Mad About You: Part 3 (MF, bond)
by Frost

He yanked her ankle downwards as he cinched the tie around the bedpost, then
did the same with her other leg. She was splayed out helplessly, her legs
wide, wide apart, and her mind was gripped with a desperate lust as she
pulled and strained against the ties.

She arched her back, panting and straining, moaning as she felt the tightness
and firmness of the ties binding her.

"Jesus," she panted. "Oh God!"

Paul smiled, then climbed into bed, kneeling between her legs. He slid his
hands up and down her straining thighs, then up over her belly, moving them
in a slow, circular motion. He slid them up her ribs and over her breasts,
caressing them softly, running his fingers and palms over the firm ivory

Jamie continued to strain and pull at the ties, her breathing rough and
ragged already. He eased his right hand back down her body and in between her
legs, then slowly wriggled a finger into her, letting it slide through the
tight, moistness of her pussy lips and down into the hotter, sucking tunnel

He felt her pussy squeezing and pulling at his finger as he twisted it
around, and saw her arch her back and shove her pussy up at him repeatedly.
He eased his finger back, then thrust a second into her, making her gasp and

He brought his thumb down on her clitoris, squeezing and rolling it against
his fingers.

He was somewhat surprised at her response to date, but as he ground her
clitty between his fingers and thumb he saw, to his amazement, her body begin
to hump and shake and grind in desperate lust. He heard her gasps, and deeply
passionate moans and whimpers, and saw her face drawn back in a wondrous
mask of pleasure.

She came, humping frenziedly, gasping and crying out her pleasure as she
ground herself against his fingers.

Jamie's mind seemed to explode as the pleasure foamed through her veins. The
veins stood out on her throat as she opened her mouth wide in a scream of
pleasure. Her chest was locked as muscular spasms ripped through her, so no
sound emerged but a long, low gurgle as she arched her back again and again.

Paul was fascinated as he watched her violent contortions, fascinated...and
deeply aroused. In the years since they had been married he had never
actually seen her come, not like this, not sitting back on his heels and

As she came he continued to pump his fingers in and out of her pussy tunnel,
continued to grind them against her clitty and rub his thumb against it. He
also closed his fist against her tit meat, crushing and squeezing and mashing
it she whipped her head from side to side and cried out in pleasure.

He grinned in smug pleasure as she slowly went limp before him. She twitched
and spasmed and moaned, eyes closed, chest heaving.

He pulled his fingers from her and ran both hands over her breasts, then
eased his own naked body down over her. He chewed on the nape of her neck as
he caressed her flesh, then reached above her and pulled a black silk scarf
from under the pillow.

He folded the scarf, then placed it over her eyes.

"Pa...aul?" she moaned.

He lifted her head and tied the scarf behind her head, then adjusted the
front to be sure she could see nothing.

"Pauuuulll? What...what are you doooing?"


He chewed on her lower lip then eased back between her legs, kneeling there.
He ran his finger into her quim and scooped out her moist, cunt honey, then
pressed his finger to her lips and pushed it inside. She licked at it, then
sucked weakly.

He had to restrain himself at the sight, had to fight down the desperate
desire to jump on her and fuck her madly. He knew that if he did that he
would spew within seconds.

"You belong to me," he whispered, running his hands over her body again.
"Don't you. Don't you, baby."

"Yessss," she panted.

He mashed her breasts, then leaned forward and sucked her right nipple into
his mouth, chewing and sucking it, then sitting back and sliding his hands
between her legs once more. he shifted his legs back, then bent forward to
get a close look at her steaming snatch.

He slid two fingers of his right hand into her pussy, then added two fingers
of his left hand. She moaned softly as he slowly peeled her cunt open, prying
the pussy lips wide apart and revealing the glistening pink flesh inside.

He tongued the little hole, then lapped along the insides of the lips, making
his way up to her clitty. He kissed it, then sucked on it. He lapped like a
cat, then rubbed his tongue as fast as he could. He blew a stream of air
across the sparkling little fuck button, then stuffed his tongue down her
fuck hole and wriggled it around.

Her hips began to grind up against him as he worked on her, moving with more
and more energy. She began to whine and moan, and arch her back. She began to
curse passionately, and whimper in pleasure.

He stopped then, sitting back on his heels to watch her. He licked his lips,
then wiped his mouth and got out of the bed.


He went to the closet and took out the camcorder on its tripod. He pulled it
over beside the bed and set it up, focused on her, then plugged it in and
turned it on. He went back to the closet and got the other things he'd placed
there earlier, bringing them back to the bed.

He climbed between her legs once again and knelt there, setting down his
things beside him, then picked up a long feather.

"Paaull? What are you doooing?"

He smiled at her eagerness.

"Something wrong?"

"Wh...why did you stooop?"

"Stop doing what?"


"Tell me what I was doing?"

