WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comics, companies, writers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: The Invisible Woman (Marvel comics)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Fantastic Four: The Mass Tarr's Harem: Part 3
A comic book/super-heroine erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

In another dimension, on a planet far removed and isolated from any other inside of lavish place of shining stone atop a mountain with clouds rolling just feet below the peak... Inside of a central chamber with a lavish, gem-furnished golden throne as the centrepiece...

"OH FUCK!! MMMM!! OH YES MASS TARR!! UHHHH!!" The stunning blonde former super-heroine known as Power Girl groans as she feels the huge cock of the powerful in more ways than one hunk Mass Tarr ploughing deeply into her snatch from behind. Clad in an almost exact replica of her once signature white bodysuit with it pulled aside at the crotch to allow access to her soaking wet hole, her tits are bouncing away as she kneels on that throne of his, her plump backside sticking out and her red cape used to tug on to pull that shapely body back towards him.

"Mmmm... Fuck her good Mass Tarr..." Black Widow, the first conquest of his to create his Harem of the finest women from across dimensions and worlds encourages with a lustful tone, in her own trademark attire and using her hands to rub his broad shoulders as the muscular and hung man drives his cock in and out of the groaning blonde before him.

"OOOOOOOH YES!! MMMM!! FUCK ME!! OH SHIT!! MMMMM AHHHHH!!" Power Girl groans out, looking back with sweat dripping off her pretty face as she lets her body bounce off of his stiff thrusts when he drives in balls deep to stuff her dripping wet but nicely snug twat with the same cock that has transformed her from a once powerful and feared defender of justice into a cock-craving nymphomaniac. Fortunately for her, as she's found out over the seemingly countless times now she has happily and willingly been one of his fuck-toys since being brought to this palace he calls home, he is more than able to fulfil these now very regular, verging on addictive needs with repeated deep and hard fucking just like this one.

"Mmmmm yes!! Take it Power Girl! Enjoy it! Feel it!!" The mysterious but clearly sexually dominant Mass Tarr grins as he thrusts away, watching her fine rump jiggle with every thrust he delivers into that slick tunnel, his hands gripping her waist as he slams forward in and out of those folds of his needy Harem whore. "Ahhhhh... Seems like... MMMM!! You are feeling it indeed!" He chuckles as the woman he's pounding soon lets out a deep and loud moan, her pussy exploding with a flood of juices to pour down all over his thrusting cock as she cums hard, still rocking back as he pulls on that cape once used when she took flight, now just an aid as he continues to thrust away into her ensuring he enjoys every last moment and she's left more than satisfied by another strong sexual high.

"Mmmm... Please allow me to help, Mass Tarr..." Black Widow says as she moves around the stud as he pulls out of that spent pussy, her gloved hand going onto his cock as the red-head firmly strokes him off, even groaning erotically from delivering this sex act as she watches his dick pulse as she pumps, more than enough it seems to turn her on even though she's not being pleasured by this herself.

"Ahhhhh!! MMMM yes!! Mmmmm..." Mass Tarr grins with a groan as soon enough the strokes set him off, sending blasts of thick spunk out and down onto Power Girl's rounded backside, causing her to groan as Black Widow makes sure every last drop of cum is sent out across both cheeks for a more than generous covering. Even the blonde beauty taking this load groans as she gazes back, licking her lips as watches the jizz rain down over her, already dripping down her smooth butt and making her shiver with delight from the huge load she's been given and no issues with the unloading being helped by her fellow Harem "sister" stroking their master off.

"Splendid work my ladies!" He compliments when he steps back, admiring his "art work" for a moment as Widow lets go of him. "Enjoy yourselves for the moment I will be gone... I shall return presently with another arrival for the ranks..."

"Fuck her good Mass Tarr!" Power Girl grins back at him. "Can't wait for you to... Mmmmm!! Oh Black Widow..." She's cut off by a groan.

"Mmmmm..." Kneeling down behind her, Black Widow greedily uses her tongue to clean up all the jizz from off the other woman's ass, moaning at the taste and the action itself as she scoops up and swallows down that cum in a very shameless fashion.

Giving that sight an approving nod, Mass Tarr turns and walks down the steps to the floor of the throne room. Placing his hands together, he speaks softly a long forgotten enchantment that soon creates a bright sphere of light that surrounds and engulfs him, before in the blink of her eyes he's gone, vanished from this world and dimension completely. Leaving just the two stunning women moaning as the clean up "duty" continues on...

