Lost World: Fun And Games (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The sun rose over the Plateau. The Plateau was a vast world filled with
ancient human cultures from the Aztec to the Romans to the legendary Amazons.
It was also the home of the prehistoric dinosaurs and mythical creatures such
as werewolves and vampires. The Plateau was the place a young woman named
Veronica called home.

Veroica was a tall, beautiful blonde woman with blue eyes. She was the queen
of the jungle. She grew up practically by herself after her parents, a pair
of explorers from England vanished. Veronica lived in the Tree House that
her parents built. She shared it with some stranded explorers from the
modern world. There was John Roxton, a handsome and roguish Hunter. George
Challenger, a brilliant if quirky Scientist. The late and well-remembered
Professor Summerlee, who died in an accident involving a sentient lizard
named Tribune and some greedy Barbarians. There were a couple of others.
Marguerite Krux, a beautiful but mysterious brunette from Lord-knew-where
and finally Ned Malone, a young Reporter from England. They were all
searching for a way out of the inter-dimensional anomaly known as the Lost

Tonight, the Tree House was silent. The explorers were visiting the Xanga
tribe. Veronica decided to stay at the Tree House and so did Ned Malone. Ned
Malone and Veronica had a special relationship. They loved each other. As
soon as the others left, they went to Veronica's room. Veronica looked at the
young man she loved. It had been some time since they made love. She wanted
him. Now. She practically ripped his clothes off. Ned was amazed by her
passion. She kissed him full and deep. They rolled around on her large bed.
Veronica looked at Ned's virile body. She wanted him so badly. He grinned
when he saw her sexy, athletic female body. He wanted her too. She climbed
on top of him. He placed his hands on her hips as she straddled him. His hard
cock thrust into her wet pussy. She rode him like a racehorse, abandoning
herself to the thrill of it. He thrust into her, loving the feel of her warm,
tight pussy around his cock. They went at it like this for a long time, until
they came almost simultaneously. They screamed in unison and fell into each
other's arms.

As they recovered, a deliciously naughty idea popped into Veronica's mind.
She whispered it to Ned. He grinned at her and his cock got hard again.
Veronica got on her hands and knees and braced herself for what was coming.
She hoped Ned was gonna give it to her roughly, just the way she liked it.
Ned Malone positioned himself behind Veronica. Veronica reached behind her
and spread her sexy butt cheeks wide open, exposing an obvious target. Ned
pressed his hard cock against her butthole, and pushed. Veronica couldn't
wait for Ned to get his cock up her ass. There was nothing she loved more
than a good ass-fucking. Ned put his hands on her hips and started to fuck
her. He thrust his cock into her ass. Veronica winced when she felt Ned's
huge cock enter her ass. He started to fuck her, nice and slow. She loved
the feel of a hard cock in her butt. She begged him for more. Ned slammed
his cock deep into her ass. He drilled into her tight hole. This was his
first time fucking a woman up the ass and he swore to himself that it
wouldn't be the last. He soon came, blasting her ass with his hot cum.
Veronica shrieked as Ned's hot seed flooded her anal canal. Slowly, he
pulled out of her. She lay on the bed, her legs spread. A shit-eating grin
on her pretty face. She clearly enjoyed it. She sat up and looked at him.
"Wanna go again?" She asked.

"Hell, yeah!" Ned Malone smiled. What a woman!

They fucked and sucked the night away and were going at it well into the
morning. When the other explorers came, they found the Tree House upside
down and Ned and Veronica doing various chores. John Roxton looked at them.
He smiled at Malone. Malone smiled back. He knew what had gone on while
they were away. Those two weren't fooling anyone.

"How was your trip?" Ned asked.

"Great." said Roxton.

"Splendid." Marguerite offered, and winked at Roxton.

"Very energetic." Challenger offered, dreamily.

"What did you guys do while we were gone ?" Ned shrugged.

Veronica rolled her eyes.

"You crazy kids," Challenger said.

He exchanged looks with Roxton and Marguerite. Should they tell Ned and
Veronica what had gone on at the Xanga village ? Well, it was nothing short
of an orgy. An orgy where men and women had sex in every which way they
pleased. An orgy where Roxton, Marguerite and Challenger himself weren't
mere spectators. They were eager participants. Maybe they should keep it to
themselves. For now.

The End


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