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There is no plot here, just porn. If you want the plot go see the movie.

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Lucy: The Deleted Scene
by Muhabba

Lucy looked up with a knowing gleam in her eyes, her wavy blonde hair mussed and wild around her head. Her chest heaved, pushing her nearly visible black bra more tightly against her gauzy white T-shirt. She had the guard's full attention and they both knew it. She spread her legs slowly and the guard immediately began stalking towards her, unzipping the fly of his dingy jeans.

Smirking, Lucy raised her head up and swung her hair out of her eyes and looked up with a devilish smirk as the guard reached her and loomed over her, pushing his pants down and freeing his slowly growing prick. He griped the sides of her head and thrust his hips forward, slapping her beautiful face, grunting in need as she opened her warm, wet mouth and his semi-erect cock pushed itself inside of her. She knew he wasn't going to be gentle as he began forcefully fucking her face and she closed her scarlet lips around his cock, sucking it in deeper into her mouth and massaging it with her tongue as it fully hardened.

Sucking the vile guard's cock with all the control she knew she had, Lucy began bobbing her head back and forth, the guard's erect dick sliding past her tightly stretched lips, over her warm tongue, and into the back of her tightly clutching throat. She leaned forward to allow more of the hard prick to slide into her throat as she swallowed around it, massaging his length as he grunted in need above her. His cum-bloated balls slapped wetly against her chin as he continued fucking her mouth with his unrelenting thrusts.

Lucy looked up and smirked around his girth, daring him not to enjoy what she was doing to him rather than what he was doing for her. He grunted in anger and buried his cock in her mouth, his balls pressed against her chin, trying to make her chock on him but she continued just smiling wickedly up at him. He cursed above her and went back to fucking her beautiful face, reaching down from her head to paw at her large chest, squeezing and kneading at her firm tits, twisting and pulling at them through her top, and through it all she continued sucking his prick and bobbing her head back and forth, licking along his length.

Cursing again, the guard released Lucy's head and shouted angrily at her before slapping her across the face. She took the slap and looked up at him with the same smirk as he continued yelling at her. He wanted to show her that he was the one in charge, that he had the power, that her body belonged to him but she had effortlessly taken that power from him and they both knew it. Yelling in frustration he shoved his prick back into her mouth and she took all of it, swallowing his entire length as he tried again to choke her with his dick. His cock was buried in her tightly clutching throat but she had enough room to massage him with her talented tongue as she peered up at him, daring him not to cum in awe of her oral technique.

Screaming out, the guard pulled his prick out of Lucy's mouth and began slapping her across the face with it, smearing her face with her saliva as he cursed at her and slapped her one last time. He stepped back and yanked her thread bare T-shirt up to reveal her large, bra encased tits. Kneeling between her spread thighs he pulled the cups down, freeing her tits and causing them to wobble on her chest. He went silent at the sight of her unbelievable firm tits capped with hard, pink nipples.

With blue lighting shooting through her mind, Lucy could suddenly understand what the guard was saying as he ogled her exposed chest.

"I guess everything they say about American girls is true," the guard mumbled as he hungrily licked his lips. He squeezed and kneaded the American girl's large tits, amazed at how heavy and full they felt, her skin pale enough he could see the blue veins trailing underneath her flesh and her hard nipples the color if bubblegum. Suddenly he dove into her abundant cleavage, smothering himself with her silky smooth breasts, licking every inch of exposed skin, nibbling at her warm skin. He could her her groaning above him and it turned him on all the more. Women might say no but once you got started they always relented. And if not, fuck it, them struggling was half the fun.

Lucy's tits bulged between the guard's fingers as he squeezed them, her nipples hard and scraping his palms while she pushed her chest out to give him more room to work with. She moaned in groaned with a mixture of despair and then lust, acting scared but also turns one by the disgusting guard's vile tongue. Her breasts gleaned with his warm spit in the dim light of the room as he nursed hungrily at her pale chest. Her hands were still bound as he sucked like a hungry calf on her tits and she knew that he would do everything she needed him to do to get herself out of here, whether he knew it or not.

The guard had no doubt now that he was in complete control of the American girl, her body was his and judging by her husky pants and moans she was enjoying it to. Not that he cared. He looked up over the abundant mounds of her tits at her flushed face, her hair plastered to her head with sweat. "I guess it's true about American girls," he said as he stood up, "They just need a real man and they get all wet." As he unfastened his belt her eyes locked onto it and he knew that she knew what was coming next.

The instant Lucy had needed had come and went. She needed his belt but he had taken it off to quick and she had missed her chance to grab it. As he opened his pants and began pushing them down she looked up at him and licked her lips quickly, acting like it was a unconscious reaction that he had accidentally caught and by the glint in his eye she could see that he believed it. And then suddenly his hard, throbbing prick was bobbing in front of her face again and she slowly opened her mouth.