* * *

"Fine! Be like that!!" The sharp snap came from the woman who is a member of the group of super-humans known as The Fantastic Four - the gorgeous blonde with super powers of Invisibility among others referred to as The Invisible Woman. Susan Storm-Richards is less than happy, a furious look on her beautiful face as she walks away from a less than pleasant meeting with her husband, clad in the signature blue with black design full bodysuit that shows off her curvaceous figure nicely and has a Fantastic Four logo across her sizeable chest.

"Sometimes I love that man... Other times I want to blast his arrogant ass off a damn cliff..." Susan sighs in frustration, taking a turn through the base to enter a quiet, empty storage room so she can compose herself, resting her back against the wall and closing her eyes for a moment as she tries to think about anything else than the argument she'd just been in with the man she's supposed to be happily married to, let alone has a child with.

As fate would have it, she soon gets a distraction and then some when a sudden light appears in the room, making her leap into a defensive position. However her eyes then widen when she sees the figure who appears when the light fades as soon as it had arrived - a very muscular, handsome, attractive, and from his fully naked state very thick and hung man who is clearly not from this world, and perhaps not of this dimension either.

"The Invisible Woman! Allow me to introduce myself..." Mass Tarr says with a wide smile as he looks her over. "I am Mass Tarr, and I have travelled across dimensions to meet you!"

"...That... That doesn't explain much..." Susan says, still in that ready to attack position as she assesses the situation, but unable to help be drawn to that sizeable in more ways than one sight of his large cock that seems to already be growing hard just in her presence. "I am not in any mood to be messed with right now, let me warn you..."

"Then allow me to be honest with you!" He says, unfazed by her tone and stance. "I am here not to fight or cause you or anyone else any harm. I am simply here, as perhaps strange to comprehend as it might be, to have sex with you - one of the most finest females of this planet, and plenty others from this dimension as well!"

"You, you want to what??" The Invisible Woman questions, arms still up as she checks him over, eyes lingering on that cock a little longer than she knows she should. "That's... That's damn well different... And if my husband wasn't mad enough already with me, he'd be even more so now..." She pauses, her stance softening as she stands up and faces this strange newcomer. "So you teleport in, undetected and appearing to be unarmed... All just to try and fuck me?? She questions, the disbelief in her voice clear but growing interested in this strange man and his story.

"Completely true! But there is no try - I will not force you to do anything you do not wish to do." Mass Tarr confirms with a nod and a smile. "You are a stunning, beautiful woman that no doubt any man in this dimension and beyond would beg to be with. I myself am, shall we say, confident in my skills when it comes to the act of sex... I believe I can match up with you greatly and give you some supreme pleasure than you have not yet experienced... But I believe you should."

"Well, isn't someone silver tongued..." Susan smirks, arms folding across her chest as she looks at him. "You butter up every woman you suddenly appear in front of?"

"I am only honest Invisible Woman!" He smiles back, his cock now rock hard and standing at a mouth watering length. "I have no reason to hide or lie to you."

"With a cock like that, I bet you don't..." She comments with a glance down. "Doesn't look like you need to stretch yourself out to get that size either, unlike..." She pauses, a glance back at the door before back to him. "Hmmm... You know what? As much as... As I probably shouldn't since I do love him, even when he's a prick like today..." She states, stepping forward towards him. "That husband of mine really got me mad... So I guess today is your lucky day to show me you aren't just running your mouth like another family member of mine..." She says, stepping forward and rather surprisingly for a happily married woman takes a hold of the big cock of this unknown stud. "But if you dare try anything on me... You won't be seen by anyone ever again!" She warns with a narrow eyed look.

"No tricks Invisible Woman!" Mas Tarr raises his hands up with another smile. "Do as you need to if you think you can prove me wrong!"

"Maybe I will... You think you are good? I'm damn well good..." Susan says as she slips herself down to her knees in front of him. "Plus in any case, seeing me like this? It would piss my husband off and make him realise what he's missing..." She reasons with a confident smirk, continuing to stroke that length with her gloved hand as she brings her lips to his fat head, pushing her tongue out and starting to lick slowly across the tip, finding herself already groaning just from this first tease onto this unknown hunk's cock. After the first lick and the confirmation she was going along with this dirty act, she begins swirling her tongue around his crown, still pumping his rod while she moves slowly around the top a couple times, lightly dabbing her saliva in the process as she stares up at the male she's servicing, and already showing she isn't inexperienced at this either.

