on the bed and on the floor, most of all though, on
my face. Her cunt was glistening in the light of the room, reflecting into
my eyes, almost blinding me. I used my fingers to spread the juices over her
body, her breasts, and into her ass. I couldn't believe she could have any
cum left in her by now. I took out my tongue, and then put in three fingers,
then four, then seeing if I could get a whole hand in. Masturbating her, I
took out all finger and ran them over my face, then over my lips and mouth.
Lola took my hand, and used some of her juice to wear as lip gloss. Her body
wracked with pleasure and exhaustion, I could not think of what else to do.

"Honey, you know how to make me hot. Bugs is such a faggot next to a hot dog
like you." she proclaimed.

It would end soon. Getting up, I crawled up to her, and kissed her hard, her
mouth dry and sticky. Her lips lined with come. Tonguing each other, we
embraced. Once again horny, I shafted her again whilst we were sitting there
in bliss.

"I wish I could stay," she sighed.



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