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Lost: Part 1 Tough Ain't Enough (FF,BDSM,tort,exhib,ncon)
by The Dane ([email protected])

"Why did you bring me here? Why did you give me this dress? Why are you feeding me breakfast?" Kate asked as the wind whipped the umbrella overhead and the sea to her left.

Ben looked aside for a moment before replying, "I did these things so you'd have something nice to hold onto. Because Kate...the next few weeks are going to be very unpleasant."

Kate tried to hide the fear on her face, but Ben could see it in her eyes. He had broken her untamable fugitive spirit. He might have said "interesting" rather than "unpleasant," but he loved manipulating those weaker than him, and couldn't wait to scare the hell out of Jack and Sawyer as well. For now, he wanted to work on Kate.

"Take her back to the Hydra," he ordered his minion, and the nameless Other gripped Kate's bicep and lifted her to her feet, putting yet another bag over her head. She tried to listen as she was led, but none of her senses could come to her aid. She knew that she was in serious trouble, but until she saw Jack or Sawyer, she couldn't make a move. Best to be compliant and cooperative until she found an opening.

Kate's bag was removed when she was back indoors, in a oval-shaped room surrounded by machines. It looked like a very crude ER, and the instruments had to have been constructed before the 1980's. Above was a viewing room with paneled windows, and in front of her a strikingly beautiful woman with blonde hair. The blonde Other watched Kate closely, and the young brunette, try as she might, could not read the Other woman's thoughts.

"Hello, Kate. My name is Juliet Burke."

Kate had enough formalities.

"Who the hell cares? I'm sick of these mind games. Tell me what you want from me. And where are Sawyer and Jack?"

"I can't tell you where they are, Kate. But I can tell you what we want from you."

Kate paused. "...What?"

She forgot the Other standing behind her. A cloth covered her nose and mouth, and though she fought bravely, the continual shock of Othersville dulled Kate's honed survival instincts. Before too long, she was limp in the Other's arms. He looked at Juliet for confirmation. The blonde nodded, the ghost of a smile on her lips.

"Very good. Now lift her on the table and leave us alone."

* * *

When Kate awoke, her first source of light came from the viewing windows overhead. From her position, strapped to some sort of table, she could see a large group of Others staring down at her, like some team of medical students preparing to witness a surgery. She spotted that bastard with the fake beard (though he wasn't wearing it anymore), and the black woman he had called "Bea." She saw a hard-looking couple huddled together, and other Others she recognized from her abduction on the dock.

The next thing she realized was that she was stripped to her bra and panties. Well, not her bra...the panties had been in the locker with her dress, but the bra must be someone else's. It was smaller than her size, but by this point she feels lucky to be wearing anything. A small sweat breaks out on her forehead. This was getting too weird. She tried to look around the room, but it was incredibly dim. She couldn't even see the machines along the walls. Kate tried her bonds...soft and padded, but fastened tight. Two around her wrists and two around her ankles. Having been restrained before, Kate wonders why her abdomen and neck are free. She could still do a lot of squirming and resisting if anyone came near. As she pondered this, the door to her right opened, flooding light into the dark room. Kate turned her head, half expecting to see Jack or Sawyer bursting in to save her, but to her dismay, she saw Juliet enter. The blonde was wheeling a metal cart, upon which were a riding crop, an ice bucket, water bottles, various lotions and a rather large strap-on dildo. Now Kate began to worry.

"Hey! What is this?"

Juliet stared at Kate impassively. She was wearing a white cotton robe and her golden hair hung freely down her shoulders. She parked the cart at the head of the table and turned to face the viewing window.

"The subject's name is Katherine Austen. She was born in Iowa and is 28 years old. Recently, the subject was being transported back to the U.S. to face murder charges. That is, until her flight made an unscheduled landing on our island."

The Others in the booth all chuckled, breaking the tension. They seemed more at ease now, watching a community theatre production. Kate's terror grew, and sweat started breaking out all over. Part of her prayed that this was only a scare tactic. How far would these people really go?

