Mad About You (m/f,f/f,inc,orgy)
by [email protected]

Jamie Buchman arrived home early from work. She was still full of energy, too
much coffee she guessed. She looked around, Murray the dog was sitting on the
coach. She didn't see her husband Paul around. She grabbed a quick drink in
the kitchen. As she headed for the bedroom she heard the water running in the
bathroom. She figured Paul was taking a shower. She thought about it a moment
then decided to join him. He had been accusing her of lacking spontaneity,
she'd show him. She stripped down admiring her firm body in the bedroom
mirror. Quietly she sneaked into the bathroom she could see his outline
through the shower curtain. She grabbed one end of the curtain and yanked it
open and yelled,

"Surprise!" To her shock it wasn't Paul in the shower but their dog walker

"Oh God, Mrs. Buchman, I'm sorry!" Nat tried to cover his prick but seeing
Jamie Buchman naked was having great effect. He was becoming very hard.

"Sorry Nat," Jamie mumbled stunned. She looked down and could see Nat's prick
getting hard, it was the largest she'd ever seen almost ten inches long she
guessed and thick. Damn, he had a small baseball bat between his legs. She
realized she was standing naked before him. She was extremely horny, she
hadn't done it with another man since her wedding. Nasty thoughts went
through her mind, she had been having problems with Paul anyway. The sight of
this prick had her all wet and ready. Something happened in her mind she had
to have this prick. She stepped into the shower. "Hope you don't mind if I
join you Nat." She closed the curtain and put her hands on Nat's back rubbing
her hands over his back.

"We really shouldn't, Mrs Buchman ma'am." Nat stuttered out.

"Oh its okay Nat, I really want you." Her hands had found the way to his ass
and were started to fondle his cheeks. "You wouldn't want to disappoint me
would you Nat?"

"Well no," Nat responded his prick was now completely hard looking at her
incredible body. Her small but tight tits, long blonde hair and the face of
an angel. "Mrs. Buchman." He let his hands fall to his sides.

Jamie gasped as she saw Nat's now completely hard tool. "Call me Jamie, Nat."
She put her hands on his prick and started to stroke it. Nat leaned over and
started to kiss her shoving his tongue down her throat. Jamie knelt down
before Nat, she had to taste this monster. She took the tip into her mouth it
had a bit of a soapy taste from the water as she licked the outside covering
the whole thing with her tongue. She went back to the tip and tried to deep
throat it. She heard Nat groan as she got about half of it into her mouth.
She started to use her tongue on his tool going from the tip to halfway into
her then back again. She could hear Nat groaning but he was holding perfectly
still, Paul would have been driving forward by now ruining it for her. After
a minute or two of this she stood up, "lets put this thing were it belongs."
She turned around and bent over grabbing onto a railing for support.

Nat stared at Jamie's tight ass for a moment before moving his prick between
her legs. He reached down and opened her pussy with his fingers, between the
water and her juices he slid in easily. Just the tip at first he reached
around as he started a pleasant fucking action and fondled her breasts, he
had imagined this so many times but it was even better in reality. He had all
of his cock into her now and was pumping for all he was worth, he wouldn't
last long, with one more hard thrust he pushed into her pussy and filled her
with his seed.

Jamie shivered as she felt Nat's sperm filling her, her own orgasm ripping
through her. "OH GOD," she moaned, "that was fantastic!"

"I should hope so!" Paul Buchman spoke this one sentence with a horrified
look on his face. "How could you?" He stormed out of the bathroom.

"OHH my god." Jamie Buchman jumped out of the shower and away from Nat's now
shriveled dick. She quickly covered herself with a towel and ran after Paul.
She found him in the living room collecting his stuff. "Its not what it
looked like," she started but he gave her a disbelieving look. "Alright so it
was what it looked like." She couldn't see a way out of this, she had
betrayed her husband. "I'm sorry, I don't know what else I can say." She
started to beg him. "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" She
let the towel drop to the floor.

