MASH: Part 13 - BJ And Kellye (MF,voy)
by Spyder

The fighting 4077th, busy as usual as the Korean War drags on and on. The
people, who work there under the guidance and knowledge of Colonel Sherman
Potter, look for things to occupy their time. Sometimes it is sporting
activities that catch their fancy and other times; it is the sexual
camaraderie that drives the need. Hawkeye and Margaret always have themselves
to grant sexual favors, either with one another or other staff members.

B.J. Hunnicut is no exception, even the madly in love married surgeon has
to pleasure himself and on occasion he is known to reach out to one of the
many nurses that he works with. On this occasion, he is left wondering who
he will fuck this night with Hawkeye in Tokyo and Charles on duty. Going
over the roster, he thinks about Major Houlihan, but looks further and
decides upon Nurse Kellye. While checking patients in post-op, Kellye
smiles, as B.J. looks her way. She walks over his way and asks if he would
like to join her for a walk after chow. Hunnicut agrees and sets a time to
pick up Kellye at her tent, which turns out to be around 9, when the movie
is begin run in the mess.

At 9 PM, B.J. strolls over to the nurses tent, is about to knock, but is
greeted by Kellye, who smiles, grabs his hand and they walk in the direction
of the trees on the north side of the compound. They head that way knowing
that the outer edge of the bushes are mined, so no one can get in even if
they had tweezers.

Once they reach the edge of the bushes, Kellye kisses B.J. on his mouth, she
snakes her tongue inside and they kiss for the longest of times. B.J., who is
not uncomfortable with having sex with this lady, squeezes her ample ass and
here's a muffled yelp as she grabs his bulge. B.J. knowing that the supply
tent is available leads a hot Hawaiian lady in that direction. Kellye, who
has never had a man take her in there is open to the idea and keeps her left
hand squeezing his cock.

They walk in, out the hanger on the door and lie on a nearby mattress and
continue to kiss. B.J. unzips her pants quickly, reaches into her army issue
shorts and feels her warm twat. Feeling the way his cock hardened while they
were kissing, Kellye rubs the bulging area of his pants and then unzips his
cock out of them to stroke it. They smile, and then passionately kiss one
another as they grope one another's genitals. B.J. slides his hands inside
Kellye's t-shirt and squeezes her bra-covered breasts and nibbles on her neck
as she lowers his pants and shorts to the ground.

Kellye kneels in front of the happily married captain and licks her way to
his balls while she gently squeezes them. B.J sees a back scratcher lying on
the cot, reaches over the young nurse and slides it down her back to her
pants. He slides it inside until it rests between her buttocks and he moves
it back and forth. Both parties moan as they do at will to make the other
sexually aroused. Kellye has a mouthful of the doctor's cock as she gives a
blowjob that only tow others in camp have felt.

Mmmm, B.J. moans as he unloads in her mouth, Kellye deep throats his wand one
more time and pulls away while his cuz showers her lips and chin. Hunnicut
helps her from her knees, kneels between her legs, removes her pants and
shorts to reveal a hairless pussy. B.J. licks her inner thighs leading to her
pink pussy. Eating her was an option he dreamed of and now his wishes are
coming true as he tongue fucks her hole until she moans deeply.

Oh my god, Kellye moans as her newest lover makes her orgasm over and over
again. Deep in her mind the hot nurse knows that this is the best she has
felt and not even Hawkeye comes close to the feeling she is having now.
Lapping her oozing juices, B.J. stands tall and lowers himself atop of her
and plunges his cock in her gaping pussy. She wonders if he has any
protection on and then says it doesn't matter at this point, she wants a
full load of his cum entering her tender hot love box.

In and out B.J. drives as load after load fills the nurses cunt, Kellye moans
aloud, as the doctor fills her prescription. Finally he exits her pussy,
turns her on her stomach, arcs her back and drives her ass with his still
hard pecker. This time she screams as B. J blasts her tight ass, not knowing
that she reacts this way with every man that fucks her ass. With the back
scratcher in hand, B.J. smacks her ass cheeks with it leaving red lesions on
the plump rump of his favorite nurse.

Still deep in her ass, B.J. looks over at the door, which swings shut as
Margaret investigated the scream only to find that B.J. has fucked one of
her nurses and wants Kellye once again herself. B.J. unloads in her ass on
her cheeks as he pulls out to watch Kellye suck his dick one more time.
More cum enters her throat as Hunnicut gives every drop to please his
Hawaiian lover. They separate, get dressed and B.J. leaves for the swamp.
He knows that Margaret cannot keep a secret and that Hawkeye will probably
ask about his sexual treat with Nurse Kellye. He saunters to the tent and
is surprised that Hawkeye is not asking a thing about his evening especially
since Pierce was giving his night to Nurse Carou.

The End


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