MASH: Part 5 - Potter's Surprise (MF,bond)
by Spyder ([email protected])

The 4077th, a quiet army posts when not busy, but this is no ordinary period
of quiet. It is nearly Christmas and the truce is now in effect from the
fighting. No bullets screaming, no bombs exploding and no wounded soldiers
to stitch up there wounds after ammunition invades their bodies. The doctors
and nurses have decorated the various tents and the tree that Father Mulcahy
brought from the woods. That night, all is deftly quiet and everyone awaits
the big day for joy, peace and a helping of turkey. While making her rounds
before turning in Margaret Houlihan sees Colonel Potter's light on and
decides to investigate. On her way there she will stop in her quarters and
slip a large ribbon over her naked body underneath the overcoat she now
wears. Quietly she saunters towards her commanding officers tent, knocks
loudly and waits for the colonel to greet her.

"Come in!" yells Potter over his chattering teeth.

Margaret opens the door and walks in to where the wily veteran of war sits
reading Zane Grey. The major, who is now cold and at the same time getting
horny, stands before the old man and says with a smile on her face, "Merry
Christmas Colonel Potter."

Potter smiles and replies with the same greeting he just heard. Looking over
the head nurse, he wonders what she is so cold for and also why she couldn't
wait to wish him the best of the season with everyone else.

Margaret stares at the man who she hopes will fuck her hot cunt tonight, then
begins to explain the late entry into his tent. She informs him that his wife
Mildred wrote her and asked that she supply a special gift for her husband.
She also said that it had to be something he will remember for years to come,
while he fishes of the dock where they live. While thinking over the problem,
she sent a special picture of herself to Mildred and asked if she would do.
Mildred wrote back and said to go ah ad with the planned present on midnight
of Christmas morning. Margaret shows Potter the naked picture of herself that
Mildred saw and then says that she is his special gift for the season.

Potter smiles at the current status of his nurse, while she asks him to
unwrap his present for 1951. The colonel takes a step toward the hot Major,
removes his pajamas and then her overcoat. His smiles and his cock get larger
as he sees that she is wearing a red ribbon across her body. Houlihan then
will kiss her new lovers lips as he slips a finger in her ass. He comments
at the fact that "Hotlips" fits the sexy head nurse. While her tongue slips
deep into the colonel's mouth, she slithers up and down his left leg to
accommodate the penetration of his fingers in her ass and now her pussy. He
growls at the way she is accepting his old body for a night of sex. Again he
comments at the nickname she has "Hotlips" and that it has more than one
meaning for her. Margaret now feels the man's cock is fully erect and grasps
it for some serious stroking. At this time she wonders how long he will be
able to keep it up and if his old heart will be able to withstand the sex
they will have.

Throwing caution to the wind, the Major slides down to her knees, takes a
strong grip of Potter's cock and licks the full length of it. Up and down
she proceeds to go, while gently squeezing his balls and on one downstroke
of her tongue she sucks on his balls for the longest of times. Potter almost
cums from the treatment Houlihan is giving him and watches with pleasure as
she takes his wand into her mouth. She is totally shocked at the fact that
an old man can take pleasure of getting a blowjob from a woman half his age.
He moans his approval the longer she sucks on his dick and yelps when she
plunges her fingers into his ass. Before the clock strikes one, he has
unloaded some jism in her mouth and knows that she isn't done with the gift
she and Mildred agreed to.

Margaret lies on his comfy sears and roebuck bed, spreads her creamy white
legs as wide as she can get them and waits for the colonel to eat her furry
pussy. "Damn," he says, "another woman who loves to keep her cunt covered,
my wife is like that, and she only shaves it to let it get thicker for the
next time she flies to where I am."

After the compliment, Potter slips between the open legs of his younger
lover, drives his tongue in her pussy, two to three fingers in her ass and
eats to his hearts content. Her moans lead him to dig deeper with his tongue
and plunge in harder with his fingers. The head nurse is ready to cum on her
Colonel's tongue. He laps up her juices with the gusto of a younger man.

Now, Potter being an ex-cavalry man has some old riding leather lying around
his tent. He retrieves the straps, ties the majors arms behind her back, gets
her down to all fours and rams his cock deep in her ass. Fucking the hot
Major's ass is more pleasure than even his wife allowed him when he is with
her. With the free part of the strap, Potter whips the major as he fucks her
hole harder and faster. Houlihan thinks to herself that he ranks up there
with Captain Pierce for sexual stability. By this time Potter cums in her ass
and prepares to enter her cunt from the rear. Taking hold of his still hard
cock, Potter jams the stick in her pussy, full boar and doesn't let up for
the next fifteen minutes or so.

Potter unties the major, turns her over and levels his cock to engage in
fucking the horny woman. Margaret closes her legs around the Colonel's body,
while he fucks the heat out of her. Across the way in the mess tent, some of
the crew is awake and singing Christmas carols; this is when Potter and
Houlihan step up the sexual pleasure. It is nearly light outside, as Potter
has nearly fully received his present from his wife. The two realize that it
is almost time to arise for the day as Potter cums all over Houlihan's legs,
stomach and pussy hair. Before leaving Margaret gives Potter one last
blowjob, which he accepts with an open mind and heart. She drains his load
of cum and swallows it, then leaves to shower. Potter also decides to shower,
but will reflect on the best Christmas present that a wife could give him.

He leaves his tent while singing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and heads for
the showers and mess tent to join the others for breakfast. A smile crosses
her face as he sees his cock is still hard and dripping of cum, which leads
him to think that he may get inside of nurse Kellye on New Years Eve.

The End


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