Paul looked over her body for a moment before speaking. "No," he said and
turned back to collecting his stuff.

Jamie ran crying to the bedroom as Nat came out dressed. "I'm sorry Mr.
Buchman," he mumbled as he practically ran out the door.

Paul finished packing and walked out of the apartment, Murray the dog at his
side. He went to the elevator and pushed the button, Nat was inside. Paul was
going to wait for the next one but Murray ran to Nat, so he had little choice
but to enter the elevator.

They stood in silence for a moment or two finally Nat bent down to pet
Murray. "I'm sorry Mr. Buchman. I was taking a shower and she walked in on
me, before I knew what was happening we were doing it. I hope you can forgive

"What is that smell?" Paul had noticed it when he had gotten in the elevator.

"That would be me, someone dumped something on me as I walked Murray. That's
why I used you're shower. I had to get it off it burned. Can you ever forgive

Paul thought about it, it wasn't poor Nat he was mad at. The thought of him
seducing Jamie was ludicrous. Could he really say that he would have been
able to resist Jamie if the situations were reversed. "Nat I'm not really mad
at you, but right now all I can see is you and Jamie. In a couple of weeks I
might be able to forget about you're part in it."

"When you're ready Mr. Buchman," Nat offered, "give me a call and I'll be
glad to walk Murray for you again."

"At an incredible discount, I hope." He tried to make a joke of the situation
but he could see Nat and Murray were close and didn't want to hurt poor old

"Of course, of course." Nat responded.

As Paul Buchman left the elevator he decided to head for his cousin Ira's. He
had nowhere else to go.

After a few hours, Jamie had cried herself out, her marriage may be over
she thought. Paul went nuts over a kiss, what's he going to do now. As she
finished dressing she heard a knock on the door her friend Fran and her
sister Lisa came in as she opened the door.

"What's wrong?" Fran asked noticing her friends red eyes.

Knowing they were going to find out eventually and feeling the need to talk
she decided to tell them everything. "Paul caught me with another man." She
stated bluntly.

"Who, how?" Fran blurted out.

"It was Nat, when I came in he was in the shower. I thought it was Paul so I
walked in on him."

"And you didn't realize it wasn't Paul?" Lisa asked interested in Jamie's

"I knew it wasn't Paul but when I saw the size of his thing, I couldn't help

Lisa thought a moment. "How big was it?"

"Is that important," Jamie shot back.

"It is to me," Lisa added.

"Alright! He must have been a foot long and an inch or two thick it was

Lisa and Fran whistled together. "WOW," they muttered.

"What are you going to do now?" Fran asked.

"I don't know, I have to make it up to Paul." Jamie responded. "Ii don't want
him to divorce me, but how can I make it up to him for this?"

"Well maybe you could preform a fantasy for him." Lisa offered.

"What kind of fantasy?" Jamie asked.

"You know, something he's always wanted to do but you've always refused. You
told me he wanted to take you're ass, maybe if you let him do that."

"I don't know," Jamie considered. "Would that even work?"

"Probably not," Fran thought, "but its a start."

"Maybe if you got him another woman." Lisa broke in.

"What are you talking about?" Jamie turned on her sister. "How could that
possibly help?"

"Well if he slept with someone else then you and he would be even. If he
doesn't sleep with someone else even if you get together he will always hold
it over you that you cheated and he didn't. If you both cheat then you can
just move on."

"That makes sense," Jamie was stunned. "Alright lets say I do this. Who would
I get to seduce Paul, get him a hooker?"

"You don't want to do that," Fran broke in. "You'd have to pay, it wouldn't
exactly be even etc."

"Right, right," Jamie was pacing. "Then who?"

"Well you did the dog walker in you're own shower that's pretty bad, his
would have to be worse." Fran thought aloud.

"How about you're best friend and business partner." Lisa offered pointing at

"Don't get me involved in this mess, no way." Fran was stunned at the idea.
"What about you're sister, its every man's fantasy to have sisters." Fran
motioned over to Lisa.

