WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comics, companies, writers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Black Widow (Marvel comics)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, Anal.

Black Widow: The Mass Tarr's Harem: Part 1
A comic book/superheroine erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

In another dimension, on a planet far removed and isolated from any other inside of lavish place of shining stone atop a mountain with clouds rolling just feet below the peak, a plan is being put into place by a very otherworldly but human looking man. Placing a sword with a sharp, jagged blade into a pedestal with bright gemstones and jewels slotted into perfectly shaped and depth holes, the muscular man who is not even wearing a single item of clothing smirks as the blade begins to glow with a power as mysterious as the one who just claimed it.

"Finally I have been granted this, the final piece of my puzzle." He says with a smile as he watches the whole device of sorts being to glow, almost pulse with power. "After saving so many worlds, defeated so many opponents, and risked my own life a far too many times... It is finally done... The power I have been long awaiting for... To open doors to new dimensions, and to new worlds... But most of all..." He smirks, letting out a brief, handsome chuckle. "To begin my true life's purpose... To assemble the greatest collection if the history of this, and any other world... A harem of most beautiful women..."

Letting the pedestal glow again, he places his hand onto it, whispering a long forgotten to the universe enchantment before a sudden flash engulfs him, a low moan escaping him as power surges through his body. The light fades, and he's standing now in the middle of a pile of broken rubble and shattered, broken and dull now stones that were once those shining gems. All the power of multiple sources, drained in a moment and now embedded deep within this confident man.

"Good... Now, about time I liberated some women from their boring lives to one far more... Pleasurable..." He says with a laugh, now brining his hands together as he says another spell, this time creating another flash of light that surrounds him and in the next second vanishes, along with him to leave the palace completely empty. But not, as he has all planned out, for too long...

* * *

The stunning Russian secret agent, the curvaceous beauty with long red hair known as Black Widow sighed as she finished off another field report into the computer to log her version of events from another world-saving mission as part of the Avengers. She's clad in her trademark, tight fitting black bodysuit that shows off her curves perfectly especially her juicy and thick ass, and deliberately has her front zipper pulled down to show off a generous amount of cleavage created by her large breasts. Topped off with her gloves, boots, and her "Widow's Bite" golden gauntlets, a sign that while she's not actively on or expecting a mission to come, she's always ready to leap into action at any notice.

Satisfied that the report will cover all the questions her superiors will have, she signs the document off and presses send. Suddenly, a bright light flashes behind her, making her shove the chair she was on straight into it with a strong back-kick turning to ready her wrist weapons ready to strike. She's then stunned when she stares at the sight of a handsome, short haired and human-looking male in skin tone, build and appearance despite that sudden appearance, and he's also just smiling rather warmly at her, holding the thrown at him chair easily with one hand. However she also notices that he's totally nude, and has hanging between his legs a cock that is thick and long, concerning and confusing her but she doesn't yet fire her weapons in self defence yet.

"Who... What are you??" Black Widow demands with her thick and strong Russian accent.

"My name is Mass Tarr." He introduces. "I'm from a different world to yours Black Widow, a different dimension in fact. May I put down this chair?" He asks, still smiling even with her weapons being pointed right at him.

"How do you know my name?" She continues to question. "How did you get in here?" She stays cautious, ready to fire at any moment if this bizarre appearance of this... Man, turns out to be a threat.

"I know your name because I have been planning this for quite a long time." He explains, chuckling at her defensive tone and stance. "Slightly longer than I'd planned mind you, but that's not important now. As to how I got here... It's complicated and quite honestly boring to explain, but I would happily tell you why I'm here if that is your next question. May I put down this chair now, please?" He asks again.

"...You may, and get talking." Black Widow allows, eyeing him and finding herself glancing at his dick for a brief second. Was he getting hard already? "But if you try anything..." She starts to warn.

"I will not..." Mass Tarr promises, placing the chair down and moving it to the side. "Now then, to the important matters shall we? I am here, having travelled to a different world and across dimensions simply put for you. To be specific? To fuck you." He boldly states as he locks eyes with the stunning spy.

"E-excuse me?" She demands, completely thrown by that. "You what?? I... I am an Avenger! A spy, not some kind of slut..." She narrows her eyes with an angry glare. "You'd better explain yourself..."

