Lost World: Blood Fun (MF,MFF,oral,anal,cons,nc-cons)
by The Fan ([email protected]) & Star Gazer

Night fell over the Plateau. Veronica hurried as dusk fell. The jungle was
no place for anyone to be at night. Even someone as strong as her. The tall,
beautiful young woman ran, her feet barely touching the ground. She wore a
costume made from animal skins. She looked every bit like the wild girl that
she was. Veronica had lived alone in the Tree House ever since her parents
ventured off into the Jungle and didn't come back. She was an expert
survivalist. A very strong fighter and skilled adventurer.

Recently, she'd made some friends and they remained with her. She met some
adventurers on a scientific expedition. They were nice people. After all
they had been through together, she considered them to be her family. There
was Lord John Roxton, expert hunter and ruggedly handsome adventurer. There
was also the beautiful, seductive and dangerous Marguerite Krux. Also,
professor George Challenger, an expert scholar and scientist from London.
Once, Professor Summerlee had been with them but he died not long ago. He
was missed. Veronica made it to the Tree House and went to see the others.
Actually, she went straight to Ned's room. Veronica said hello to everyone
and was on her way. She couldn't wait to see Ned Malone. The man of her

Veronica entered Ned's room. The place looked neat. Ned Malone was a neat
guy. A neat guy who was currently in deep slumber. Veronica looked at Ned
Malone, the man she loved. The young woman smiled to herself. Ned always
looked so peaceful when he was asleep. She reached out and gently touched
him. This was the man she loved. Veronica had lived in the Jungle her whole
life. She had never known anything else. She'd met some very strange people
and faced many dangers but she had only loved one man. Ned Malone. A young,
handsome but shy and reserved reporter from London.

Since coming to the Plateau, he had changed. He'd become more rugged and
less polished. He was also more confident and a better person. Actually,
all of them were. Marguerite Krux changed from a heartless bitch who sought
only fame and fortune into a decent person. Lord Roxton became a caring guy
instead of the relentless conqueror he tried to be. Challenger became more
at ease with people rather than machines and other scientific endeavors. The
Plateau had a way of changing people. It changed these explorers for the
better. One of them had changed a native of the Plateau. The native was the
beautiful Veronica. The reason she changed was Ned Malone.

Veronica looked at Ned Malone's sleeping form. She noticed a bit of a bulge
in the sleeping man's pants. A mischievous smile formed on her lips. She was
gonna give him one hell of a surprise. She reached down and slipped Ned's
pants off. She looked at his sex. His cock was big, even in his sleep. She
gently touched it. It felt so nice in her hand. She took him into her mouth.
Veronica began sucking on Ned Malone's cock. She licked his balls and sucked
on his dick. She went at it tenderly, taking care not to wake him up. She
felt Ned's cock grow larger in her mouth.

Even when he was sleeping, his body still responded to stimuli. She
continued to suck his cock and watched him grow hard before her eyes. At
some point, Ned stirred in his sleep. His eyes snapped wide open and he
stared at Veronica. Veronica froze. She thought about how awkward she
looked. A beautiful blonde woman in a wild jungle girl outfit sucking a
sleeping man's dick. "Veronica?" said Ned. "What are you doing?"

Veronica slowly, gently removed his dick from her mouth. She looked at him.
Her face was red. "Ned...I'm sorry." she said.

Veronica didn't know what to say. Oh hi, Ned. I'm your friend and all that.
I took the liberty of removing your boxers and I started sucking your dick.
It's not my fault. My lips made me do it! What could she say?

"Sorry I touched you without your permission." she said. "I couldn't help

The beautiful blonde woman's head was hung in shame. She wanted to suck him
off and make him happy. She had done so without his expressed permission. She
had just violated him. Veronica felt deeply ashamed for perpetrating sexual
assault on the man she loved while he slept. Could she ever be forgiven?

Ned looked at her. He smiled. "Continue." he said calmly.

Veronica brightened. She looked at him. "Are you sure?" she asked.

Ned glared at her. "Yes, dear." he said.

Veronica grinned. She felt like hugging him or something. Not only was he
forgiving her for what she had done but he actually liked it.

