Mad About You: Part 7 (MF, bond)
by Frost

As she hung there gasping for breath, Paul pulled his softening cock out of
her ass and moved away. He returned a minute later and slid a chain of sorts
around her belly. It wasn't very tight, and she paid it little attention.

But then he pressed something hard against her asshole, and it wasn't his
cock. Since her anal muscles had yet to recover from his hard pounding cock
he was able to force the thing up inside her with little difficulty. She
heard a flick, then felt a buzzing vibration inside her gut.

She raised her head at last and tried to look around, but couldn't see what
he was doing.

"Paaaulll?" she panted.

He moved around in front of her and she saw that he had a second vibrator. He
grinned at her, then sawed it back and forth along her pussy slit, and slowly
forced it up her twat. She groaned and looked down, watching as he thrust it
up inside her to the base.

Then, to her surprise, she saw him take a very small, thin chain, one she
hadn't noticed before, which was attached to the chain around her waist, and
pull it between her legs. He attached it in some way to the base of the
vibrator, then stood back.

She realized then that there was a similar little chain going down the crack
of her ass and attached to the vibrator there. It was obvious that their
purpose was to stop either vibrator from slipping out.

She didn't really care, though, for the buzzings of two vibrators up in her
lower belly was making her twist and writhe in pleasure. Paul smiled and
moved back. He positioned the chair he'd been sitting in so he was sitting
about six feet in front of her, then brought the camcorder and tripod over
and focused it on her, watching and recording as she jerked and shook and
came again.

Then he turned around and turned on the TV. He sat back in his chair, tuning
her out as he watched sitcoms. Every now and then he'd hear rapid panting and
groaning and passionate moans of pleasure, hear the clinking and shaking of
chains, and sometimes her begging and whining for attention. At one point he
heard a clattering noise and turned to see her thrashing her head furiously
back and forth. She'd shaken her head so hard her glasses had been tossed

He mostly ignored her, though, except during commercials. Then he'd go over
and finger her clitty, suck on her nipples, and grope her breasts...until the
commercial ended, of course.

Then he went back to the TV.

He left her up there for a couple of hours, but though she begged him to fuck
her, or suck her or jerk her off, she never begged to be freed.

Jamie was caught in a blistering sexual firestorm. She threw her head back,
screaming almost soundlessly as she arched her back again and again. She was
intoxicated on the pleasure and sexual heat, on the carnal eroticism of her
bondage. She pulled repeatedly against the chains binding her ankles,
straining and twisting in the joyous grip of total gratification.

She came repeatedly, her muscles spasming, convulsions wracking her exhausted
body until she hadn't the strength left to do more than twitch and shake and
tremble. She tried, at first, to count them, but lost track, unable to focus
her mind, to collect the shattered pieces of her mind together between

By the time he let her down she was limp, and utterly drained, coated in
sweat, her eyes glassy, her legs and feet twitching helplessly. He removed
the vibrators and chains, then clipped her wrist restraints together behind
her back. He clipped her ankle restraints together as well, then carried her
into the waiting tub and setting her in the water.

They had a sunken tub, and he left her to soak in it for twenty minutes or
so, then returned and pulled her out of the water, sitting her on the edge.
He soaped her up all over, slathering layer upon layer of soap over her
breasts, and crotch especially, but also over her shoulders and back and
arms and legs and ass.

He pulled her back into the water...he was naked himself by then, but without
letting her ass down turned her around and bent her across the side of the
tub. He stroked her soapy ass and crotch, then placed his cock against her
cunt cleft and sank it in to the balls.

She groaned weakly, but didn't react otherwise as he began to slowly pump his
cock up her fuck tunnel. He fucked her steadily for about five minutes, then
pulled free and pressed his cock against her asshole instead. Again she
groaned, and rolled her head from side to side, but he easily buried his cock
and once again pumped inside her for long minutes.

He came, then sank back into the water, sighing happily. Jamie remained where
she was, too emotionally and physically drained to move. After a minute he
got up and turned her over so she was sitting on the edge again, and
unclipped her ankle restraints.

He pushed her back and spread her legs wide, then reached over to a small box
next to the tub and took out her razor. He began shaving carefully away at
her pussy hair, sliding easily on the thick layer of soap. At first he cut it
away in thick masses, but after a few minutes only small whiskers came free.