"I...don't tease meeee!"

"Tell me what you want, Jamie?"


"Tell me. Say it!"

"Pleease," she whined.

"Tell me."

"Lick meeee?"

"What else?"

"Eat me! Suck me and eat me! Pauuull!"

She strained against the ties and groaned imploringly.

"What kind of a woman would beg someone to eat her?" he sneered. "Only a real
slut would do that."

He slid the tip of the feather up and down her right inner thigh, and she
twitched, gasping in surprise.

"Are you a slut, Jamie?" he breathed, sliding the feather up and down her
other thigh. "Are you a whore?"


He eased the feather in a slow, circular motion around her pussy mound, then
upwards across her belly and in between her straining breasts. He circled
her tits, noting the sheen of perspiration on her body now, then moved the
feather along the side of her throat.

"Paaauulll! Stop iiiiit!"

He ignored her, sliding the feather down around her breasts again, then
stroking her right nipple. She arched her back, trying to shove her tits
harder against the teasing, taunting feather, but he pulled it higher.

He stroked her other nipple, back and forth, then in slow circles. She whined
and complained, then cursed him, but he didn't stop.

Instead he peeled her cunt lips open again, then flicked the feather across
her clitty, sawing it rapidly back and forth as she humped upwards.

"Fuck meeeee!" she groaned.

"What was that? You want something, Jamie?"

"Pleeeeease?" she whined.

"Say it again."

"Fuck meee!"

"What's the magic word?"

"Please," she panted. "Please fuck me, Paauuull."

"Begging for it?" he smiled.

"If you want it, beg," he whispered.

"Please fuck me," she begged.

"You must be a real slut to be begging for it," he said. "Are you a slut,


"Then I'm not gonna fuck you."

"All right! I'm a slut! Pleeease!"

"Say it."

"I'm a sluuut! Please fuck meee!"

"You want me to stick my COCK in my, slut? Is that what you want? You want me
to ram my prick up your slutty pussy?"

"Yeeeeess! Oh, God!"

"Say it."

"P...Paaaauuuullllll! Pleeeasse!"

He twirled the feather across her clitty, then over her nipples, then her
face, then he put it down and picked up a candle and lighter. He flicked the
lighter and lit the candle, then gave it a few seconds to burn before holding
it over her right breast.

He leaned over her and slowly turned it sideways, letting the hot wax fall
onto her nipple. She gasped, and arched her back, then shook her body.

"Paul! Owww! What are you doing!? Oooww!"

He turned the candle further over, letting the hot wax dribble over her
nipple and areola, then shifted to her other breast. She yelped and moaned
and pulled against the ties as he dripped more hot wax onto her.

He moved between her legs and pried her pussy open, exposing her clitty, then
dripped hot wax onto that. She yelled and cursed and humped and jerked
wildly, until he finally stopped.

"Such a fun little toy to play with," he grinned.

"Paauuulll," she groaned.

"Something wrong...slut?"

"Fuck meee!?"

"You'll have to beg harder...slut."

She groaned and pulled at the ties.

Jamie had never experienced anything like this in her life. She hadn't been
involved with previous boyfriends for very long, and never before had she
and Paul practised sexual games of any kind. She loved the bondage, the
vulnerability and helplessness that filled her.

She had expected him to simply make, to fuck her once she was tied,
yet instead he had, to her shock, masturbated her.

She shuddered, even thinking the word. He had masturbated her! And she had
come with a terrible power, shaking like an epileptic in a fit, and then he
had blindfolded her, licked and sucked her almost to the point of another
orgasm, and was with her, taunting and teasing her in a
way she found both confusing and exciting.

Her body was gripped by a monstrous lust, one that had begun as he'd eaten
her, and then subsided, only to grow hotter, and more powerful as she felt
his fingers and lips, and then what was obviously some kind of feather
stroking her flesh.

When she'd felt the sharp heat and stinging pain in her nipples she'd been
shocked, at first, but then as it continued, and as she smelled the scent of
what was obviously a candle, she realized what he was doing.

She almost came, just by squeezing her cunt muscles so furiously and rapidly.
The idea that he was dripping hot wax onto her nipples as she lay bound and
blindfolded was perhaps the most erotic she had ever experienced.

She had never felt so alive, sexually.

She felt his tongue against her pussy again, felt his fingers inside her. The
blindfold seemed to elevate her other senses, and her pussy felt incredibly
tender as his tongue moved over it.

The sexual heat rolled through her, and she began to hump against him,
whimpering and groaning as her body shook with pleasure. His fingers pumped
inside her as his tongue twirled across her clitty, and she felt a towering
wave of pleasure building up over her, ready to crash down and swamp her.

Then he halted. She quivered with anticipation, then anxiety, then moaned and
strained at the ties again.



"Fuck me! Pleeeeease!"

"You want my cock...slut?"