"No way!" Lisa responded.

Jamie had decided that the answer to her problems would be solved if Lisa
slept with Paul. That would be much worse then her doing it with Nat. Now how
to get her to do it. "Come on Fran, there's no way Lisa could seduce Paul."

"Hey, what do you mean by that." Lisa shot back outraged. "I could seduce him
no problem."

Perfect Jamie thought. "Well will you do it?" Jamie could see Lisa starting
to hesitate. "Please for me." Jamie begged.

"I don't know?" Lisa responded thinking she'd probably do it. "Alright I'll
do it but you owe me big time sister."

"Alright, I'll owe you for the rest of my life, okay." Jamie responded.

"I'll do it." Lisa responded. The three women then spent the next hour
figuring out how it would be done. The plan was that Fran would keep Ira busy
while Paul was at the apartment to pick up some things. Lisa would arrive
just after Paul and proceed to get him into bed. Jamie would give Lisa an
hour then she would sneak into the apartment and catch them.

Paul let Lisa into the apartment. "Hi Paul." Lisa commented as she walked
into the apartment. She looked across the room and saw Joan the lesbian
lover of Paul's sister. "Hello Joan." Lisa commented trying to hide the
disappointment in her voice. "You're helping Paul move out?" She asked.

"Joan very graciously agreed to help me when Ira suddenly backed out on me
and my own sister couldn't bother to help." Paul responded.

"Paul, you know she's busy. I'm here to replace her that should count."

"Yes it does, thank you." Paul responded. "Why don't you get Murray's things
from the kitchen."

"O I'll help." Lisa ran into the kitchen after Joan.

As soon as the door closed behind Lisa, Joan turned to Lisa. "I can't believe
this is happening, I mean Jamie with another man. What was she thinking?"

"Well it was only one time, she walked in on Nat and he was so huge she
couldn't resist trying him out. She told me it was very hot."

"I know but still," Joan thought a moment, "it was really that big."


"My God, what's Jamie gonna do now? Does she want to get back together with

Joan asked running her hands through her long red hair.

"Yes in fact that's why I'm here. She wants me to seduce Paul so that they'll
be even again and be able to get past this."

"Do you think that'll work?" Joan asked.

"Its worth a try." Lisa responded, "besides between you and me, I've had a
little thing for Paul."

"Maybe I should just go," Joan responded.

"Actually you want to help?" Lisa asked. "I've always been interested in
being with a woman, you ever want to be with a man?"

"You mean Paul." Joan considered, "its has been a long time." She was warming
to the idea, Lisa with her long dark hair firm young thin body she was quite
attractive, and Paul was the brother of her lover, That kind of elicit
thought really turned her on. "Alright I'm in, but you have to get it

"No problem, just follow my lead." Lisa had thought over how she would do
this. Joan was an interesting twist. They walked out of the kitchen, Paul was
going through some video tapes. "I can't believe she did that to him, I mean
it must have hurt him so much." She pretended to suddenly notice Paul.
"Sorry, we were just talking about what Jamie did. Every time I think about
it, it just makes me so angry. I really want to hurt her the way she hurt
you." Joan didn't take the hint so Lisa tapped her arm.

"Oh," Joan thought a moment. "Whatever do you mean Lisa?"

"I don't know," Lisa tried to look like she was thinking. "Though I can think
of one thing that would drive Jamie nuts and I think Paul might enjoy it."

"What?" Paul asked curious.

"Oh this," she grabbed Paul and gave him a deep kiss sticking her tongue into
his mouth sucking on his tongue. After only a minute Paul seemed to return
her kiss.

Paul broke the embrace. "I don't know about this?" He muttered.

"OH I do." Joan walked over to him and started to kiss him and then started
to plant kisses all over his face and neck. She nibbled on his ears Lisa bent
down and opened up Paul's pants.

