Love Boat: Cum Aboard (M/f,inc)
by Uncle Mike

"Hey, no minors behind the bar," Isaac said. His dark face was stern, but
Vicki could hear the teasing in his voice.

"It's OK, " she said, smiling up at him. "Dad... I mean, Captain Stubing,
said I could clean up back here. Actually, he ordered me to." She giggled as
she backed away from the bar's overhang and stood up. "I wanted some spending
money for when we reach the island, and he said I had to earn it."

Isaac smiled broadly. "Well, then, get to it, girl," he said, and walked back
to the far end.

With a grimace, Vicki squatted down again and crawled under the bar, pushing
her dust rag into the nooks and crevices.

She was concentrating on getting all the way into the tight corners of the
narrow shelves, so she wasn't aware at first of the three girls who had
climbed up on the high stools at that end of the gleaming wooden bar. It was
only when one of them spoke Vicki's name that she lifted her head in surprise
-- only to bang it on the bottom of the bar's top. She sank down, rubbing her

The girls must not have heard the thump over the clanging and banging of the
calypso band nearby. They kept chatting, talking loud enough to be heard over
the music even down where Vicki was.

"I know, she's just soooo dumb, isn't she? Like, really, who does she think
she is? Walking around in that stoooopid uniform half the time? Like, I'm
sure, she's, like, driving the boat, right?"

The shrill, whiny voice set Vicki's teeth on edge. As she struggled to
decide between getting up to confront the girls or staying quiet to hear it
all, another one chimed in.

"Like, for sure. And did you see what she was wearing yesterday? Like, gag me
with a spoon! A one-piece! Like, nobody wears one-pieces except old ladies
and fatties. Grosssss!"

Under the bar, Vicki looked down at herself. She had on a loose-fitting
pullover and a pair of shorts, both in a riotous pastel pattern. She poked at
her stomach. Maybe it wasn't as flat as some, but she was a long way from the
plump kid she was when she first got on the boat three years ago -- or was it
four now? Her musings were interrupted by more chatter from above.

"Like, you are soooo right! Can you buh-lieve she ac-chually tried to TALK to
us? To US?" All three girls burst into laughter. "Like, we're going to waste
our time talking to some fat baby who probably hasn't even done it, like,
once? Like, come ON! She probably couldn't even get a guy to kiss her!"

"Like, yeah!," said another girl. "Like, she'd go, 'Oh, I love you, let's do
it,' right? And he'd go, like, 'Grody to the max, babe!' "

With another burst of laughter, the girls finally got Isaac's attention, and
he strode down to their end of the bar and poured a round of Diet Cokes.

As they left, he heard a snuffling sound from underneath the bar. He bent
down and saw Vicki, sitting on the floor with her knees tucked up to her

"Hey, what's wrong, girl?" He reached out a hand and helped her to her feet.

"Nothing," she said, gulping back a sob. Turning her back, she slipped
through the doorway to the corridor. Isaac looked after her, puzzled. "What
about the cleaning?" he called out.

"I'll finish it later," she shouted back to him as she scurried away.

It was much later, just after the bar closed for the night, that Vicki
slipped back in. She was embarrassed about what had happened earlier, so she
said nothing to Isaac, who had his back to her as he polished glasses and set
them on the bar top. When a couple of wine glasses tinked together as she
moved them aside to dust, however, he turned around.

"Vicki! I didn't hear you come in. How are you feeling?"

She mumbled a reply and kept on with her dusting, but Isaac had been a
bartender too long to give up so easily. With gentle questions and subtle
proddings, he worked her around into one of the bar stools and soon she was
pouring out her heartache.

As Isaac knew, Vicki had first come aboard as a pudgy 12-year-old, happy and
giggly but more of an ornament than a real part of the crew.

In time, she had become a cherished member of the boat's family, not just
because she was the captain's daughter, but more because she had been a
friend to so many others. And she had grown into young womanhood, losing her
baby fat and blossoming into a comely maiden.

But, her sobs made clear, inside that shapely body remained the heart of a
fat girl, forcing cheerfulness but always desperately afraid that people
would stop liking her.