"Miss Austen has volunteered today," Juliet continued with her trademark smirk, "to be part of an experiment that measures sensitivity and the mind's constant struggle with the body. We hope to prove that a human being, no matter how strong their will, has a breaking point." She raised an eyebrow. "Especially when properly motivated."

The Others laughed again, low and together like worshipers in a church. Kate squirmed, trying again to find a weak point in her bonds. This was going too far.

"Hey listen!" Kate called out, sounding much stronger than she felt. "You're not animals. You've proved your point. You've beaten me and I'm at your mercy. Are you happy? Now stop this!"

Juliet turned to face Kate and smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry Kate, but you don't have a say in this. And if you keep interrupting, I'll have to use the gag."

Kate's eyes widened as realization finally hit.

"And we'd really like to hear your verbal reaction, for prosperity," Juliet added. She moved back to the cart and out of Kate's sight. Kate searched the Others for sympathy, but only saw apathy and a quiet, savage lust. She didn't see Ben, but that was almost a relief. She felt exposed enough already, and who Juliet came around the side of the table with the riding crop.

"My first test will be the Mood Swing Test." Before Kate could ponder that one, Juliet snapped the crop against Kate's bare stomach, causing the brunette to yelp. She cursed herself for crying out on the first hit (which didn't even hurt) and now the rage spilled out.

"Fuck you, bitch!" Kate spat. She looked up at the Others. "My friends will find you and kill you! All of you." She turned back to Juliet. "You...I'll kill you myself."

Juliet's face never changed.

"As you can see, after only one strike, the subject is already in an enraged state. At this time, for the sake of decency, I will gag the subject to prevent negative language."

Decency? Kate could not believe her current situation. She thrashed at her bonds violently not, screaming and cursing until Juliet finally wrestled the cloth gag between her lips. Kate's words became nothing but grunts and gibberish. Juliet, satisfied, sauntered around the table, randomly smacking Kate with the riding crop.

SMACK! Across the armpit. SMACK! On the hip. SMACK! SMACK! Across the sole of each bare foot. Kate jumped at those, but refused to cry out anymore. She wouldn't give these bastards the satisfaction. On her way around the table Juliet slapped Kate on her inner thigh, making Kate squirm and growl. SMACK! Above her panty line. SMACK! On the bellybutton. SMACK on the breastbone, and then SMACK! SMACK! on each fleshy breast that spilled from the small bra. Kate was now covered in red welts, and the viewing windows were already beginning to fog. Juliet turned to address her
silent colleagues.

"By this point the subject is in a state of irrational rage. She would probably kill me, or try, if I released her at this moment."

Kate couldn't hope that Juliet was stupid enough to do that.

"Instead," continued the blonde, "I will prove the body's ability to change the mood of the mind."

Kate wanted to know how the hell Juliet planned to do that. The Other stood at the foot of the table, close to the windows above, and caressed Kate's foot. Kate jerked, curling her toes in defense. Her toenails were painted red (a girly luxury she had procured from Shannon's luggage after the girl's death), and now Kate could guess Juliet's next move.

"Nooooo!" She moaned through the gag, but Juliet only gripped Kate's wriggling right foot under her arm and began a slow, torturous trail with her manicured fingernail from the base of Kate's cute toes, down the sole to her heel...and back again.

"AHAHAHA!!! AAAHHHH! Stop! Nooo..." Kate said these things, but through the gag it sounded like the moans of a hysterical jungle cat. Kate flopped and jerked on the table, trying to escape the tickling. Her feet were extremely sensitive, and the Others watched hungrily as her body quivered and spasmed under Juliet's manipulations. Juliet traced her name on Kate's sole, then moved to the left foot and attacked the area under Kate's delicate toes.

"AAAHHHHH NOOOO! AHAHAHA HAHA PLEEEEEASE!" Kate thrashed about, her magnificent ass coming off the table and slamming back down. Her mind whirled, and she cried as she laughed, wishing once again that she was back in the custody of the US marshal. Her stomach muscles clenched and her head shook back and forth, her supple body now slick with sweat.