Lisa was glad to see Paul was nice and hard. She pulled his five inches out
of his pants and started to stroke it with her hands. She then lowered her
mouth over his prick, she could hear Paul groan as she took him all the way
into her mouth. She used her tongue to play with the underside of his prick.
"How do you like that?"

"OH God," Paul replied, "it feels so good."

"You want to cum in my mouth?" Lisa asked as she continued to lick the head
of his prick. She knew Jamie wouldn't swallow.

"God yes!" He moaned as Lisa took him back into her mouth. She was doing
something incredible down there. Joan reached down and started playing with
his balls, he felt himself start to cum. He expected Lisa to pull off his
prick but she kept all of him in her mouth as she swallowed his seed. As he
finished cumming he fell back on the couch Joan falling with him. "That made
me feel better," Paul commented.

"OH we're just getting started," Lisa commented. She pulled Paul's pants off
of him as he sat. Then she took hold of the bottom of her shirt and pulled it
over her head. "You like?" She asked as her tits came into view.

"I like," Joan responded without thinking.

"So do I." Paul chimed in and watched as Lisa pulled off her pants and
panties standing naked before them. Lisa gave them a little twirl showing
them her body. "Very nice, get over here." Lisa sat down next to him on the
couch, he ran his hands over her body.

"My turn," Joan stood up and started to strip. Lisa and Paul were so busy
with each other they barely noticed as she took off the last of her clothes.
Her thick body contrasted nicely with Lisa's thin and trim figure, she had
bigger tits was taller and a bit wider in the shoulders. She ran her fingers
through her red hair as she looked at the two of them playing with each
other. Paul was semihard and Lisa was definitely wet between her legs. She
kneeled down and took Paul's cock into her mouth. As she sucked him off she
reached over and started to play with Lisa's pussy.

"OH GOD," Lisa moaned as Joan's fingers penetrated her, Paul was sucking on
her nipples. She felt Joan move over and insert her tongue into her hot
pussy. "Paul fuck me!" She cried her need being great. They moved Lisa onto
her back on the floor, Paul maneuvered so that his prick was at the entrance
to her cunt.

"You ready?" Paul asked. At a nod from Lisa he pushed his prick into her
cunt, she was so tight he couldn't believe it.

"Yes," he cried as he pumped into her.

Joan was enjoying the sight of Lisa being fucked by Paul but she wanted some
attention too. She moved over to Lisa and straddled her face lowering her
cunt onto Lisa's face. She felt Lisa use her fingers to open her up. She
enjoyed the sensations as Lisa put her mouth to her cunt, she ground her body
into Lisa as Paul started to play with her heavy tits. She started to cum
filling Lisa's mouth with her juices.

Paul pulled out of Lisa just before he felt himself cumming. He was shocked
when Joan bent down and took his prick into her mouth, he instantly shot his
load down her throat and she swallowed every drop. "Jamie never did that!" He
stood up on shaky legs.

Joan stood up coming off of Lisa's face. "I hope we aren't done yet."

Lisa stood up wiping the cum off her face. "I hope not, shall we retire to
the bedroom?"

"I don't know about this?" Paul was a bit reluctant his cock had been drained
by Joan but as the two women started moving him toward the bedroom he saw it
was starting to rise to the occasion.

Lisa was the first to jump on the bed. "What do you want to do now?" She
asked Paul.

"Well I need a few minutes." Paul responded.

"Well Joan get over here. I ate you out now its you're turn to return the
favor." Lisa responded hoping that Joan, being a lesbian, had some special
tricks. As she felt Joan open her up and started to eat her out she was not
disappointed. "Yes right there," she moaned as Joan sucked at her clit. She
felt herself cumming quickly her orgasm rolled over her.

As Paul watched Lisa buck and writhe in orgasm his dick became fully hard. He
moved to the other end of the bed and pulled apart Joan's legs. She opened up
for him he forced his prick into her cunt.