Probably spending so much time among the perfect bodies on display on a
cruise ship hadn't helped, Isaac suggested. "You're a beautiful young girl,"
he told her, "really you are. OK, you're not as thin as some of these kids
hanging around the pool, but so what? You look great just the way you are!"

Vicki blinked back a few tears as she looked across the bar at him. "Sure,
you say so. But you're my friend. You have to say that. Just look at the way
all the boys hang around all those girls at the pool. They don't hang around
me that way."

"Maybe they're just too dumb to appreciate you," Isaac said, taking hold of
her hands to grab her attention. "They're kids! At this age, all boys know is
what they see on TV and in the movies. Give them a couple of years until they
outgrow it. Then you'll see. It takes a mature man to appreciate what you
have to offer."

Vicki laughed bitterly. "By the time they appreciate me, I'll be too old to
care! Isaac, I haven't even had more than a few kisses, and most of those
were just pecks. Every other girl my age who comes on this boat has had
romances and, well (she ducked her head down) -- well, they've been around."
She looked up suddenly, blushing deeply when she found herself staring
directly into his eyes. "I mean -- I mean -- oh, Isaac, don't you understand?
I'm a virgin and they all know it. I can feel their eyes when I walk by. They
can see it, I just know it! And they laugh at me." Pulling her hands free,
Vicki dropped her head to the bar top and sobbed uncontrollably.

Isaac came out from behind the bar and, taking hold of Vicki's shoulders, led
her over to one of the bar's couches. He sat down beside her and rested her
head on his broad shoulder, patting her back as her sobs slowly diminished.

Finally she got back her control and pulled back. The vinyl upholstery
crackled slightly as she squirmed her way into the corner of the couch.

Isaac reached out a hand and tenderly raised her chin, bringing their eyes

"It's really important to you, isn't it?"

Vicki blinked in uncertainty, but then her lips slowly parted. "You mean --
yes, yes it is." She ducked her head and seemed to be on the verge of tears

"Well, if it's that important, then as your friend there's only one thing I
can do," he said. Vicki raised her head and her mouth fell open in shock.

Isaac was unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his smooth, brown chest. He tossed
the shirt aside and reached out to the young girl, who was paralyzed.
Smoothly he undid the few buttons below her collar and pulled the shirt up.
In a daze, Vicki lifted her arms and let him lift it free.

Bending toward her, Isaac pressed his lips to hers. His curly mustache
tickled her face, but soon she was paying more attention to the hot tongue
pushing its way between her lips. He pushed her back on the couch and she
trembled as she felt his chest make contact with hers.

At last he broke the kiss. "Oh, Isaac," Vicki whispered.

He silenced her with a finger to her lips. "Hush, girl. If we're doing
anything you don't want, you just tell me. But if not, you just lay back and
enjoy. I'll show you how much a real man appreciates a woman like you."

Vicki closed her mouth and lay back. Deftly, Isaac unhooked her bra and drew
it away, exposing her small, firm breasts, capped by nipples quickly growing
firmer. He drew first one, then the other into his mouth, nibbling and
licking at them. Vicki began to writhe in delight.

Then Isaac moved lower, slipping her shorts and panties off and tossing them
aside. Gently spreading her legs, he began to lick his way up her thighs.
When at last his tongue reached her cunt, her tunnel was already hot and wet
with her secretions. She let out a long, deep sigh as he spread her open with
his hands and slid his tongue into her.

His attentions quickly had her gasping and bucking, but she knew she wanted
more. Grabbing his shoulders, Vicki pulled Isaac up to her and kissed him

"I want you," she said, and her voice was deep and firm. "I want you, oh,
God, I want you now!"

Without another word, Isaac got to his knees and pulled down his shorts. A
long, thick black cock sprung free. Vicki stared at it, fascinated, as Isaac
yanked his shorts down the rest of the way and kicked them off.

"Will you ... be gentle?" she said, as he moved forward and began to rub the
head of what looked to her like an enormous dick against her pussy lips.