"I just did. It's that simple... I'm here to experience the most beautiful women that the many worlds and dimensions have to offer, and you Black Widow are most certainly all of that, and even more." Mass Tarr says with an approving nod, taking a look over that hot and stunning body as indeed he's getting rather too casually hard just from gazing over her. "I would very much like to have sex with you Black Widow, and in return I can guarantee you pleasure unlike anything else you have ever, or would ever experience on this planet."

"You... You teleport or however into this high security building, right into my office undetected without setting off any of the state of the art alarms we have here... Just to have sex with me??" She questions, lowering her wrists slightly as her disbelief is clear to this.

"As unlikely a situation as this no doubt is, it is the truth." He says honestly with a smile. "As you can see however, I am unarmed and I will do you no harm. My motive is simply pleasure, and to give you the same... You perhaps cannot deny that my cock here is the biggest you've ever seen." He proudly states, motioning to his cock that's now rock hard and standing at a mouth-watering length.

Still assessing the situation, she glances around but can find nothing wrong with her surrounding apart from this obvious, not of the world male in front of her. His words are indeed true in regards to his shaft, not that she would admit this here and now, but yet there is a presence about him she can't quite put her finger on. An aura of alluring, temptation that makes her wonder if, as wild and unthinkable a situation as this is, perhaps he was being honest? She knew herself that she was an attractive woman, and deliberately wore attire to show off her frame and chest to distract male opponents for an advantage. She wasn't used to someone being so up front and open about wanting to fuck her, especially with such a sudden, nude appearance like this. Was this all a plan for something else? Surely it can't just be about sex, right?

"...You are up to something." Black Widow says, attempting to call his bluff. "I could summon help and have you locked away until you admit to whatever it is you're trying to do here."

"You could, but you won't." Mass Tarr says, still smiling at the questioning beauty. "If you wish to further test me, I could show you exactly what I am capable off... Considering how you've been sneaking looks at my dick so far since I arrived here." He says, calling her out now on how she's been unable to stop sneaking glances at his massive member.

"I...! You...! You no doubt planned that, arriving naked like you are!" She snaps with a glare at him, placing her hands on her hips. "...Perhaps... Maybe I am interested to see what you're here for... What you're really here for I mean." She says, eyeing him up and pressing her lips together.

"So... Do I have permission from you to fuck?" He asks with another grin.

"...You... You may proceed. But you dare try anything else on me... I'll kill you in a second." She warns with another glare.

"Excellent..." He says, moving forward towards her rather too calmly considering her clear far from convinced mood, before he comes to a stop in front of her. She watches as he places his hands onto her shoulders, thrown again as he uses impressive strength to easily push her down, making her kneel in front of him but then lean back slightly, causing her sizeable chest to stick out towards him. "Perhaps to convince you I'll show you what I can do, without you needing to do anything at all..." The hung stud from another world and dimension tells her, shifting downward himself and making her eyes widen as that cock gets close enough to her for her to smell a strong, intoxicating scent from him, her gaze staying on him as he places that cock right into the valley created by her tits, even daring to reach under and pull her zipper down a little further so he get nice and deep between her breasts.

Half shocked but half impressed by his boldness, the stunning secret agent watched as he placed that thick cock between her tits, finding herself groaning from the unexpected heat that massive man meat was giving off, reminding herself this was part of a quickly put together plan to see what his intentions really are. She bit down on her bottom lip, suppressing a moan when his hands took a hold of her breasts through her bodysuit, squeezing them against his rod to properly sandwich himself in her luscious chest and make himself moan with an approving nod. Casting up a narrowed eyed look as if to challenge him, he doesn't disappoint as he starts to thrust his cock up between those mounds, letting the crown vanish down into her cleavage before popping back up when those strong hips rock forward.

"Mmmmm... Wonderful... Truly fantastic..." The mysterious hunk moans his approval despite only moments starting with this tit-fuck, feeling all that ample flesh grinding against and around his rod as he slides himself in and out of her boobs, which are already being made to jiggle with every thrust he gives her. "Mmmmm! Lovely and soft... Feels so good around my cock..." He adds, the shamelessness of his words further throwing her off from her usual cold and professional manner, that feeling of having her tits pumped making her groan as it's clear he's not anywhere near close to being a virgin when it comes to handling a large pair of breasts.