"Say it."

"I want your cock!"

"You want me to shove it up your slutty cunt?"

"Yesssss," she sobbed. "Pleeeeeasse!"

"Tell me what a whore you are, and I'll fuck you."


"Do it. Tell me how you want me to ram my prick up your gash. Tell me how you
want me to fuck your slutty cunt hole. Tell me what a filthy nympho whore you
are, Jamie Buchman! Tell the world what a hungry little cunt little Jamie
Buchman has become!"

"Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" she panted.


"Fuck meeee! Fuck meee, Paaullll!"

"Beg for it. Beg for it up your hole, slut!"

"Fuck my hooole!" she gasped, the words blasting through her mind like fire.
"I'm a slut! I'm a fucking cheap whore! I need your cock up my slutty cunt!
Fuck me! Fuck my dirty whore cunt hole! Pleeeeasse!"

He crawled up her body and straddled her, then leaned forward and lowered his
cockhead against her mouth. He rubbed it back and forth across her lips and
she opened her mouth and licked at it.

"Suck it, baby. Make it nice and wet like your pussy, so it can slide right
in there."

She suckled on his cockhead like a baby on a nipple, moaning and slurping as
she tongued it. He let his cock slide deeper into her mouth, letting her
slurp and gurgle on it, then pulled free and got between her legs.

He rubbed his cock up and down against her slit, then shoved the cockhead
through her lips, drove it in an inch or two, then dove on top of her,
thrusting it deep inside with one, hard motion, burying it up her snatch as
his body crushed down on top of her.

He grabbed her head and mashed his lips down on hers, silencing a scream of
shock, then rutted with all his strength, deliberately ripping his cock up
and down inside her as fast as he could, ramming it up her snatch, tearing it
free, then stabbing it in again, grinding and pounding his hips against her
splayed thighs as he sucked and slurped wetly against her mouth.

His hips were a triphammer as he skewered her burning pussy with violent,
furious passion. His mouth was voracious, sucking and chewing and biting and
licking on her mouth and throat and cheeks as she thrashed and writhed
beneath him.

The first hard thrust had driven Jamie over the edge into a massive,
shuddering orgasm, and as she felt his body grinding and humping and crashing
violently against her she could only thrash her head and cry out in ecstasy,
the sexual electricity tearing through her body in uncontrollable blasts of
crackling power.

Paul came inside her, and felt wad after wad of steaming jism blasting up her
snatch. He groaned and bit down on her shoulder, gnawing at her flesh as the
climax burst over him.

He lay there atop her panting for breath, then, recovering some energy,
slowly pulled back, slipping his softening cock from her tight sheath and
sitting back between her legs.

He climbed off and went to the camcorder, panning it slowly up and down her
body, zooming forward to catch the beads of sweat on her forehead, then
running down her body to her tight, moist snatch. He pulled back, then
refocused it and got back between her legs.

He picked up the vibrator he'd gotten from the closet, the one he'd bought
just that day, and turned it on. He was virtually certain she'd never seen or
felt one before, and hoped it had the effect he'd heard.

He rolled it around her right breast, circling her nipple.

"Paaulll? Wh...what is that?"

"It's something made for sluts. A nice little toy that no true slut should be

"Paaulllll," she whined.

"Slut," he grinned.

He buzzed the vibrator over her nipples, then rolled it down her belly and in
between her legs. He forced it through her soft, succulent cunt lips and
drove it deep into her snatch.

"iiii," she groaned.

"That's how a real slut reacts," he said. "Tell me what a slut you are,

"Ooohhh. I...I'm a slluuuut," she groaned.

He pumped the vibrator in and out of her, then pulled it free and pressed
three fingers against her hole, driving them in instead. He fucked his
fingers in and out of her as he pressed the nose of the vibrator against her
clitty and began to grind it down against the sparkling little bud.

Almost at once she began humping up against him, panting and groaning and
yelping in pleasure. Her head jerked from side to side and she arched her
back as she whimpered and moaned in pleasure.

He pulled it free then and turned it off, dipping his hand into the bowl he'd
had beside him, the one he'd gotten from the closet earlier, and pulled out a
round ice cube. He pressed it against her cunt, then popped it inside, using
his fingers to drive it deep into her fuck tunnel.

"Ahhh! Oohh! Paulll! OOohhh! Ahhhh!"

Her ass bounced and jerked as she writhed and humped and strained against the
ties, trying to break free.

"Stop it! Take it out! Take it out!"

Instead he picked up another cube and pushed that against her snatch, popping
that down her pussy too. He slid a third, then a fourth, then a fifth cube up
her snatch as she wriggled and thrashed and cursed him wildly. He had a full
bowl of cubes, and he continued forcing them down her pussy, using his
fingers and thumbs to force the cubes down to the very bottom of her fuck

He kept pressing them in, ignoring her whines and curses and groans, until
her cunt was absolutely packed with them, until her cunt lips were unable to
close because of the mass of hard icy cubes.

