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Lost: Part 2 - Who Kate Did
by The Dane ([email protected])

Previously, on LOST....

Jack, Kate and Sawyer have been captured by the Others, whose leader reveals himself to be psychologically brilliant Benjamin Linus, formerly known as Henry Gale. Our heroes are drugged, bound and boated to the Alcatraz-sized island two miles offshore. The now defunct Dharma Initiative had used this smaller island as a holding facility for the menagerie of exotic animals they used in their experiments. Now the Others have imprisoned our heroes in these same tanks and cages, as they ponder ways to convince Dr. Jack Shepard to operate on Ben's spinal tumor.

When Kate wakes, she is shown to the showers and given a sundress before meeting Ben on the beach for breakfast. Being able to spot and handle bullshitters, Kate quickly dismisses Ben's charm, which prompts him to have her taken back to the Dharma Station, called the Hydra, for more innovative methods of persuasion.

So Kate finds herself strapped spread-eagle to a cold, metal table under the observation of the Others. A woman named Juliet conducts an "experiment" on Kate, which tests physical and emotional boundaries. She strips Kate, whips her with a riding crop, tickles her feet, rubs ice on her nipples and uses her mouth to stimulate the Oceanic survivor. The experiment culminates when Juliet uses her fingers and tongue to drive Kate to multiple orgasms. As Kate comes down, Juliet dismisses the Others so that Kate may be prepared for the next test...

* * *

Juliet's mind whirled in a mixture of arousal and regret at the sight before her. Never, in her three years as an "Other," had she ever been so torn over her duty. The next showing (it's ridiculous to call it an experiment or test) would be extremely difficult for her. It's one thing to humiliate and molest a known murderer, but now Juliet would be forced to reveal herself to her colleagues. This was not an uncommon request for an Other (God, she hoped Claire never remembered what they had done to her), but this would be Juliet's first -- and hopefully only -- intimate display. She wasn't sure if Ben was doing this to punish her for sleeping with the married Goodwin, or if Ben just wanted to see Juliet with another woman. Probably both. The only thing keeping Juliet sane and focused was the thought that agreeing to this would bring her one step closer to home.

Kate had passed out shortly after her last orgasm. Juliet decided to reposition Kate herself rather than relying on any of the men. The blonde certainly had her own agenda, but she did not want to see Kate undergo any unnecessary harm or mistreatment. The task proved harder than it seemed, for the humidity in the examination room and Juliet's manipulations had reduced Kate to a sopping, sweaty mess. It's a wonder Kate did not wake up even as Juliet struggled to turn her on her front, and then refastened her wrists and ankles in the restraints. Juliet placed a large foam pillow under Kate's stomach, so that her face kissed the table and her flawless, tight ass was pushed up and perfectly displayed to the viewing booth. At least, this time around, Kate would not have to look into the faces of the people observing her torment.

Now the blonde Other looked down at the helpless brunette, still sleeping off her heavy cum, and Juliet felt her body responding to the anticipation of the next series of tests. Her nipples began to grow stiff, rubbing against the thick cotton of her robe. She rolled her hands in her lap and thought that maybe she could squeeze in a quick rub before her people returned. But as she's thinking this, Kate began to stir. Juliet went to her cart to bring the girl some water.

Kate awoke gradually, like coming out of a heavy dream. Her spirit sank as she realized that she was still in the same room, but her mind was still too dazed to panic. She felt that her position had changed as well -- from the cold table hardening her pink nipples to the awful, exposed feeling of her ass and pussy open wide to the public. She could also feel her own juices still soaking her slit, and that brought back a rush of deep shame for the way the Others, and that woman, had broken her. Her thoughts once more turned to escape, but then she heard that calm, smug voice...

"Drink this."

Even stretched out as she was, Kate could still lift her head high enough off the table to look straight ahead. She saw Juliet holding a bottle of water and wearing a (sad?) smile.

"Let me go."

