MASH: Part 11 - General Barker's Return (MF)
by Spyder ([email protected])

The fighting 4077th, an unusual army post that has parties that everyone
talks about, even after they have gone home. All prior doctor's, General's,
Colonel's and visiting dignitaries have a soft feeling once they have
experienced a 4077th party. Of course one soul that never had time to party
with this group of doctor's and nurses is one General Bradley Barker. Barker
is a doctor himself, a stickler for rules, but loved his short visits to this
hospital. He knows only two people personally and they are the sexy head
nurse Major Margaret Houlihan and Colonel Sherman T. Potter. He has had run
ins with the now state side Frank Burns and Trapper John McEntire. On one
visit he checked up on Henry Blake's choice of chief surgeon Hawkeye Pierce,
but found the man is qualified for the post. His parting words on that visit
were to send Burns on a ten-mile hike, to which McEntire added the idea of a
full pack. Anyhow he is returning to Korea for the party he never had.

Barker and Margaret have known one another for years and they have had
relations over that time, so when she heard that he was returning to the
4077th for his farewell party he never had, she began to prepare for what
may be some hot sex before and after.

Barker arrives at the camp on his due date, meets with Colonel Potter and is
billeted to the V.I.P tent for the duration. Of course he never had met Major
Winchester and Captain Honeycutt until today. Most of the others are still
around except Radar, Trapper and Burns as well as the late Henry Blake. Once
he is resting in the tent Major Houlihan makes her presence known by walking
in and placing a wet kiss upon his cheek. He gropes her ass and begs for
another kiss. She obliges his needs and then undoes his pants. Removing them
slowly, she stops long enough to slide her fingers over his cock. He giggles
at the warm touch of his friend and lover. Brad removes her clothes quickly
as he doesn't want to waste time with the slow removal of women's clothes.
He gurgles as his saliva rolls into his throat and smiles at the fact her
breasts are still the size he remembers when they fucked at his office in
Seoul a year or so back. Margaret removes what is left of his clothes, kneels
on the floor of the tent and licks his balls, moving upward to the tip, where
she licks the head until he is erect.

Steadily she sucks his thick, but compact cock and gently squeezes his balls
as she does so. Reaching behind him, she grabs for a broom handle and smacks
his chubby ass until he yanks her away by her blonde tresses. Turning away,
Barker has no idea that Houlihan is waxing up the broomstick with Vaseline
and prepares to jam it up his ass before he can say no. in doing so he lets
out a yelp that brings one of the other nurses who is close by. Bigelow walks
in to see what the commotion is all about and turns to leave. Margaret tells
her to undress and join them for the afternoon. Nurse Bigelow obeys the
command and sits in front of the bent over retired general, where he eats
her pussy to wild delight and passion.

Bigelow cums viciously on the General's face and chin, while he feels the
broomstick exit his ass for the final time. Margaret gets Barker to lie on
the cot, points to Bigelow to ride him while she sits on his face. With
his cock and tongue working extra hard to please the ladies, Barker never
bargained for this type of treatment hereabouts. He had only hoped for a
party, a quick rendezvous with Houlihan and a speedy good-bye. Both ladies
cum, Barker is relieved to see that Margaret is lying down and spread wide.
He places himself upon her body and drives his dick so hard she squeals at
the pleasure she has missed from him. Fucking her for all she is worth,
Barker decides to go back and forth between the women and fuck each equally.
Tiring very fast, he gets them to turn on all fours as he will ass fuck his
lovers to end this session. Barker flops on the cot, nods off to sleep as
the ladies continue to have sex. Between moments of pleasure they compare
notes on lovers that have fucked them. Saying that Hawkeye is super, Potter
tamer and Radar a pleasing lover. The jury was out on B.J and Klinger.

Later that evening the party is in full swing as Barker sits next to
Margaret and Potter. He smells the scent of her perfume and he wishes he
didn't have to leave so early in the morning or he would fuck her once last
time. About two in the morning Barker heads to his tent, walks in to see
Houlihan and Nurse Kellye doing each other on the cot. He clears his throat
as Kellye kneels in front of him and lowers his trousers to give him one
more blowjob before he heads stateside. Margaret slides under the squatting
Kellye and eats her pussy for the time that the little Hawaiian nurse sucks
the general's dick. Once Kellye has swallowed his load, she leaves Margaret
and Barker alone to fuck as she has a dick to enjoy in Hawkeye's quarters.

Barker plunges his hard cock into Houlihan's ass and is pleased to see she
is acceptable to and ass fucking so soon. She hears a moan from the general,
then a loud thud as he crashes to the ground. Margaret sees him clutching
his chest, gets her clothes on and calls for help. Margaret tries in vane to
resuscitate him, knowing that the worst is at hand she continues. No one is
surprised to see Houlihan with the General, but is shocked to find out he has
died of a heart attack.

Potter asks everyone to leave the tent with the exception of Margaret,
Hawkeye and himself. He gets all the particulars, smiles at Major Houlihan
as she says that Barker died with a smile, which means he enjoyed his last
day on earth. He also says not to worry, Brad has had some heart problems
over the last year and that is why he had to retire. Hawkeye signs the death
certificate and leads Houlihan to her quarters, softly tells her it isn't
her fault, kisses her quivering lips and leaves her to sleep it off.

The 4077th give Barker a good-bye service and send his body stateside to
family for a funeral. Margaret remains calm, but is shaken by the fact a
lover died while she fucked him and her memories are flooded with the many
times the two of them had sex. She whispers farewell to him and watches as
the helicopter lifts off and fades into the sky.

The End


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