"I... Mmmmm... I bet it does..." The redhead says, unable to take her eyes off of his member as stares down at it for far longer than she should, perhaps realising that he wasn't bluffing and can handle being deep up between her tits, and knowing that a change of tactics is in order to see what his plan really is. "You can give it, I can see... Ahhhh... But can you take it?" She says, poker face on and giving a seductive smirk as she reaches and pulls down her zipper, and he takes the hint by letting go of her, in turn allowing her to pull the sides of her attire apart so her breasts spill free with a sexy bounce.

"You doubt my ability? Then feel free to test me, Black Widow..." The being calling himself Mass Tarr accepts the challenge with a smile, so rewarded by her using her own hands to now press those rounded orbs onto his tool, wasting no time as she pumps them up and down along his vast size, easily making him moan as he now rather proudly stands with both hands on his hips. "Mmmmm! Quite the pace... Ahhhhh... Seems like someone is in a hurry to finish... But sadly... Mmmmm... That will not be the case..." He says with a handsome laugh, clearly seeing through her plan and making her eyes widen in surprise at having been found out, but neither of them tellingly calls for this sexual act to stop as he openly moans and enjoys those soft and big boobs sliding over his man-hood, while the super-heroine giving this tit-job still has to keep those pouty lips close to stop her groans from being easily heard.

"I'm... Uhhhhh... Used to dealing with men with big egos, making big claims..." The gorgeous Russian says as she gives him a defiant glare despite the fact she was willing to agree to this all, but that look would be far more effective is she wasn't still sliding her tits all the way up and down his stiff rod to make this strange, but somehow irresistible male moan out just by using her large chest on him. "If you're up to something... Ahhhhh... Then I will stop you and your plans..." She vows both as a warning to him and a reminder to herself to stay focused, gritting her teeth now for an added attempt to control herself as with every pump she delivers onto his tool she can't help but find herself enjoying that feeling, knowing how dirty and wrong it is to be fucking this hunk with her tits just moments after meeting him.

"Oh Black Widow my dear... There is nothing underhanded here!" Mass Tarr says with another intoxicating smile. "I wish to test my skills against this world's finest... That is, if I would be allowed to proceed further than just this foreplay?"

"F-foreplay??" Her eyes widen again as she lets go of her breasts from around his size. "That's what you call fucking my tits?" Black Widow asks, finding herself laughing as she's a little flustered by that. "If that's just your kind of foreplay... Then actual sex must quite..." She trails off, hearing the words she's saying and cutting herself off, realising she's just playing into his hands.

"Well, you won't know unless you try..." He says, stepping around her to the side. "Again... May I proceed?" He asks, kneeling down and running a hand over her leg in a slow, sensual way.

She gives him another glare, eyeing him and still questioning if this mysterious man is just after sex with her. "...You... You may..." She says but not in any sort of defeated way, perhaps curious to see what he actually has planned despite her better instincts. "But I warn you, if you... Ahhhhhh!!"

The reason for her shocked cry was his strong hands suddenly grabbing at her bodysuit at her juicy ass, all too easily tearing a hole there and exposing both that fine backside along with her trimmed pussy. In her stunned state he easily positions her to lay on her side, body curled a little so her hips stick out at him and she can prop herself up on an arm with her large tits hanging just above the floor and her signature long red hair even resting on the floor. Just as it clicks what just happened, he's moving up and running the crown against her lower lips, he gives a smirk before he pushes into her with a firm, commanding thrust.

"OH FUCK!! Ahhhhhh!! Oh... Oh Fuck!!" The stunning Avenger moans out, staring across and down at her own pussy as she watches that big shaft getting pumped into her box, his motion already in a steady rhythm with a decent amount of force behind it, and despite her hole being that extra bit tighter as she's keeping her legs together his thrusts are nicely smooth. "Mmmmm!! You... You animal!! Uhhhhh!! Tell... Tell me your plan!! Who... Ahhhh!! Are you working with??" She groans again after her demands, mentally fighting to stay the professional spy she's feared ass, but not able to deny how good this massive shaft feels working in and out of her pussy that's getting wet already only a few minutes into the repeated thrusts that she's willingly agreed to take from him.