"Always, girl, always," he said, and moved it in. Her lips parted easily,
but still she gasped again as the thick rod spread her apart. A quick thrust
broke her maidenhead easily, and soon she was eagerly meeting his every
thrust with one of her own.

Isaac propped himself on his strong arms as he plunged into her tunnel again
and again. Vicki's young body twisted underneath him as she bucked her hips
up, trying to take him in deeper and deeper on every thrust.

"You're no virgin, now, girl," Isaac grunted as he pounded away.

Vicki smiled, almost a grimace as his cock sent shock waves through her. "I'm
glad it was you," she said, looking him straight in the eye. "I've always
watched you at the bar. You knew that, didn't you? Your hot, black body, so
strong and smooth. I think I wanted you from the first.

"And now I've got you!" She grabbed him and pulled his face to hers, plunging
her tongue into his mouth in a lingering kiss. Her legs rose and it seemed
that his cock buried even deeper into her.

"And I want all of you," she said as they broke their kiss. "I want all of
your cock in me! I want you to fuck me harder! Please! Please, fuck me!"

The harsh words coming from Vicki's sweet mouth drove Isaac's passion higher
and he began to slam into her. The couch was becoming slick with their sweat
and juices and Vicki's body began to slide around under the pounding. At last
Isaac pulled her up to him and sat back, his cock still plunged deep into

His hands massaged her small breasts as she rose and fell above him, wiggling
a bit on each downstroke when she saw that it pleased him.

And then Isaac took hold of her around the waist and began to lift and lower
her, faster and faster, until he bellowed out, "I'm coming, girl!"

"Yes, Isaac," Vicki shouted back to him, her lips only inches from his
contorted face. "Cum in me! Fill me up! I want all of you! Oh, fuck, I want
it all!"

Isaac's hot cum exploded out of him, jetting into her eager cunt and spilling
out the sides.

As his cock began to shrink, Vicki continued to ride him. "Not yet," she
urged him, "not yet! Please, I want more!"

Isaac lifted her off him as she protested. "I've got no more," he insisted,
but Vicki eagerly grabbed for his cock, rubbing the slick rod desperately.

Even as Isaac tried to push her away, his cock began to stiffen again -- not
much, but enough to make Vicki smile up at him smugly. "See? I think you've
still got some left in you!"

Isaac sprawled back onto the couch, laughing. "OK, girl, maybe you're right,"
he said. "But you've got to help. Here, let me show you."

He pulled her hands away from his cock, motioning her to bend over it

"Now purse your lips," he said, but Vicki opened her mouth wide instead.

"You want me to put that in my mouth?" she said, her eyes opening wide.

"I did it for you," he reminded her.

Vicki nodded and bent down. Under Isaac's instructions, she pursed her lips.
Holding his cock in both hands, she slowly sucked the tip into her mouth. As
he led her through it, she licked and sucked and stroked. His cock began to
thicken under her ministrations, until she couldn't take it all into her
mouth. Still she kept up a rhythm, her face bobbing up and down over Isaac's
lap as her short brown hair formed a curtain around her busy mouth.

Then Isaac pulled her off and had her kneel facing the end of the couch. He
crawled up behind her and inserted his now-stiff cock into her throbbing cunt
again. Bending down, he began to massage her ripe breasts as his dick slid
deep into her. Vicki's ass moved with him, forcing him into her to the hilt.
The bristly patch of hair above his cock scraped against her butt cheeks as
he drove his rod into her.

This time they came in unison. Isaac groaned deeply as another stream of cum
burst out. Vicki was quieter but her body arched and writhed for several
minutes until she collapsed to the couch, Isaac dropping on top of her and
then rolling to one side.

=== === === ===

The next morning, Vicki slipped away from the chores her father had assigned
and dropped in on Isaac at the bar. She caught his eye as she walked past the
stools and sat down on a couch -- their couch. A strong odor rose; she
quickly recognized it as the industrial-strength cleanser Isaac kept behind
the bar. She smiled.

It was a busy morning, so it was several minutes before Isaac could break
away from the customers at the bar and come over to her. He had a worried
look on his face.

