Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story depicts explicit
descriptions of sexual acts. If this bothers you, leave now. This
is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way. Do not try this. If
you feel like it, seek help.

HypnoTV: Mad About You/Caroline In The City (f/f,mc)
by MAW

Jamie walked into the store, heading immediately towards the dress
department. She briefly wondered how Paul was doing with the baby. Well, it
couldn't be too bad. Paul might have problems, but surely he could handle a
simple baby. This was the first opportunity Jamie had to shop since giving
birth. She needed to replace a few dress sizes. She had heard some good
things about this shop from her friends and was anxious to try it out.

As she walked down the aisles, Jamie noticed the store was somewhat empty.
Well, that was no real surprise at this early hour. She was amazed the store
was open this early at all. She noticed one other customer in the store. She
was about her height, with short brown hair, looking in the evening gown

Caroline hadn't paid much attention to the blonde woman passing her. She was
too busy looking at the dresses. She needed something to impress Richard
tomorrow night. She also needed something economical. Considering just how
little money her cartoon paid her, that was a tough choice. She finally
decided on a simple black dress and began moving towards the fitting rooms.

Jamie grabbed the first pair of jeans off the rack. She needed to decide on
these first, so she could create the rest of her ensemble. Wondering why she
always wore jeans, she headed towards the fitting rooms. She passed the
brown-haired woman on her way in. Neither noticed the sales clerk pushing a
button underneath her counter. Neither saw the mischievous grin on her face.

Jamie entered her dressing room and began changing. She shucked out of her
jeans and stood in panties and a white T-shirt, about to try on the jeans she
had selected. In the next booth, Caroline had slipped out of her blouse and
pants and stood in a black bra and panties.

Without warning, the mirrors in the rooms began to glow. Caroline and Jamie
both stared as a multi-colored pattern suddenly covered the glass. The
pattern began moving and shifting, waves and colors colliding and changing
into new patterns. Waves of light glowed from the glass as each woman found
herself captivated. A noise seemed to fill the room, a deep throbbing pulse
that seemed to echo in the women's ears. It created an insistent background,
a droning sound that lulled them further. The patterns continued their
changing ways, shifting and waving, persistent in their change. The two
women couldn't help but look at them.

It took a few minutes, but the outcome was never in doubt. The shifting
patterns, the bright colors, the throbbing sound, all combined to lull their
victims into a trance state. Minutes after the display began, its purpose was
fulfilled. Jamie and Caroline stood mutely, half-naked, hypnotized, the
lights from the mirrors glowing off their skin.

The lights and the noise both disappeared. For a moment, all was silence.
Then, the mirrors split apart, revealing a back room behind the dressing
room. "Step in," a female voice said. Obediently, Caroline and Jamie stepped
into the small room. It was completely black and dark, except for a large
poster bed placed in the middle of the room with a spotlight highlighting
it. Lying on the bed was a beautiful dark-haired woman. Her long black hair
came to her shoulders and her face was gorgeously framed. She was naked,
with large breasts and a slight patch of black hair between her legs. She
smiled as she saw the two woman standing before her.
"My name is Julie," she said. "Come here." Without hesitation,
Jamie and Caroline approached the bed. Julie appraised both of them as they
stood in front of her. "You want to do everything I say, don't you girls?"



"What are your names?"



"Jamie, Caroline, I want you to look at me. Look at my body, my gorgeous
body. You like my body. You would like to touch it, to kiss it, to rub your
hands all over it. Wouldn't you?"

A pair of nods answered her. "Disrobe, both of you." Silently, they obeyed.
Helen pulled off her shirt revealing a white bra. Unsnapping it, she let her
breasts go free. She shucked off her panties, exposing her darkish-blond
tuft. Caroline removed her bra to expose her smaller breasts and dropped her
panties from her dark crotch. Both women were already set from excitement.
Julie smiled. They were both so deep, they'd never remember what happened.
She decided to move in. She stretched her arms towards them both.

"Come to me. Both of you. Come to me and let me pleasure you." Mindlessly,
Caroline and Jamie obeyed. Jamie climbed onto the bed and let herself be
laid down by Julie. Julie then positioned Caroline next to her. She then
took Jamie by the neck and gently kissed her. Jamie responded slow but sure,
wrapping her tongue around her master's. Julie held the kiss long before
turning to Caroline. Her kiss was even more passionate, driven by the desire
that was burning in her. Julie grinned. She had two quite willing slaves

She decided to try Jamie first. "Caroline, sit back, watch and observe."
Caroline obediently lay near the pillows and watched. Julie straddled Jamie,
kissing her long on the lips. She moved down to Jamie's breasts and placed
her mouth on a nipple. As she sucked on the tightening point, she rubbed the
other breast with her arm, pinching the nipple. Her other hand went down to
Jamie's clit, massaging it. She stuck her fingers inside and worked fast.
She could feel Jamie's body shudder as she went on. She continued to suck
on the nipple and finger Jamie's cunt. Finally, Jamie's body arched as she
came, her cum spilling onto Julie's fingers.

Julie let Jamie lie back on the bed. She moved over and grasped Caroline.
She lay back on the bed, letting Caroline straddle her. She maneuvered
herself so Caroline's cunt was over her face. She could feel moistness there
and knew that Caroline had been playing with herself watching Julie and
Jamie. Julie moved her hands up the soft curves of Caroline's body, feeling
her skin until she came to the breasts. She began massaging them expertly,
sending waves of pleasure through Caroline's mesmerized mind. Caroline slowly
rocked herself on Julie's body, keeping in rhythm with Julie's massage. Julie
placed her tongue in Caroline's clit and began licking. The licking, the
rocking and the massaging soon brought Caroline to orgasm as she tensed, her
juices spilling onto Julie's tongue.

Licking her lips, Julie pulled herself from underneath Caroline and sat up.
She inspected the two hypnotized women and decided she had time for one more
trick. "Jamie, Caroline, look at me." The two women looked at her. Julie was
careful to look them both in the eyes. "You want to please me. You want to
pleasure me. You want to make me happy. You know what would make me happy?
Seeing the two of you make love to one another would make me happy. Very
happy. Why don't you try it?"

For a moment, the women seemed reluctant. But then, they moved together,
embracing each other. They kissed, their tongues entwining inside their
mouths as they tasted each other. They lay back on the bed as Jamie moved
down Caroline's body, coming to the brown tuft. She placed her tongue inside
and began to lick the wet cunt. Already riding a wave of passion, Caroline
didn't need much encouragement to produce more juice. She came onto Jamie,
spitting her passion onto her face.

Jamie moved up Caroline's body, kissing her belly, her nipples, the curves
of her breasts, her throat. She kissed Caroline long and hard, the juice
sliding along the lips. She straddled Caroline's prone form, letting Caroline
ury her head in between her large mounds. Caroline inhaled the scent of Jamie
and moved down, kissing as she went. She came down to Jamie's pussy and
placed a finger inside it. Moving the nail inside and out, Caroline began to
pleasure Jamie. Jamie groaned as she felt the ecstasy build within her. She
was loving this, living for this. The juices flowed through her, spilling
out onto Caroline's hands where they were gratefully licked up.

Watching this, Julie had to smile. She was so glad she had thought of this.
Six years of psychiatric training had helped her immensely. The specially
designed mirrors and sound had helped as well. She didn't have to look to
know that the videotapes were recording everything. This was going to provide
a lot of long hours of pleasure. And the best thing about all this was that
she was guaranteed repeat business.

A little short, I'll admit, but I'm not familiar with the shows in question.
Still, I hope you'll enjoy it. - MAW


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