"Perhaps I... Mmmmm!! I have not made myself clear enough..." The powerful and muscular male says, still smiling and unsurprisingly so, considering he's getting to fuck one of the hottest super-heroines of all time while she's still semi-dressed in her tight bodysuit with just her breasts hanging out and a torn hole at her crotch allowing him to access and pump his meaty lengthy right into her tight snatch. "Ahhhhh... I only wish to fuck you... And thanks to your kind agreement, I am achieving just that! MMMM..." He states, mentally toying with the beauty known for being a master of mind games herself, but most of all clearly loving having his dick being so deep inside that wet snatch, rocking his hips back and forth into her to fill up that tunnel with his man-meat and making them both moan out each time he sends himself stiffly into her.

"MMMM... N-No... It can't be... Ahhhhh... That simple... You don't... MMMMM... You can't fool me!" She snaps between her moans, keeping herself up slightly from the floor so she can get a clear view of both what his hands are doing as they rest on her thick thigh her back for support, and of that fat cock of his as he drives himself right forward into her folds again and again with the kind of impressive pace she obviously has not been used to taking before. "Why... AHHHHH... Would anyone just... MMMMM... Just appear and just want... MMMM!! To have sex with me??" She questions, letting out a gasp as she feels his pole plunging in a little deeper into her box that's snug around his thickness, but quite clearly wet now to show that despite her instincts to be wary of this hung hunk, his thrusting work is doing the trick to break down that mental wall as the pleasure she's experiencing becomes gradually more and more undeniable.

"Ahhhhh... Why wouldn't anyone on this planet? MMMMM!! You are beautiful... With an incredible figure... And delightfully feisty and defiant as well..." He truthfully states, watching with approval as her still bodysuit-clad frame is shifting backward on the floor away from him when he firmly pumps himself into the groaning spy, her breasts shaking for an extra treat to the eyes, and he's getting an audio one too not just from her moans, but the sound of his body slapping into hers each time he drives deeply into her fuck tunnel. "MMMM... It is a crime if this body... MMMMM YES... Has not been given the treatment it... And you... MMMM... Deserve..." He adds with a grin, repositioning himself to almost be horizontal right behind her, his face leaning down next to hers as he locks eyes with the athletic and curved stunner he's getting to stuff full with his obviously experienced dick, his hips still working with machine-like efficiency to indeed deliver the kind of fucking that the stunning spy not only should be getting, but can clearly herself take and then some.

"OOOOOOOH FUCK!! Mmmmm... You... You do mean it... MMMMM!! You do just wish... Ahhhhh!! To fuck me... To really fuck me..." She says with a louder moan now as the realisation hits her of how he's just wanting to use her for sexual pleasure and nothing more, and that makes this whole consensual encounter now to her even more dirtier than before knowing there's no secret plan, just him wanting - as he said himself he's actually getting from her - to stuff her pussy again and again with his cock. "MMMMM... You do... Uhhhhh!! Certainly know your way... MMMM... Around a woman..." The usually no-nonsense secret agent finally admits, groaning sinfully every time he drives that tool into her snatch and her frame jolts back, stuffing her wet twat full with all of his inches unlike anything she's felt before, and with every one of those deep pumps she takes her defiance continues to break down further and further as those moans get that much more louder.

"Mmmmm... Not just any woman... But only the most beautiful ones..." Mass Tarr states with a smirk, leaning back so he can pull his cock from her slick hole, causing them both to groan.

"Hmmmm... Just when I was thinking you were a different kind of man altogether..." Black Widow says, smirking in quite a flirty way now as opposed to how she was acting at the start of this all. "You try a cheap pick-up line on me now?"

"The perhaps you would prefer we skip the talk, and get back to the action?" He offers, already reaching down and holding her by the toned waist so he can lift her up to her feet as he does the same.

"I... I can agree to that..." She says, finding her eyes gazing over his chiselled body for far longer than she knows she should, but she soon gasps when hearing the confirmation he's again lifting her up from behind but now all the way off the ground completely.

"Sounds like... Mmmmm! You still doubt me..." The otherworldly stud notes, but his focus is on sliding his dick back up into the stunning Russian, lowering her still snug pussy all the way down onto his shaft, shifting his grip from that toned waist onto her thighs as soon as her rounded backside rests against his crotch. "Ahhhhh... Then allow me to show you what I'm all about..." He vows with a handsome and confident smile to her when she glances back, soon both of them moaning out loudly as he begins to thrust his shaft right up into her wetness, and not holding back either as the force behind the first pump along with every one after that easily makes that curvaceous frame bounce upward.

"OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! OH FUCK... Show... MMMM!! Show me!!" The sexy spy lustfully moans, throwing away all caution and giving in to this hung stud, her arms reaching back to lock fingers around the back of his head for some sort of support, despite the fact his superior strength allows him to easily keep her held in place, completely off the floor and mounted on his massive shaft. "AHHHHH... MMMMM!! OH YES... MMMM!! Give me... UHHHH!! This fucking... You say I deserve!" She demands, flipping her long flaming red hair back so she can gaze with clear desire in her eyes at the man who has rather easily unlocked this primal side to her, willingly and increasingly shamelessly letting him ravage her body with thrust after deep and forceful thrust up into her tight and damp love tunnel.

"MMMM!! Gladly! MMMM..." He grins with a grunt, the more she moans and lets dirty talk spill from her lips in that gorgeous accent the more he's fuelled to keep on fucking her like this, dominating that snug twat with deep pumps that send his crotch slapping up against her exposed skin from the torn hole in the bodysuit that she's still wearing even as she takes this pumping.

"AHHHH... You need only ask it Black Widow... MMMMM YES!! I shall be my pleasure!!" He vows between his own groans, his dick smoothly and swiftly driving up into her pussy as he ravages the stunning Russian, and in turn she moans away in erotic joy at how incredible it feels to have her snatch stuffed so full with cock, her body bouncing almost from the jolts she has to do every time he thrusts into her slick folds.

"MMMM!! OH YES!! AHHHHH... OH SHIT... It feels... MMMMM!! So good!!" She gasps out the admission, looking a dimension away from the cold, professional secret agent she's supposed to be as she happily moans out and takes this pounding, her large tits bouncing away in time with the rest of that semi-clothed body with just a hole torn at her thick ass to allow this hunk access to drives that big shaft deeply into her needy box. "AHHHHH... MMMMM FUCK... Don't stop!! MMMMM!! More!! OOOOOOOOH FUCK!!" She tilts her head back, leaning against the broad shoulder of the man she's giving herself up to, truthfully unable to do much as he's keeping her held all the way up off the ground, making her jolt up and down on his pistoning rod as he effortlessly drives those inches into the moaning and now noticeably sweating beauty.

"MMMM... Such a wonderfully tight... AHHHHHH... And moist pussy!! MMMMM..." He compliments her even during such a wild and horny situation like this as he stiffly rams his lengthy manhood straight up into that wet and still nicely tight snatch of the Avengers spy who has been turned into quite the lusty, cock-craver just from how dominating of a sexual performance he's displayed, and most importantly made her feel with all these thrusts. "AHHHHH... It is an honour... MMMMM!! To be able to fuck a woman such as yourself!" The handsome and obviously experienced when it comes to giving it to a busty beauty such as this hunk says with another smile, loving the feeling of his member being deep inside of her tightness as he slides himself swiftly in and out of her, as well as hearing all her now shameless moans as she jolts away on that rod again and again.

"MMMMM... You... You can't mean that... UHHHH!!" Black Widow still questions, groaning as she takes another round of those deep pumps. "I... OOOOOOOH MMMM... I am just a spy..." She adds as a bead of sweat trickles down her face.

"Nonsense! MMMM... A mere normal woman would not... AHHHHH... Be able to take my cock into all of her holes... MMMM... Like I know you can!" He says in a rather unique to say the least means of encouraging her, pulling his dick out of her snatch to leave her groaning at the feeling of emptiness now after so much stuffing she's taken.

She looks back, licking her lips with a burning gaze of desire in her eyes. "You know... If you're suggesting what I think you are... Any other man who'd even thick that would be on the ground by now... And only just knocked out if they were lucky..."

"Well, let's hope then that I am very lucky today!" He responds coolly with a laugh, setting her down onto the floor and using a hand on the back to position her down to her hands and knees on the floor.

"No... Not luck. You are very... Skilled, at what you do..." She admits with a tone while still lusty also shows she's openly impressed by his ability to pound her unlike anything she's taken before. She gasps in the next moment however, looking back over her shoulder as this otherworldly stud is pouring out a cool, clear liquid down onto her exposed backside from a small vial that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. "Ahhhhh! Where? How did you...? Ahhhhh..." She groans with a shiver, the fluid splashing over her skin a new, strangely pleasurable sensation for her as it lands across those plump cheeks and down into the crack of her ass, the feeling notably stronger when it flowed over her tight asshole.