He took his time, sliding his fingers up her pussy to position her muff
properly, sawing away along the edges of her slit, then lifting her then down
her buttocks. He pulled her down into the water again, and rubbed his hand
over her snatch, then searched out every single hair remaining and rubbed
away at it until it was gone, until her pubic area was as hairless as a
baby's backside, and as soft and smooth as silk.

He realized at this point that Jamie had fallen asleep, which he found more
than a little amusing. He rinsed the soap off her body, then picked her up
and lifted her out of the tub, carrying her to a chair.

He sat her down and pulled a towel around her, drying off her hair, then her
body. She was still damp, though, when he carried her into the bedroom and
put her to bed. He clipped her ankle restraints together, then found her
leash, and locked it to the headpost of the bed before going back to the
living room and watching some more TV.

When he returned an hour later she was still asleep. He got into bed beside
her and fell asleep.

When Jamie woke up it was light outside. She was laying on her side. She
groaned and turned over onto her back, then discovered her wrists wouldn't
come out from behind her. She looked around for Paul but he wasn't there.
She found her ankles locked, and when she tried to sit up found she was
chained to the bed.

She fell back onto the bed and groaned tiredly. Every nerve and muscle in her
body ached. She wanted nothing so much as to lay back and fall asleep. So she

She woke up again and yawned. Her body still ached, but she knew she had to
get up. She looked around for Paul but there was still no sign of him. She
slowly turned her head and looked at the clock, then cursed. She was supposed
to have wakened up an hour ago to get ready for work.

"Paul! Paul!" she yelled. "Paaaulll!"

She pushed herself back against the headboard and managed to sit up.

"What is it?" Paul asked, frowning as he came into the bedroom.

"Christ, Paul! I'm going to be late for work!" she moaned.

"No, you're not. I called them and told them you were sick."


"Happy holidays! I took today off too."

"Paul. I can't just take today off!"

"Sure you can. You've already done it. That's what sick leave is for."

"Sick leave isn't for this," she said with a snort. "Unhook me, will you? I
can't believe you let me sleep all night like this. I'm so sore I can hardly

"That's not from the way you slept, it's from what you did before you slept."

She blushed a little, then smiled in remembrance.

"I got most of it on tape, too."

"Oohhh, Paaull," she moaned. "Would you please stop taping me like that?"

"Nope. In fact, one of the things I'm gonna do today is to edit the tapes of
you. There's this place you can send amateur tapes, and they'll distribute
them around the country."

"Excuse me?" she stared.

"Yeah, remember that video we got last month with the amateurs? We just made
one too. I'll send it in and..."

"Forget it!"

"Come on. Think of all those thousands and thousands of people seeing you
jerking off with the vibrator, or watching me pounding my cock down your ass
and throat."

"Are you crazy, Paul?"

"Nope," he grinned.

"You are not to show those tapes to anyone! Anyone!"

"Why not?"

"Why not? You have to ask?!"

"It'll be kind of a turn-on, won't it?"

"No! You think I want anyone seeing me like that!? Let me the fuck out of

He unclipped her leash from the back of the bed, then sat down beside her and
pulled her legs over his lap. He put his arm around her waist and slid his
hand up and down her body.

"Paul! Untie me!"

"Remember how you looked in the tape? Remember how erotic, how gorgeous you
were, how it turned you on, made you come just to watch? Can't you imagine
all those other couples out there watching you like that, the men getting
hard-ons, the women's pussies getting wet?"

"You're crazy!" she gasped, shaking her head.

"You don't find that idea exciting?"

"People would see me!"

"That's the idea."

"I mean people who knew me! My God, when I think of what they'd think of me
if they saw that tape..."

"Oh, it's not very likely your friends would see you."

"I'm not taking the chance! Besides, I don't want to be walking down the
street and have some guy see me and remember watching me...masturbating with
a vibrator!"

"It'll add spice to life," he grinned.

"You are not sending that tape to anyone!"

"Okay, okay. Maybe I'll just let your brothers see it? Will that be okay?"

"You pervert!"

He grinned and rubbed her pussy, and her face took on a confused look as she
looked down.

"What the..."

He removed his hand and she stared at her crotch in shock. "What the fuck did
you do!?" she cried.