"I'm sorry, Kate, but you know I can't do that. I know there's nothing I can say to earn your trust now, but if you cooperate with us, things will go a lot smoother. You haven't been hurt so far, and I intend to keep it that way."

Kate had too many things to say and ask, but her mind tried to do it all at once and nothing came out. Juliet again offered the bottle.

"This will be over soon, but you have to believe me, it's not over yet. So drink this to replenish your fluids."

"What's in it?"

Juliet smirked. "Water."

She held the bottle to Kate's lips in an almost intimate gesture. Kate found that she was very thirsty and drank her fill, not caring at this point if it was poisoned or not. Juliet pulled it away after a while and poured some on Kate's neck. She shivered and yanked at her bonds.

"Sorry about that, but I wanted to bring your body temperature down a bit. Here it comes again."

This time, Juliet poured the water on Kate's ass. It dribbled down past her puckered asshole and then down her heated slit. Kate squirmed and shook, then burst into tears. The ordeal was proving too much for her. As tough as Kate regarded herself, being raped and humiliated in front of several sadistic strangers was enough to shatter her confidence.

"Please...please, Juliet. Just let me go. Don't do anymore. I'll tell you about our camp, our people. Any information you want. I just...just please don't do anymore to me." She looked into the blonde's eyes, and for a moment thought that she had made her point, but Juliet only shook her head and offered another sympathetic smile.

"I'm afraid I can't decide that, Kate. I'm not the one in charge." She cupped Kate's face in her hand and kissed her. Kate tried to resist, but eventually her tongue wrestled with the blonde's. Juliet broke the kiss with a soft sucking of Kate's bottom lip. "What I can do is make sure that you find a little release...maybe a little pleasure. We know all about your camp and your people, Kate. We also know that you have feelings for both Jack and Sawyer, but so far nothing has come of it. If it helps, while you're here with me, you can imagine whomever you want is touching your body. Caressing you, fondling you... It won't hurt my feelings if you call out someone else's name."

She's joking, but Kate saw her point. She had spent several hours masturbating in the jungle at the thought of Jack or Sawyer bending her over and pounding her senseless. Did the Others know about that too? She was about to say something -- what it was, she didn't know -- when sounds began emanating from the viewing room above. Juliet leaned in close.

"They're back. Just relax and give into it, Kate. I promise I won't hurt you."

Before Kate could reply, Juliet was moving to the far end of the room. Kate couldn't possibly prepare herself for the next wave, but her infinitely stubborn mind once again resolved that she would not scream, she would not beg, and she would not cum. She could hear Juliet rummaging behind her, and then realized that once the curtains opened, the Others would have an excellent view of her gleaming ass and wet pussy. ...Maybe she would scream...

The curtains suddenly opened, and a collective gasp of awe arose from the Others, who had all returned to watch the remainder of the test. Many of them had used the last hour to fuck and masturbate, but already the sight of Kate's bound, nude, helpless body built the horny group's arousal back to fever pitch. Juliet remained in her robe, but her heart fluttered at the prospect of removing it.

"Welcome back. I trust you have all been reviewing your notes during the break."

Laughter and snickering from the Others. Kate couldn't see them, but imagined them standing there, gawking at her exposure like some perverted cult.

Juliet felt her rhythm returning, "This will be the last test for today, and it is the Submission Test. In the previous test, we proved that the subject's moods could be altered by applying different forms of stimulation. Now that the subject is quite aware of her situation, the next step is to bend her to my will. By the end of this test, I will have her eating out of the palm of my hand...and other places."

More muffled laughter. Kate gritted her teeth at the sound. Juliet now opened the drawer in her metal cart and produced a small, black paddle, displaying it to the Others.

"This part of the test will remind the subject of her position, and that resistance will only lead to discomfort and consequence."

