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Lost: The Prisoner (MF,MMMF,lact,bond,nc-cons)
by Iceman

Former Austrailian resident Claire Littleton came awake with a start as water
was splashed across her face, startling her back to reality with it's extreme

"Wha--where--uhhhh...." she trailed off in a cough as pain knifed through
her, starting in her legs and shooting upwards through her extended belly and
into-- "My baby! My baby!" she cried and tried to sit up, but a firm hand
pushed her back down onto her back.

"Your baby is fine. We would never hurt the child." growled a voice so
lethal and feral that it chilled Claire to the bone and she winced back in
stark fear, her shoulder-blades trying to dig through the very earth she was
splayed against, just to get away and then it all came back in a RUSH. We
were in the jungle! Somebody was trying to hurt me while I slept, hurt my
baby, but nobody would believe me so I was leaving, and Charlie followed me,
he wanted to help, said something about being an addict, and--and-"

"Ch-Charlie?!" she stammered, then forced her teeth to stop chattering,
"Charlie? Where's Charlie! What did you-"

"He's dead." hissed the voice very close to her left ear now and she felt the
cold steel of a hunting knife brush her windpipe and Claire finally blinked
back the haze covering her vision and saw it was -- HIM!

Ethan Rom.

The psycho who had TAKEN her...



The thin grizzled man with the intense eyes from back on the beach who was
always so helpful to everybody, collecting firewood all the time, and -- He
took us! Claire's mind screamed, I remember! He took us away, through the
jungle, tied our hands behind our backs and blindfolded us, kept leaving us
to backtrack and throw the others off our trail and then he took Charlie
away and and and

"...dead..." she whispered, and Ethan nodded as he clicked cuffs around her
her wrists.

"Yes. I hung him: a warning to the others not to follow."

Tears welled in her eyes and threaded down her cheeks in twin quicksilver
strands, "No...why? didn't have to...why?!"

"It was necessary. He didn't matter. And neither do you." and he jerked her
wrists back and above her head, clicked them to a chain wrapped around the
base of a tree. Claire tilted her cherubic face fearfully back and saw the
gnarled trunk was a massive one, towering up into the thick misty jungle
canopy of the island. Dark patches of midnight sky undulated through thin
breaks in the ropy cover, and dim stars twinkled amongst the velvet black.

She looked back to her captor, swallowed hard, fighting not to go comatose,
she needed to reason with him, get through to him. "If... If I don't matter,
then why...why t-take me?"

"Because this DOES matter." and he slipped a rough hand down her spreading

Claire's eyes went wide and she jerked, wrists pulling against the manacles
with all her strength, "NO! You are not taking it! It's MY baby! You can't-"

"But we will. When the time is right." and he shifted his body down lower,
gripped her left ankle.

"No! You will not -- we?" the young blonde woman blinked as her trepidation
doubled, "What d-do you mean...we?"

Ethan made no answer, but the dark jungle wall around their isolated clearing
did. The thick green foliage rustled on all sides then parted as dark shadowy
shapes stepped free and surrounded them in a circle. Claire screamed, a deep
throated, terrified wail, as two awful things happened at once: one of the
figures lit-up a torch, displaying the gaunt faces of at least ten
beefy-looking men; and Ethan caught onto her other ankle and wrenched her
legs apart.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Claire's yell reverberated across the clearing like a mad
siren's call and she prayed that somebody from the plane crash would hear it:
Mr. Locke, Jack or Kate, SOMEBODY! And come and save her from these crazy men
who wanted to TAKE HER BABY!!! But deep inside, deep down in her core where
self-doubt reigned supreme and tortured her with nightmares all the time
since the Oceanic Flight 185 crash, the Australian girl knew that help wasn't

She was alone.

With these men.

"Please l-let me go!" she tried to pull her legs from Ethan, but he had
already released them, though still they didn't move. She raised her
pounding head and saw that ropes had been fastened around either ankle
and tied securely to stakes. She was spread-eagle and utterly at their

No. No mercy, her panicked mind railed as Ethan moved in and the other men
crowded in closer. No mercy from blokes like these. I'm done for.

"Please don't h-hurt me." her voice was a husk now, "Please don't hurt my

"Never." Ethan gripped the bottom of her black tube dress and began sliding
it slowly up her legs, "I told you, it's not time to take it yet."

"Th-Then what are you-"

"You have other things we want." and he slid the dress up past her hips.

Claire didn't understand, "Other things?"

"Yes. Other things." and the dress was crumpled up around her waist, exposing
her functional white cotton panties.

Then she understood. All to well.

"No..." she rasped, "You can't. I'm preggers."

"The baby will be fine." Ethan slid the hunting knife up her left thigh and
swished it under the thick elastic, twisted, yanked upwards, severing the
panty with an audible SNAP. It unfurled from her belly-shadowed crotch like
a retreating window blind, and his other hand tore the remaining white cotton
to shreds, leaving her utterly bare from the waist down. Her master grinned
like a Cheshire cat, his mad eyes beacons into the Abyss, "In fact, it's
healthy for you to HAVE sex. Helps the delivery. You'll even like it,

"I will NOT!"

