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MASH: Part 15 - The Supply Tent
by Spyder

It is an unusually warm day at the 4077th, wounded keep rolling in, but this
day is quieter in those terms and a sniper is peppering the unit. With no
apparent way out and not much coming in, they wait for HQ to send someone to
get this troublesome person out of there way.

Colonel Blake and Radar trapped in the shower until they decide to make a run
for it with a truck passing through the compound. Once inside the office
Henry calls for the staff to remain inside if possible. Soon an ambulance
rolls into the camp with new wounded as Margaret and Burns have screamed
until they are blue for no one to bring them inside. Hawkeye and Trapper
decide to put up a white flag and valiantly move to retrieve the soldiers
from the vehicle.

Once inside and the operations ongoing, Burns yells at the two heroes by
saying that their heroics was crazy and should not have happened.

Hawkeye says back that they have the wounded inside and to keep operating.

Still under fire, the unit remains inside until Hawkeye needs some more
supplies from the supply tent. Margaret and Trapper both leave to get those
items as they follow a truck for cover and once they pry the door open move

Margaret starts to collect the supplies and places them in Trappers arms as
she lists the items aloud. Sutures and things that will needed of this
nature until she says that Hawkeye asked for extra gowns.

To which Trapper says jokingly that he is a clotheshorse and then they
attempt to leave the tent.

Ramming the now tightly closed door Trapper announces that they are stuck
inside and sits down. Margaret starts to pry the door with no success as she
looks over at Trap and begins to cry. McIntyre holds her to comfort Houlihan
as she backs away to stop him, Trapper states that their two body
temperatures added up will keep them warm until someone comes looking for

Trapper attempts to kiss the hot blonde nurse, she begs off but only after
squeezing the now growing bulge in his pants. Throwing a blanket on the
floor, McIntyre lies on the floor, looks up at the sexy nurse and smiles. He
begs her to join him and as she does so, Trapper succeeds on the second
attempt to kiss her. French kissing Margaret, John moves his hands to her
butt and gently massages her rear as she again strokes the bulge in his

Houlihan backs off for only a second, thinks it over and slowly unzips the
doctor's pants to get a better grip in his cock. Softly she strokes it and
then lowers her searing lips to lick the length of it. He moans as she
kisses his balls as she begins to give him head.

"Damn!" he says, "You are much better at blowjobs than my wife is, keep it
coming honey."

Slurping her spit of the head of his dick, Houlihan says, "Now you know why
Hawkeye and Burns are smiling every now and then."

"Hmmm, I do not understand the attraction to ferret face, but Hawkeye is
understandable. All the nurses want him."

"I understand your puzzlement about Frank. He is lonely and most everyone
here only knows I hang out with him to keep you and Hawkeye from killing him.
Anyways, he may have a small penis, but his jism is good when Hawkeye or
Henry is busy."

"Busy, wow Hotlips, you even fuck Henry. Anyone I do not know about besides

"Well now including you, I have been with Frank, Hawkeye, Blake, Radar and
even Ugly John."

"I noticed that the Father and Klinger are not on your done list yet, any
particular reason for this."

"I just have not been close enough to getting them in my tent yet, but I may
leave Mulcahy alone for now."

Margaret stops deep throating Trapper long enough to remove her clothes, with
not a stitch of underwear on beneath her pants and t-shirt John whistles and
asks her to squat over his face. Obeying his question she knows what her
wants and says to the effect that now he will no the true meaning of her
nickname Hotlips. Trapper devours her hot pussy as he finger fucks her ass
to prepare it for his entry later on. Spotting a box of tongue depressors on
the floor, he opens it up and retrieves one or two of the tongue ticklers to
use them elsewhere. Spreading her clit open with the wooden sticks, Trapper
licks deeper in her hot, burning caldron of love. She moans as he somehow
makes her cum earlier than expected and on this cue, John takes his long cock
and slowly enters her dripping cunt.

Fucking her hard and fast, Trapper now knows the woman is hot and he needs to
have her repeatedly. He is seriously considering adding Hawkeye for a lot of
three-way action, as he knows that no man has ass fucked her for a long time.
Soon he shoots a load on her stomach as he turns her on all fours and is
surprised to hear her say to not fuck her ass. Not wanting to rush her, John
slides his thick rod inside her box, only backing out and re-entering

"Oooooh fuck you are solid, please more and do it on my ass I am ready."

McIntyre enters her hole, moving in and out until he knows she is comfortable
with his size. She yelps as his cock goes all the way in and feels his jack
hammer effect with his constant back and forth motion. Ready to explode,
Trapper allows his newest conquest to sit up as she gives head one more time
before they redress. Once she swallows, the two get their clothing on as the
Hawkeye and Burns open the once stuck door.

"What in the hell is going on here?"

"Oh Frank, you do not need to know everything, we were trying to keep each
other warm."

"Oh is that all," he says dumbfounded.

Later Hawkeye and Trapper talk about the day's events as the question of what
really occurred in the supply tent comes up. Trapper tells him that he knows
why she has the name Hotlips and that she happens to be one hot fuck. Hawkeye
nods that he found out a few weeks back and hope for a little three-way.
Trapper tells that Hotlips wants it the next time Burns is on R&R.

The End


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