Loony Toons: Marvin The Martian Meets Britney Spears (MF,FF,celeb)
by Hamster

A huge metallic disc approached earth at an incredible speed, with the
amazing abilities of a gravity defying design, the ship slowed drastically
after entering the atmosphere and changed trajectory 180 degrees in mid
air. In mid-flight the metallic UFO stopped then slowly descended to earth.

It landed outside a small town in northern Louisiana.

The door of the large metal ship opened and an escalator telescoped its
way down to the ground.

Marvin (the Martian) took the escalator down to terra-ferma.

A mechanical arm came down from the ship and handed Marvin a note.

"Dear Agent Marvin,
Your mission is to capture a female earth creature and mate with her,
then bring her to Mars so that we may have the product of that union.
-Martian High Council

P.S.-Thank you for the cookies."

"Oh, how delightful." Marvin commented.

A second metallic arm sprung from the ship. This time the arm deposited a
wooden crate on the ground in front of the Martian.

The front of the crate popped open allowing a green Martian dog to step out.
The dog saluted Marvin with one of his green floppy ears. He the reached
under his helmet with this same ear and produced a note.

"Dear captain,
Agent K-9 reporting as ordered."

"Oh K-9, our mission is to kidnap and mate with an earth woman. Isn't that
simply delightful? Come along now we must find an earthling female."

The pair strolled through the woods and before long they came across an
attractive blonde earth female who was drinking a V8 Splash. She wore white
silk pants and a white t-shirt.

Marvin and K-9 approached the female together.

"Uhh what’s up, dude?" She asked in her southern accent.

"I am Marvin the Martian and this is my subordinate, K-9. We have come
to earth seeking an earth female to impregnate, now doesn’t that sound
delightful?" He asked.

"Oh hello, I'm Britney. Sorry I can't talk but I have a picnic to go to.
Good luck with that whole impregnation thing.” She said tossing aside her
now empty V8 bottle and began walking away.

"Oh my goodness K-9, do you suppose all earth females act like that?" Marvin

K-9 shrugged.

Marvin stepped up behind Britney and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Pardon me, but you are coming to Mars and I'm gong to impregnate you."
Marvin informed her.

Britney raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms.

"And suppose I don't want to go to Mars and be impregnated?" She asked.

Marvin took out his disintegrator and obliterated a boulder.

"Eep!" Britney's eyes widened in terror and her jaw hung slack.

She made dash for bottom the flying saucer's escalator that left a dust
cloud in her wake.

She put a conductor’s hat on and began to ring a cowbell.

"ALL ABOOOOOOOOOOOARD, flying saucer leaving for Neptune, Pluto, Your Anus,
and Mars.” She announced.

Marvin and K-9 rushed to the escalator, not wanting to miss the trip.

"Hurry, hurry you don't want to miss your trip" Britney said as she shood the
alien pair onto the space ship.

The escalator retracted back into the ship. With a hum and a whoosh the ship
took off into the sky. It zoomed past the moon and made a b-line for Mars.
Just before entering the atmosphere of the red planet it stopped. It zoomed
back the way it came and landed in the spot it had taken off from a few
minutes before. Marvin and K-9 descended the escalator.

Marvin stepped up to Britney, huffing and puffing with rage, his fists where
balled up at his sides.

"Oooo you have made me very angry." He said.

"Calm down shorty, look its not that I don't want to go to Mars with you. I
do, really. Its just that I don’t want to get involved in no mutiny" Britney
leaned in and whispered something into Marvin's ear as pointed to K-9.

K-9 raised his ear and leaned in a bit trying to hear what was said.

When she finished explaining both she and Marvin both looked at K-9 angrily.

Marvin whipped out his disintegrator and fired a blast at K-9. The Martian
dog jumped into his helmet to avoid the burst.

K-9 waved a white flag in one ear while handing Marvin a note with the other.

"Dear Marvin,
What have I done?
- K-9" The note read.

"Let that be a lesson to you. I shall have no Mutiny I aboard my ship."
Marvin said angrily.

Marvin turned to see that Britney was running away at full speed.

Marvin unslung a second weapon. This one fired a straight jacket that
wrapped itself snuggly around Britney's sexy body.

* * *

Several minutes later, aboard Marvin's ship...

"Now when I remove this straight jacket, you are going to mate with me
Earthling. And I'll have no funny business." Marvin said.

"Who me? I've been looking forward to this." Britney lied with an innocent
look on her face.