Joan felt him enter her cunt. "Yes fuck me Paul do it to me." She was driven
into Lisa's cunt every time Paul pushed his prick into her . She felt Lisa
cum as she continued to suck at her clit, she moved up onto the bed and away
from Paul. He tried to follow but gave up his hard on sticking straight out.

Lisa saw that Paul was still rock hard. "Where do you want to stick that
thing now?" She saw Paul blush and mumble.

"Don't worry Paul, Jamie told me all about you're little fantasy and I want
to do it."

"What fantasy?" Joan asked.

"He wants to stick it up Jamie's ass but she would never let him. I want it
in my ass, I want something my sister has never had." She rolled over
exposing her tight ass to both of them.. Joan quickly got the idea and
started to pull her cheeks apart she quickly inserted a finger into Lisa's
tight ass. She moved aside as Paul took up position over her.

"Here you go Paul." Joan pulled apart Lisa's butt cheeks exposing her anus to
Paul. She helped guide his prick to the entrance to her asshole.

Lisa felt the head of Paul's cock penetrate her anus. "God yes, give it to
me." Se groaned as he slid into her. She tried to squeeze her ass cheeks
together to give him as much pleasure as possible. "All the way in, YES!" She
groaned as his assault continued, after only a dozen strokes she felt Paul's
penis grow and shoot his load up her ass. As Paul slipped out of her ass she
turned and gave him a kiss. "Was that as good as you hoped?" She asked.

"Better then I ever dreamed possible," he responded.

"What's going on here?" Jamie shouted as she entered the bedroom. She had
been ready to see Lisa in bed with her husband but Joan was a complete shock.
"My God!"

Lisa tried to look as ashamed as possible. "I'm sorry Jaime."

"Paul how could you do this to me and with my own sister?" Jamie tried to put
as much venom into her voice as possible. "This is so much worse then what I

Joan had enough of this. "Give it up Jamie. Lisa told me all about you're
little plan."

"What plan?" Paul asked.

"She got Lisa to seduce you so you'd have to forgive her for her little
transgression, or at least give her some ammo if it came to a divorce." Joan
could see the shocked look on his face but Lisa had a wry smile on hers.

"That's crazy right Lisa." Jamie tried to retrieve the situation.

"No, Joan's telling the truth. I think Jamie still owes you a little
something more before you forgive her."

"What do you mean a little something?" Jamie was a bit nervous, her plans
were ruined.

"I think Paul deserves to take you're cherry ass. Joan can you believe she's
never been fucked up the ass?"

"No, I can't and I think you're right Paul deserves the honor. Right here
right now I'll help."

"Yes I want to see this." Lisa responded. "Lets go Jamie get out of those

Jamie was shocked her sex life had always been so controlled, now Lisa and
Joan stood before her naked and were coming towards her. She saw Paul laying
on the bed his dick twitching. "I couldn't," Jamie gasped.

"You can and you will." Lisa responded. Finally feeling the upper hand with
her sister and was going to enjoy this to the utmost. Lisa smiled as Joan
planted a kiss right on Jamie's mouth, but was a bit surprised when Jamie
started to return the kiss. Joan started to pull Jamie's shirt open, so Lisa
walked around Jamie and started to pull off her skirt, it opened easily and
dropped to the floor. She then pulled down her panties revealing a dripping
pussy. "I think Jamie is going to enjoy this." She noticed Joan had gotten
her out of rest of her clothes and was playing with Jamie's tits. Together
they started pushing Jamie towards the bed.

"I can't do this," Jamie protested. "I've never done anything like this."

"What do you think Lisa?" Joan asked.

"I think she should suck Paul off, while she's doing that you can do whatever
you want to her." She smiled over at Joan.

"What do you want to do?" Jamie asked.

"OH Don't worry, I just want to eat you out." Joan stuck a finger into
Jamie's cunt. "Don't worry Lisa enjoyed it." Joan saw Jamie look at Lisa and
she just grinned and nodded back.