"Doesn't this feel nice?"he smiled, rubbing his hand over her bald pussy

"Holy fuck! When did you do that?"

"After I took you down from the chains. Well, actually, it was after I
butt-fucked you."

"You're disgusting!"

"You weren't saying that when I was pumping your ass. You were groaning and
moaning and begging for more."

He gripped her hair and pulled it gently backwards, forcing her back to arch,
then pushed his fingers between her pussy lips and began rubbing her clitty.

"How long you think it'll take me to jerk you off?" he grinned.

"Paaaulll!" she groaned. "Dooon't! I...I have to...get... to woooork!"

"I don't think so,"he grinned, sliding two fingers up into her fuck tunnel.
"I think it's another day as a sex toy for you, slutty girl, another day of
lewd, filthy debauchery and lust.


It took two minutes to make her come, then he led her off the bed, unclipping
her ankle restraints so she could walk. He led her, holding her leash, into
the kitchen and pulled out one of the chairs. She stared at it, then up at

"Sit," he said.

The chair was wooden, and had a big black dildo sticking up out of the
center. The rubber toy apparently had a suction cup on the base which
attached it firmly to the chair.

"Paaull," she protested.

"Sit, slut."

She straddled the chair, and eased her pussy against the nose of the dildo,
then slowly slid her hot, puffy cunt box down its length, groaning as it
pushed high into her belly.

He wouldn't unlock her wrists, and carefully fed her piece by piece until she
was done.

"I gotta go out for just a little bit," he said.

"Not more sex toys?" she stared.

"Maybe," he grinned.

He had her sit up, sliding her pussy off the dildo. He felt the dildo before
leading her away and nodded in satisfaction at how warm and moist it was.

He walked her over beneath the hooks, and she saw a really long length of
chain running through one of the rings.

"You're not gonna hang me by my wrists again are you?" she said. "My
shoulders and arms feel like they're already about to drop off."

"I'll be nice. I won't hang you by the wrists. Sit down."

He sat her on the floor, then squatted next to her and locked her ankle
restraints together. He locked one end of the chain to them, then stood up
and pulled on the other end of the chain, drawing it tight. He started to
pull slowly then, and the chain pulled up on Jamie's ankles, lifting them,
then her legs, then her ass off the floor.


He continued to pull, and she slid along the floor until she was directly
under the ring. It raised her ass up, then her back. Her shoulders slid a
little further, then they pulled off the floor, and then her head left it
as well. He pulled her up higher, until her feet were almost touching the
roof, then locked the end of the chain off on a hook set into the wall.

"See you later," he said cheerfully.

"Paaaull! Don't you dare leave me here like this!" she cried, swinging from
side to side.

"Oh, of course. I forgot," he said.

He went to the table and picked up the two vibrators, both with fresh
batteries, then moved behind her. He rubbed lubricating oil on each then
stood over her and pressed them against her pussy and asshole.

"Paul! No!"

"Jamie! Yes!"

"Don't! Let me down!"

Instead he slowly worked the two vibrators down into her cunt slit and
asshole, shoving deep, slapping on the bases of the dildos until they were
flush with her body. Then he gave her ass a slap and left.

Jamie writhed briefly, then went limp, hoping that would stop her from
swinging and swaying. Her head felt full, with the pressure in it growing
rapidly. Soon it ached, and her entire body felt funny.

She wondered how long Paul would be gone. Surely he wouldn't leave her like
this for long? Probably he was just going for papers or something. She looked
down at the floor a couple of feet below, then, with some effort, raised her
head and looked up the length of her body.

Her breasts looked strange. In fact, the whole place looked strange. Upside
down was not her normal perspective.

She pulled at the wrist restraints, but after a few minutes gave that up as
hopeless. She decided there was nothing to do but relax and...and...enjoy

Except she didn't want to enjoy herself. The long series of orgasms she'd had
yesterday while hanging by her wrists was was also an
ordeal. the orgasms reached a point where her guts ached and her body felt
like it was shaking apart, where she thought that the next one would surely
kill her.

She didn't want orgasm after orgasm. She wanted...wanted...what?

She wasn't sure what she wanted. Nor was she able to think very straight the
way her head ached and throbbed, and the way the vibrators were purring away
inside her guts. She tried to fight her body, tried to control its responses.
She wanted to be as rational and balanced as possible when Paul returned.