Juliet understood, and stopped, still holding Kate's foot. Kate crashed back down to the table, her arms and legs sore from the exertion. She was humiliated, but felt some pride that she had not pissed herself. Juliet looked up at the viewing booth, now breathing a little heavier.

"Notice how the subject has shifted in mood. I will now perform another tactic."

Kate's perfect chest heaved, but her mind was clearing. Juliet leaned down, and began to kiss Kate's foot. She did not tickle now, but gently and skillfully moved her lips and tongue up the instep and over the bottom. She planted butterfly kisses on each of Kate's toes, nibbling as she went, and then took the big toe in her mouth, sucking like she owed it money. Her tongue and hot breath were indeed doing their job, as Kate began to feel an unwanted excitement. However, her mind was still clear, and she sighed to encourage Juliet. Juliet released her toe with a soft pop and smiled up at the Others.

"Now the subject is surrendering to desire rather than--"

Kate's limbs had little room to move, but Juliet's face was close enough, and Kate's restraints gave her just enough room to land a stiff kick to Juliet's jaw. Juliet's mouth clicked shut and she stumbled back, her robe coming open to reveal her long, bare leg and curved hip. Some of the Others started, but many just laughed. Juliet rubbed her jaw, feeling humiliated herself. She looked at Kate with daggers for eyes, and Kate almost regretted doing it.

"If that's what you want, Kate." Juliet adjusted her hair and her robe, then moved to Kate's right. "Now we will test the subject's physical mood shifts." She reached between Kate's soft breasts and gripped her bra at the center. Kate's eyes widened, and she looked Juliet in the eyes, shaking her head. Juliet shrugged...and yanked with all her strength. She wanted it more, and Kate cried out as the material dug in her back then tore completely. Tears leaked down her cheeks and she lost her remaining hope of keeping her dignity.

The Others gazed down at the topless brunette. Her breasts were young and full, and as she sobbed, or moved, they jiggled relentlessly. The puffy, pink nipples were geometrically centered, and only Juliet noticed a faint patch of freckles covering the top of her chest and each heavy tit. The Others were very still, as if studying a work of art. Juliet could not help herself, and since it was her experiment, she reached down and palmed Kate's breast, squeezing it gently and rubbing her thumb over the nipple. Kate cried out, still trying to fight, but there was no escape now and both women knew it. After thirty seconds of gentle fondling, Juliet suddenly pinched Kate's nipple hard. Kate squeaked.

"Now I will show the body's natural physical reaction." Juliet was enjoying herself now, as if the kick to the face had knocked her down off her pedestal. Now she could be herself. She went to her cart and retrieved the ice bucket. Fishing out a large chuck of ice, she held it over Kate's face, letting the cold water drip on her sweaty face. Kate turned her head to the side, trying to bury herself in the cold, metal table.

Juliet lowered the ice cube to Kate's left nipple and rubbed it clockwise. Kate moaned and squirmed, but Juliet continued to rub, the ice melting quickly against Kate's hot skin. The water rolled down her breast. Juliet grabbed another piece and did the same to Kate's other nipple. Kate sobbed, toes curled, as she felt her nipples stiffen uncontrollably. After the ice melted, Juliet addressed her people,

"Notice how the subject's nipples respond to temperature change. Likewise, if she is aroused and the body heated, the same reaction would occur."

With that, she leaned forward and took Kate's hard nipple into her mouth, sucking hard. Her hand gripped Kate's other breast, and she kneaded it roughly as she abused Kate's stiff nipple with her nipping teeth and probing tongue. Kate moaned, her gorgeous, writhing body now slick with sweat. Her mind was starting to bend. Juliet was doing too good a job. The blonde gave a parting suck and pulled back, slapping Kate's tits a few times and quipping,

"Try hitting me with those."

The Others laughed, and Kate snuck a peak at the through her teary eyes. Some of the men were openly rubbing their crotches through their pants. The hard-looking couple was going further. He had his hands all over her tits, and her hand was working inside his pants. The glass in front of them was so fogged up that Kate could only see their outlines. Juliet was breathing heavy herself, and a flush had worked its way up her lithe body to her pretty face. She went to her cart and brought back a bottle of water.

