MASH: Part 2 - Margaret And Hawkeye (MF, MFF)
by Spyder ([email protected])

It is late evening at the 4077 as Hawkeye returns to his tent from the
officerís club. Upon passing Major Houlihan's quarters her hears something
a little unexpected.

Inside the tent Margaret gently yells, "Oh Hawkeye, fuck me with your huge
cock. I am so fucking horny, please ease my tension."

Hawkeye stops at her door and awaits any more words of sexual awareness. He
hears the woman inside moaning for him to fuck her up the ass and squeeze her
ample tits. This is more than he can take, Pierce opens the door to who he
thought was his nemesis all this time and witnesses her masturbating. Sitting
by her bed, he places a hand on her tight ass and massages the fullness of
her hips.

Startled Margaret looks up and says; "Hawkeye what are you doing in here?"

"I heard some moans and decided to investigate. You certainly know how to
make a man crazy." states Captain Pierce.

Looking down at her nudity, Margaret says with a heated sexy voice "Really
now, then you won't mind doing as I yelled."

Pierce looks over the lovely body of his soon to be lover. He knows that
this is a dream come true, as he has fucked most of the nurses in the camp.
Putting a finger inside her gaping pussy, Hawkeye begins to finger fuck the
blonde head nurse of the 4077th. While he does this Major Houlihan reaches
over and unzips the pants of the man she has only dreamed of having. He
removes his clothes after bringing the woman to a climax, as she lie there
Houlihan takes a hold of his ten inch cock and starts to suck on it with the
vigor of a hooker who hasn't had a man in weeks. Pierce moans in delight as
an hour later he ahs cum inside the mouth of the hottest woman he has ever
had. She looks up as he lowers his tongue into her pussy, eating with wild
abandonment as she cums multiple times. Houlihan then turns over, puts her
butt in the air, and then begs Hawkeye to fuck her up the ass. He obeys the
order of the higher-ranking officer and rams his hardened dick in her very
tight ass. Cumming all over her butt, he then jabs his cock in and out of
her pussy from behind. Her loud moans are heard all over the camp, as
Hawkeye continues his pleasure. Margaret then returns to laying on her back,
she points to her still hot pussy, rubs it vigorously and awaits Pierce's
entry into the blonde haired pussy. They fuck well into the wee hours of the
night and he expends his cum inside her hot body.

She kisses his lips and says to him "Hawkeye, you have the best cock I've
ever had in my life."

Captain Pierce smiles and states "Now I know why they call you hotlips, my

Margaret giggles and says "Donít tell anyone else, especially Burns."

"You mean ferret face doesn't know about your hot set of pussy lips?" asks
an astonished Pierce.

"No he doesn't and I want it to remain that way." answers Houlihan.

Hawkeye agrees to her plea and the two of them fall asleep in each other's
arms. Morning arrives and Major Frank Burns enters the tent for what he
thinks is his early kiss with Houlihan.

"What the devil is going on here?" asks an angry Burns.

"Well ferret face, what does it look like?" asks Pierce, he squeezes the
hardened nipples of the only lover he may continue to see.

"Something you have never tried, Frank." says Houlihan, "We were fucking
the night away." she adds as she prepares to suck Hawkeye's cock before

Upon seeing this Burns retreats out of the tent, as he realizes that he has
lost the only friend he has had in Korea. Once Burns leaves, nurse Kelley
walks into the tent with a message for Margaret. Before she can get it out,
she joins in the tryst and removes her clothes to reveal her small oriental
body. She squats over the face of the captain and he eats the shaven pussy
of this wonton honey. The three have a long passionate morning of sex and
exploration. Hawkeye has fucked two of the horniest women in the camp and
things will never be the same.

Two more hours have passed and Houlihan receives the message from Kelley.
Hawkeye leaves the tent as the women lie on the cot well spent and ready to
head to the showers.

The end...until.


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