Kate felt like the words were being spoken to her, but did not understand until she felt the sharp CRACK! across her right ass cheek. Her whole body shivered and she let out a small "uh!" but did not scream or curse. If a spanking was the worst she would endure, then she could handle it. CRACK! again on the left cheek, Kate's remarkable ass jiggling and only beginning to turn pink.

Juliet now swatted harder. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Across Kate's thighs, watching the skin ripple and redden. CRACK! CRACK! along her inner thighs, spread wide in the restraints. Kate still did not cry out, but silent tears began to form in her eyes. As for Juliet, her attack on that cute, upturned ass was making her very warm. Her cotton robe began to feel too tight, and the moisture between her legs, with no panties to catch it, began to trickle down her shapely thighs. She looked down at Kate's furry, matted slit and broke into a beautiful flush that no one witnessed.

"By now," as she continued to swat, "the subject is humiliated (CRACK!), she is broken (SMACK!), and her mind is torn between the fabrics of human decency (SWAT!) and the unwanted arousal she is feeling (WAP!). This makes her extremely easy to dominate."

The Others were speechless now, watching as Kate writhed and squirmed on the table, her ass now flaming red and her toes clenching and unclenching with the discomfort. And yet, Kate cursed Juliet deep in her heart for revealing the truth. Her horniness matched her shame, and even though she would love for this molestation to least Juliet was skilled, and so far, nothing had gone too far. The brunette only hoped she could stop herself from climaxing, which she figured would at least be one victory over them.

But Juliet had grown bored. She needed to quench her own fire.

"Though the subject is being punished, a deeper part of her believes she deserves it, which leads to the ecstasy she feels. Now she is prepared to submit entirely."

Juliet leaned forward on the table. She kept her back to the Others, so they would not see the front of her robe open slightly as she mounted Kate's calf. Leaning closer, she kept her head to the side so that her colleagues could watch her run the paddle up and down Kate's wet quim. Kate froze, then shivered, but bit her lip and locked her mind on horrific images...the plane crash, Boone's death, Libby's death...anything to stop the heat. And it didn't help that she could feel Juliet's (shaved) pussy grinding its wet warmth on Kate leg. She could feel the blonde's hot breath on her ass.

"Just let go, Kate," Juliet whispered on her, "it's okay. This will all be (*gasp*) all be over if you just give in. Cum, Kate. Cum for me." Then the paddle began its smack smack smack on Kate's pussy, droplets of juices splashing here and there.

"Oh! Oh no, nnnngggg!" Kate grit her teeth and tried not to moan too loudly. This encouraged Juliet, who smacked a little harder, then started tapping Kate's clit, which by now was achingly exposed and swollen.

"Oh God! Please, nnnnnggg, ahhhh. I won't ahhh! I won't do it. Mmmm, nooo!"

She shook her head violently from side to side and propelled her mind away. Juliet moaned softly and began grinding harder. She shifted herself lower, so now her soaked, blonde curls and sensitive slit made contact with Kate soft, bare foot. She started humping again, the grooves and curves of Kate's foot creating the perfect friction.

"Oh, yes. Oh Kate, yes. Cum for me, honey." She swatted Kate's pussy faster, her juices now collecting between Kate's toes. Even in her advanced state of arousal, Kate's mind suddenly became clear. She knew how to stop the assault on her cunt. With limited movement, but enough to serve her purpose, Kate arched her foot and began rubbing it back against Juliet's hungry slit.

"Ooohh, Kate." Juliet moaned with surprise, and her clit-spanking faltered a bit. The less the paddle touched her, the more Kate's mind could function. She could feel her orgasm receding, and continued her manipulations on Juliet, using her wet toes to prod and tickle the blonde. Juliet sighed and rubbed the paddle hard against Kate's lips, but the brunette was determined to win.

The Others watched, some bemused, as it was now quite obvious that Juliet was humping Kate's foot. Juliet twitched and her breathing deepened, warm against Kate's exposed gash. Kate decided to go for the kill. Fluttering her toes along Juliet's swollen lips, Kate then wiggled her big toe against Juliet's tight asshole. This was too much. Juliet dropped the paddle, grabbed a handful of Kate's red ass and let out a long moan.