Unfortunately, the more time passed the harder that became. Her hips kept
shaking, humping, grinding, all by themselves, and it became harder and
harder to stop it, to keep herself still. Soon her will began to seep away.
Her pussy was hot and tingling, and her breasts were swollen and tender.

She gave herself to the pleasure, grunting and humping, twisting and shaking
on the end of the chain as her body erupted in rippling spasms of pleasure.
When she came she bounced and jerked like a fish on the end of a hook, and
all her thoughts and cares disappeared into the maw of a devouring sexual

It wasn't her last come either. She lost track of them, and lost track of
time. When Paul returned she didn't even notice him. He got out the camcorder
and taped her for a little while, then stripped and stood in front of her. He
pulled her head up, mashing her face into his crotch, then fed his cock to

She sucked mindlessly, mewling and moaning around his boner as he pumped it
slowly in her mouth. He turned her body sideways so he wasn't blocking the
camera, and placed his hands to get the best picture. After a couple of
minutes of sucking he pulled his cock out and let her head fall, then pressed
himself between her breasts and crushed them together against it.

He fucked his cock slowly into her cleavage, digging his fingers into the
soft, sensitive meat as he mashed it together. He felt his balls getting
ready to blow, and fucked harder and harder, then groaned in pleasure as his
juices spewed out over her tits and dribbled down onto her face.

He gripped her thick hair and rubbed his cock dry with it, then put it back
in his pants. He plucked the vibrators out of her, then let her back down to
the floor. She lay there dazed and moaning for long minutes as he unwrapped
some of the things he'd purchased.

"Had a nice time baby?" he asked as he squatted next to her.

"Baasstaard," she groaned.

"Yeah, maybe. I think maybe you want a bastard sometimes, though. Come on.
Can you stand yet? I got you something nice to wear."

He unclipped her ankle restraints, then took a key out of his pocket and
removed the padlocks. He opened the leather restraints and took them off,
then did the same with her wrist restraints.

She sat up with a groan, rubbing her wrists, then her ankles. She ran a hand
through her mass of tangled hair, then glowered at him.

"I didn't say I wanted to be a fucking sex toy all day every day," she

"Course not."

She gave him a scowl and he grinned and ruffled her messy hair.

"You had a uh, tiring evening last night."

"Right," she snorted.

"So I thought it'd be nice for us to stay home today and...recover."

"This is recovering?"

"Well, I figured we didn't have to recover just yet. We can recover later."

"I want to take a shower," she groaned.

"Not a bath?"

"Whichever I take it'll be alone."

She pulled herself to her feet and staggered into the bedroom, then went
through it to the bathroom. She decided that a relaxing bath was exactly what
she wanted, so filled the tub with bubbles and the hottest water she could
stand, and slipped in.

She basked in the heat, laying her head back with a groan and relaxing. Paul
brought her an iced tea, then left her alone.

"Let me know when you're finished," he said.

She figured he'd bought her some more sexy lingerie and wanted to see her in
it, but she didn't mind that. Just so long as he didn't' make her shake her
teeth out again for a few hours.

She washed herself, then her hair, then rinsed off and climbed out of the
tub. She was gleaming wet and naked, and stared at herself in the mirror as
she stood there, pushing her hair straight back from her forehead. She posed
in different positions, hands behind her head, facing the mirror, turning
from it, bending over. She grinned at herself, and at her full, trim body.

Then she grabbed a towel and dried herself, picked up the brush, and
carefully blow dried her hair, taking her time. She brushed it into
shimmering silk, then finally opened the door and walked out. She grabbed
a robe, then hesitated. Why bother? Anyway, Paul had something he wanted
her to wear.

"Paaull?" she called.


He grinned as he walked into the room, his eyes moving instantly up and down
her body with obvious appreciation. Jamie straightened her back and gave him
a sexy smile as he carried a small black box over to the dresser and set it

"Okay, pervert, what've you got now?" she snorted.

"Hey, you watch your tongue, missy, or you're gonna get a spanking."