Paul lay back as Jamie climbed onto the bed. She got on all fours with her
face over Paul's hardon. Joan climbed behind Jamie and started to nibble at
her cunt, Jamie hesitated over Paul's cock. "Anytime babe," Paul commented.

"Yes, do it Jamie." Lisa sat on the bed next to Jamie and Paul. She watched
as Jamie took the tip of Paul's cock into her mouth. "Come on sis you can do
better then that, I took the whole thing in my mouth with no problem." She
saw Jamie struggle to put a bit more of Paul's cock into her mouth. "Can't
do it huh, so I'm better then you at something after all."

Jamie's competitive fire was now up, she couldn't lose to Lisa. She pushed
down trying to take it all into her mouth. She finally managed it and she
tried to give Lisa a look that said 'so there' as she continued to inhale
Paul's rod.

"He's just had his cock in my pussy and ass. Do you taste me on him?" She
grabbed the back of Jamie's head and kept her on Paul's cock. Jamie gagged a
bit but then continued to suck off Paul.

'How gross,' Jamie thought as she tried to come off Paul's cock but Lisa held
her in place. From behind them Joan continued to play with her pussy and
asshole using her fingers and tongue. She could feel her pussy juice being
spread on her asshole. Joan's ministrations were bringing her to orgasm. Paul
shot his load into her mouth as she felt her own orgasm sweep over her. She
continued to suck Paul off, keeping him hard.

Joan spoke up. "I think her ass is ready and it looks cherry."

"Alrighty then," Paul jumped up ready to have his wifes ass for the first

"Wait a minute. What should we do with her mouth while Paul's fucking her
ass?" Lisa asked looking pointedly at Joan for an answer.

"Well Paul shot his load up you're ass. How about she gets it out of there."
Joan responded.

That surprised Lisa but intrigued her. "That's a hell of an idea."

"I couldn't?" Jamie responded, as she felt Paul position his cock at the
entrance to her virgin ass.

"You want Paul to forgive you don't you. This will do it won't it Paul?" Joan

Paul had barely been listening, he just wanted to get into his wife's ass.
"Yeah sure," he responded as he slipped the tip of his cock into Jamie's ass.
As he pushed in he couldn't believe how tight his wife's ass felt, much
tighter then Lisa. She screamed as he forced more into her. Joan was holding
her ass cheeks open and guiding him in. Joan bent and gave his cock a lick.

Jamie screamed as her ass was penetrated it felt like she was being ripped
apart. In front of her Lisa was jamming her ass into her face nothing for it
but to get started she tentatively gave her cunt a quick lick and passed up
and over her ass. Lisa moaned, "stick your tongue in there. Do it Jamie!"

Jamie responded to instructions and stuck her tongue out. First into her
sister sweet tasting cunt then she moved up and pushed her tongue into
Lisa's ass. She tasted the saltiness of Paul's earlier load as Paul continued
to fuck her ass. She felt herself cumming as someone stimulated her clit.

Paul rammed his cock into Jamie's ass up to the hilt. He couldn't believe the
pleasure he was feeling his balls were aching so he pushed in as far as
possible and then shot his load up her ass. "Yes, God yes," he collapsed onto
the bed.

Lisa felt her own orgasm building as Jamie tongued her ass. She had a mind
bending orgasm as Jamie continued to tongue her ass. "Okay that's enough," as
Jamie withdrew Lisa rolled over laying on the bed.

Jamie lay in Paul's arms. "Can you forgive me for doing it with Nat?"

"Yes I can."

"Why did you do it anyway?" Joan asked.

Jamie tried to shush her but Paul made her tell. "I opened the shower curtain
thinking it was Paul. When I saw Nat I almost closed it. Then I saw the size
of his," she groped for a word, "equipment and couldn't help myself." Paul
seemed to accept the explanation.

Joan wasn't satisfied. "He was really that big?" Jamie made a quick hand
gesture and Joan gawked. She had never seen one that big. "Really?" Suddenly
they heard someone out in the living room.

