In the Marvel 1602 universe Captain 'Red' Vicki O'Danner and her all
female crew, with familiar names, learn that sometimes your friends are
your enemies.

Some chapters rated NC17 for F/F sex, orgy, cons. bdsm, kink

Marvel 1602/Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: Pirates Of The Caro Ean! Part 1
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

Singapore 1603; After an extreme search, in which she had been forced to
strip completely naked, Elizabeth Swann was given an ornate blue silk robe to
wear. She and Captain Barbossa were then led by Sao Feng's right hand man Tai
Huang into the bathhouse that served as the Pirate Lords headquarters. None
of them knew that Tai Huang was in reality the son of Mistress Ching, perhaps
the most formidable of the 9 Pirate Lord's.

Captain Barbossa and Elizabeth were seeking help from Sao Feng to bring
Captain Jack Sparrow back from Davy Jone's locker. The Brethren Court had
been called, and Jack Sparrow was one of the 9 Lord's. Will Turner, who
Elizabeth loved, has also gone missing.

Tai Huangs mouth dropped open in surprise as they entered the inner sanctum
to find a group of women holding off another group of women at gunpoint, who
were holding off Sao Feng's men at gunpoint. Elizabeth had never met the
beautiful red haired woman who seemed to be in charge of all 3 groups, but
she had heard of her, Captain ' Red' Vicki O'Danner, Privateer for the
British Royal Navy, formerly a Lady of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, her

Elizabeth knew a few others by reputation as well. To her right was Lady
Janet Van Dyne, known as the Wasp, the finest swordswoman in England. Behind
Vicki was Lady Emma Frost, heir to Frost industries, and Lady Betsy Braddock,
who had royal blood in her. There had been rumors Betsy had left England
because she was Witchbreed. Elizabeth had never seen a Witchbreed before, but
with her purple hair and Asian features Betsy was obvious. To Vicki's left
was Princess Shuri of the African nation of Wakanda. A few feet away from her
was Elektra Natchios, daughter of the Greek ambassador to England. There were
others including a young woman with pointed ears.

"We're not who you were expecting Captain Barbossa, Miss Swann," Vicki
laughed," You were no doubt expecting to meet with Sao Feng, I'm afraid he's
been replaced."

"I am Wu Ao-Shi, Iron Fist, I am the new PIrate Lord of Singapore," Wu
smiled, "Any objections?"

The last statement was meant for Tai Huang and Sao Feng's men. Wu stepped
away from Sao Feng's desk reveiling his severed head. Natcherally there was

"With his fleet you now have nearly 30 ships under our command," Vicki
smiled, still covering her.

"Your ship could sink all of mine," Wu smiled back.

"There is another way," Vicki said, "Full pardon in exchange for turning
Privateer. Sri Sumbhajee didn't accept, he is no longer among us."

"Ah, so you are a Pirate Lord now," Captain Barbossa said rather than asked.

"Not really by choice," Vicki said, "I usually leave pirates alone unless
they are attacking British ships. I try to attack only the Spanish gold
ships, but I've sent a few pirates to Davy Jones."

"Damn East India Company thinks we're supposed to kowtow to them lately,"
Janet added.

"Oh, almost forgot," Wu said making a gesture to some of Sao's subdued men.

Will Turner was jerked up from one of the baths. Elizabeth had to struggle
not to give herself away.

"He tried to steal the secret chart to the Farthest Gate," Wu said, "I am not
like Sao Feng, I don't torture. Release him. Oh, and I accept your proposal
Captain Vicki."

Wu Ao-Shi lowered her pistol. Vicki did the same. Then, to the surprise of
every man in the room, all of the Black Pearl men hiding beneath the floor,
and Elizabeth, Vicki and Wu kissed. And it wasn't a kiss between ladies, they
were kissing like lovers. Elizabeth was horrified, yet strangely aroused. She
couldn't look away. After several moments they broke the kiss and shook hands

"This man is yours," Betsy said of Will, whose bonds were being cut, "Yes, I
am Witchbreed, I can hear his thoughts, and yours as well. There are several
Witchbreed on the Caro Ean."

"Including me," Vicki said smiling.

"Well now," Captain Barbossa said, takngin the dramatic changes this meeting
had taken," The players are changed, but not there's still a matter that
needs to be discussed."