"Mmmmm... Well, since I'm officially cheating now, and you haven't blown a load yet... Might as well go all-in, right?" Storm-Richards reasons with another naughty smile, now parting her full lips to take this otherworldly stud into her mouth, making him moan as he gets the first proper feel of her nicely warm and damp to match hole, and she groans around this vast size as she impressively sinks down to take in a good few of his inches with the first motion. "Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm!!" She glares up, her hand still stroking off the lower portion of him as she lifts her head upward to the tip, coming off with an audible "pop" before she looks down at that rod, licking her lips lustfully before she spits down onto him. Then it's back on the attack, mouth open to take him in as her lips press all around his member, causing her to groan as she works with this thickness and pushes downward, establishing the motion as she rather easily gets into a firm and smooth rhythm.

"Mmmmm!! Indeed, no need to hold back one bit Invisible Woman!" This inter-dimensional hunk smiles down as he watches the stunning blonde suck him off, his hands on his muscular waist to let her do as she likes as her sinful desire to orally please him continues to grow. She groans herself around him, her head bobbing along his prick and getting him nicely coated with her saliva, easily making him moan in enjoyment but not finishing him off as easily as she might have believed she could with any normal red blooded male from this world. "Mmmmm... Show me your skill... Mmmmm yes!! Feels quite wonderful already..." He compliments with a handsome smile, never taking his gaze off her for a moment as she sucks away and pushes her mouth gradually further downward after a series of slurps, and still jerking off the bottom part of him not yet between those luscious lips.

"Mmmmmphh!! Mmmm... Mmmmphhh!!" The beautiful member of The Fantastic Four is showing super-heroine determination to test if he can handle this red hot blowjob, proving that and then some as she's having to put plenty of effort into the rocking motion her head is doing along his lengthy and meaty tool, using her free hand to make sure those blonde locks are kept away from her face when it falls out of place from the energetic motion. Her saliva is now seeping out from between those lips as she fights to keeps them pressed against his rod when she slides further down, saliva dripping down him and trickling down her chin, messily landing across her large chest and the signature Four logo placed in the middle of that tight bodysuit.

For a married woman and a mother, she's now rather too eagerly slurping and sucking away in deep and noisy fashion, letting out muffled groans with every upward or back down push she gives onto this massive length. Her arousal is clear by her hardened nipples poking through her suit and the lusty gaze she's casting up at this irresistible and hung stranger who can certainly take a blowjob even from a powerful in more ways than one superhuman. Perhaps driven by this desire, she closes her eyes and focuses, showing off her abilities as she slowly turns invisible, vanishing from sight but keeping him moaning as he still feels her lips, her whole warm and wet mouth, and her hand still stroking him off as she effortlessly delivers this now unseen but very much felt oral sex.

"Mmmmm!! Magnificent! Just as I knew it would be! Ahhhhh..." Mass Tarr says with a grin, looking down at his cock and hearing her muffled groans as her mouth is still stuffed with his dick, but while he can watch her saliva dripping off of his pole, he doesn't see the beauty giving him this stunning head, still able to moan out from the sliding feeling of her full lips gliding back and forth along that fuck-stick. "Ahhhhh... I would however... Mmmmm... Like to see you when we continue on to some... Ahhhh... All-in action, as you put it!" He adds with a chuckle, moaning from her smooth bobbing motion and still feeling her hand working on that lower portion to ensure all of his inches are smothered with her spit as she takes him in deep, and considering how she's using her infamous powers to hide from being seen as she sucks him off, this is perhaps not the first time she's delivered an invisible blowjob before.

After a couple more long and savouring slurps onto him, she slowly comes back into view from that hidden state, pulling her mouth off from him with a gasp. "Fuck!! That's... That's the first time someone's handled The Invisible BJ before and not blown a load!" Susan says, clearly impressed as she looks over that rod and a noticeable seductive tone in her voice as well.

"As I said, I do not like to brag... But I am here to prove my sexual skills are more than able to compliment yours..." Mass Tarr says with a grin, offering a hand to help her off from the floor.

"I'm starting to believe that... But you'll need to show me what you can do... Like I said, we're all-in now with this..." The Invisible Woman states with a smile, glancing down at her own saliva covering her bodysuit over her chest.