"Oohhhhh, Gooood!" She bucked and shook, and Kate felt her toes getting wetter as Juliet's cum spilled between them. Kate smiled to herself as she endured Juliet's orgasm. She had won this round. She may not win any more, but the brunette had outlasted her captor for this little "test." She waited until Juliet's quaking body came to rest.

"Guess I'm not the only slut in the room. What's your excuse?" Kate yelled loud enough for everyone to hear. To her surprise, the viewing booth erupted in chuckles and some laughter. The moment had been very intense and beautiful, and the ice had been broken again. Besides, the Others knew that Kate would submit eventually. Many admired her spirit.

Now it was Juliet's turn to be embarrassed. Unlike the kick to the face (in the Mood Test), Juliet had allowed her animalistic urges to consume her. But spanking Kate's round, supple ass had been too much for the fertility doctor to bear. She had to cum. And now that she had, Juliet could return to the matter at hand. She turned to face the viewing booth.

"The subject has taught us a valuable lesson: Never be so immersed in science that we forget the human element. I'm sure you understand." She winked at her people, and many laughed again. "She is obviously very strong and very stubborn, but the next test will be more to her liking." Figuring she had nothing else to lose, Juliet dropped her robe, feeling flattered at the eyes and gasps of her colleagues. Her large, heavy breasts hung with just the precise amount of sag, capped with rock-hard pink nipples. Her body was very lean and tight, a small, wet puff of blonde curls above her otherwise shaved slit. Juliet struck a little pose, smiling and blushing, before turning to her cart.

Kate could only guess what was happening behind her. She tried to shift for comfort, but every moment caused her wet gash to squelch and announce its excitement. Kate could hear snaps being fastened as Juliet continued her monologue.

"True submission comes from a deep desire to be loved. Kate will now submit to her own desires."

"Like hell!" Kate screamed, suddenly furious that her foot fucking had not done more damage. She felt Juliet climb up on the table and place her hands on Kate's ass. Kate fidgeted, and the Others watched Juliet's soft ass as she positioned herself, the straps of her device wrapped around her waist and under each firm, white cheek. Kate felt something rubber -- and large -- rest at the entrance to her snatch. Suddenly, she got it.

"No! No, Juliet, don't. Don't do this. You've done enough; you've proved your point. Please...don't put that in me." She tried to keep her voice low for only Juliet's ears, but the Others heard her through the room's reverberations.

"Sorry, Kate, but it's all part of the experiment. How else can we prove your complete submission?" Juliet glided the rubber cockhead between Kate's wet lips, prodding and teasing, but not yet penetrating. New tears formed in Kate's eyes.

"Please...I'm submitting! You beat me. It's over. I'll follow your group, I'll follow...Ben... Just please don't rape me, Juliet. You've humiliated me, you made me cum, what else do you want?!"

Juliet smiled. Her heart went out to Kate for her predicament, but the darker side of the blonde could not help but enjoy the power she was feeling. Kate had been so tough, so unflinching in her previous life. Now, she was begging Juliet for mercy. Juliet squirmed against her strap-on, loving the friction on her clit. Oh yes, right or wrong, she was going to fuck this little cunt.

"The subject is nearing the end of her endurance. Some might argue that she has suffered enough," (murmurs of disapproval from the Others), "but a scientist would argue that only once the subject has been completely broken will she respect her superiors. This will be the final stroke against the subject's will to win."

Slowly, Juliet pushed the large, rubber dick into Kate sopping hole. Kate hissed in a breath, moaning in despair as it inched its way deeper and deeper inside.