Enjoying the power he had over the big tittied America, the guard gripped the sides of her head and thrust his cock forward, burying it in her mouth and throat, his dangling balls resting on her chin. "Better suck that dick, bitch," he said with devilish grin, "Or I'll choke you with it." Like every other ignorant American wandering around his country he doubted she knew what he had said but as she began sucking on his cock and managing it with her warm tongue he knew she understood. He rocked his hips back and forth slowly, enjoying her mouth around his cock and her throat convulsing around his cock-head. He pulled back enough for her to breath, drool running down her chin and dripping onto her chest as he pushed himself back in to the hilt.

Lucy had enough control of her body not to choke on the guards prick but she knew he would enjoy it if she did so she went through the motions, gurgling around his dick as she massaged it with her tongue, Whenever his shaft would slide into her throat she would make swallowing motions, further stimulating him as she began lightly humming around his length. The sooner she got him off the soon she could get his belt and then escape and she did everything college had taught her to do it. With just enough slack in her bonds, she slowly raised her hands up, trying not to startle him as she gripped the base of his shaft and started jerking on it, her lips meeting her fists as she bobbed her head back and forth while her other hand began massaging his cum bloated balls.

Grabbing the American girl's hair, the guard suddenly buried his prick in her talented mouth, her wet throat gripping his shaft and rippling around his length as she began to gag on him. He stared down at her with a hateful smirk as her beautiful face began to turn red before releasing is hold on her and began thrusting his cock furiously into her mouth, fucking her face like a jack-hammer. His balls were boiling with the need to cum so he released his hold on her, pulling his cock out of her warm mouth before he exploded. He slapped her face repeatedly with his cock, smearing her saliva around her face before standing up straight to admire his work. She peered up defiantly for a moment before grinning up at him, daring him to do worse.

Lucy knew what was coming as the thug screamed in frustration. He hadn't broken her yet and had accepted her challenge to do more to her. Which was exactly what she wanted. He rained insults at her as he struggled with her tight pants, yanking them down to her ankles, getting her as naked as he could for what was coming next. She never broke eye contact with her or lost her knowing smirk, she just watched as he stared at her mostly naked body tied helplessly to the chair. Except she wasn't helpless, she had been in charge since the guard had entered the room. She opened her knees slowly, her pale thighs parting to reveal her wet, pink pussy.

The thug stared in wonder at the blonde girl's cunt. He had never seen blonde pubic hair or a pussy that shade of pink before, and to top it off she was already wet for him, her juices beginning to puddle on the chair. He before reaching behind her knees and yanked her forward, her thick ass on the edge of the chair, her wet cunt open for him. He lunged at the girl, the chair leaning back against the wall, nearly breaking beneath his weight as he struggle to find the entrance to her hot cunt. He felt her angle her hips up, opening herself to him even more until the tip of his cock found the slick entrance to her cunt. He shoved himself forward, the chair creaking as he buried his aching pole balls deep in the American's tight hole.

Groaning as the thug stretched her pussy, Lucy squeezed her knees against his weight, reaching her arms around him to hold on as he began thrusting furiously inside of her. Her large, pale tits jiggled wildly as her body was jerked back and forth, the guard fucking her with the abandon of a wild dog. He bit and chewed on her neck as he braced his hands on the wall behind her and she raised her wide hips up even more to give him all the access to her boiling pussy he could need. She used her lower muscles to squeeze his shaft as he jack-hammered away inside of her, her hands locked behind him to keep him from bucking her off the chair.

Changing his positions slightly, the guard was able to hold himself up with one hand while the other began crawling over the American girl's amazing chest. He squeezed her large tits cruelly and twisted her nipples causing her to gasp out in pain as he mawled her. Her large, wobbling tits felt like warm silk in his hands, her warm flesh bulging out between his finger as he thrust himself inside of her wildly. Straining the arm bracing him against the wall, he bent down and captured her free tit in his mouth, sucking hard on the tasty orb as he began chewing on her nipple and making her cry out in pain again.

Lucy tried to her best to get the thug off as quickly as possible but being tied as she was had limited her options. All she could do was wait for him to finish with her body on his own. He pummeled into her tight pussy again and again with all the ferocity of a needy animal, her body being rocked back and forth, the chair straining under their combined weight. Her young, firm body was his to use as he saw fit, completely exposed to his every want and need, his every base desire and she could only wait him out.

The thug buried his cock balls deep into the blonde girl's tight, clutching cunt and came, spewing his thick, hot seed into her slutty, American pussy. When the last of his cum had dribbled into the girl's wet hole he sat up on his knees and looked at the delirious look on her face, her eyes wide in pain and disbelief. Then he slapped once across the face and then across her firm tits, both hard enough to leave hand prints on her pale skin. He chuckled as she looked up at him in anger before standing up.

Laughing, the guard smeared his sticky cock across the girl's face before tucking his spent cock back into pants. He readjusted her cloths until she was mostly presentable before beginning to get himself dressed again. Suddenly the girl lunged for his belt...

The End.


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