MASH: Part 8 - The Leaning On Nurse Cooper (MF,MM,MFF,oral,hand,fist)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Springtime at the 4077th, the nip of winter slowly fades as the sun warms
the Korean landscape. The doctors and nurses of this surgical unit discard
their Kahki overcoats for something lighter. The OR is a buzz with operations
and Major Houlihan is snapping at anything this fine day. Her prey just
happens to be the newest nurse to swell the ranks of the 4077th Nurse Cooper.
As Potter says the nurse is a crier, but will straighten herself out if given
the opportunity.

Margaret while in Potter's office asks for a transfer for Cooper, but the
wise OLE Colonel insists that the lady stays and to be certain it happens
Houlihan is asked to report to his tent with Cooper after dinner. Houlihan
then asks if that is an order to which Potter says that it is an official

Meanwhile, Hawkeye the camp's resident Don Juan is hitting on another of the
nurses in camp. He at this moment is gently squeezing the breast of Bigelow
while outside the ladies' shower tent. She smiles at the fact that the Hawk
is pleasing her out in the open and waits for the next move. Waiting is long
as Hawkeye takes her hand and shoves it inside his open pants. Nurse Bigelow
strokes the captain's cock while he groans at the action of his soon to be
lover. He also deep inside hopes that Cooper is part of his night this week
and nearly cums inside as Bigelow has him so hard that she startles him by
lowering his pants to blow him. He lifts her to her feet and tells her to
wait until tomorrow; they can use the swamp to fuck the afternoon away with
BJ and Charles on duty all day.

Klinger meanwhile is again attempting to find a way home. This time around
Rizzo foils him and in order for Rizzo not to be a squealer, Klinger has to
do as he is asked. Begrudgingly the Corporal abides by the wishes of the
sergeant and awaits the orders. Rizzo thinks and then tells Klinger he must
submit to giving him a blowjob. Klinger isn't one to back out of anything
and prepares to do as ordered. Rizzo drops his pants and watches as Max
strokes his cock until hard and then is surprised to see that Klinger knows
of what he is doing. What the camp doesn't know is that Klinger can and will
do it both ways. Shortly after the hardening has occurred and Max deep
throats his prick, Luther is nearly about to cum, after not having such
treatment since shipping out to Korea. Luther steps back as he feels ready
to cum, Klinger looks up and holds his mouth open, but Luther shoots his
load all over the jeep near by. Klinger stands up and Luther says that he
is free and not to worry about Potter hearing of this. Klinger walks away
feeling better, but wondering if anyone knows of his BI-sexuality.

Meanwhile back at the ladies shower tent, Hawkeye is dipping his fingers
into Bigelow's ass. She moans and suggests that he wait until later and she
will join him in the supply tent for some extra curricular heavy breathing.
Hawkeye kisses the statuesque blonde and skulks over to the mess tent, once
inside he sees Margaret has just berated yet another nurse. Only this time
she has let Kellye off the hook by having her eat her pussy in the open.
Hawkeye smiles at the gaping cunt of the head nurse and hopes to finger
fuck the lady right away. He ambles over to where the Major is lying spread
eagle on the table and drives his fist into her hot box. She screams and
says to Pierce to make it good for he will have her very soon. Margaret cums
very rapidly and redresses as Hawkeye licks her juice from his hand. She
adjusts her smock and walks past Pierce with a come hither smile. Hawkeye
thinks that he is one lucky man having two women wanting him soon.

Later that evening after dinner, Nurse Cooper and Major Houlihan arrive at
the colonel's tent; he tells them to enter and is shocked that he is waiting
for them totally naked. Potter kisses both ladies, asks them to squat down
and blow him. They back off and wonder why he is being so lecherous. Potter
stands there and insists that he is punishing them both. Cooper for her
fumbles in the OR and Margaret for wanting to ship Cooper out. Margaret is
the first to kneel down, but only after she removes her clothes, she licks
Potter's balls and motions for Cooper to join her. By this time Cooper has
undressed fully, sliding her finger into her cunt, she takes her turn at
sucking the colonel's withered dick. The young nurse is shocked that someone
as old as the colonel is so well hung. The blowjob continues for almost a
half an hour, which is when Potter tells the ladies to eat each other while
he creams on them.

Potter strokes his cock as the women have dessert, some hot tangy pie.
Shortly the two are writhing in ecstasy as cum flows freely. Potter lies on
his bed and directs Houlihan to sit on his face and for Cooper to ride the
wild one. Taking the positions asked of them the nurses fuck the colonel,
Major Houlihan on his face and tongue, while Cooper is ending her virginity
with his staff in her hot pink pussy. About a half an hour passes as Potter
asks them to switch places. Margaret is not worried about the old man's
ticker, as she knows that he is a strong lover and can fuck as long or
longer than the younger men in the camp. Cooper yells as a man who could be
her grand father, but continues to accept the first sex she has ever had is
eating her. While she has her twat devoured, Cooper dreams of having sex
with Radar and Klinger, which is not, the usual run of the camp. First are
Potter or Hawkeye, then Hunnicut, Rizzo, Klinger, Radar and then Winchester.

Cooper rises from the position, walks over to her clothes, and leaves the
Major to end the evening with the colonel's cock in her pussy. Margaret gets
off the colonel, bends over and accepts Potter's hard dick up in her ass. He
pounds her ass for the next hour until he drops from exhaustion. Houlihan
gives the old man one last blowjob and leaves smiling. As she walks to her
tent, he sees Hawkeye kissing Bigelow's tits and smiles as he passes by. She
says it was a fine evening, to which Pierce says the hottest night in awhile.
Margaret is ready to blow Pierce and decides to wait for the next convenient
time. Hawkeye passes the showers and hears another nurse crying. He enters
to see Cooper with tears rolling on to her fine tits. He asks what is wrong;
she grabs his bulge and tells him that she hurts from the first time she has
been fucked. Hawkeye asks who did the honors and she says it was Colonel
Potter. Not at all surprised by the news, Hawkeye strips and joins the nurse
in the shower, but holds off fucking her until her first move to him.

He plunges his fingers in her pussy which has some blood and cum dripping
form it as she is still new to sex. She begs of him to leave the shower and
she will let him in very soon. It is not often that Hawkeye is passed over
for sex by two ladies, but knows that he will have them in short order.

The End


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