"Haah, ahh! No no no no no no..." she repeated over and over as Juliet pushed forward. Kate's cute, wet toes and tight asshole clenched at the invasion in her pussy. "It''s too big..." She had never taken anything so big. The dildo felt like it was six inches wide, and it seemed Juliet would never stop sliding it into her. Luckily, her pussy had been leaking juices for a long time now, but it was still an unwanted intrusion...strapped naked to a table in front of shameless gawkers.

Finally Juliet reached the end of her tool, her pelvis pressed tight against Kate's red ass. The blonde brushed her hair behind her ears and gave her nipples a playful pinch. She took in the sight of the writhing, sweaty brunette beneath her, then asked,

"Are you ready, Kate?"

Kate shook her head weakly, but it was a rhetorical question anyway. Juliet pulled back, watching the rubber emerge and droplets of Kate cum drip on the table. Then, she thrust, hard and deep.

"Uh!" Kate grunted, feeling the enormous dildo bump her cervix. "Juliet...ah! Ahh! Oh stop...fuck! Stop!!" Juliet had found a rhythm, and now fucked Kate with abandon, not caring that a dry-hump orgy had formed in the viewing booth behind her. Not caring that she was on display as much as Kate. Not caring that she was an Other. All that mattered to Juliet was Kate's pussy, and it belonged to her.

She fucked harder and faster, shaking the table. Kate was a mess. Crying, begging, moaning, groaning and soaking the table with spit, sweat and girl juice. Her bare feet kicked, her ass rippled and her tits jiggled mercilessly, the rock-hard nipples scraping the table with each heavy plunge from the blonde.

"Nooo! Ahh mmmm... It''s...too big Juli ahh Juliet. No, no, no moooore. Ohh Goooood!"

For the next four minutes, Juliet plowed into Kate with a rapid, steady pace. She ground the rubber dick deep into Kate's twat, searching for her G-spot. Since she fucked doggy-style, it didn't take her long to find it, and soon Kate was purring like a kitten in heat between her desperate pleas to stop. Juliet fucked harder now, her sensitive little button rubbing just right against the base of her toy. Just a little longer...

"AHHHH JEESUS!!! OOHH NOOO!" Without warning, Kate came violently around Juliet's dildo. Her forehead collided with the table and she saw stars...though they could have been from the orgasm. Kate could not even think coherently at this point; her body and mind were locked in a light-and-dark struggle, and her body was winning. Kate started sobbing as Juliet pulled out the dildo with a loud, embarrassing "squelch!" That was it, then. She lost.

Juliet watched Kate twitch and gasp as she came down. She had been so close, but there was one leg left to this test before the finale. Juliet turned to face her colleagues, all still dressed, but extremely heated up and watching intensely. Juliet was only vaguely aware of her own nudity, by this point she was having too much fun. What did Shepard see in this little whore fugitive, anyway? Juliet would have lasted much longer under duress than Kate had. Anyway, Juliet's test was almost over, and then she would have the opportunity to win over the famous Dr. Jack Shepard.

"The subject is now broken. She has accepted her fate and given in to her primal desires. Until now, however, she has been conditioned. The last section of the Submission Test will be in the form of punishment." Juliet went to her metal cart and poured lube over the already dripping strap-on. Despite her resentment of Kate, Juliet, once a doctor, did not want to cause permanent injury. The Others in the booth leaned forward hungrily. They knew what came next.

Kate only partially heard anything. Her cheek rested against the cool, steel table, and she could feel the moisture dripping from her. She felt it roll down the curve of her breast and drop from her nipple. She felt it roll down the center of her smooth back. With her ass and furry, matted peach exposed to the world, she could feel the wetness rolling down from all directions. It was impossible to tell what was tears, sweat or cum. Her only consolation was that it was had to be over.

Something warm and gooey hit the top of her ass crack and started running straight down. More was applied, but it didn't hurt, so Kate chose to ignore it and gather her strength. Fingers spread the lotion, Juliet's probably, but Kate kept still. When a finger popped into the brunette's butthole, however, a warning bell went off in her head. She pulled her exhausted body off the table and tried to move away. Juliet kept probing, and Kate found that panic still existed deep within her.