"Oh, but I think you will." and he lowered his grinning face to her
nearly-bald mound, and his mouth pressed to the layered slit, began to suck.

"Uhhhh..." Claire jerked against his adept ministrations to her most private
of places and her head fell back, her eyes shutting to the learing faces of
the island's mystery men. Ethan was no amateur; his lips did their work well
as his claw-like fingers dug into her splayed thighs, pushing them even
further apart. Claire was breathing hard now, the carbon dioxide shooting out
through her mouth and nostrils like a steam engine, as despite her supreme
fear she felt her midsection begin to betray her.

No! Why am I--NO! Please god, stop this, I don't want to--Uhhhhh! Yessssss...

Her vagina was moistening, beginning to open, and she felt other hands then
Ethan's on her. She looked up as the man between her legs tongued back the
hood of her clit and she made out two more of her burly captors now kneeling
on either side of her, big hands reaching for her jutting breasts. This
could NOT be happening! But it was.

The one on the left kneaded his new toy through the stained black fabric, his
unshaven mouth a scraggle-toothed maw of appreciation, while his counterpart
tugged down the tight frock and hooked the cup of the flowered bra within
away, and Claire's right melon popped free and into his descending mouth, he
sucked the whole tip of it in like a wet vac, nipple and areola all.

Claire squealed like a stuck pig, and not just from the assault on her
breasts, but because Ethan had full control of her clit now, his tongue
and teeth tugging and squeezing the tiny button so fast, so fast, so FAST
"Ummmmmm! YES!" she grunted and jerked, "No! Oh bloody hell, fuck yeah,
please god, please!" the heat that had been swelling rapidly within her
abdomen suddenly went nuclear and Claire jerked again and screamed in
ecstacy as the first orgasm tore through her pregnant body like a hurricane
and she spasmed in the tight grip of her three rapists, her back arching,
driving her bloated stomach high and popping her spine like a shotgun blast,
her lips peeled back and she howled her cum to the ocean sky "Yes! FUCK ME!
Yes, oh yeaaaaaaah!"

"Yes. I will." and Ethan was on his knees now, the bony caps pushing under
the writhing Claire's creamy buttocks, levering her up and he pulled his
trousers open, his thick long cock springing free in a flash of lightning as
rain began to plummet down from above and he gripped her round hips fiercely
and DROVE into her sopping twat all the way to his balls, Claire gasped as
he penetrated her deeper then any man had ever had, deeper then she even
though possible, it was like the head of his dick was going to pop out
between her peeled-back lips, he felt THAT huge, and then he was pumping
into her like a stevedore, ramming his meat even deeper into her core,
pounding against her engorged cervix and then she was cumming AGAIN but
Ethan wasn't, he was just fucking her endlessly and shouting curses, as the
flash rainstorm bore down on them like wet hail, soaking their rutting
bodies and sending the torch sputtering out.

Plunged into sudden darkness, Claire's eyes flew wide as one of the men
assaulting her tits sank his mouth over hers, drawing her into a deep
soul-kiss. And the other man's sopping of her tit had begun to make it
tingle oddly, and then she realized to her horror that he was milking her!
Yes! Her breasts had been engorged with mother's milk for weeks now, in
preparation for the coming birth, but this swarthy maniac was getting first
dibs on the sweet lactate within her jug-shaped mammaries, and by the
excited snorting sounds coming from his flared nostrils she could tell he
really liked it.

Her eyes rolled back in her sockets as the brute kissing her released her
lips then tore down the covering over her right tit and began to suckle as
well. Claire tried to go away from it all, to ignore the hungry mouths
draining her throbbing breasts, to try and bloke out Ethan and his snarls of
fury as he jackhammered her raw snatch, but it was just too hard! Oh god,
her mind wailed as tears flew free, this can't be happening! Why didn't I
give up this baby to that nice couple back in Oz?! Then I'd be rich and
sunning on a Hobart beach right now with not a care in the world, instead of
on Fantasy-freak'n island getting gangbanged by Mr. Rourke and his wankers!
Uhhh, oh nonono...

And then she came again, this time twice as hard as the last and that was
when she completely lost it and when Ethan began to fuck her for the THIRD
time he felt her cunt grip his throbbing meat at last, and felt the honey
flow freely. He grinned and still driving into the pregnant blonde like
mad, he swung the knife round and slashed the bonds around her ankles. Freed
from the stakes, Claire instantly locked her legs around his and Ethan pushed
the two other men away and bore into her, doubling the speed of his thrusting
and sank his mouth down over hers.

The others had seen this sort of surrendor before and one stepped forward and
unhooked the cuffs from the tree, Claire wasted no time and grasped Ethan's
back, dragging her nails into his skin. He was biting her right tit and she
gasped into his ear, "Fr-From behind! Let me t-turn over!"