He bent down to talk to her, but Vicki spoke first, keeping to a whisper.
Isaac had to keep his ear close to hear her over the band, and she playfully
licked him. He jumped back, rubbing his ear and then quickly pulling his hand
away and looking around quickly. No one else seemed to notice. He moved back,
but kept a safe distance from Vicki's mouth.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, frowning as she saw his long face. "I just
couldn't help myself. Look, I..."

Isaac broke in, speaking quickly as he noticed one of the customers at the
bar turn around and wave an empty glass at him. "I can't talk long. But I'm
glad you came in. There's something I need to tell you. I..."

This time Vicki interrupted. "I know what it is. You want to tell me that it
was a one-time thing and you don't want to have an affair with me. Hey,
that's OK, Isaac. I understand." Even as she spoke, Isaac could see her
blinking back a tear. Over his shoulder, he heard a shout from the bar.

"OK, OK, I'm coming," he called, but turned back to Vicki. She was smiling
mysteriously, and suddenly Isaac realized what he'd said. He smiled briefly,
then set his face in a serious pose. "This is serious. We'll talk about that
-- that other thing later. But I wanted to tell you to get down to the
Doc. Now that you're, uh, experienced, he should be giving you something. You

Vicki's eyes glistened. "The Pill?" Her voice cracked. "Isaac, does that

"Not now," he said. "We'll talk later. Sorry. Gotta go."

Vicki had to run off, too; she knew Captain Stubing would be coming around
soon to see how she was doing. Her chores kept her occupied most of the day,
but late in the afternoon she finished and made her way down to the doctor's

Doctor Adam Bricker was the ladies' man of the boat. He always seemed to be
romancing several passengers at once, and he certainly had the stereotypical
"girl in every port." Vicki smiled to herself as she realized that she now
fully understood the joke some of the crew used about him -- that Doc was so
smooth he actually had a port in every girl.

As usual, Doc was dressed in a crisp white uniform. He leaning back in a
chair behind his desk as she walked in.

It was very unusual for Vicki to visit the doctor's office, and Doc quickly
became serious and grilled her: Headache? Throat? Stomach? No, no, no, she
answered, but she couldn't get another word in. He continued to toss
questions at her as he came around the desk and put a hand to her forehead,
then picked up his stethoscope from the desk and inserted the plugs in his

Seizing the moment, Vicki grabbed the business end of the stethoscope and
held it up to her mouth. "I'm fine," she said -- not really a shout, but loud
enough with the stethoscope's amplification to set Doc's ears ringing. At
least it got his attention.

As he sat back on the edge of the desk and shook his head from side to side,
Vicki quickly went on. "I'm fine, Doc, really I am. I just need some help.
With a woman thing." She smiled shyly. "Could we talk about this in the
examining room?"

Doc's forehead furrowed, but he followed her into the next room and closed
the door behind them. By the time he turned around, Vicki had shucked off her
clothes and was on the examining table, her feet in the stirrups.

"I think I could use a little checkup," she said. At first she wasn't sure if
her words had penetrated. Doc was standing stock still, staring at her open

Vicki had another doctor on shore, and while she'd gone to Doc for minor cuts
and such, she'd never had a physical from him. Her cheeks dimpled in a smile
as she noticed that he was even blushing slightly.

It took several seconds, but finally he moved forward and began the
examination. A short, sharp exclamation made it clear when he discovered her
newly non-virginal state.

Vicki had been afraid he'd make a scene then, or even threaten to tell her
dad. But Doc must have realized something like this was up when she got on
the table, and he continued his examination carefully. When it was all over,
he told her she could put her clothes back on, and he went over to one corner
of the room and sat on a stool near a long shelf that served as a desk.

Vicki slipped on her blouse, but she'd been careful to choose one that
buttoned all the way up the front and she didn't button a single button. It
hung open, exposing the sides of her pert breasts, as she slipped her short
skirt up. She sat up on the table facing the doctor. As they talked, she
slowly spread her legs. She hadn't put her panties back on, instead twirling
them casually on one finger.