"A challenge I gladly accept!" He says, catching her off-guard as she was distracted as he turns her around, making her gasp when he uses superior strength to grab at that blue and black attire, ripping a hole across her shapely, thick backside and exposing her already wet looking pussy. "I think you will find I can give you all that you need, and deserve..." He adds, position her to bend over in front of the nearest all, that butt sticking out as he pushes his dick firmly into her snatch.

"Mmmmm!! Oh fuck!!" She gasps again but this time with pleasure, looking back over her shoulder as her folds already have to stretch to accommodate this size, her hands firmly planted on the wall in front and legs tellingly spread willingly apart to take this dick belonging to a man she's not married to, but is already giving her more than just an enjoyable feeling as he starts to bang her. "Mmmmm... Oh yes... Fuck... That feels... Mmmmm!!" She bites down on her bottom lip, watching his muscular frame shift towards her shapely backside and then smoothly back, seeing that dick she'd just been sucking off now being stuffed into her snatch, his inches gradually fitting in deeper into her tightness to keep those moans increasing as she gets further filled up.

"Ahhhhh... Delightful! Mmmmm... As I knew you would be..." The otherworldly hunk smiles as he moans, thrusting his shaft steadily forward into the bent over beauty, his skill clear from the smoothness and perfect timing of the motion, holding onto the powerful superhuman by her toned, still bodysuit-covered waist as he takes her from behind. "And yet... Mmmmm... It will become better... As I know you can take even more of me..." He says all too casually like it's going to be a clear cut fact, but from the way the stunning MILF he's banging is moaning out and not looking at all shamed of this sinful act he's perhaps right, feeling himself how wet the very pussy he's deep inside of getting with every new pump he delivers in and out of her.

"Mmmmm!! Oh yeah... Do it... Mmmm!! Fill... Fill me up!!" Susan demands, casting a clear, lusty glare back at him with a grit of her teeth, her athletic, curved frame rocking now instinctively back to meet his stiff thrusts, her long blonde hair swaying slightly and even her still covered chest jiggling from the motion as she looks to get more of that big dick right into her needy pussy.

"Ahhhh!! Oh shit!! My damn husband could... Uhhhhh!! Learn something from you..." She adds, not looking ashamed at all by the fact that despite being apparently happily married she's not ashamed at all by being nailed from behind my another man, loving how this fat rod is sliding deep into her love tunnel to make her already moan out seemingly more than any other sexual encounter she's ever had before.

"Ha! I don't think... Mmmmm... Any universe could handle more than one of me..." He groans with a grin, his hands sliding back to give her exposed butt cheeks a quick squeeze before returning to hold her in place by the waist, allowing for this repeated, firm thrusting action that starts to allow his crotch to smack off of that lovely ass of the Fantastic Four member when she pushes backward to meet him, resulting in them both moaning with delight from the filling up of her damp and snug snatch. "Ahhhhh... It is a shame then... Mmmmm!! That your husband cannot satisfy you as... Mmmmm... You should be..." He states with a shake of the head but still wearing a smile on his handsome face, watching her booty jiggle when his ripped body connects with hers to send a sharp ring of skin meeting skin sounding out, the signal for him being balls deep into her wet hole with each forward thrust, and only pulling a few inches out when he repeats the action.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh... Oh shit!! Mmmmm... Not like this he fucking can't!!" The power and gorgeous woman snaps with a bitter tone, her blonde haired head hanging down for a moment as she moans out, losing herself in this superb pleasure from the massive dick ramming back and forth into her slick snatch that makes her moan out with every in or out thrust she takes. "Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm... I bet that's what this is, huh? MMMM!! Seeing if you... Ahhhhh... Can out-fuck my husband..." Her rocking motion is now more profound from the hit of his frame behind her slapping into hers, but she's still keeping her hands up on the wall she's getting fucked against, gasping with delight each time he bottoms out and fills her completely up quite unlike anything even her super-hero husband had been able to offer her before.

With a laugh, the hunk behind her slips his cock out of her snatch with a smile. "This is not a competition Invisible Woman..." Mass Tarr says, watching as she pushes herself off from the wall to stand. "I am simply giving you the pleasure I know you can handle, and deserve..."

"I bet you can..." Susan says with a lusty lick of her full lips as she turns and looks him over. "And I bet you can give me a better fuck than my husband can... So how about you stick that big dick back into me and prove us both right..." She says more as a sinful demand than a request.

