MASH: Part 7 - Radar's Party (MFFF, bond)
by Spyder ([email protected])

The 4077th a unit concerned with the health of the fighting men and women in
the Korean theatre of operations. This unit has such an excellent record
that commendations are regular from I-core. It is a couple of years into the
conflict and some of the doctor's and nurses have traveled home or to another
unit. Today is a day that will change the day of one of this unit's people
under the command of Colonel Sherman Potter.

Yesterday the Colonel received a message that Radar's Uncle Ed died and that
he is needed at home. The camp is preparing a farewell send off for him
before the long trip home. Major Houlihan is planning a farewell of her own
as she has asked for a lady that Radar met while on R & R in Tokyo. A nurse
by the name of Patty Haven was headed to Lancaster Mo., when Houlihan asked
to have her rerouted for the next couple of days to the 4077th. The major
has a couple of the nurses ready to give the send off of all times the next
day and before the actual party with the others.

Late the afternoon before the company party, Major Houlihan calls for
O'Reilly over the P.A. Her announcement went like this: Would Corporal
O'Reilly please report to my quarters for the clearance of your travel

Radar being a good soldier does as the Major requested and head for her tent.
Knowing that his travel voucher is in order, O'Reilly is puzzled as to the
situation and once he arrives outside the door hears a little giggling. What
he doesn't know is that the nurse he briefly spoke with in Tokyo is inside
as part of the going away ceremony.

The sexy Major tells Radar his going home party begins with Nurse Bigelow.
She takes him by the belt, licks his ears and then kisses him fully with her
tongue probing in his mouth. Radar returns the touch by lifting her skirt
and probing her ass with his fingers. Bigelow moans as her diminutive lover
kisses her deeper every second he finger fucks her ass. Radar stands back
while the tall vixen undresses for him, Bigelow smiles while she drops piece
after piece of clothing. By the time she is done, the other nurses have
pulled O'Reilly's clothes from his body. In the meantime Houlihan has slipped
out to see of Nurse Patti Haven has arrives. Radar moves ever closer to the
blonde bombshell, jams her pussy with as many fingers as it will take and
winds up fist fucking her. Kellye has now joined the sexual party by sucking
the balls of her new friend and smiles broadly as Lieutenant Nugent, who has
been on a second tour of duty, licks between his ass cheeks. Radar gasps as
the three nurses have over powered him to do as they please on his last day
at the 4077th.

Tying him to the bed frame, Bigelow and Kellye asks Nugent to ride his young
dick into oblivion. She obeys the command and slides her very hairy clit
over his thick short cock. While she does so, Kellye and Bigelow have begun
to tease Radar by eating one another. Now being a farm boy, he has never
witnessed this type of sexual behavior and wishes one of them would sit on
his face. Once the two have completed the task, Kellye takes her plump ass
and squats over O'Reilly's face to let him eat. What she doesn't know is
Radar is digging his tongue in her ass as well, as this happens Bigelow has
taken Nugent's place over his cock. She slides her shaven cunt on his probing
love gun and hopes he unloads in her as he did with Nugent. Still tied to the
frame, the ladies have brought out the tools to make Radar cum many times
over. Two whips, a dildo and a chain. Bigelow moves the cold steal over and
around his cock, as Kellye has returned to sucking his cock while this is
taking place. Nugent uses the dildo in his ass, while lying under the bed and
soon he cums more than even he expected. Once the three have made him theirs,
they search out an animal and bringing in a dog, they tell him to ass fuck
the mutt. This deviant action has Radar wondering why Major Houlihan hasn't
stopped it, until she walks inside to see what is happening. She tells them
to get the dog out and blindfold the young man after they let him loose from
the bindings they have him shackled with.

Once his eyes are covered from view, Houlihan ushers in Haven, tells the
three horny ladies to leave him to the two of them and wriggles out of her
army fatigues. Patti struts around the tent, removes her clothes from her
virgin body and awaits the next move.

Houlihan then says to Radar, your surprise is about to give you a blowjob
and I will join her as she makes you cum in our throats. Patti purrs as she
whispers hello to the young stud she met yesterday in Tokyo. Recognizing the
voice Radar says thanks to Margaret for bringing Patti to be here. The major
tells him to show his appreciation by eating our pussies.

The ladies lie on the cot Radar was bound to and spread their thighs as
wide as possible. Patti is nervous, as she knows that she will leave Korea
a non-virgin. Walter is enjoying the new situation as he goes from hole to
hole eating the juices that flow from these extremely hot women. He remembers
what Hawkeye told him if he is to have his way with the major before he
leaves. While he creates the moans and groans of his new lovers, O'Reilly
binds the major to the cot and says that she will watch as he brings Patti
to a climax for the first time. Margaret squeals as she is tied tight to
the frame and yells even more while Radar takes his cock and drives it into
Patti's tight ass. More squeals are heard as the virgin nurse is almost
crying at the treatment she is getting, but gets into the motion as her hole
is widened with each thrust of her first lovers manhood.

Radar removes his spurting dick from Haven's hole and then opens her pussy
by jamming it as far as possible in her pussy. On the cot Margaret is
exploding on the sheet as she cums while watching the two younger lovers
fuck. Not yet finished with the sexy nurse, Radar turns her on her back and
dips his cock in her pussy while kissing her tits. He sucks and nibbles on
her areolas, while peeking at the mound that waits his cock on the cot.
Patti passes out from being tired, after all she has been flown to this
locale to be fucked the man she met only yesterday and to see an actual
M*A*S*H unit first hand.

Now Major Houlihan, who has had many doctor's fuck her while in Korea, smiles
at the fact she was the one who made Radar a man by teaching him the way to
please a woman. Radar, who by now is ready to explode again, puts his cock
inside the Major's mouth and lets her suck it. On the chair, Patti has begun
to masturbate while she watches the man she now is falling for prepares to
fuck the head nurse of the 4077th.

Once his cum has filled the mouth of his older, but totally delectable lover,
Radar finger and tongue fucks the major. She is pouring on the heat while she
watches Nurse Haven bring the cream from her pussy. Tiring from the activity
of the day, Radar finally plunges hard into the pussy of his lover and leaves
an impression as he cums deep within. Two or three times he fills her honey
pot to the brim and then he rolls off to fall asleep. Before dawn breaks the
major tells Radar to go to his tent and wait for his going away party. Radar
smiles all throughout the party, only a few know what that is all about as
the staff of the 4077th wishes Radar a safe bon voyage.

The End


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