He picked up another cube, then, unable to get it into her pussy, he slid it
down to her asshole and popped it in there. This produced another howl of
outrage, and another violent thrashing and shaking.

He stuck his fingers between her pussy lips and gripped one of the cubes
there, then tugged on it. It had melted against the other cubes, and didn't
move. He pulled the cubes harder and slowly pulled them backwards.

Jamie was shaking and trembling now from the cold, and groaned long and low
as he slowly eased the entire mass of cubes back up her pussy. He pulled it
free and examined it, seeing how the cubes had all melted together inside
Jamie's hole, forming a kind of thick icy dildo.

He slid his fingers into her pussy, feeling how cold it was in there as he
pumped them in and out.

"Guess that cooled off your hot pussy, eh, baby?" he grinned.

"Baasstaard," she groaned.

He pushed the ice back against her cunt, shoving it deep inside and pumping
it back and forth.

"Ooohh! Take it oooouuut!"

He pulled it out, then pressed it against her asshole, prodding the little
hole and pressing the ice forward.

"NOo! Paaull!"

He shoved the ice dildo into her asshole inch by inch as she screamed and
cursed and shook her ass in an effort to stop him.

He fucked her asshole with the dildo for a minute as he rubbed her pussy,
then he picked up the vibrator and turned it on, then shoved it back into her
snatch. He pulled the ice out of her asshole and put it back in the bowl,
then got up and went downstairs for a beer.

Jamie lay there, panting and groaning for a few minutes. The cold and
numbness began to fade from her guts as her breathing began to ease. She was
more than a little amazed at herself...and at Paul.

What in the hell was going on? How long had she lain here? How long was he
going to keep this up? What else would he do to her now that she was helpless
to resist?

She had had not one, but two orgasms...again...and was just about to...would
have had a third orgasm if that...that... filthy...thinking rotten bastard
hadn't pulled the...whatever it was, the buzzing thing, away from her and
shoved ice into her pussy.

She'd never felt so cold. Her insides had nearly frozen over, and she'd
trembled uncontrollably for long minutes. Now all she felt was a kind of
quivering, buzzing...That was the thing, the...It had to be a vibrator.
She'd heard of them but had never felt one before. It was an amazing
sensation. It was like something was alive inside her.


There was no answer, but she didn't know if that was because he'd left the
room, or because he was teasing her, the bastard. She felt the buzzing
vibrations moving up and down her spine, and felt the hardness of the plastic
sex toy inside her belly.

If her friends could see her now! Friends? Hell! What if her parents, her
God-fearing, bible-thumping Irish Catholic mother and father, found out what
a...a...a slut she was? Jamie Buchman...slut!

The very words made her quiver. Every time she'd done anything wrong the
lecture would start with...Jamie Buchman...

She'd been relived when she'd married, and gladly taken his last name.

She imagined her colleagues at work walking in on her like this, imagined
them seeing her all srpeadeagled, her hair matted against her face, a
vibrator up her pussy.

I'm such a slut!

She pulled at the ties, straining against them as she felt her body quivering
and shaking in tune with the vibrator. She felt a moist heat within her lower
belly, felt it grow, grow so fast it astonished her. She moaned and writhed
in the helpless fires of a sexual yearning that the ice had only delayed, not

She felt pressure on the bed, and knew he was back. She clutched at the
vibrator with her pussy muscles, frantically trying to work herself higher
before he could pull her back again. She whimpered and groaned and bounced
her ass on the bed as the tingling and trembling grew more powerful, as the
churning in her guts ate its way up through her chest.

She felt the tension ease on her ankles, then on her wrists. The ties were
still around them was as if they...

She felt his hands under her, rolling her over onto her belly. She moved her
arms and legs, and found that she could. She reached down to her crotch and
gripped the vibrator, crying out in pleasure as she humped against it and
jerked it back and forth inside her.

Then he grabbed her wrists and yanked them up and apart, slapping her hands
down on the mattress. He saw on her back as he tied the ties to the posts
again, cinching them tightly. She moaned and humped against the vibrator,
hoping desperately the orgasm would come quickly.

He jerked her legs apart and tied them down, then got between her legs again.
She felt his hand at her pussy, felt him pull the vibrator out.

"Noooooooooo!" she sobbed. "Nooo! Let me come!"

"You wanna come, slut?"

"Pleease! Ppppaauullll!"

He scooped a wad of lubrication from a jar and rubbed it over his cock, then
shoved his finger into her asshole, wriggling it inside and pumping it in and


He pressed his cock against her asshole, then shoved the vibrator back up her
pussy. She groaned in bliss, humping against it, almost ignoring the cock he
was shoving up her ass.

Continued in part 4...


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