"A man like myself is always prepared..." He says as mysterious as ever, moving the bottle so he can then pour the lubricant onto his own cock, making himself moan with a nod before he uses his free hand to rub the seemingly made to be extra stimulating sex-aid over his fat inches with a couple of strokes. "I can only hope you are the same..." The hunk jokes, dropping down into position behind her and gripping her cheeks with one hand, lining his shaft up with the other and brushing the crown of his rod against that rear entrance, causing her to groan as the woman he's about to enter gazes back with desire, giving him a nod to tell him to proceed.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHHH... OH... OH FUUUUUUCK!! MMMM!!" Her red haired head tilts back, eyes closed and biting down on her bottom lip as she feels that cock that's already more than nicely fucked her pussy is now pushing into her pack passage, the first pump alone already enough to make her rock forward in response like she's working on an erotic autopilot. "AHHHHH!! OH GOD!! MMMM... OH FUCK... OOOOOOOOOH MMMMM..." Her sinful cries soon star pouring out of her mouth as it hangs open as this commanding man begins to slide his mighty rod in and out of her vice-like asshole, but showing that the lubricant he used albeit briefly was designed to make this position the smooth anal invasion it should be. In addition, she's finding herself moaning out the loudest she has so far, and somehow not feeling a single bit of pain even with this vast size being worked into her booty - no doubt also due to this strange but effective fluid he'd poured onto her.

"MMMM!! What a lovely bottom you possess, Black Widow! MMMM FUCK... Look at it... AHHHH... Jiggles so wonderfully..." The stud with his shaft in between her cheeks marvels despite the fact that him having gotten her to agree to this butt-fucking is far more of an accomplishment, his gaze locked onto her still partially covered backside as he's using the very hole he tore into her bodysuit as the access point into her tight asshole. "MMMM... Touch yourself Black Widow... AHHHHH! Yes... Bring you hand down... MMMMM... Rub yourself, touch that hot pussy of yours... MMMMM!!" He's able to instruct her, smirking as indeed she does as asked whether she's fully aware of it or not, so caught up in her own lust now she doesn't object as she moves a hand down her body so she can begin to rub a couple of fingers across her wet pussy while he smoothly and steadily now pumps his dick into her fine and rounded ass.

"OHHHHH... MMMMM!! OH FUCK... YES!! FUCK... MMMMM FUCK MY ASS!!" The beautiful Russian begs, rocking her curvy frame back and forth against his firm thrusts, making her large breasts sway along with her long hair as both hang down as she stays in this doggy style position, staying up on the knees and one arm while the other makes sure her pussy is more than taken care off as she teases her own folds with her fingertips. "MMMMM!! SO DEEP!! AHHHHH... I've... MMMM!! I've never!! UHHHH!! NEVER FELT... AHHHHH LIKE THIS!!" She screams out in delight, whether it's an admission to this being the best sex she's ever been a part of, or the fact that she never thought taking it up the ass, especially from a cock so long and thick like this one could feel as mind-blowing as it does. Regardless, her prime motive now is getting even more pleasure from this anal pumping she's getting from behind, sweat now erotically dripping off her face and down the exposed parts of her skin as she's still clad in that trademark bodysuit which just has the zipper hauled down and a hole roughly torn at the very ass she's taking a fucking into.