Juliet proceeded with care and a business-like demeanor. This part had to be done correctly, or else she could end up hurting Kate, and that was not part of the deal. After applying a generous amount of lube in and around Kate's asshole, Juliet made sure that her rubber dick was coated and dripping. Still, even in her caution, a deep thrill beat in her heart at the pure sadism which was to follow.

"The subject will now be cleansed of all her previous indiscretions."

Kate opened her mouth to protest, and then felt the tip of the hard rubber press against her only virginal hole.

"NOOOOO!" she shrieked, making the Others jump. "NOOO! Not that! Not there! I've never--I've never had anything in there! Pleeeeeease!! Please stop! Don't let her do this!!"

Juliet pushed, working the cockhead into Kate's extremely tight ring. Kate resisted with all her might to force it out, but she was still wobbly from her orgasms, and Juliet was stronger.

"AAAAHHH! Too big! Please..."

Juliet finally got the whole head in, taking a moment to widen Kate's hole for the rest of the dick. The brunette squirmed and wept, but she had no leverage -- all she could do was beg.

"Oh God! Noooo..." she moaned.

The blonde Other now stuffed the cock in deeper, going slow, her heavy breathing making her tits bounce. At the halfway point, Kate screamed again, and Juliet kept still for another moment while Kate's anal passage accepted the enormous intruder.

"FUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!! It huurrts!! Take it out!!" Kate felt like her insides were on fire. She had never experienced anything like this...and yet, her pussy continued to dribble, the horrifying anal rape awaking her inner-most taboos. Juliet's forehead was sweating slightly; now came the final plunge. The blonde thrust forward and buried the dildo into Kate's asshole all the way to the hilt.

"AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!! Ohjesusohjesusohfuckfuckfuckinggod! No no no no no no. It huuurts!" Kate now realized how one of their boars must feel, stripped, exposed, impaled and burning. The walls of her ass gripped the dildo like a vice, and Juliet had to work to ease it back out. Once she had expunged a few inches, she pounded forward again, making Kate grunt and sob.

And so Juliet fucked Kate's ass. For nearly eight full minutes, she pumped and thrust, stretching the brunette's insides and occasionally slapping Kate's sweet ass, droplets flying like a water cap on a snare drum. The Others watched with complete fascination, no one speaking or laughing now. They only rubbed themselves, almost as second nature, as the nude, lithe blonde fucked the ass of the jiggling, sweaty, heaving brunette.

Kate was far away. She couldn't feel her body anymore...all except for one part. The sensation growing in her lower belly even as her once pure ass was crammed full. She didn't think she'd live if she came now, but even the prospect of dying didn't frighten her. All she wanted was release. (Un)Fortunately, Juliet also sensed this desire.

The Other woman had been mesmerized by her actions. She watched the big dick fill Kate's ass over and over again, only mildly aware that her own hips were doing the work. It was a sight too beautiful to behold...and once Kate's screams of pain were replaced by reluctant, animal grunts, Juliet knew the end had come at last.

So she played her final card. Her hips were in a rhythm now, so she took her hands from Kate's own hips and put them to work. Her right, she reached underneath and began spanking Kate's clit. Her left reached behind, and began a furious tickling of Kate's wriggling toes.

The young brunette, once detached from her own body, now felt every molecule. Her life flashed before her eyes -- some good times, mostly bad. Her toes clenched; her muscles tightened; her eyes and mouth shot wide open, and her asshole closed so tightly that Juliet could no longer thrust. The Others gaped, and though none saw her face, they knew the time had come.


Kate knew no more. Her body remained rigid for a moment or two, then fell completely limp on the table. Her restraints did not allow her to fall very far, but she still hit with a wet SPLAT and did not move. Juliet looked down at the woman she had just destroyed. The rubber cock slid out slowly, Kate's gaping asshole proof of Juliet's work. Juliet had a fleeting, mad desire to spit in it. Instead, she rested for a moment, watching Kate's shallow breathing and dripping moisture. Finally, she scooted off the table and turned to her colleagues, unashamed of her bare, glistening form.