"Oh goody!" Marvin said, clapping his hands together enthusiastically.

Marvin released the straps on Britney's straightjacket.

Britney decided to cooperate, for the time being.

She removed her top non-chalantly, this elicited the appropriate response
from Marvin. The Martian's eyes bugged out and his tongue hung out as he
stared at her naked tits.

Britney unzipped her pants and let them fall to her ankles. She then pulled
her panties down to reveal her stunning pink pussy lips.

Marvin was mesmerized.

Britney smiled and got on all fours.

Marvin reached under his kilt and pulled out his hardening Martian man-meat.

The Martian stood behind Britney and put his cock head to the singer's juicy
wet cunt.

Marvin grabbed a hold of her hips and began pumping her with a steady rhythm.

"Mmm mmm mmm oh oh oh yes." Britney moaned.

Britney's tits swayed forward and back as she pushed against his strokes.
Marvin leaned forward and reached under her chest so he could squeeze her
ripe tits as he fucked her. His finger dug into the firm flesh of her large
tits as she masterfully tightened her pussy over his cock.

Britney's chest tightened and she sharply took in air. She came to an orgasm,
biting her lip to stop from screaming. Her girl cum splashing all over his

Marvin slid his cock out of Britney's sloppy wet pussy and slid it into her
tight ass hole. There was a slurpy, sloshy sound as he banged Britney in the
back door with his cum girl-splattered dick.

"Mmm rrrr" Britney moaned with discomfort.

Marvin released Britney's tits and took took squeezing her shapely butt
cheeks. Marvin ruthlessly pounded her ass faster and faster. Soon enough he
felt an orgasm welling up inside him.

"Oh goodness YES!" He cried as shot his load with an audible splat.

Marvin fell backwards, dizzy. Little birds circled his head.

"Oh goodness that was so delightful." He said dizzily.

When he finally regained his composure and his vision cleared all he saw was
the barrel of his own disintegrator gun aimed at him.

"Change in flight plans." Britney said with a smile.

* * *

Christina Aguilera yawned. Britney was a half hour late for their picnic.
She had the nice large blanket laid out for them as well as a basket full of
food and a portable CD player with both their last CDs.

Christina picked up a rock and flung it as she could.

This was the first time she'd ever been stood up, and she didn't like it.

Suddenly she heard a strange humming sound. Strange green lights swirled
around her.

She was very surprised to look up and see a UFO hovering above her. A huge
door opened in the ships side allowing an escalator to slide down to the

Christina was VERY surprised to see Britney coming down the escalator to the
ground in front of her. Britney was even more surprisingly, completely naked!

Sure it was a big time saver, but it was kind of weird.

"Sorry I'm late, but I got tied up." Britney said.

"Oh," Christina said, ”Well I have a cell phone, hello."

"OK, OK, I said I was sorry. I'll make it up to you" Britney smiled.

Christina cracked a smile, "You sure will."

Christina pressed herself against Britney's hot bod struck her tongue between
the other blonde's lips. As the two sexy singers grappled with each other's
moist tongues Christina took the opportunity to squeeze Britney's firm butt

Britney helped Christina strip her cloths off so that the horney pair could
really get down to buisness.

Christina reached into her picnic basket and pulled out her strap-on dildo.
Britney obligingly put it on.

Christina lay down on her back and raised her mid section slightly in the
air. Britney got on her knees in front between Christina's legs.

Britney put the tip of the dildo to Christina's pussy. Christina wrapped her
legs around Britney's waist and Britney took hold of Christina's hips. With
Britney thrust forward to begin fucking Christina with incredible energy and

Christina shook with each thrust her arms flailing wildly, until she decided
to reach up and grabbed Britney's firm melons for support.

Christina cried out loudly as her slim body shook with a satisfyingly strong

Britney pulled out and Christina lay back limp and gasping. Britney
unstrapped the dildo and lay atop her friend.

"Whew!" Christina huffed, “That was fantastic!"

"Thanks, hey I got a space ship want to go shopping on Mars?"

* * *

Marvin grumbled unhappily as he gave the cashier his credit card. Britney had
a disintegrator casually pointed at his head.

"Are you two quite done I have almost maxed out my card!!!" Marvin whined.

"No, we still got to go to the W.B. store. And we should go to the food court
and get a couple of Pepsis." Britney said.

"Cokes" Christina corrected.

Marvin sighed and lowered his head sadly as he was made to carry everything
the two pop stars bought.
_ _ _

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