"Um, Veronica?" Ned said.

Veronica smiled. "Yes, Ned?"

Ned stared at her. "When I told you to continue sucking my cock, that was not
a request."

Veronica laughed. "Oh." she said. "Yes sir, right away, sir!"

Veronica resumed sucking on Malone's dick. He was soon hard as steel. She
sucked his cock and licked his balls until he came all over her face. She
drank his cum, and licked him until he was clean. Then, she got on all
fours and waited for him to take her from behind. Ned positioned himself
behind Veronica. Veronica grasped her sexy butt cheeks and spread them
wide open. Malone took his cock and rubbed it against her puckered asshole.
He pushed. His cock slid inside her asshole. Veronica grimaced when she
felt Malone's thick cock enter her asshole.

Malone placed his hands upon her hips and thrust into her. He fucked her,
hard. Malone loved fucking a tight ass more than anything in the world.
Veronica's was was so damn tight. She moaned and growled as he fucked her,
and it turned him on even more. He thrust into her, fucking her hard and
fast. He plowed into her anus, filling her with his cock. Veronica growled
as he plundered her ass and begged him for more. He slammed his cock into
her ass and yanked back her lovely blonde hair. Veronica pushed back,
driving his prick deeper into her asshole.

They went at it like this for awhile, then he came inside her. Veronica and
Malone screamed in unison as their joined bodies experienced an orgasm at
the same time.

Later, they lay side by side in bed, pleased.

"How was it, lover?" Veronica asked.

Malone grinned. "We should do this more often."

Veronica grinned. "Wanna go again?"

Malone laughed. "I thought you'd never ask."

Elsewhere in the Tree House...

Assai came to visit the Tree House people. The young woman was a beautiful,
bronze-skinned brunette. She was a member of one of the most powerful tribes
native to the Plateau. She had changed in subtle ways but few could notice.
Assai was no longer the same. She had been transformed by the bite of
Calista, a beautiful and seductive female vampire. Assai had become one of
the undead. She had all the powers of a vampire now. She had super strength,
super speed and the ability to heal quickly. Also, she could never grow old.
Sunlight bothered her but she could get by during the day. The young woman
who had befriended Veronica ages ago was gone. She had become something
incredibly powerful and virtually immortal. A vampire.

Assai was greeted by John Roxton and Marguerite Krux. They seemed surprised
to see her. The female vampire decided to work her mojo against them and
turn them into her devoted followers. She had already acquired a couple of
followers. Brywik and Narina, two beautiful former witches who once served
the wicked witch known as Dame Alice. Narina and Brywik had become willing
disciples of the vampire Assai and been transformed into the undead as well.

Assai used her vampiric mojo to unleash Roxton and Marguerite's sexual
frustration on each other. There they were, talking to her at the table.
Assai had introduced Brywik and Narina as her friends. Roxton recognized
them as the witches who once served Dame Alice. Assai told them that the
witches had turned over a new leaf, so to speak. Assai looked into the
hearts and souls of Roxton and Marguerite using her vampiric powers. She
could see that they cared a lot about each other and really desired each
other sexually. She tapped into their primal sexual instincts, and unleashed
the beast with two backs, so to speak. She watched, along with her two
female vampire acolytes as Roxton and Marguerite went at it. Marguerite
was on all fours, sucking John Roxton's dick. She sucked his cock and
licked his balls. Roxton leaned back and seemed to be enjoying it. Assai
felt really turned on and decided to join in on the action.

Assai had a special sex device that she used to subdue her female lovers.
The strap-on dildo. She had found it in Dame Alice's repertoire. Dame Alice
had acquired the damn thing while on a magical journey into the future.
Assai fastened the strap-on dildo around her waist and held the plastic
cock in her hand. She pressed it against Marguerite's puckered asshole.
Marguerite suddenly went still. Assai began to fuck Marguerite in the ass
with the strap-on dildo. Marguerite screamed as Assai plowed into her ass
with the dildo. Assai pumped her ass with the dildo for awhile, then pulled
out and resumed being a mere spectator.