"Thank you all. The Tests are complete. I think we've given her something to think about." Breathy chuckling from the Others. "She will be placed in the polar bear cages outside until she is needed again. This seminar is dismissed...I trust most of you have found it satisfactory." More laughter. Then applause began. The Others clapped hard for Juliet, whom had gone above and beyond the call of duty. The curtains were pulled and the Others shuffled off, some in pairs.

* * *

Kate opened her eyes and realized she was wearing her dress again. Her body was sore, particularly her ass, but she felt clean. She was laying on her back. She tried to sit up and found that she was tied again, but this time with soft, cloth restraints, and only her wrists. She was still in that goddamned room on that goddamned table, but a pillow rested under her head, and the viewing booth was closed. Dim candlelight surrounded her, and besides her aches and pains, she felt rather comfortable.

"Hello?" she tested, not wanting to call an Other, but powerless to stop.

"I'm here, Kate." Juliet answered, and stepped in front of the brunette.

Juliet was mother naked; her long, blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, heaving breasts with frisky hard nipples. Her pubic hair was fuzzy again, and her pussy lips only slightly puffy. She too looked clean.

"I hope you don't mind that I bathed you, Kate. I think we both needed a scrubbing." She smiled her crooked smile and climbed up on the table. Kate stiffened.

"Stay away," she whispered, now afraid of what was next. But Juliet moved very slowly, and Kate did not feel the tension and humiliation that had hovered before. Juliet straddled Kate until she was face to face with her, and spoke with tenderness.

"It's over now, Kate. All the tests, all the's over. I can't say we're going to let you go, but you won't be subjected to any more of these displays."

"Then why am I still here? Haven't you done enough to me?"

"You have one more service to perform. The rest of them don't need to watch, but it's your ticket out of this room. And if you agree, we will even take you to see one of your friends."

Kate perked. "Which one?"

"After, Kate... After." She leaned forward and kissed Kate on the lips. Kate had little choice but to respond, in fact, she was too afraid to resist. But something still puzzled her...

"Wait," she said, breaking the lip-lock, "if no one has to watch, why do it? You told me you were following orders. If no one will see it, why can't you let me go?"

Juliet sighed and gestured to the viewing booth, "They don't need to see...but someone else is watching. Someone who's been watching the whole time. And he has agreed that if I finish his little "project"...he'll let me go home."

Kate's eyes widened. "Ben?"

Juliet nodded sadly, and in that moment Kate realized that the blonde was just as much of a slave as Kate was. Their hearts connected in that moment, and Kate asked softly, "What do I have to do?"

Juliet smiled gratefully and winked, "It shouldn't take too long."

She climbed the table and straddled her long legs over Kate's beautiful face. Her puffy lips made contact with Kate's chin and she shuddered. Kate began breathing heavily as the blonde's quim descended on her mouth. The brunette breathed in the scent, and mentally thanked Juliet for deciding to bathe first. She smelled like lilac and vanilla. Kate had licked pussy before; plus, Juliet's was already warm and moist, and Kate would not have to work long.

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, tasting the blonde's hot gash and finding that she liked it. She tongued harder, flicking it over the clit-hood and using her full lips to suck on Juliet's tender ones. Juliet threw her head back, grabbed a tit and moaned like a whore. Kate was good at this. She licked and sucked at Juliet's sopping slit, wishing she had her fingers free to frig.

"Ohh Kate...ohh baby. It''s wonderful, Kate. Lick it. Lick me. Make me cum." Juices flowed freely down Kate's chin as the Oceanic castaway sucked the Other's peach. Juliet twisted her nipples in her hands and bucked. She was close.