"Very well then, Captain Barbossa," Wu said, "I will try to grant what you
wished of Sao Feng. Strange, I had heard you were dead."

"Twas not a pleasent experiange milady, and yet, is that any stranger than
Witchbreed or the tale that is spun about you fighting a dragon?," Captain
Barbossa smiled as he countered with a flourish, "Your arrows are said to be
like 'Lightning from God'."

"Most difficult it was since I didn't want that tattoo on my chest," Wu
opened up her shirt reveiling her flawless breasts and unmarked skin," I am
the only one to gain the Iron Fist without killing the dragon. I used a
differant tactic and buried the dragon so deep it would take even him days
to claw his way out."

"Be that as it may," Barbossa admired her tits, but wanted to get this
meeting back on track," I find meself in need of a ship and a crew for a
certain venture."

"A venture to the edge of the Earth?," Vicki asked, "Only someting truly
desperate would be worth that risk."

"Aye," Captain Barbossa said flipping a coin to Wu.

Since she wasn't truly a pirate. Vicki wouldn't be able to hear it, but Wu
Ao-Shi, Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay, and now Pirate Lord of Sinapore could.
And more, she knew what it meant.

"It's true then?," Wu whispered.

"Aye. The time is now," Barbossa said, "The Brethren Court has been called."

"Many in the Court see me as much the enemy as the Royal Navy," Vicki said.

"Aye, that be true lass," Barbossa said.

"You don't know," Elizabeth's eyes grew wide as she understood something
about Vicki.

"Know what?," Vicki asked her.

"Queen Elizabeth," Will said, "She's dead."

"What???" Vicki and several of her girls said at once.

"Aye, dead near a year already," Barbossa said, "'Bloody James' is king and
the East India Company IS the Royal Navy now."

"Beckett," Vicki spat.

Vicki had had dealings with Beckett on many occasions. None of them had been

"Aye, Lord Cutler Beckett is a pox on us all," Barbossa agreed.

"I'm not a pirate," Vicki said shaking her head, "Even if I was, what could
even the Brethren Court do against the Company?"

"You can fight," Elizabeth cried, unable to keep silent.

"I'm with you," Wu said, "I'll set out for Shipwreck Cove immediatey."

"We still need a ship, and a crew," Will said.

Vicki was conflicted. She had no love for Lord Beckett, hated the man's guts
in fact, but she was a loyal subject to the crown. By the same token James
was scum, a bigot who hated Witchbreed. She still couldn't believe the news,
Queen Elizabeth dead!

"Why not just sail with me?" Wu asked.

"The map, they need the map," Emma Frost said, "Yes, I'm Witchbreed too, a

"A ship, a crew, and the map," Vicki mused, "All the talk about the Brethren
Court I nearly forgot. What would anyone seek in Davy Jones Locker?"

"Jack Sparrow," Will spoke up, "He's one of the Pirate Lords!"

Vicki laughed and many of her girls giggled. Jack Sparrow had escaped them
twice. In a third encounter Vicki had let him escape. It seemed that Captain
Jack Sparrow shared Vicki's hatred of slavery.

"Jack Sparrow hold one of the nine Pieces of Eight," Barbossa continued, "He
failed to pass it along to a successor before he died. And so we must fetch
him back from the abyss."

"Aye, cleaver Jack Sparrow," Vicki nodded in agreement.

'Vicki another spy,' Emma told Vicki mentally pointing the man out.

He had been with Sao Fengs men when they had arrived. Emma mentally kicked
herself for missing him even with the ensuing confusion. Both Emma and Betsy
knew about the Black Pearl crewmen hiding beneath the floor. Vicki could
clearly see the man's fake tattoo running.

"Weapons!!" Vicki shouted, her sword at the man's throat.

Each of Vicki's girls was armed with an 8 round repeater similar in looks
to Spencer carbines, and 4 single action 6 shot revolvers similar to Colt
Peacemakers. Vicki's guns, like her ship, the Caro Ean were courtesy of
Wakanda's advanced science. The Caro Ean was powered by steam, able to
outrun any known ship and not worry about the wind. Instead of cannon the
Caro Ean was armed with 2 swival gatling guns forward, 2 aft, and one each
on the starboard and port. In addiion the Caro Ean's vibranium hull made it
all but invunerable to 17th century cannon. Vibranium was stronger than 5"
of steel and in addition absorbed the impact of shot and shell.