"I'm going to remove the gag and give you a drink, Kate. Will you be nice?"

Kate nodded weakly. Juliet took out the gag and Kate groaned, her jaw stiff and sore. Juliet gently lifted her head and put the bottle to her lips, letting Kate take a few swallows before pulling away. Kate coughed a little, then spoke at a raspy whisper,

"Please, Juliet. No more. I can' can't do this. It's humiliating. I've never done anything to you people. Why are you doing this?"

Juliet leaned in close, also whispering. "I'm sorry, Kate. It's beyond my control. You should have heard the things they wanted to do to you. This was my compromise. I'm trying to make this as painless as possible."

Kate's eyes widened. Who were these freaks? Juliet returned with the lotion, pouring it on her hands and moving to Kate's legs. She started rubbing the lotion into Kate's skin, massaging as she went, working the feet, the calves, the thighs, and then the inner thighs and ass. Kate tried her hardest to fight the unwanted arousal growing in the pit of her stomach, but she felt she could not fight for long. Juliet kneaded each ass cheek and rubbed each inner thigh with extra care and delicacy. Kate continued the squirm. Finally, Juliet returned the lotion and once again addressed the Others.

"The subject's mind is now in a severe power struggle with the body. She still would not willingly volunteer for such an experiment, but her body enjoys the manipulations she is receiving. Now we will test the mind's ability to prevent orgasm."

Kate jumped. "No! No, stop this! Please, somebody. It's gone too far. Stop!"

Juliet gave Kate a sympathetic glance, but ignored her pleas.

"For this test, I will leave out the gag. For the sake of science, we need to hear the change in her vocal tone as the test progresses." Moving to the foot of the table, Juliet placed a warm hand on Kate's pubic bone. Kate started, but then her mind made itself up. She would resist. She would prove them all wrong. ...God, she hoped she could.

Juliet hooked her fingers under the band of Kate's panties. She sighed to herself, then once again yanked with all her strength. Kate whimpered in shame as her last bit of modesty was uncovered. Juliet looked down in appreciation at Kate's soft pussy. After nearly two months on the island, it was bushy and dark, and matted at the slit with sweat and arousal. Kate tried to picture herself far away...back on the Oceanic side of the island, under the warm sun without a care in the world. Juliet brought her back to earth by stroking Kate's bush, the hair crinkling under her caress. Kate grit her teeth and said nothing, but the blonde's hand was very experienced.

"As you can see...if you can see," Juliet remarked to the foggy viewing booth, "she is in an advanced state of arousal. The earlier treatment of her body sparked the recesses of the mind which trigger taboo emotional response. Now the question is how long can her mind resist stimulation."

Juliet sucked her first two fingers and bent down to face Kate's warm pussy, the blonde's ass facing the horny Others. Juliet breathed in Kate's scent, and Kate whimpered again, feeling more exposed than she had ever felt before. She shut her eyes tight and focused on her resolve.

Juliet ran her wet fingers up and down Kate's slit, parting the fur to reveal the brunette's red, puffy lips. She toyed with them, blowing softly and tracing her fingers up and down. She used her hands to spread Kate wide, and Kate's hard, little clit popped into view. Juliet blew on it, then smacked it lightly with her fingers.

Kate bucked and moaned. "Nooo..." she whispered. Juliet smiled, then flicked her tongue on Kate's clit, gripping her thigh with one hand while the other stroked Kate's vulva.

"Mmmmmm...nnnnnnhgggg. Please stop..." Kate was breathless. Her tits jiggled and sweat now poured down her face. "Mmmmm nooooo!"

Juliet smirked. "Are you ready, Kate?"

Ready for what? thought the castaway. She didn't get a chance to ask. Juliet once again soaked her first two fingers in saliva and used them to part the fleshy folds of Kate's white-hot pussy. She pushed them in deep, up to the knuckles, and while Kate was no virgin, Juliet was surprised how tightly her fingers were gripped. She pushed them in and out, swirling as she went, and already the squelching noises of Kate's juices could be heard in the viewing booth.