Kate's tongue continued to dance, writing letters and lapping hungrily at her captor. She nibbled playfully at Juliet's wet lips and flicked occasionally at her hard, little button, which was swollen and throbbing.

"Ohhhh God! Mmmmm, Kate that's...ah!...that's so good. Ohh it's it's it's...ooohh, I'm gonna cum. You're gonna make me cuuuuummmm."

Kate found it hard to breathe with the blonde grinding on her mouth and nose, not to mention the Juliet-juice practically drowning her. But she grinned as she licked. She knew when a woman was close to orgasm (man, did she ever), and now she went in for the master-stroke. She gently nibbled Juliet's clit between her teeth, then latched her lips around it and sucked hard. Even as the Other bucked and twitched, Kate held tight, and though Juliet rode Kate's face like a rodeo bronco, it was Kate who held on for dear life, determined to end this nightmare once and for all.

"OOOOHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYGOOOOODDDD!!!!!!" Juliet exploded in the great climax of her life. Every former lover disappeared from her mind, and there was only Kate...only Kate's tongue. She trembled, heavy breasts rippling, as she tried to remain seated on Kate's face. Kate could barely breathe, her nose pulling in gasps that reeked of Juliet's satisfied spend. She held still, though, knowing that Juliet would release her once she returned to earth.

"Whew! Jesus..." Juliet's face was locked in a foolish grin of pure ecstasy. She climbed off of Kate and retrieved her robe, shuddering with aftershocks as the rough cotton made contact with her stiff nipples. She turned and looked at Kate. The brunette's eyes were were her lips, chin and neck.

"Happy?" Kate asked, still enough obstinacy in her voice to suggest that they hadn't broken her at all. Juliet didn't care. She had done her duty...and been rewarded.

"Of course," the blonde replied, "you're very talented."

"Now what?"

"Well, a promise is a promise. You'll be transported to your new room, right across from your friend. It's been fun, Kate." She winked. "I'll be seeing you around."

With that, she was through the door and gone. Kate wondered briefly if it had all been some twisted dream. Her aching ass disproved this theory, and sometime soon after, she fell fast asleep.

* * *

Kate awoke to two sets of hands untying and removing her from the table. She had another goddamn bag over her head, but she was being moved, and wasn't surprised that her wobbly legs would not support her without the help of her captors. She felt herself being marched down a hallway, and then out doors. The air was warm and the light breeze felt sensational against her bare arms and legs. After a while, the bag was removed and sunlight burned her eyes. While she was distracted, handcuffs were locked on her wrists.

Looking up in terror, she recognized the man leading her. The big guy with the beard. Except now, he was sans beard, and looking much friendlier.

"Sorry about the cuffs, Kate," he said apologetically, "but we can't take any chances." He turned to his partner, "I'll take her from here."

The other Other nodded and parted. Mr. Friendly led Kate through the jungle until they came upon a clearing with two large animal cages. Kate's eyes were puffy with tears, but she immediately recognized the man in one of them...Sawyer. The sarcastic conman spotted her, and his eyes widened with suppressed joy and affection. Mr. Friendly placed Kate in the cage across from Sawyer's and closed the door.

"Give me your wrists, Kate." She held them out, bleeding and scarred from her hours of resistance. Friendly unlocked the cuffs.

"Scratched you up pretty good, didn't they? I'll get you some ointment for those, Kate." He turned and had a bit of cynical byplay with Sawyer, but Kate barely heard. Would she tell him? Would she tell Jack? Such a confession would only infuriate either of them, and maybe cause them to do something reckless. Eventually, Friendly was gone and Sawyer was watching her.

"You okay?"

She paused only slightly, tears in her eyes and memories flooding her mind. The decision was made in the fraction of a second. She would wait. She would bide her time. And then, when the moment was right, she would get the hell out of here...with both her friends.

Forcing a smile, Kate nodded in response. Sawyer paused, then remarked,

"Nice dress."



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