John Roxton and Marguerite Krux went at it. Roxton lay on the floor, and
Marguerite straddled him. He thrust into her pussy, fucking her with all
the energy that he could muster. Marguerite screamed out loud and rode her
lover like a bucking bronco. Assai watched them go at it. She fingered
herself. Their passion was so hot it was intoxicating. Marguerite was
bouncing up and down on Roxton's manhood, alternately laughing and screaming
like a happy harlot. Assai fingered her pussy furiously and felt herself
getting wet while watching John Roxton and Marguerite Krux fuck like bunny

They went at it until Roxton came inside Marguerite and the woman screamed
out loud in both joy and pain as her masculine lover filled her with his
essence. Assai watched the triumphant moment when they came together and
their bodies achieved climax at the same time. She smiled as Marguerite
practically collapsed in Roxton's arms. There were times when the immortal
vampire lady still envied mortals...She walked toward the young lovers and
used her vampiric powers to subdue them. She bit them both and fed them her
blood while they were unconscious, beginning the first phase of the change
that would transform them into vampires...She walked into the room where
Veronica and Malone lay after some passionate moments. Subduing the two
lovers was child's play. She knocked them unconscious, then fed them
vampiric blood. Within a few hours, they would become vampires. Her legion
was growing......The vampire known as Assai hoped that her two female
vampire acolytes were faring as well as she was.

The former witches-turned-vampires known as Brywik and Narina weren't pleased
with being mere spectators in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully, they
found George Challenger. The older man was coming out of his room when he
noticed them. Instantly, he recognized them as the witches who previously
served Dame Alice. He was really surprised and a little suspicious. The two
female vampires lured him into their arms to help them relieve some pent-up
sexual frustration. They came to George and the man did not resist them. He
was horny. They were horny. They wanted him as much as he wanted them.

Pretty soon, all three of them were very much naked on the bed. George
Challenger lay in bed with the two nubile young women. Brywik bent down and
took his cock in her mouth. Narina spread Challenger's butt cheeks and began
licking his ass. She licked his asshole like it was the sweetest thing she'd
ever tasted. George moaned in pleasure and thrust his cock into Brywik's
eager mouth.

George Challenger positioned himself behind Brywik. He spread her sexy ass
cheeks wide open before him and entered her with one firm thrust. Brywik
gasped when he entered her and pushed back, wanting him to go deeper inside
her. Challenger slid his hard cock into the young woman's tight back door.
Narina looked at Challenger as he fucked Brywik. The dude had a really sexy
bottom. One that was too hot to resist. She took the strap-on that her
mistress had given her long ago and decided to use it. She fastened it
around her waist and approached Challenger. She came up behind him and
gently caressed his butt cheeks. Challenger laughed and continued to shove
his huge boner into Brywik's ass.

Narina pressed the dildo against Challenger's back door. The older man
froze. At the same time, Brywik pushed back, grimacing as Challenger's penis
went deeper into her poop chute. This shoved Challenger back toward Narina
and effectively drove the dildo into his ass. Challenger gasped. "What the
heck?" he said.

"I'm giving it to you, lover." Narina said. "Just relax and enjoy."

She placed her hands firmly on the older man's hips and thrust the strap-on
dildo into him. Challenger screamed out loud as the dildo penetrated his ass.
This sudden assault on his ass caused him to go even deeper into Brywik's
ass. Brywik felt Challenger's cock test her limits. It was huge and sure as
hell felt large inside her ass. Challenger fucked her and Narina fucked
Challenger. The female vampire was loving this. She thrust the dildo deep
into the older man's ass and he fucked her friend even harder.

Narina thrust into Challenger. She was really enjoying this. Banging his ass
while he fucked the lovely Brywik in the ass. Challenger had been really
surprised when he felt Narina's dildo in his ass. It felt awkward as hell,
too. After awhile, he found himself enjoying it. He relaxed and enjoyed
getting fucked by Narina while fucking Brywik deep in her ass. He felt a rush
in his loins and screamed as he came, flooding Brywik's asshole with his hot
cum. Brywik did not scream as Challenger came inside her. She welcomed the
flood of hot cum in her ass. Her ass muscles squeezed Challenger's hard cock,
taking every last drop out of him. There was nothing Brywik loved more than
feeling a hard cock cumming in her ass. He pulled out of her and rested next
to her, panting. Narina removed the dildo from Challenger's asshole.