"My pleasure!" He replies, taking a hold of that slender waist again but now to lift her easily off the ground, lowering her down pussy-first onto his cock, both of them moaning as she sinks down all the way to the hilt before he moves forward, her back now pressing against the same wall she's been bent over in front of moments ago.

"MMMM!! Oh yes!! My... Ahhhhh!! Fucking pleasure too!!" The busty blonde says with a grin, not hesitating to wrap her legs around his muscular body and her arms around his neck as he thrusts that big dick once again up into her tightness, and no gradual entry this time either as that slap of skin hitting off of skin rings out once again along with their moans. "AHHHH... Ooooooooh FUCK!! Yes!! MMMMM... Just like that..." She purrs her moans out, gazing at this sudden inter-dimensional lover she can't resist, loving the feeling of his massive length ploughing deep and swiftly into her horny snatch again and again, yet craving even more of it as she intensely stares at the stud who has rather easily made her consensually cheat on her husband.

"Mmmmm!! You are, if you'll excuse the pun... Ahhhhh... Quite fantastic yourself! Mmmmm!!" The built and hung stud compliments even as he drives his meaty rod in and out of her damp but still snug hole again and again, his hands placed up on the wall at either side of her head, not needing to even take a hold of her to keep her in place for the smooth entry as her clinging onto him does that task for him. That allows him to focus on driving his member up into the love tunnel of this gorgeous MILF, his ballsack slapping against her exposed skin each time he pumps forward and goes in with every inch of his cock. As she predicted it's the most intense sexual experience she's had yet, her moans loud and shameless as she's pumped by this hunk, drops of sweat forming on her beautiful face as she's taken, and still clad in her signature blue and black uniform with only that torn hole at her crotch providing the access to her moist snatch.

"MMMM!! Well don't fucking... Uhhhhh!! Don't stop!! And enjoy... MMMMM... This little trick..." Storm-Richards again licks her lips lewdly before she closes her eyes to focus, and while still being pumped and made to jolt slightly against the wall her back is pressed against she slowly starts to fade from sight, using those powers to turn herself completely invisible and all the while the man she's holding onto keeps moving his dick in and out of her, that dick soon coming into view when she completely vanishes. The sweet moans she's letting out as keeps taking this fucking are still clearly heard however, being the remaining sign of her existence along with her pussy juices coating the cock of this impressively unphased hunk as he keeps driving himself in and out of that tight pussy.

"Ahhhhh... Getting to pleasure you is a reward of its own, Invisible Woman! Mmmmm!!" The hung hunk who calls himself Mass Tarr smirks as he groans, knowing that gorgeous female is right in front of him from the moans he hears her shamelessly letting escape herself and the feel of her legs still wrapped around his ripped body. It's further proof of his supreme sexual ability that he can withstand this unique to put it mildly situation of not seeing who he is fucking, but feeling that snug snatch all around his rod as he moves it up and down into "thin air" and seeing the fluids erotically coating him as he thrusts away.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck!! MMMMM FUCK!! Oh yes!! MMMMM AHHHHH..." The unseen beauty moans away, turned on herself by the fact she's getting stuffed full just as deeply and hard as she'd been since being lifted up even with not being out of his vision, and getting further into a cock-drunk state with every new thrust up into that soaking pussy she now takes. "AHHHHH... MMMMMM FUCK!! I've... AHHHHH!! I've always wanted this!!" The supposedly happily married woman groans out, gradually fading back into view but for a long moment staying half-visible so she herself can gaze down with lust-filled eyes to see his massive tool slamming forward into her twat over and over again to keep them both calling out with desire long after she finally returns to be fully viewable and still getting pounded.

"Mmmmm!! To be taken while using... MMMM!! Those powers of yours?" Mass Tarr asks as he starts to ease off his thrusts when she removes her arms from around him, placing them on his broad chest to push him back as she unwraps her legs as well.

"Oh no..." The Invisible Woman says with a sexy smile, swaying her hips as she moves a short distance from him before she looks back at him. "I mean getting fucked like a whore!" She states with a rather proud tone as she drops down to her hands and knees onto the floor.

"You are no whore Invisible Woman..." He laughs as he takes the far from subtle invitation, moving down to kneel behind her. "But if that is what you desire, then it will be my honour to deliver it to you!" He vows as he pushes his dick back into that wet hole.