Carefully looking down at his clipboard, Doc told her she was fine, no sign
of any disease. Did she think she might be pregnant?

Vicki giggled and said she didn't think so.

"It can happen from just one -- um, just once," Doc stammered. He kept his
face down, but Vicki could see his ears grow bright red. "That is..."

"Well, actually, it was twice," Vicki said. Doc looked up at her, his
eyebrows rising, and then quickly looked down again. Vicki went on. "But
that's sort of why I'm here, Doc. I thought maybe it was time I went on the
Pill. What do you think?"

"Well --" Doc cleared his throat. "If you plan to be sexually active, then,
yes, I suppose -- don't you think you should be talking to your father about
this, first? I mean --" he lifted his head to look at her again and found
himself staring right down her skirt. His head darted from side to side,
carefully avoiding her. "I mean, you don't have to, you know, I'll prescribe
it for you anyway, but I think that something like this..."

"I think I'm ready," Vicki said as she slid off the table and began to walk
toward the doctor. "And I do plan to be sexually active."

At the last word, she reached out and cupped a hand on Doc's crotch. His cock
was thick and hard; she could feel it pressing against the light material of
his slacks.

He pulled back and slid off the stool away from her. His hands felt behind
him for the wall as he stepped back and began to circle the room while Vicki
stalked him.

"Now, Vicki, I'm a doctor," he said, waving a finger at her.

"Mmmm, I know," she cooed. "So why don't you play doctor with me, doctor?"
Vicki let her blouse fall to the floor. Try as he might, Doc couldn't stop
staring at her breasts -- small, but firm, perfectly shaped, the nipples
sticking straight out. They swayed slightly as she advanced on him.

Still Doc kept backing away. "I'm too old for you," he tried, halfheartedly.

Vicki undid the last two buttons on the side of her skirt and it fell away,
exposing the small tuft of hair and the pink, tender tissue of her slit.

"I think I've always wanted you," she said, "from the very first. The
handsome doctor, so suave. Every woman wants you, you know it. And I'm a
woman now. Don't you think?"

Doc gulped as he backed himself into a corner. He tried to speak but his
mouth was too dry. While he only watched, Vicki knelt before him.

"I think someone wants to come out and play," she said, unzipping his
trousers and undoing the belt. She slid down the slacks and his bikini
briefs, freeing his long cock.

"Vicki," he said at last, swallowing hard. "I don't think we should be doing

"I do," she said, as she lowered her mouth over his cock.

Using what Isaac had taught her, Vicki began to suck Doc's rod, cradling his
balls, licking the shaft. Doc's breathing grew louder and more labored as the
young girl expertly deep throated him. He was a little smaller than Isaac,
enough for her to take him almost all the way. Doc groaned as the tip of his
cock pressed against the back of Vicki's throat while her lips pressed into
his shaft.

Without even realizing it, he had brought his hands to the sides of her head
and he began to urge her on, pressing her onto him as he bucked back at her.
He seemed shocked by his own actions as he looked down, but the pleasures of
her blow job broke down his last defenses.

"That's it," he said at last. "That's it, suck it, Vicki. Take it all in.
God, where did you learn that? Oh, my God, that's great!"

It wasn't long before he felt cum begin to boil up. "Not yet," he moaned, and
he pushed her away. Vicki rose and pressed her sweaty body to his as he tore
off his shirt. They locked in a long, deep kiss, Doc's hands hungrily roaming
her lithe body.

Still embracing, they made their way back to the examining table. Doc helped
her onto it and fiddled with the controls, bringing it down until the top was
at the level of his crotch.

Then he pulled Vicki toward him, grabbing her thighs and spreading her wide.
The tip of his cock teased her cunt lips, sliding up and down while she
bucked eagerly up at him. Finally he eased it into her, but stopped just as
the widest part of the helmet slipped past her slick labia. Vicki was
writhing and groaning on the table, begging him to go in deeper. He did, but
only for a second, then slid his cock out again and once more teased at the
entrance to her tunnel.