"He's not one of mine," Wu said, her inner circle of girls and her men were
armed, but holding.

Swords were town up from below to Captain Barbosa, Will, and Elizabeth. Vicki
held up her hand to hold fire.

"Kill him, he's not our man either," Barbossa honestly said.

"They are both telling the truth," Emma said using her power.

"If he's not with Captain Wu, and not with Captain Barbossa, and wasn't one
of Sao Fengs, then who is he with?" Janet asked.

The answer came with the ring of gunshots, the screams of a half dozen of
Sao Feng's men, and the crash as the bathous door burst open. Lord Beckett's
toadie Mercer with a full phalanx of Royal Marines stood in the doorway.
Despite her distaste of the man Vicki was almost relieved as she was being
faced with a choice of her country or her conscience.

"Stand down," Vicki ordered, her women lowered their weapons, no one else
did, "Mr. Mercer, tell your men to stand down! I am Captain Vicki O'Danner,
liscened Privateer of her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth. I have proper
'Letters of Marque' on my person. This situation is under my control."

"Arrest them all, kill those who resist," Mercer said.

"Are you MAD?! Among my crew are 4 'Ladies of the Court', Princess Shuri of
our close ally Wakanda, the daughter of the Greek ambassador, and 2 of Fury's
top female agents," Vicki said exasperated.

"The queen is dead, Fury fled as an outlaw, and your letter of Marque has
been revoked," Mercer smirked, "All Privateers have been reclassified as
Pirates and will be treated accordingly."

"Now do you believe us?" Elizabeth asked.

Chaos exploded as explosives planted by the Pearl crewmen went off. Mercer
was thrown back, a half dozen of his men were not as lucky.

"Ladies, looks like we're pirates," Vicki sighed, drawing 2 pistols.

The spy had fled as everyone was now fighting the East India Company
regardless of past arguments. The normally disciplaned marines scrambled
under the murderous fire Red Vicki and her women laid down.

"So many bullits from one gun," Elizabeth whistled as she wounded one man
with a sword and kicked another.

The pirates fought their way out of the bathhouse, more fighting raged in
every alleyway as hundreds of marines clashed with hundreds of pirates. The
battle continued down towards the docks, traps slowed the marines down. At
one point Vicki, Wu Ao-Shi, Captain Barbossa, and Elizabeth were seperated
from the others.

"I'll send Tai Huang and a crew to the 'Gold Lotus', it's my fastest ship,"
Wu said.

"I'm going along," Vicki said, "Looks like I have a stake in this now. Wu,
take the Caro Ean to Shipwreck Cove."

"You are not afraid I will lead a mutiny against you?" Wu asked smiling.

"I have more girls than you do," Vicki smiled, "The Caro Ean is women only.
The metal kills males."

The last was a lie, but Wu wouldn't know that. The truth was Vicki didn't
know the way to Shipwreck Cove. Besides, she had plans for Elizabeth Swann.
All of which involved turing her into a lesbian.

As the crew of the Pearl regrouped and made their way to the 'Gold Lotus',
Will Turner and Mercer found themslves fighting each other. A closer look
revieled the fight to be fake.

"Bring in Sparrow and the compass and you and Elizabeth are free," Mercer

"Agreed," Will said, for he had alerted Mercer to Sao Feng's hideout. The
interferance of Vicki and Wu had compicated matters.

"Mind if I cut in?" Tai Huang asked, "You need the Pearl, my mother wishes
to eliminate the competition."

"Ah yes, Madame Ching," Mercer smiled.

"The only way a pirate can survive is by betraying other pirates," Tai Huang
evilly smiled.

"So Mr.Turner, you are willing to betray Captain Barbossa, Jack Sparrow, even
your darling Elizabeth to get what you want?" Mercer asked.

"To free my father," Will replied, "Elizabeth will forgve me."

On board the Gold Lotus Tia Dalma sighed. Will Turner was a good man, but he
had just lost part of his soul.
_ _ _

End of Part 1


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