"MMMM!! Yes!! AHHHHH... Don't hold back Black Widow!! MMMM!! Embrace this! Love it!!" Even though he's getting her to do anything and everything he's wanting her to, he's still encouraging her to lose herself even further into this wild state of sin, enjoying the sight of her out of all usual control and composure as much as the feeling of tightness that's all around his cock as he plunges his manhood in and out of her very tight asshole. "MMMMM... A glorious ass like this needs this! MMMMM AHHHHH... You need this! MMMM..." He groans, a layer of sweat now forming across his attractive and muscular body to show he's feeling the effects of giving her the kind of seeing to that he says she deserves, and that she's clearly able to take from how she's still pushing her booty back to meet his thrusts and keep him stuffing that juicy butt full.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM FUCK YES!! DO... DO IT!! MMMMM FUCKING FUCK MY ASS!!" She yells out, finally able to open her eyes that are burning with lust as she stares back, gasping with delight with every forward pump her sends into her as she rocks back and forth against his motion, her rounded cheeks jiggling when the two almost meet from how deeply she's taking this stiff and perfectly paced pumping that would be more expected of a dirty slut than a professional spy. "MMMMM AHHHHH SHIT!! FUCK!!! PULL... MMMMM!! PULL MY HAIR... FUCKING FUCK MY... FUCK MY ASS!!! UHHHHHH FUCK!!" She moans the demands, gritting her teeth as she watches his shaft plunge forward between her shaking, full rear cheeks before smoothly pulling out a few inches before he drives firmly back in. At the same time her fingers are now pumping into herself, the gloved hand instantly stained as the sexy squelch caused by her juices is just heard along with both her and this stud's dee[ and load groans.

"MMMM!! As you wish Black Widow!! MMMM YES!!" He happily says with a grin, lifting a hand to reach across and grab a handful of her long, flaming red hair in order to pull it back tightly, forcing her head to tilt back and making her let out a groan straight out of a top rated porn movie, her expression matching as she gazes up in a sex-drunk state with her mouth hanging open to gasp and moan. "AHHHHH... Don't hold back!! MMMMM!! Let it all go!! Feel it! MMMM!! MMMMM..." He still calls out to push her buttons, wanting even more out of her even with this current position with her willingly taking it up the ass from him and the way he's further dominating proceedings now with this rough hair pulling as if he's made her admit to a secret kink she's deliberately hidden away as part of her usual deadly and dangerous appearance as a secret agent.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM AHHHHH!! FUCK... FUCK FUCK OH!! OH... OH FUUUUUUUUCK MMMMEEEEEEE AHHHHHHHH!!" Indeed, the pulling of her signature long locks along with the constant pounding her thick ass is taking soon sets her off, her arm shaking as she tries to fight to stay up in position as Black Widow makes herself not just cum, but cum hard over her fingers as gets her anal hole stuffed over and over again. "UHHHHHH... AHHHHH... MMMMM OOOOOOOH!! MMMMM..." She pants and groans, her juices flooding out and even dripping down onto her "Widow's Bite" Gauntlet as she keeps those digits pumping back and forth into her folds at almost the same pace as she's taking up the ass, neither of them stopping their horny motion despite her having hit a sexual high that's already leaving her dizzy as she starts to slump forward when her other arm gives way.

"MMMM... Easy there Black Widow!!" He smirks, releasing her hair but in timely fashion instead grabbing her body to prevent her fall forward, groaning as he eases his dick out of her well fucked backside and sees how she's still rubbing her own pussy to enjoy the last seconds of her orgasm. "Don't want you hurting yourself now..."

"Ahhhhhh... You can... Mmmmm... Hurt me any time..." Black Widow mumbles, exhausted but more than satisfied by this all as she opens her eyes to lustfully gaze up at him.

He lets out a pleased laugh, helping her into a kneeling position so he can move to stand up in front of her, his cock pointing right at her gorgeous face. "Perhaps another time. For now, perhaps you can... MMMMM!!" He's cut off when either from just her own lust or easily guessing what his request would be, she suddenly opens her mouth and plunges herself down onto his dick. "AHHHH... That's... MMMM... That's a yes then!"

"MMMMPHHH!! MMMMM... Mmmmm..." The stunning Russian groans around his cock, her eyes glaring up at the stud who has now been taking into the third and final of her holes, getting to feel the warmth and how soothing her mouth as she's already swiftly moving her head back and forth along his size, like the idea of more sex from him has injected an extra dose of energy into the already well fucked beauty. "MMMM... Mmmmmphhhh... MMMM!!" So caught up in that desire to give back what he's been giving to her, she seems to not care less about the fact his shaft has come straight from out of her backside, the taste of her ass all over his rod but her focus is on blowing him and finishing him off to even give a second though to that kinky fact.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM!! MMMMM YES... Black Widow!! Simply... MMMMM... Fantastic!!" He grins down, watching her pretty facial features sliding down towards his crotch before smoothly lifting up to a couple inches below the bell-end before she eagerly repeats the motion, her hands gripping his strong thighs for support so she can put her full effort into sucking the dick of the mysterious stud she's only just met, but has willing given up all her holes to just to have some shameless sex. "MMMMM... OH FUCK!! MMMM... Such skill! MMMMM YES... AHHHHH..." He groans, seeing that not only is her long, red hair shaking from how swiftly she's moving her mouth over his thick pole, but even her big tits are jiggling a little as she gives this blowjob everything she's got, a sign perhaps that when it comes to this particular act she's got plenty of experience in it herself, and that's just to his moaning and smiling approval.