For almost an hour he tantalized and exhilarated her, alternating between
slow, lingering strokes and hard, savage pounding, pulling almost out or
holding himself deep within her. Again and again his technique drove her into
thrashing, wild orgasms. Doc himself came in her, but instead of pulling out
he held his shrinking cock inside her hot, throbbing cunt and soon she could
feel it grow again.

"I bet your first fuck wasn't like this, was it?" he growled, lost in

"No," she said, "no, oh, God, no! Harder! Harder! Keep it going, please!"

"I'll keep it going," Doc whispered, leaning over her as his hands mauled her
young tits. "I'm going to give you the best fuck you'll ever have. I'm going
to fill that tender cunt of yours with more cum than it can hold. I'll teach
you to let someone else get your cherry!"

It was hard to tell if he was serious or just talking dirty, but Vicki didn't
care. Her legs were wrapped around Doc's waist, but she wasn't sure what was
keeping them there; she couldn't feel anything but the incredible sensations
of her cunt and a blazing heat that seemed to pulse through her soul.

When she was beginning to feel she could take no more, she suddenly sensed
Doc's cock growing even larger within her, straining the tight walls of her
cunt. All at once a blast of hot cum surged into her, launching her own
orgasm. It seemed that every muscle tightened and then sprung loose, over and
over, over and over.

When it was done, Doc became all business again. He slipped back into his
clothes -- now rumpled and wrinkled -- and wrote out a prescription for the
Pill, giving her a first month's supply from the oval cases he kept on board.
"Now, these won't really protect you from -- you know -- until you've been
taking them a couple of months," he said quickly. "You'll have to be
careful." Doc couldn't look her in the eye while he said it.

The examining room was steamy and musky from their lovemaking. Vicki breathed
deeply before she left, trotting off to shower and change before dinner.

=== === === ===

They say that on a ship there are no secrets, and Vicki wondered if that was
really true. It seemed that all the men of the crew -- except her father, of
course -- were looking at her differently as she went about her business the
next several days.

Isaac and Doc were gentlemen, she reassured herself; surely they wouldn't
tell -- but then she'd turn around suddenly and see a mechanic eying her,
licking his lips.

To tell the truth, she enjoyed the attention. It wasn't long before she began
to feel a hunger inside.

But Doc had said she might get pregnant if she did it so soon, and they
hadn't talked about things like condoms in her school, so she determined to
avoid sex until she was safe. That made things tough -- for example, she
found it hard to explain things to Isaac, so she just tried to avoid him, and
he grew cold toward her. Still, she told herself, she could patch things up
when she was ready.

Then, one night, on her way to her cabin, she met Gopher, the steward, coming
the other way. It was a tight squeeze in the narrow corridors, so that two
people had to turn sideways to pass each other. It wasn't all that tight a
squeeze, but as Gopher backed past her she turned toward the wall and pressed
her ass against him. To her delight, she felt a hard cock pressing back
against her. Vicki wiggled her teen-aged butt.

Gopher certainly wasn't her idea of a matinee idol, short and boyish, but she
thought it was safe to get a little fun as they passed. Gopher had heard the
rumors, though, and it was apparent he had other ideas.

Quickly he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him. His hands
rubbed against her tits, loosely confined by her blouse -- she'd stopped
wearing her bra -- as his cock dug into the furrow of her ass. His tongue
sizzled along her neck.

Locked together, he forced her to her cabin and slipped inside. Pressing her
down onto the bed, he ripped off her skirt as his other hand fumbled at his

When they were off he tore off Vicki's blouse and lay down atop her. His
stiff cock rode up and down her butt crack.

"No!" Vicki begged. "Please, I don't want to have a baby! Please, Gopher,
no!" She twisted beneath him but Gopher pinned her to the bed. When the head
of his cock brushed against her pussy lips she was jolted into even more
violent movements and the steward was almost tossed aside.

"OK, you win," he said at last, and Vicki relaxed. But he didn't get off her.
Instead he inserted a finger, and then two, into her wet cunt. He wedged his
hand beneath her and finger-fucked her to her usual thrashing orgasm.