"Mr. and Mrs. Buchman?" Nat called out he had heard some strange noises from
the bedroom. He wasn't gonna go looking after what happened last time.

Lisa stood up as she heard Nat's voice. "Well if you two are satisfied I
think I'll go give Nat a try."

"Aren't you gonna need you're clothes?" Jamie asked.

"I don't think so." Lisa started to stride out of the room.

"I just think I'll go with her." Joan stood and followed Lisa toward the
living room.

"Hello Nat." Lisa leaned seductively against the door frame.

"Miss Buchman?" Nat looked over and saw a naked Lisa. He couldn't believe his
eyes she had a terrific body suddenly there was a second naked woman standing
there. "What can I do for yous?"

"Everything, Nat everything." Lisa laughed walking towards Nat. She quickly
opened up his belt and released his cock, it was huge. She held it in her

Joan walked up beside her and looked down. "Jamie said it was big but WOW
that's big."

Lisa made a sound of pleasure as she bent down before Nat's impressive tool.
She kneeled and took his huge meat into her mouth. She thought she was an
expert cock sucker but she could only get half of it into her mouth before it
was touching the back of her throat.

Joan knelt next to Lisa and started to play with Nat's balls. She then
started to use her hands to play with Lisa's tits while she bent in and
sucked Nat's balls into her mouth.

Nat couldn't believe the pleasure of having two women. "OH God here it
comes." He moaned expecting Lisa to pull his cock out of her mouth but she
held her mouth right over his prick and he shot his load deep into her mouth.
He pumped away for what felt like hours but Lisa kept sucking on his tool. A
little of his cum dribbled out of Lisa's mouth but Joan kissed it off her
chin. After cumming so much he felt himself starting to go soft but as Lisa
continued her oral ministrations he got hard again fast.

Lisa pulled off of Nat's cock and was surprised when Joan put it in her
mouth. "Let's put that thing where it belongs."

Joan pulled off his cock, "hey I want it too."

"Ladies ladies, lets not fight." Nat responded not wanting this to end.

"Come on fuck me!" Lisa took up position doggie style in front of him.

"No fuck me!" Joan lay on her back showing Nat her heavy tits and red bush.

Nat looked at the two women and he got an idea. "Ladies if you'd just move a
little I could handle both of you at once." He pushed Lisa until she was
positioned right above Joan. "Now I'm ready," and with that he forced his
cock into Lisa's sopping wet pussy forcing her down right onto Joan. After a
few swift stokes he repositioned at the entrance to Joan's pussy. He rammed
inside of her it was much tighter then Lisa and he could only fit half of his
prick inside her at the first stroke.

"Its so big!" Joan moaned as she felt him penetrate her. Then he pulled out
and pushed in again and even more of Nat filled her. She hugged Lisa as their
tits rubbed together. Then Nat pulled out and she saw the look of pleasure
cross Lisa's face and knew she was being fucked by that amazing tool. "Fuck
her ass," she commented jokingly.

Lisa looked down in shock at Joan's comment and before she could do anything
Nat had pushed his prick inside her ass. She screamed in pain then in
pleasure as Nat started fucking her ass. "Yes, now do Joan's ass." She moaned
and grinned down at Joan and saw her face writhe in pain as Nat's prick left
her ass and penetrated Joan.

Nat couldn't believe the sensations, Lisa's ass had been tight but Joan's was
incredible. He humped her a few more times then switched to her cunt, then he
went to Lisa's cunt then Lisa's ass. He repeated the rotation several times
before he felt a familiar stirring in his balls. He pulled out of Joan's
cunt and rammed his cock between the two girls and shot his load on their
stomachs. Nat fell back exhausted as the two women played with each others
bodies for a few minutes, then they got up and headed for the bedroom.

"Did you guys have fun?" Jamie asked still in bed with Paul.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Lisa responded collecting her
clothes with that she and Joan left.

After they were gone Paul turned to Jamie. "Maybe we can do this again

"Not a chance." She responded as she kissed him.

the end.


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