Kate was a sight. Back arched, toes curled, nipples stiff on quivering breasts, eyes closed tight with her bottom lip between her teeth. She had experienced lesbian sex before, but it had always been consensual. Now, strapped to a table bare naked in front of an audience, Kate knew that Juliet had her. The experiment was going to be a complete success in a few moments. She twisted, trying one last time to fight the sensations.

"Nooooo!!!" she moaned, like a whore, and Juliet went for the master stroke. Kate's hairy quim was matted with her girl juice and Juliet's saliva, and the blonde admired this sight while her fingers pumped faster and harder. Kate was mewling like a kitten now, and Juliet saw her chance. She latched her lips on the brunette's clit, fingers never stopping, and sucked hard. She rolled her tongue over the hard little nub while Kate's juices dripped down on the metal table.

"AAAHHHH!! AAHHHH GOOODDDDD! NOOOO!" Kate's mind exploded. Fireworks and galaxies flashed before her eyes. Her body bucked and spasmed uncontrollably; never before had an orgasm taken her to such heights. The Others watched greedily as Kate's body shook and quaked like a woman possessed. Juliet pulled back to watch, and she felt her already growing arousal climb at the sight of Kate's impressive orgasm. Kate continued to shiver for a long time, tears fell down her cheeks and a puddle of juices had pooled under her perfect ass. Juliet decided to pay her back for the kick.

"Ready for another, Kate?"

"Huh?" Kate's brain had still not touched down. She couldn't argue or resist as Juliet placed a hand on Kate's mound and inserted her middle and ring fingers into Kate's sopping pussy. Kate moaned and shook her head, but that was all she had. Juliet had learned the "finger technique" for female ejaculation in college (she'd had hands-on training), and now she curled her fingers to reach Kate's G-spot. Pressing down on Kate's pubic bone with her other hand, she used her wet fingers to roughly frig Kate's spot with a "come hither" motion.

Kate's eyes bugged out even further. "Uhhhhh!!" She had never felt this before. It felt incredibly filthy, but incredibly right. "Uh uh uh, uhhh Jeesus! Huh! Huh!!" Each breath grew shorter and shorter. Her body went rigid, toes pointed straight out and ass clenched.

Juliet's fingers flew, her nipples showing even through the heavy fabric of her robe. Kate's juices were dripping on the table, but Juliet worked faster, and she could feel the end already approaching. Kate felt like she had to pee, but her mind was no longer in control. She could only feel utopia getting closer and closer with each second.

Then, it hit. Juliet felt her fingers expelled from Kate's pussy, and they were followed by clear squirts of girl cum. Kate's body shivered and shook like she was being electrocuted. Her tits and ass jiggled violently and her face was locked in a pained smile of bliss. Body covered in sweat, hair matted to her face, bush glistening. Juliet and the Others watched with awe and appreciation. They were witnessing a work of art in progress. Kate moaned and whimpered, but said nothing incoherent. She was truly having an out-of-body experience. For the next two minutes, she came down, still shaking and spasming as the current working its was through her.

Juliet smirked, her face flush and gorgeous. It had been a success, and she felt she had done well by Kate, considering the brunette's predicament. Juliet's robe was wet with Kate cum, but she knew she would not have to wear it for long. Turning back to her people, she regained her professional tone,

"The Mood Test is a success. We will take an hour break for lunch and to reposition the subject. The next test will the Submission Test. We hope to break the subject's spirit and crush any hope of escape or violence toward our community." She drew the curtains, cutting off the steamed viewing booth from sight. Some of the Other's grumbled, wanted to watch Kate be repositioned.

Juliet looked down at Kate's wet, writhing body. The brunette was nearly asleep from exhaustion, but she managed to look up at her tormentor. She mouthed the words, "No more."

Juliet pitied Kate, she truly did, but she was not willing to ignite the wrath of Ben Linus by refusing his orders or helping Kate escape. She placed her palm, still slick with Kate's juices, on Kate's cheek, caressing her. Kate, even in her weariness, could see sympathy in the blonde woman.

"I'm sorry, Kate," Juliet said, "but this is only the beginning..."



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