"MMMMM!! I fucking am!! MMMM... I'm getting fucked... Ahhhhh!! I'm cheating on my husband..." The stunning super-human admits with a moan and a dirty grin, already pushing herself back against this massive length before he begins to pump it but once he does, she's groaning out even louder as he once again drives in with balls deep thrusts, that now familiar slap of skin hitting off of skin sounding out every time their desirable bodies connect. "MMMM!! Like a fucking whore!! AHHHHH... And I... MMMM!! I fucking love it!!" She adds as she gazes back with a burning desire, strands of her blonde hair sticking to her face from all the sweat as the still bodysuit-clad stunner rocks back and forth in perfect timing with the motion of this hung hunk behind her, caring little now about her marriage or how her reputation as a defender of the world would be ruined forever if she was seen in such, in her own words, a whorish state.

"Most... Ahhhhh! Enjoyable for me as well Invisible Woman! MMMM..." The otherworldly man behind her grins and he moans, slamming his shaft all the way to the base to stuff her full with his thick and long dick into the horny MILF in front of him, taking full advantage of her total lust-addicted state to take her from behind and not for the first time over this steamy sexual encounter. With her rapidly driving herself sharply back to meet his stiff thrusts going in, his hands can enjoy that stunning body of hers as he squeezes her ripe ass cheeks, able to look down and watch them jiggle freely thanks to the hole in her uniform bodysuit that he tore open in order to access her pussy in the first place. That snatch might be far damper and sensitive than before, but even with all the pounding in different positions she's taken she remains pleasurably snug to grip his thickness, ensuring they both groan out each time that length slides in or out of that wet hole.

"MMMMM FUCK!! OOOOOOOOH SHIT!! MMMM... MMMM AHHHHH!!" As sweat drips off from her beautiful facial features, The Fantastic Four member keeps on rocking herself back and forth against the powerful and swift thrusts she's taking from the man she isn't married to, but has become completely addicted to as she eagerly and willingly takes this stiff pounding and gives back just as good as she's getting from the moaning hunk deep inside her. "AHHHH!! OH FUCK!! MMMMM... So... So close!! MMMMM!!" The blonde stunner says, her sizeable tits swaying in time with the motion of her body even still encased in her bodysuit, and her backside slapping back hard against the muscular stomach of the inter-dimensional stud behind her as he stuffs every inch into her dripping snatch just as she's been begging for since the sexual dominance of this man became undeniable to the formerly happily married woman.

"AHHHH... Release Invisible Woman! Hold nothing back!! MMMM!!" Encouragement comes from that hunk driving his manhood in and out of her nicely tight still and soaking wet pussy, groaning himself as he works his hips with machine-like precision, making the smack of his crotch hitting off of her booty ring out like gunfire as he pumps away into the moaning super-heroine.

"Mmmmm... MMMM!! Feel it! Embrace it!! You deserve... AHHHH!! You deserve all of it!!" He even grins as drops of sweat slowly roll down his rugged face, loving the sight of this stunning super-powered female losing control and giving in to sinful pleasure just as much as the feelings he's getting himself from slamming in deep into her love tunnel again and again to take her in the classic doggy style position.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCKKK!! FUCK!! FUCK YES! YES YES YESSSSSSSS AHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!" Another loud moan as her head falls down, and The Invisible Woman begins to cum all over the cock of Mass Tarr as he pounds away, her inner walls tightening around that magnificent member but the thrusting never stops while she rides this most intense of sexual highs, her eyes glazed over from the pleasure but out of instinct still rocking firmly back against these deep pumps. "UHHHHH... AHHHHHH... OH FUUUUUCKKK... MMMMM... AHHHH MMMM..." She gasps out, groaning each time her ass feels the impact from the crotch of he hunk behind her meeting her, her juices spilling out to further coat his length that still thrusts into her but easing off just as she starts to come back to reality and her own motion begins to stutter, almost falling forward but his hands gripping her waist keep her held up to enjoy a few pumps more and those last moments of shameless joy.

"MMMM... It appears you needed that!" Mass Tarr chuckles, giving a last firm but slow thrust to make her moan before he pulls out of her well fucked and sinfully leaking with fluids now snatch.

"Mmmmm... You... You have no idea..." The Invisible Woman purrs, looking back with a filthy gaze and lick of her lips, and despite how she's gasping for breath her desire is giving her the energy boost to turn around. "Fuck, and you're still hard... Oh, I'm gonna be such a terrible wife now..." She smirks seductively as she crawls forward, her eyes glued to his shaft even as he stands up in front of her.