He took out a small mass of black lace, then ordered her to lift her leg. He
held it out and she saw a Y-shaped garment that looked about as large as a
six year old child's bathing suit. She lifted her leg and he stepped into it,
then lifted her other leg. He pulled it up her body, and helped her pull the
thing over her shoulders, then turned her to view herself in the mirror.

The thing was almost entirely see-through. The lower part, from crotch to
belly, was perhaps two inches wide. It split at her belly, split in two, with
two narrow strips of black lace going up across her breasts. These strips too
were only a couple of inches wide, and though they pulled tight across her
breasts, they didn't cover much more than her nipples. Cover, of course,
wasn't really the right word since they were see-through. As for the back, it
pulled up tight between her buttocks and didn't cover much of them either.

"Just the kind of thing to wear when visitors are coming over," she said

"That depends on the visitors," he leered, sliding his hand up and down her
ass. "If I invited a couple of guys over to enjoy my pretty little fuck-toy
I'd say this is exactly what you'd be wearing.

She turned and stared at him in surprise, then let him turn her around as he
reached back into the box.

The next thing he brought out was not soft lace but hard metal. It was a kind
of gold plated metal bracelet about an inch wide. It parted in the middle,
and had, she saw, a little keyhole, and a round ring. He snapped it over her
wrist and when she pulled at it with her other hand it wouldn't come off.

"There's a bracelet you ain't gonna lose," he laughed.

"Paul, you're not gonna hang me up and leave me alone again are you?"

"I hadn't planned to, though you seem to find your own amusements when I do."

"Ha, ha," she said, a little annoyed, a little amused.

He took out another metal bracelet, identical to the first, and locked it
around her other wrist, then took out two more. These were almost identical,
but were a bit heavier and a bit thicker. He locked these around her ankles.
Then, finally, or so she thought, he drew out a collar made of the same
metal. It was about two inches wide, and fit loosely around her throat,
though not so lose it could get off over her head.

But then he reached into the box again and brought out a length of chain.
Actually, it was several lengths of chain, and it was gold plated like the
bracelets and collar.

He snapped a short one...about six inches her two wrist restraints,
locking her wrists together in front of her. Then he took another one, this
only a couple of inches longer, and locked them to her ankle restraints, or
shackles as he called them. A much longer chain, he managed to attach to the
other two, locking it to the middle of the chain between her wrists, and the
middle of the chain between her ankles. It was loose enough that she could
raise her hands as far as her lower chest, but no further.

Not unless she got down on her knees anyway.

Which she had a feeling she'd be doing soon.

Jamie had been getting hotter and hotter since she'd donned the slutty black
lace thing. The shackles, actual metal shackles, were incredibly erotic to
her way of thinking, and chains were even more so. She turned around and
around, staring at herself in the mirror, moving her hands just to feel the
weight of the chains and make them clank.

"Wow," she breathed.

"Hot looking little slave girl, aren't you," he breathed, sliding his hand up
and down her belly.


"And who's your master?"

"You are, Master," she sighed.

"A true little slut."

"Yeah. I'm a slut. I'm a cock hungry little whore," she gulped, turning to
see herself from behind.

"And you'll obey your lord and master, won't you? Otherwise it's to the
dungeon for you."

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, though not too roughly, and bit
down on the front of her exposed throat. She groaned in pleasure, especially
after raising her hands, and finding they wouldn't go that high.

"This is all the clothes a slut like you needs, baby," he said, gripping her
arm and giving her a kind of shove towards the door.

And for the rest of the day that was pretty much it. He treated her not much
different than normally, except for more groping and more stroking and
caressing, and a lot more dirty talking. She did some work on a file she'd
brought home the previous night, she did some cooking and cleaning, and she
and Paul watched TV, read books or papers, and talked about politics or
gossiped about friends.

But she did it mostly naked, and in the chains.

There was two other differences, one, she was kind of horny all day, and two,
whenever she disagreed with him, or he caught her trying to stroke her pussy,
Paul would give her a slap on the ass, or the hip, or once on the breast.

Also, several times, once when she was washing the dishes, once when she was
changing the bed linen, and once when they were watching TV, he slid his hand
in between her legs and began to jerk her off, plunging his warm fingers deep
into her pussy hole and stroking her clitty with his thumb. He would work on
her until she was panting and moaning, and her hips were humping and jerking,
then he would stop, and forbid her to touch herself.


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