The young female vampire looked at the older scientist. The guy looked spent.
Narina had gotten really turned on, both by fucking him with the strap-on
dildo and by watching him fuck the beautiful Brywik. She wanted some action,
the old-fashioned way but George Challenger was spent. Narina looked at him.
As a vampire, she had certain powers. She touched him, sending a dark wave of
energy through him. Instantly, George Challenger felt rejuvenated, hard and
horny, ready for action. Brywik looked at Narina and smiled. Challenger
looked at Narina as well.

A few moments ago, George Challenger felt incredibly tired. Now, he was
revitalized. Hmm. Somehow, he knew that Narina had something to do with it.
She looked pretty damn hot and he was horny as hell. Narina smiled. "Are you
ready for me, lover?" she asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be." said Challenger.

Laughing, Narina straddled him. George Challenger placed his hands upon her
hips and rubbed his hard cock against her pussy. Narina supported herself by
placing her hands on his shoulders, then down she went. George Challenger's
cock thrust into Narina's pussy. He fucked her. She rode him furiously and
he fucked her hard and fast, plunging his cock deep inside her pussy. Narina
screamed as she was fucked. Her nails dug into Challenger's flesh. This
seemed to encourage him to fuck her even harder. He fucked her hard and
quick, plunging his cock deep into her wet snatch and plowing mercilessly
into her. Just the way she liked it. They fucked like this for a long time
until exhaustion claimed them both.

Narina lay beside Challenger as he slept. Narina gave Brywik the signal.
Brywik came and bit into Challenger's neck. He didn't wake up. She bit into
her wrist and fed him her vampiric blood. She fed him enough to trigger the
change. Within a few hours, George Challenger would become one of the undead.
Like all of them, he would enjoy the perks of being a vampire. Narina knew
this. She enjoyed life as a vampire. Super strength, speed and the ability
to heal rapidly from almost any injury. Also, vampires did not grow old.
They could effectively live forever. Narina looked forward to having George
Challenger join the ranks of the undead. He was a smart and handsome man.
She would be delighted to have him become her mate for all of eternity.
Brywik looked at Narina, who was looking at Challenger. "Why are you staring
at him?" Brywik asked.

Narina laughed. "I want this one." she said.

Brywik grinned. "I thought you fancied Malone."

Narina shook her head. "I always wanted Challenger. You know that mistress
Assai has wanted Ned Malone even when she was still human and would do
anything to keep him."

Brywik nodded. The young female vampires took Challenger's body and gently
placed him in a dark room. Narina gave him one last look. She hated using
deception to make him into a vampire. She wished he would accept the gift of
eternal life of his own free will but since he was a scientist, he would
probably see being a vampire as being diseased and monstrous rather than the
gift it truly was. Soon, he wouldn't see it that way. He would embrace life
as a vampire and she would be his mate. Narina walked behind Brywik as they
went to their mistress.

In a few hours, George Challenger would become a vampire. So would John
Roxton, Marguerite Krux, Ned Malone and Veronica. Brywik and Narina reported
to their mistress, the deadly and seductive Assai. "It's done?" she asked.

"Yes, mistress." said Narina.

"Good." said Assai. "Our ranks are growing. By this time tomorrow night,
we'll be five members stronger."

The two female vampire acolytes nodded at their mistress.


Narina followed Brywik as mistress Assai led them into the living room. Dawn
being near, they needed to stay in darkness for the day. They closed the
doors and windows of the living room. Assai left Narina and Brywik in the
living room. She would find refuge elsewhere for the day. Mistress Assai
didn't like her acolytes knowing where she spent her days. She only came to
them at night. Proof that she did not trust them fully. This suited Narina
just as well. Narina had been a vampire for a little more than a year. She
hated Assai. Assai was a tyrannical bitch who was obsessed with taking Ned
Malone from Veronica. Narina wanted to kill Assai and become the leader of
the growing ranks of the undead. Once Challenger became a vampire, she would
convince him to help her get rid of Assai and rule at her side. It was only
a question of time.

To be continued...


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