"But dare I say... Fantastic at everything else!" He says with a chuckle, in the next moment groans as she grips his rod.

Saying nothing, the still turned on super-human wraps her pouty lips around the very cock she'd just cum all over moments before, slurping loudly just from the first push down as she tastes herself off of his man-meat and doesn't at all appear disgusted by it as she groans around him, her hand just holding that addictive dick steady for her to work over. Easing herself back up to the head, she breaks right into the motion, making her long blonde hair bounce as she rocks her head up and down that thick shaft she's had stuffed deep into her twat again and again, and now is cleaning her own pussy juices off of him with hungry sucks and lashes of her tongue up against him for good measure.

"MMMM!! Yes Invisible Woman! You certainly... AHHHH!! Are as I knew you would be!" This hung hunk grins and rightly so as he watches the curvaceous and still clothed MILF bobbing away on his dick, replacing her pussy fluids with her just as soothing and pleasurable saliva, her full lips tightly pressed all around his rod as she looks to repay the great pleasure he had given her from that powerful orgasm. "MMMMM... Yes! MMMM... Wonderful! Incredible!" He compliments her still, even though from her the way she's swiftly pushing her head down before raising it back up to grind those ripe lips along his beginning to throb pole, she needs no further fuel to service the otherworldly hunk who had so easily not only gotten her to willingly cheat on her husband, but given her the best sex of her eventful to say the least life.

"Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmphhh!!" The formerly happily married beauty continues to gaze up, still with lust in her eyes as she slides her oral hole up and down the dick she's become very familiar with since this stud from another dimension appeared and all too easily seduced and then fucked her into this cock-drunk state. Feeling that shaft pulse between her lips again she pulls off, spitting down onto his pole and using both hands to stroke him off firmly and rapidly. "Fucking cum!! Cum all over my dirty, fucking cheating whore face!!" She demands, narrowing her eyes with desire as she focuses, once again using her super powers to turn herself invisible with just the feel of her hands over his length being the sign she's still there.

The mysterious and handsome male known as Mass Tarr is not one to deny a stunning woman a request, so he lets loose to cream The Invisible Woman as the first thick blast of spunk flies from his cock, and he grins when that jizz splashes down, seeing the outline of her forehead and closed eye that the shot ran over all the way up to even landing into her hair. His spunk continues to shoot out, revealing more of those gorgeous facial features as his load lands over her nose, the cheeks, her nose, lips and chin with some stray shots also hitting her blonde hair as some had still been stuck to her face from the sweat. The now still unseen save for the spunk on her beauty groans as he continues to release his seed, a vast amount that no normal man of this planet could have, his cum now starting to drip off her face, landing down onto her chest to reveal parts of the outline of those nicely sized tits to all in all still leave her looking like a cum-covered and well fucked mess even while being as (mostly) invisible as her name suggests she should be.

"Mmmmm... Holy fuck!! That feels... So fucking good..." The Invisible Woman states, letting herself enjoy the glow of having been showered in spunk while using her powers, before slowly coming back into view with a big smile on her splattered face.

"It was as enjoyable for me!" Mass Tarr proudly states with a laugh, offering a hand to help her off from the floor.

"I bet it was..." Susan smirks as she accepts the hand. "However the fuck I'm going to explain to my damn husband that I just happened to cheat on him with a guy who appeared out of thin air, I'll never know!"

"Who says you have to?" He says, now being the one smirking as he doesn't let go of her hand. "Considering what you said, and how much you enjoyed what I have to offer, perhaps I can interest you in savouring it all again... And I do not mean just once more either Invisible Woman."

Thinking it over for a moment, she looks him over with a long look at that still hard and tempting cock of his. "Seeing as how you easily out-fucked my husband... I'd have to say you've got my interest... Let me hear this plan of yours then." She rather quickly agrees.

"Tell you? Oh no Invisible Woman... Allow me to show you..."

With that and a whisper of a not of this world spell, a bright light appears all around them both and in the next moment vanishes with the two of them, transported away not just from this world, but the dimension completely. Certainly one thing was certain - The Invisible Woman would not ever need to worry about her husband ever again from that moment on... Or she wouldn't have to, if she ever even remembered him now to begin with.

* * *

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