MASH: Part 3 - Nurse Cutler's Reprieve (FF,MF,F-dom,anal,voy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

It is a year into the Korean conflict; the doctors and nurses are busier than
they expected. A new nurse has arrived on the scene and it is apparent that
Major Houlihan is riding her something fierce. Houlihan the head nurse of the
4077th seems to have it in for the even sexier Nurse Marjorie Cutler. After a
hard day in the O.R the major calls Cutler into her quarters. A little afraid
of what might happen, Marjorie takes her time going to the Major's tent.

Upon entering Marjorie asks, "What do you want Major Houlihan?"

"First of all you didn't come as quickly as I would hope. Second, I am having
problems with the way you have turned the O.R upside down."

"Upside down, what in the hell do you mean?" asks a surprised Cutler.

"I mean that you have turned the O.R into a sexual fantasy world and you have
also weakened every time a soldier has come in bleeding heavily. This also
means that I will ask Colonel Blake to transfer you out of here," states a
perplexed Houlihan.

Looking at the opened robe of the Major, Cutler asks, "Is there any way you
convince you to keep me here?"

Watching Cutler move in towards her almost nude body, the Major replies, "Yes
there is Marjorie."

With that Houlihan walks over to where the young nurse stands and begins to
kiss her cheek and then her lips. A lengthy kiss has Margaret undressing
Cutler. She removes her uniform until only the underwear is left. The major
tells Marjorie to remove her bra and shorts. Obliging her superior officer
Cutler reveals medium-sized breasts; a thick black covered pussy and the
longest legs she has ever seen. Cutler reaches for the majorís hand, helps
her up and removes the robe that covers her freshly cleansed body. Standing
there as they are the two nurses begin to kiss one another while squeezing
the breasts that are against each others chest. Major Houlihan makes the
first move and leads Marjorie over to her cot. Lying down she points to her
blonde pussy and indicates that Cutler should eat. Marjorie licks fingers
and kisses the hottest pussy she has ever tasted. Lifting her head the
younger woman notices a jar of Vaseline on the table, jams two fingers into
the goo and finger fucks the ass of the hot major. Many moans later and the
women switch places, only to have Margaret open a drawer, remove a dildo,
stick into the jar and jams into the asshole of the yet virgin nurse.

Major Houlihan then says, "My God are you tight Marjorie." And then she will
ask, "Have you been with a man yet?"

Marjorie answers after a gentle moan, "No, Major I haven't been fucked yet."
Then she will ask, "Who is likely to bang my pussy first?"

"I would have to say that Dr. Pierce is the man to accommodate your every
need. He really gave me my best sex I've ever had," says the Major.

With that the major decides to continue eating, fondling and nibbling on the
sweetest pussy to enter her tent. Soon the major reaches under her cot and
pulls out the whip that Major Burns gave her. Tickling Cutler's ass with the
leather, Houlihan rears back and lets the whip crack upon the shiny ass of
her lover. Cutler yelps in delight and realizes that her reprieve is at hand
for her mistakes in the O.R.

One hour later the two women lie beside each other well spent. Unbeknownst to
them Radar has been leering from the window at them, he has unloaded an ounce
of his jism on the Major's tent. His fantasy turns to reality as the Major
waves him inside. Houlihan tells him to fuck her, but leave Cutler to Captain
Pierce. Obeying the command the once timid O'Reilly quickly strips and
plunges into the Major's hot pink pussy. He relieves her tension in nearly an
hour by fucking her ass, her face and then cumming in her cunt. Radar leaves
the tent, but kisses Cutler before they leave. He knows that he will have his
chance after Hawkeye fucks the new nurse.


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