"MMMMPHHH!! MMMM MMMMM MMMM!!" She keeps her full lips wrapped around the man-meat that's already fucked her snatch and her ass, now well cleaned up and starting to drip with her saliva from the lusty bobbing of her head she's delivered deeply onto him, causing herself to groan around his size every time she pushes downward and her oral hole gets filled up with all that cock. "MMMMM... MMMMMPHHHH!! MMMM..." Even as sweat still coats her face and her rounded breasts, the craving she has to finish him off properly is so strong she can't help herself but suck him off over and over, not caring how naughty and far from the respected and feared spy she actually is it's making her look as she lewdly slurps away onto this irresistible cock that's given her the best sex of her entire life.

"MMMM!! Brace... AHHHHH!! Brace yourself Black Widow!! MMMMM..." This otherworldly hunk warns with a deeper than usual groan, feeling his mighty rod throb between her lusciously soft lips as she glides them smoothly and swiftly over him to leave his member more than generously covered with her spit. "MMMM... No?? AHHHHH... So... MMMMM FUCK.. So be it!!" He smirks again, seeing that instead of pulling off she just continues to suck away on him, giving a narrowed eyed glare to further show she's got no plans of stopping dishing out this smoking hot blowjob so there's only one option that he's very willing to go along with.

As he lets out a grunt, the eyes of Black Widow go wide as her mouth gets suddenly filled up with an unexpectedly large blast of cum from his throbbing cock, the second just as vast shot causing her to gag a bit and grip the base of his dick like she's trying to control the flow being sent into her. There's no stop however, his jizz dribbling out past her lips down his inches as the flood of spunk continues, embarrassingly shooting so up into her when she next gags a trickle appears from out her nostril to make her whine as she's forced a deep swallow of that cum. Her eyes widen again though when even after taking that down, she's fed more of his load when her hand strokes his dick, but wisely now she drinks each shot down to save herself from more discomfort, letting out a moan of approval at the sweet taste of that otherworldly cum.

After several strokes and getting a final deep moan from him, lifts her mouth up from his dick that's staying impressively still hard in her grasp. "I thought... Mmmmm... That was never going to end..." Black Widow says with awe, licking first her own lips clean of his spunk before she leans down, using her tongue to collect his load from off the crown of his tool with a slow swirl.
"I always deliver with everything I do." Mass Tarr proudly says, smiling with a groan as she moves further down to clean him up. "Then again, who says this has to end?"

She pauses, staring up at him. "You... You want more?" She questions, before looking over his cock and seeing how ready he is for even more of her. "You... You are truly not of this world, are you?"

"Indeed not... But what I am, is able to give you all you desire... As you can give to me... That is, if you agree to come with me." He says with a smirk. "You are wasted here in this world Black Widow, but with me? In my palace? If this session is any indication, then you and I? It was fated to be..."

"I... But, but I'm a spy!" Black Widow says, sounding hesitant but finding her eyes drawn to his cock and not just the once either. "I'm a... I can't... I..." She pauses, licking her lips before gazing back at him. "And you'll... You'll fuck me? Give me this... This big cock, again and again?"

"Of course. It will be my honour to fulfil your needs, as you will fulfil mine..." Mass Tarr says with a bold honesty.

"I... I think... I would like that..." She says, unable to resit him or his cock as she again leans back in to continue licking up his jizz from him. "It... It feels... Right..." She half-mumbles as she already seems to be getting cock-drunk once again.

"As it is Black Widow... As it's meant to be..." He says with a proud laugh, watching his latest conquest work over him before he clasps his hands together and closes his eyes, whispering an ancient spell of some sort.

And in a sudden flash both he and Black Widow were gone... And the woman who was Black Widow was never the same again. But conquered and reawakened... She was happier than she ever been before.

* * *

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