"Now it's my turn," Gopher said. Before Vicki could figure out what he was
talking about, Gopher pulled out his fingers, wet with her juices, and
lubricated his cock. Then he slowly slipped a slick finger into her anus.

Vicki's eyes grew wide but her protests were muffled by the pillow her face
was buried in. She tried to rise up on her hands but Gopher pressed her down
and brought the tip of his cock to her asshole. "You're gonna love this," he
said roughly as he pushed in, slowly. Vicki could only murmur in shock as her
hole spread apart under the pressure until he was in, and then going deeper.

Soon she was used to the sensation and began to move in synch with Gopher's
frantic plunging. It wasn't long before she heard his breathing grow short,
and then, "I'm gonna cummmmmmmm!" he shouted as he shot his wad into her.

=== === === ===

After Gopher got her, Vicki was extra careful to avoid the men on board,
spending most of her time hanging around with Julie, the cruise director.
Every few weeks, however, she would check in with a doctor -- an on-shore
doctor, of course -- and eventually she was told the Pill should be working

But, to her dismay, by that time Isaac had given up on her and found other
interests -- specifically, one of the women in the calypso band. Vicki was
crushed, even more so when she found that Doc had lost interest even more

Julie was still eager to pal around with her, but Vicki wanted something
Julie couldn't give her. Instead of even doing her regular work, Vicki spent
her time moping in her cabin, until her Dad called her into his office for a
stern talk.

He was, of course, dressed perfectly. His creases might not be as sharp as
Doc's, but the Captain was still very proud of his uniform, mindful of all
the years he'd worked to earn it.

Vicki, on the other hand, had stopped paying much attention to her clothes.
When the summons came, she'd just thrown an old T-shirt on and slipped into
the closest pair of shorts. The shirt was about a size too small for her
growing breasts, and they were outlined clearly through the thin material.
And the shorts were ragged and torn, and rode up so high they were almost
like a pair of bikini bottoms.

Topping it off -- or, rather, bottoming it -- Vicki hadn't been able to find
the mates to either the one brown sandal she unearthed from her bed covers or
the blue sneaker she found in the hamper. Instead, she teetered into Captain
Stubing's office in a pair of white high heels she'd discovered in the bottom
of her closet.

At first, the captain was unforgiving, berating the young girl for slacking
off, forcing other people to take over her duties. But the sight of tears
glistening on her cheeks softened his heart.

"What -- what is it, Vicki? What's wrong? Why have you been so down?" As he
spoke, the captain came out from behind the desk and put her head on his

"I -- I..." Vicki sniffed into his sleeve. "Nobody wants me. Nobody loves me.
I'm just going to be an old maid!" She held onto her father as sobs wracked
her body.

"Vicki, don't be silly." The captain was clearly unused to dealing with
sobbing crew members, especially young ones with firm, lush bodies. He
awkwardly patted Vicki's back, then held her stiffly. "You're a beautiful
young girl. I don't know what's happened to upset you so much, but I'm sure
it will all blow over. These things always do. You'll find someone soon and
forget you ever felt so bad."

Vicki sniffed and looked up. "Do you -- do you really think so?"

"I'm sure of it," her father said, begin to smile now that it looked like
he'd actually made her feel better. "I'm sure of it. And remember, no matter
what anyone else thinks, I'll always love you. You'll always have me."

With that, he bent down and kissed her forehead. Vicki squealed and threw her
hands around his neck, giving him a kiss square on the lips. Then she pressed
her tongue between her father's lips.

The captain jumped back, barking his shin on the desk.

"Vicki, what -- what -- no!" He was wide-eyed.

"Oh, but, Dad, you said," Vicki explained as she moved toward him. Backed up
against the desk, he had nowhere to run.

"I said? I said what?"

"That you love me. You'll always love me. I love you too, Dad. I always have,
from the very first. Please, let me show you how much!"

Again she threw her arms around him and kissed him soundly. He tried to get
away and ended up lying flat on the desk, his daughter's body pressed against

With a desperate twist, he spun out from underneath, tumbling to the floor on
one side of the desk as Vicki fell off on the other side.

