Lost World: Jungle Love (MF,MM)
by The Fan ([email protected])

John Roxton was a man of many passions. He was the greatest Hunter in the
world. He was also a member of the House of Lords. He was the son of Lord
Alfred Roxton of Landsbury. One of the most powerful men in England. Not
long ago, John Roxton decided to accompany legendary scientist George
Challenger on a scientific expedition. There were others with them.
Marguerite Krux, a wealthy young heiress. The late Professor Summerlee, a
brilliant scientist in his own right and Ned Malone, a handsome young
Reporter. They traveled up the Amazon river in South America and found
themselves on a strange place called the Lost World. The Lost World was a
myriad of worlds. A primeval jungle teeming with dinosaurs. A pan-cultural
realm filled with ancient civilizations. The Romans. The Aztec. The Incas.
The Greeks. The Egyptians. Also, the fierce Lizard-men and their infamous
Emperor Tribune. Anything could happen in this strange place. The explorers
met a young woman named Veronica who was the daughter of some lost explorers
who went into the jungle and never came back.

The explorers adapted to the Lost World, and made their new home in
Veronica's Tree House. At the moment, John Roxton was sitting on a chair by
the veranda, cleaning up his rifle. Last night, they had run into a horde of
ape-men. The ape-men almost killed them all. Only Roxton's quick gun and
Veronica's fierce battle prowess saved them. John Roxton was a man of few
words. Although his friends couldn't stop thanking him, he didn't think he
had done anything extraordinary. He was that kind of man. Tough, honest and
decent. John Roxton was the kind of man that many women dreamed of marrying.
He had caught the eye of many women back in London. John was handsome and
rugged. He was a fierce Hunter and an outdoorsman. He was the embodiment of
the macho. He was a real man in the eyes of many. Men respected him. Women
respected and wanted him. Few people knew the real John Roxton and the truth
of him would have shocked many.

John Roxton was a man of many passions. He loved hunting. He also found both
women and men attractive. He was what they call bisexual. John Roxton kept
his sexual proclivities to himself. He had discreet relationships with both
men and women. He considered his private life to be just that, private.
Still, in the world of British society, people tended to talk. John Roxton
hated the way the British social elite behaved. There was more lying,
scheming and backstabbing in the average British nobleman's house than in
the entire jungle. That's why John Roxton loved the wilderness. Things were
simpler there. You could always tell who your enemies were. Lions didn't play
games. They attacked their prey. With the beasts, you knew where you stood.
With human beings, you never could tell for sure. Men betrayed men. Men
betrayed women. Women betrayed men and women. John Roxton had become somewhat
of a misanthrope as of late. He simply didn't care for the company of human
beings. They simply couldn't be trusted. Well, all except for one.

Since he came to the Lost World, John Roxton had begun to change. His
passions were becoming harder to control. He remembered an event that
recently took place. He remembered a night he spent with Marguerite Krux.
They had recently returned from the Village of the Amazons. War had broken
out between the female warriors and the men of the nearby villages. The
Amazons were bloodthirsty killers and lived up to their reputation in spite
of Challenger's attempt to reason with their queen. George Challenger was
much chagrined by the queen's death. Roxton did what he had to do in order
to survive. He was taught never to hit a woman ever since he was a little
boy but he had no choice back there. The bloodthirsty bitches had tried to
kill him. He ended up killing more than a few. He freed the others. Theyreturned home, but not before he left the Gate of the Village open so that
the male invaders from the nearby towns could enter. John Roxton entered
the Village with an open mind about the female warriors and their separatist
matriarchal society but they proved themselves to be no better than the men
they hated. In many ways, they were actually worse. Roxton's already
misanthropic tendencies bloomed after that. At times, he felt almost like
an animal. He didn't want to be around people. He wanted to be on his own.
The jungle called out to him and practically screamed for him to unleash his
animalistic urges.

John Roxton had returned from the journey with the others. He wanted to leave
the Tree House and return to the Jungle. Unfortunately, he couldn't leave.
Because of Marguerite. Marguerite Krux, the mysterious heiress had fallen in
love with John Roxton. She begged him to stay with her. He ended up doing
just that. For a night, anyway. He remembered coming to her room, to find her
naked, waiting for him. She was a lovely woman. Tall and slender, with fine,
perky breasts, a slim waist and nice, round butt. She smiled at him and he
felt himself grow hard. It had been some time since he'd been with a woman.
She opened her arms to him and they embraced. He kissed her. She took him to
her bed. He sat down while she knelt before him. She took his erect cock in
her hand and slid her hand up and down on it. She slowly took him into her
mouth. She sucked his cock and licked his balls. John looked at Marguerite as
she pleasured him. She continued what she was doing until he came, exploding
into her mouth. She drank his seed, taking all that he had to give. She
drained him. When she was done, he grabbed her by the hips and placed her on
top of him. Laughing, she straddled him and he thrust into her. She rode him
like a race horse and he slammed into her, plunging his cock deep into her
wet pussy. They fucked and sucked the night away. The next morning, he left
her bed and they never spoke about it again.

John Roxton was still lost in his own little world when Ned Malone watched
him. Ned Malone was another resident of the Tree House. He was Veronica's
lover. Ned was a man with complex sexual desires as well. He loved Veronica
and enjoyed having sex with her but he sometimes craved the touch of a man.
One man in particular. John Roxton. The most rugged and manly man on the
planet. The most unattainable of men. Still, Ned still day-dreamed about
Roxton. He sensed that maybe, he and Roxton had some of the same tastes.
Maybe Roxton liked both men and women. Ned Malone was bisexual and he really
wanted to sleep with Roxton. He decided to try his luck. He got in the nude
and put the moves on John Roxton. Surely, the macho man wouldn't resist a
hot little piece like Ned Malone himself.

John Roxton looked at Ned Malone. The young reporter stood, stark naked in
the doorway. He looked at Roxton and smiled. "Like what you see?" He asked.

John grinned. "Yeah." He said.

"Come here." Ned walked toward Roxton. He stood less than a foot away. John
pulled him into his strong arms and kissed him. Ned kissed him back. "You
missed me, didn't you ?" Ned asked.

"Well, yeah." John said.

Ned pushed himself away from John's embrace and let himself fall on the bed.
"Come here." He said.

John Roxton obeyed. He let himself fall on the bed. Ned pulled Roxton into
his arms and kissed him again. They rolled around on the bed, laughing. Ned
Malone looked at the man he had wanted for so long. They began to make love
right then and there. Ned climbed on top of Roxton and impaled himself onto
Roxton's pole. Roxton placed his hands on Ned's hips and thrust into him.
Ned screamed and begged him for more. Roxton obliged, giving Ned all he had
to give. They went at it like this for a long time, fucking and sucking
until exhaustion claimed them.

When they were done, Ned embraced Roxton. "I wish we had done this sooner,"
Roxton said.

Ned shrugged. "I thought you were straight? I mean, you're a macho hunter and

Roxton laughed. "To be a macho hunter you don't have to be straight, you just
have to be able to shoot straight."

The two men laughed and went to sleep in each other's arms. This was the
beginning of a new chapter in both their lives. Roxton and Malone were two
handsome bisexual hunks living on the gorgeous Plateau. There were plenty
of hot women and beautiful men for them to play with, not to mention each

The End


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