He rose up and pulled out, Claire grunted and struggled over onto her hands
and knees, he caught her by the hips and mounted her, plunging his cock even
deeper into her sopping snatch. She exhaled in exultation and pushed back
against him and then he began to pound her like the bitch she was and she
began to moan and groan, digging her still-cuffed hands into the dirt for
leverage. Claire's whole body was jerking rhythmically as he ground into
her, her fat stomach slapping the mud with each inthrust, her balloon tits
swinging like pendulums and she fucking LOVED IT!

"Oh yes! Oh come on! Fuck mommy! Fuck her, Ethan! Fuck her bloody!" she rose
up into his arms, cradling his head that was over her shoulder and sucking at
her neck, she dug her fingers into his hair and he reached around and caught
tight to her bouncing tits, his fingers sinking into the spongy white sacks,
sending twin jets of milk spurting forth and she began to scream nonstop and
he roared and gave one final THRUST and then his cum was jetting into her
belly like a firehose and Claire's mouth was a giant O of orgasm and her
tight snatch milked his cock for every last drop of cream and then she fell
over, back onto her hands and knees.

"Ohhhhh....ohhhh fuck yes..." she grinned madly at the waves of pleasure
echoing though her. It was no myth that pregnant women grew steadily more
horny as their due-date approached, but all the insanity of being lost on
the deadly island paradise had pushed most of the erotic thoughts from her
mind until the rape had been fully in hand. Now it felt so good, her whole
body was tingling with the utter release of it all and she was ready to
sleep for days.

"Bugger me, that was choice..." Claire purred and moved to lie on her side,
to give her aching limbs some relief.

But Ethan pushed up against her again, holding her in place, "Not yet.
Speaking of bugger." and his already re-hardened cock slid between her
mud-soaked ass cheeks.

Claire's eyes flew wide at what he wanted, she tried to crawl away, "No! I
don't do that! Get off me--owwwwwwwwwwww!" her eyes saucered as his thumbs
slid deep and peeled her asshole open and his cockhead pushed in against her
contracting ring, began working it's way deeper.

"NO! FUCK YOU! G-GET OUT OF THERE!" she writhed and jerked, tried to pull
off him, but Ethan had hold of her hips now and he was too strong, and his
shaft was like a bar of iron drilling it's way into her bowels, she screamed
in pain as he suddenly popped in to the hilt, then held himself there as she
squirmed like a stuck pig.

"Uhhh! Please! STOP! It hurts! It HURTS!"

"Good!" and he began to thrust in and out, the head of his fat cock never
pulling completely free, just levering into her with a wet farting sound and
she began to cry again. She just hung her head and stared at the dark muddy
ground beneath her and just prayed for the anal fucking to end. It couldn't
possibly get any worse, it couldn't, this was her punishment for liking it
before, that's what this was, why wouldn't he stop?! It hurt so much and
burned and -- and a meaty hand caught her by the ropy stands of her soaked
yellow hair and levered her head up painfully.

"Wha-What?!" she watched terrified as one of the other men stood before her
and pulled open his blood-stained jeans, releasing his solid cock and pushed
it toward her lips.

"No!" but he pulled her hair wickedly again, then tapped the hilt of serrated
knife sticking out of his belt.

"You don't need a nose to give birth, bitch." he snarled and she nodded
fearfully, then opened her mouth.

"Wider!" and she did what she was told, then he drove forward and suddenly
her mouth was filled with cock, she felt the throbbing tip bang against the
back of her throat, she nearly gagged.

"Get to sucking!" he ordered, and she began to bob her head on his long dick,
her tongue working it like a lollipop, eager for him to cum and be done with

Ethan was still pounding into her ass and she quickly matched his rhythm with
her cocksucking, her lips and gentle teeth moving up and down the hot shaft
expertly. Claire may have been a virgin when it came to buggering, but she'd
been giving head like a master since she was thirteen. The guy was already
starting to sway and moan, she slurped one last time on the tip of his cock
and then ducked as he came with a yell, spraying her back with ropy white
cum. A moment later Ethan's fingers dug deep into her hips and he came as
well, painting her bowels as he cursed and rutted against her flattened

He pulled out and staggered away, as the man she'd just blown left as well,
and Claire breathed a sigh of relief, shuddered, vastly relieved it was
finally over. It had felt like hours since she'd been awakened and the horror
had begun, but at least now

"Oh no..." she moaned, as two more men moved in from the circle, taking up
positions in front and behind her.

And so began the second of ten more hours to come...

* * *

Five days later, while Ethan was taking his ninth turn with her, Claire
managed to brain him with a rock and before any of the others knew it she
was off and pounding through the jungle as fast as her swollen legs could
carry her. By this point she was barely thinking at all, just going on pure
instinct, her mind just a grey fog of terror-driven desperation. And by the
time she reached the Oceanic crash site her subconscious had blocked it all
out, blanking her memory of the entire incident.

But, only for the time being...

The End...


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