After assuring himself that she was all right, the captain retreated to an
overstuffed chair against the wall.

Vicki shook herself and got to her feet. She took a few cautious steps toward

"What's wrong, Dad?"

He could hear the hurt in her voice. Patiently, he explained it to her. "I
love you, Vicki, really I do. But like a father. That's not the same as the
-- the other kind of love.

"And even if it were, Vicki, don't you know you don't have to give yourself
to a man just to show that you love him?"

As he spoke, Vicki's faced hung lower and lower. She scrunched up her mouth
and looked at her father from underneath hooded eyebrows. "I'm sorry. You're
right. It's just -- just -- oh, I don't know. I'm sorry, Dad."

Again she burst into tears. The captain motioned her forward and she sat on
the arm of the chair; he took her in his arms, a fatherly embrace. "There,
there," he said, rubbing her back. "Don't worry about it. You're young, you
didn't know what you were doing. We'll just forget this ever happened."

Absentmindedly he continued caressing her back. The too-small T-shirt rode up
and his hand began to roam over her skin. It slid down, under the top of her
shorts and onto her round buttocks.

The room was quiet.

While one of the captain's hands rubbed Vicki's back, the other slipped
around her side and made contact with her breast. A low moan escaped the
young girl's lips.

Slowly she slipped off the arm of the chair and onto her father's lap. Their
mouths met in a hot, wet kiss, their tongues touching.

Vicki broke the kiss. "But," she whispered, "you said we shouldn't. We
couldn't!" Even as she spoke, her fingers were unbuttoning his shirt.

"We -- we will," he answered huskily, pushing the T-shirt up and exposing her
tender breasts.

Vicki straddled him in the chair. A dark, wet spot was forming on the front
of her shorts as she wiggled her ass on her father's lap. His cock tented in
his slacks, straining hard against the material.

Soon his shirt was off and Vicki had tossed aside her top. She rubbed her
erect nipples on her father's hairy chest. His hands hungrily grabbed at her
ass as they kissed and licked each other.

"I love you, Vicki," the captain told his daughter. "And, yes, I'm going to
show you how much!"

"Show me, Daddy," she begged him. "Fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy like
a father should!"

They had tumbled to the floor, both struggling out of the rest of their
clothes. Captain Stubing crawled forward, pointing his hard cock at the
entrance to his daughter's hot, wet cunt. Vicki reached up and pulled him
down onto her as the rod slipped easily into her and drove deep into her

"Yes, I'll fuck you, Vicki!" The captain shouted his love as he plunged his
cock into her young cunt again and again while the girl bucked back up at

"Do it, Daddy! Fuck me harder! Slam it into me! I want it all, I want it

As the captain continued to pound away, Vicki lifted her legs to bring him in
further, then brought her feet down on his ass, pressing down to urge him in
deeper and deeper.

Juices poured out of her cunt as she writhed. Suddenly her body stiffened
underneath him and she was off into a screeching orgasm. "Oh
fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! Oh Goddddd that good! Daddy, daddy, daddy

Even as she was recovering the captain continued to plunge his cock into her
tender pussy. The strain of supporting himself on his elbows on the hard
floor made him slip a bit, and he winced as he hit his funny bone.

Vicki eased him up and led him back to the easy chair, sitting him down and
then squatting above him.

She reached down and held his cock straight up as she slowly lowered herself,
impaling her cunt on his stiff rod. Now she took over, controlling the tempo
as she mashed herself onto her father's cock.

On and on they went until at last Captain Stubing began to mumble. "I'm gonna
-- this is it -- I'm gonna -- AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!" Wads of cum blasted out of
his cock and shot into his daughter's cunt, pulsing through his dick in wave
after wave.

"You really love me, don't you," Vicki purred as she lay curled up next to
him afterward in the slippery wet chair.

"Yes, I do, my darling daughter," he said.

"Mmmm, that's wonderful," she said, drifting off to sleep. "This really is
the Love Boat, after all."


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