MASH: Part 10 - Klinger's Preferences (MMFF,MM,oral,anal,voy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

The 4077th, a medical unit near the front lines in Korea. This is a ragtag
group of doctor's and nurses forced together in the war torn country of
Korea operating on soldiers in the south. The head of this unit is a wily
old army vet Colonel Sherman T. Potter and being regular army he is known
to be a stickler for regulations on occasion. The company clerk is one
unusual character who goes by the name of Maxwell Q. Klinger. This man is
unusual because he goes from day to day wearing dresses. Now everyone
believes that Klinger is weird, he feels he is crazy, but the man does get
his work done. He has from time to time fucked one or a few of the nurses
that work side by side with him. Lately however Max has been wondering if
his cross dressing is a inner secret to have a sex change or maybe even
wants to have a gay relationship.

Anyhow on one sunny afternoon a patient is out and about getting his leg
strength back and Klinger feels a tingle in his loins and is thinking
about exploring is further, but brings one of the nurses with him to get a
threesome going. Nurse Able is one of Hawkeye's conquests and Klinger has
on occasion witnessed the two having hot sex behind the motor pool and in
the mess tent. Once he has the two partners in behind the mess tent Klinger
proceeds to unzip Able's pants, lower them along with the boxer's she has
on and laps her pussy vigorously. The soldier who is by most reports gay,
doesn't understand why Klinger has asked him to watch as the two make out.
Klinger grabs Able's ass cheeks and as he eats pussy asks the soldier to
kneel down and enjoy the hottest pussy in the 4077th. Able giggles at Max's
declaration, as the soldier kneels down he isn't prepared to eat pussy and
unzips the bulge out of Klinger's pants and proceeds to give him a blowjob.
Klinger moans as the man leads Able to join him.
The buxom nurse is shocked to actually see and man give head to another man.
As the two of them draw a load of cum from Max's dick, the soldier wonders
if he can love a woman the same way he loves men. Klinger lies on the ground
as Able begins to suck on the wounded soldier's cock and bring him to cum as
hard as Klinger just did.

Once the hot nurse has both men the way she wants them, Able decides to lower
her hot pussy over Klinger's cock and rides him hard and heavy for a half an
hour. She then turns her attention to the soldier who is masturbating while
watching the two have at it. Able does the same the wounded man, slowly
fucking him the way she got B.J. a week back. Able lies over her new lover
and with her ass glistening in the warm sun, Klinger drives his cock into her
ass. She screams at the thickness of Max's rod and knows that Hawkeye hasn't
fucked her in both holes. Soon both men cum in Able's loving holes and they
both exit and Klinger slide behind the man and ass fucks him in front of
Able. Able sticks around kissing both men passionately as Klinger bends over
to have the soldier fuck his ass. Once the male sex is over, the soldier
returns to his bed in post-op leaving Klinger and Able to end their sexual
adventure. Klinger finds a discarded belt and uses to leather on the tits and
ass of his hot lover. Inside Klinger knows that he can go both ways sexually,
but wants to have a complete gay relationship sometime soon. In his mind it
is this that leads him to wear dresses and this is also the reason that he
has wanted to take on the men of the 4077th.

Able moans aloud as Klinger uses the belt as a whip to create red lesions
on the supple body of this lady. While he does so, Kellye joins the two and
works on Able's pussy while she blows Klinger. Both cum at the same time and
then they undress Kellye to give her a return performance. Klinger and Able
eat the swollen Hawaiian pussy as she squirms at having her twat fondled,
licked and tongue fucked.

Soon Klinger has both ladies turned, butt to the sky and goes in and out of
their asses quickly and quite hard. Both ladies have Klinger's cum on their
cheeks and now he rams the hairy pussies before him from behind, cumming
inside both of them, as he grows tired of fucking so much today. Max lies
down on the hard ground as the nurses get dressed and leave the area, by
this time Potter has wondered what become of his company clerk and finally
finds him after sex with three people. Not at all angry at the proceedings
Potter watches in shock as Klinger has lowered his trousers and sucks his
cock. Feeling somewhat foolish for letting this happen, Potter now knows
for certain what he and most of the camp has known, that Klinger is gay and
may perform sex on some of the male personnel. When asked Klinger tells
Potter that he will not have sex with the men and get sent home for it. He
loves to have his women lovers as much and will do what Potter may have
caught in passing. Once Potter has unloaded in Klinger's mouth the two of
them go back to work. Potter smiles, as he knows that Klinger knew that he
knew about Max's sex with the nurses. So life goes on at the 4077th and
Klinger's has an inkling of what he can do sexually from time to time.

The End


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